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  1. so that was a second time when my raft instantly crashed on the offical xbox dedicated pvp server.When my 100% raft( i wasnt attacked) crashed i flew up to the sky and fallen to death.When i tried to take back my stuff the same thing happend(flew up and death).All my stuff gone!!!! What can i do now????
  2. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    ragnarok official pvp
  3. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    on xbox one . my simple raft flew up to the sky and i cant get it down. All my stuff is inside the raft and i dont know what to do. I can walk inside the raft but when i open the door i fall down and die. I can respawn in to the bed which is inside the raft. any thoughts or ideas?????????
  4. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    on xbox this game is done.12 hours ago cant play because the servers are full all the time(RELEASE A NEW MAP WITH 27 SERVER!!!???). SHAMEEEE
  5. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    2:50 pm still waiting.....
  6. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    12:54 PM ok lets play some ARK. 2:32 pm and im STILL WAITING to play ragnarok .27 server 70/70 player almost 2 hours ago. I CANT PLAY this is INSANE.ADD more server
  7. badabumm

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Im waiting 1 hour and 34 minutes ago to get in to ANY server.THIS IS INSANE...I CANT PLAY the game.ADD more server
  8. badabumm

    Day Zero: Server Information

    anyone have issues on xbox?? i cant find any server
  9. badabumm

    Day One! Launch & More!

    still nothing on xbox. I dont know whats going on
  10. badabumm

    Official Server launch timeframe

    12 hours and still nothing