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  1. Moin! Dont know where to start, i´m so upset right now. Its over 3 weeks (09/23/2021) since the patch v695.13 (.8 client) wrecked the teleport function on Gen1, the serverside patch [v695.15] to fix this problem came four days later 09/27/2021 ..... but only for official servers. No GPortal, no Nitrado updates for 3 weeks, realy ?? No aswer from anybody who´s in charge. Nothing from WC in the CC, not even an Admin in this Thread. Nobody knows anything ?? And then : Whoohoo 50GB Update for PS4/5....but still .......no teleporting....., BUT we have fixed Skins YEEAAAAAAAHH !!!!
  2. Yes, same problem here. Current Host version on Nitrado server is 695.13 (!!). Contacted Nitrado, they said the patch(es) is/are only for official Servers. Could you PLEASE hurry with the rollout for inofficial servers. We´re done with Gen and only have to finish the MC but we can´t because teleport does not work. So, whats wrong with this Patches? I have to extend the server next weekend. Please fix this asap.
  3. Same for our Server(s). Inofficial PS4 Cluster Eggs counting to zero, but are not hatching. 2 green arrows, with incubating timer 0:00:00 We are not (yet) on Gen2 so dosn´t have the incubator. Devs please Fix this !!!!
  4. Same for our Server, all engramm quality. Addet loot to the artifacts on Aberration, the Container (should be apprentice to mastercraft) is all primitiv & if transfered the last item to players inventory, kiked everybody from the server with bluescreen. Maybe the respawn of the artifact is broken/confused, because of the settings ?!
  5. Hello WC! Seriously, i love your game. Played it for the last 8-9 month on PS4 with my friends. But this is a mess! We are on "Official PS4 EU PVE Server 829" now its 48 hours after release day and there are 18 (!!) out of, how much, 900-1000 PS4 EU PVE Servers? If my calculation is right, we can play again (on "our" server) in ca. three month ???? hopefuly just kidding...:/ But there is another thing. Thougt this is an official website and sombody cares about the things people complain about. Is there anywhere an official answer from anybody? Think its a big point, why pe
  6. Good morning WC ! Writing from Germany at 7.35am, ... still no official servers for PS4! can we get any information when the servers are online again ? Since it should be yesterday at 5.00pm German time. and i find no official infos, or answers in forums about it. hopefuly checking back when i came from work ... have a nice day!
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