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  1. Ark how I think tame rates should be + breeding rates

    They should turn X2 on on everything forever. In rare occassions they should put a 1 day or so X3 event. That should do it.
  2. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Nope..... 1. We pay for the internet to go online and explore (the monthly fee for internet is not cheap either btw). 2. Above that we PS4 players pay for PS+ to play online! even though we already pay for the internet. 3. Pay a monthly fee to be online with other people on a map is a no go for me as you can see #1 & #2 above.
  3. Haven't received aberration skins

    Europe/Belgium Official server EU PVE on PS4 Full game + season pass, all maps. no skins Will check single player as well in a bit
  4. Haven't received aberration skins

    I just contacted Sony via my cellphone and they said it was on Ark's part to resolve the issue as Sony cannot send skins because they don't have those. Anyway I can contact ark/WC about this issue via e-mail?
  5. Haven't received aberration skins

    we can never get a clear answer but I think that they will say: The explorer's edition does not include aberration. Aberration is a dlc apart from that and you need to purchase that as well. (Please confirm so if that is the case). From this point I don't get it anymore. Could be that psn is just buggy and didn't merge that DLC into my explorer's edition.
  6. Haven't received aberration skins

    I bought the Explorer"s Edition "Includes game + Season pass". So does that mean only SE and Rag but not aberration?
  7. Haven't received aberration skins

    I am from Europe btw.. Belgium. I haven't received anything, even after dying multiple times.
  8. Haven't received aberration skins

    I bought the game back in early access + all the dlc included. Yet, I haven't received any of the aberration skins and I am afraid I won't get the aberration dlc either. How do we contact WC regarding this issue? Or do I have to jump back and forth to sony to be told I have to contact WC for this matter but to be told by WC I have to contact Sony for this issue... I can jump back and forth all day long if that is the case.
  9. Haven't received aberration skins

    I have the season pass as well when I bought the early access + all DLC included and I don't have any of the skins... how do we contact WC regarding this issue on PS4?
  10. You know the story... (but no, my server I play on isn't capped.. Just yet). But over the recent weeks I have seen my server grow in terms of players joining. We started with just 18 players, that 18 players became 24+, 34+ and now reaching the 50 mark (SE). I am asking myself: What happens when a player(s) has spend months on the new server building and taming/raising dinos and all of a sudden he can't join his own server anymore because new players joined and made it capped for the next few days. Bases will decay, dinos will die or decay.... what can the devs do about this? Or is it the "We are sorry but we cannot help you, just play another game or whatever" solution? Because If one day that really happens to our server and I can literally not join for the next 5 days, I will have to quit the game (which of course the Ark creators won't rally care about) and play something else that doesn't take away all your hard work. Sollution would be to put a sort of tag on players who are dedicated on 1 server and it makes it count his hours in total played and it let's them/us join and kick out a fresh nooby out of the server who has the lowest of the lowest time played on the server. I see no other sollution to this really.... or when you add a new server, only those 70 players who joined the server first will be the only 1 to be able to join that specific server and no one else. If they want to quit the server they have to go through an option that they want to merge their dinos to another server/map and that will leave a place for a new player(s) to join. Ps: Sorry for my bad.. bad english + I am very tired.
  11. Which creature makes the most annoying noise?

    hahaha this sh*t so funny Honestly when I raise my wyverns all I hear is those damn dodo's for 2 days or longer making that stupid sound every 5+ seconds. after 2 days of no sleep, I want to feed them to my adult wyverns. But their kibble is too precious for me. I need them. Maybe I'll make a house for them far far away from my base. Sounds should be adjusted on every dino to make them not make a single sound for atleast more than a minute.
  12. Early access full game question

    Thank you for the answers guys guess i'll contact WC or psn support for it just to be sure.
  13. Which creature makes the most annoying noise?

    when you try to raise wyverns and have no sleep for 2 days and all you hear every second is those damn dodo's... annoying af.
  14. Early access full game question

    So more than a year ago on PS4 I bought the most expensive version of Ark that included all the DLC's in early access. My question is simple: Do we get aberration for free or do we have to buy it? On the PSN store it specificaly said "Full game + Season pass". I got that version and I'm not sure i'm getting aberration cause I haven't seen the 2 skins they have been giving out for people buying/Having that dlc.
  15. Pipes in the air