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  1. I mean... yeah, it's necessary because fully mutated & imprinted Wyverns as they are now would be pretty monstrous. They'd still get clapped by Manas, but Manas are still kinda busted so I don't think that's saying much. That said, I really don't think they need huge nerfs to accommodate breeding, mostly just a reduction to base Health and Health gain per level. But also, with Wyverns now breedable, I really feel like Griffins should be as well. Griffins need a change to their Health anyway, because the 50 HP base health is kinda absurd... they ought to buff the base health but reduce
  2. Griffins for sure could use breeding. Their health nerf was pretty overkill. I would've much preferred that they receive the same projectile vulnerability that every other flyer has, or just that their per-level Health bonus post-tame was reduced. Wyverns... as a server option, sure. I think on Officials, that would be excessive and could get seriously out-of-hand. Now, I do think that Wyverns (along with other egg-tameables like Rock Drakes and Deinonychus) should spawn up to the perfect-tame cap (i.e. 225 on officials) rather than up to 190 (or 150 for Deinos), but that's more of a OCPD
  3. Why the Phoenix? I think it really just needs a proper landing mechanic... visually, it's fine, and it's got a very unique functionality for a tame (as well as being one of the most loaded tames in the game), so I really don't think it needs a rework
  4. I'd recommend bumping the Therizino up to S- or S Tier for PvP. While it's not as outright powerful as some other tames, it has two huge advantages: Veggie Cakes and Armor Penetration. The effectiveness of the former obviously depends on the HP stat and how quickly they're taking damage, so it may not always be useful, but combined with the armor penetration of the Therizino it means it can essentially go toe-to-toe with anything short of a Giga, Titan, or Reaper and come out on top. Therizinos also have the (limited) ability to break stone, which isn't immensely helpful considering the d
  5. The Bronto has mostly suffered because other creatures have gotten better while they haven't. Wyverns suffered a bit from the flyer nerf, but in PvE they're still by far one of the best tames you can possibly have. In PvP they're less useful, particularly post-nerf.
  6. Okay, a few more items for you I'll do more later, but I am a little time limited Creature Name: BrontoTier List: PvERanking Changes: S > B+Reasoning: It probably shouldn't have ever been in S tier to begin with, but in general, the Bronto struggles due to the Paracer basically doing everything better. In theory, the Bronto is better because of better weight and larger platform, but in practice, the Paracer platform and weight stats are more than sufficient for the bulk of activities. Moreover, the Paracer is much faster, has better Stamina economy, and is generally more effective at
  7. I'll go through later when I have some time and try to do a comprehensive critique
  8. For the creatures where map does make a huge difference, I'd just add an addendum on the end. For instance, Megalosaurus on PvP might earn B tier as you identified, but on Aberration it's clearly far more useful, so your note in the PvP section could look something like this: Megalosaurus (While it is only useful at night, during that time it is a monster during raids and other PvP activities.) (On Aberration, the lack of sleep mechanic moves this creature to the S Tier). That'd probably be the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Most creatures aren't going to be that affected, so t
  9. Creature Name: Yutyrannus Tier List: PvE Ranking Changes: A > S Reasoning: It's an essential tame for boss fights, and very helpful in Alpha fights. That may be a "limited" scope, but the essential nature of the tame in the former situation makes it an extremely high-tier tame, particularly because no other creature does what it can do Also, just a general point of feedback. I think you underestimate the tier of a lot of creatures, particularly some of those you've put in B or C Tier. It'd also help to consider that tiers aren't necessarily uniform... for instance, I'd absolutely say tha
  10. Obviously outdated, I'd like to see the post updated considering the new creatures and updates to old creatures (for instance, I'd definitely put both the Ankylo and Doed in S tier now, but the Rock Elemental gets bumped down to A or B). My PvE recommendations for Aberration creatures: Basilisk --> S Tier --> Crazy carry weight, fast, solid damage, and robust health. Taming is a pain, but the Basilisk is well-worth it because it has very few, if any, real downsides Lantern Pets --> B Tier --> Grouping these all together because of their similarity, but obviously a vital tool in
  11. Currently raising my fresh 150 Lightning Wyvern Egg on my dedicated Ragnarok server Also spawned in Rock Drakes as a New Year's gift for each of the members, so as they hop on we'll play around with those some. Other plans include getting an Ankylo and a Doed while the baby wyvern is growing
  12. Last night (I've been busy so far today and haven't been on), I helped my friend tame an Equus Pretty hilarious because he didn't realize it would want feeding as quick as it did, so it bucked him and he spent the next five minutes chasing it around our compound. Finally got on the darn thing, and it bolts straight for the sea. After that, we ran around on our horses and kicked some Raptors in the face. Finally, we hopped on our Mosa and Manta and went looking for Leedsichthys
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