Vanishing Tames?

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Not sure about it having something to do with the last update as I don't really play much anymore but yeah it a glitch. I lost a few Dino's over the time and if you look around the forums here you're bound to find plenty of the same. It's been happening for a long time sorry to say... Part of why I don't put in the time anymore

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It happens. Make sure you're placing foundations around the place, and put your dinos on neutral while following a passive dude. More often than not, when people on my server lose dinos, its because of one of those two items. We once lost six dinos at once because they were swallowed by rocks, since we didn't take measures to block off the spawns. If your dinos are on neutral and fight a wild dino, its possible that they will wander off.

There's other reasons, but if you're taking measures against those two things, then I think your best bet is just to file a ticket (assuming you're on Official) and just keep an eye on your stuff. Maybe you'll notice what's causing them to disappear.

Hope that helps!

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