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  1. Should Ark cut in halve the Structure limit?

    The video clearly stated that it was PVP right? well its totally normal with PVP... PVE however... Ark is a game where people should be free to build anywhere except near precious resource (PVE). But on PVP you can do "anything" you want.
  2. Anyone else overheating in a Adobe house on SE?

    That's what I said in my topic "Giant adobe hatchframe". Then what's the hatchframe good for? lol It looks cooler if you can use it with your house. It SHOULD be able to stop a sandstorm.. its a gate for Christ sake
  3. Obleisk upload timer

    Yup, trading has become a nightmare. Pay 10-15k for a wyvern but can only transfer soo much at a time. will take me weeks, maybe over a month to even upload all of the ingots.
  4. Dear devs, Can you please reduce the time needed to raise a wyvern to 24 hours max, the game is supposed to be fun and challenging. But not challenging that the way we have to raise a wyvern takes up 4-5 real life days (we are talking about a digital "dino" here). "Most" of us playing Ark have a job(s) and we tend not to lose our job either (although I do know a few people who did lose their job(s) due to playing Ark). I am tired of farming ingots as the only solution to get myself a wyvern (buy wyvern with ingots). I'd like to be able to raise a wyvern by myself but I can't because I have a job. Isn't a game supposed to be fun and a way for people to eventually get all their desired dinos as their ending achievement? (a way for people to relax when they come home after work or just because they like to spend their time playing on Ark). Some people will never be able to raise or tame a dino due to how LONG it takes. People have a life and gaming shouldn't take real life days to raise a digital wyvern. Please rewind your thoughts and set up realistic timings on the game. (people playing the game will have much more enjoyment if you do so). In the end of the day this is a game and everything should be enjoyable and shouldn't act as our second job. but Ark is a bit too excessive on all the farming, raising and taming mechanic. Please take a moment to think about your ideas because some of us suffer the decision you are making when coding the game to a specific way to make it harder or (the way I like to say "no-life, no-job game). I am trying to type to you in a positive way, because I like ark and i'd like you to give solo (or not solo) players some love. Every solo player has their own decision on why they like to stay alone. People can raise on their vacation, but this shouldn't be the way to go. Please adjust the timings for the sake of your own players who funded you from the beginning or those who are still doing so. Thank you.
  5. Auto-decay got rid of my turbine in just 24 hours..

    Maybe I'll just put 4 to be sure.. then a pillar or two and a ceiling on top.
  6. 2 days ago I placed down a stone foundation in the dessert area on SE, and on top of that my turbine. Then the miles long cables to go all the way to my base. I made sure I went back to my turbine to "reset" the timer just before logging off. Then.. last night, I check my fridge and it had no power.. so I headed to the dessert only to find out my stone foundation and turbine were gone. Checked the log and saw "stone foundation auto-decayed". In less than 24 hours it was just gone. How in the hell is this even possible? Can one of the devs/moderators or whatever come to ps4 and put everything back for me (lol). No really... not funny. Atleast let us snap turbines on cables... that way I can keep my miles long cables. else I have to restart from scratch.
  7. Tree farm.

  8. Tree farm.

    2 things you need: Chainsaw, Dino with heavy carry weight.
  9. Server transfer steps

    Always remove the saddle's from you dinos, they get "destroyed" once you upload your dinos to the obelisk.
  10. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    Sea: Itchy, just cause they can be freaking fast and they look so kind. Land: hmmm... Rex, just cause they can destroy almost anything and you feel like a king. Air: Quetzal, never had one before because I'm kind of slow in taming stuff and I don't like to rush things. I like to enjoy the game in a slow pace. But yeah, quetzal, always wanted one because they look so cool.
  11. Anyone else overheating in a Adobe house on SE?

    Still... an adobe house is supposed to protect you from heat. else their is no real reason to build an adobe house then.. Btw I have 10 fortitude.
  12. First.. while standing below a giant adobe hatchframe when a sandstorm is occuring, I get the sandstorm icon on my screen and lose water and stamina. Proof: http:// Now I overheat in a ADOBE house.... How???? Proof: http:// Is it a bug or?
  13. Bait Box

    Only problem I see in this is that they would have to re-code the dinos behavior/pathway and they need to make it so every so much % a high level dino will get stuck in your trap and not just low level dinos you can't use. Alot of coding.... not sure the devs are up to that. Better fix the main game before adding anything new.
  14. In game warning before new patch coming out PS4

    yup, we need it. as usual, the devs won't see this and won't happen. forums are made so people can vent their frustration. nothing else.
  15. Please increase the upload timer!

    True, but it still helps with the lag and rubberbanding. although I hope that they will find a better solution in the end because this is absurd. It ruins the trading and I have been trying so hard to get items from one server to another and all I get are problems like the timer reset, can't send alot of stuff, waiting for the timer to run out and going back to obi only to find out that the timer has duplicated itself to 40min long. urgh.... this upload system is "broken" in a way. We need a beeter solution to prevent duping.