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Day Zero: Server Information


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Dear wildcard,


You've created a masterpiece piece however you fail time and time again to deliver as promised.  Im a network admin who supports 500,000 users in a 5 billion dollar industry, perhaps my technical expertise could be of use?  I don't see how 2 years in the making could lead to such a flop on launch day.  


Sincerely dissapointed,


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55 minutes ago, miio said:

i actually play at one of the fresh eu servers and i#ve seen more 10 player called 123* logging in when the server restarts.

i've seen them at every single server i played before. and they still login while friends of me try it too.

a big army of bots?

Hahahaa your funny man people name them selfs that to hide there identity because of battlemetrics. 

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