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  1. Oh well it doesn't matter anymore... I got very very lucky today to get my spot on Scorched Earth. even after many people joined the server, so there goes.
  2. I think they are out of money, they just waiting on the new people buying the game so the money rolls back in. Oooh... these new people buying the game will have a huge surprise when they try to launch the game.. I feel sorry for them. Maybe Ark had to die after all, the better for everyone.
  3. For all the US servers they can keep it the way it is. As for the EU OFFICIAL servers, the devs NEED to wipe them by tonight at 9-10pm GMT +1-2 hours. Most of the people here in EU (UK and BE) need to go to work, by the time we are back all the best spots will be taken and will give an unfair advantage to the people who are able to stay at home. This is unfair and the biggest launch fail ever. Missed deadlines, People reported that even the new servers lag as hell (quite weird, you had 2 years to fix it), You kept us on a leash by saying the server will be up and delayed over and over again. I'm done with the lies. Wipe the servers by 9-10PM GMT +1-2 hours (BE/UK time) and I might forgive you. Like I said, If you don't, then screw you.
  4. I'm not sure about that, apparently there is a game very similar to Ark's game that some of the Ark devs were working on. It looks..... I'd better keep it for myself before I get hated. lol. But yes... they were very lax the past few years indeed.
  5. You need to understand that that's how WC are doing it... not the WoW devs. But yeah.. WC timings always were off and whatever they promised they never did in the end. I don't really know what to say here..
  6. Its true to what you are saying. But unfortunately the reason they put "APPROXIMATELY" in caps and bold style is because they weren't sure it would be around that time. so APPROXIMATELY... take it as a grain of salt. Gaming Industry and Carwash are 2 complete different things, in a gaming Industry you can delay things. In a carwash you can't. I'm not even defending Ark here.. I'm just saying
  7. Console DOES download in sleep mode, but the thing of putting it in sleep mode can make it so the "download triggering" will activate at a later time. the best option is always to be on your PS4 and press "start", "check for updates" to make it work faster. then you can put it in sleep mode.
  8. I did "start", "check for update" and its downloading a 10.103GB update. 40min left to end though... I think that's the first wave of an update.
  9. I wonder how the game will run at release when approaching loads/huge structures like the trailer. Sure hell it doesn't look/run like that in game on console right now.
  10. A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y agree with this. To be honest it feels so much like a scam. I wonder how the game will really play at release. Will the bugs be gone? no more stuttering? no more lag? no more rubberbanding? no more crashes? Did they do something about the resources zones so people can't build on it? Did they fix the bad rendering when approaching base(s)? Did they improve the mechanics when building so we can actually entirely close our walls without any gaps/holes? So many questions.. yet 0 answers.
  11. But the actual gameplay is not near of how the trailer is represented. Running dinos while bugging over the place is what they don't show the new players. Catch em like pokemon they say.
  12. Wildcard at it again with the Wild-cards tricks.
  13. I like how some people go far in their comments. are you ....... (mm mm) wildcards .... (mm)?
  14. To a whole new level of glitches/bugs/rubberbanding/lag/crashes & bluescreens, yes.
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