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  1. While I appreciate the help, this is for Win10 I'm on Xbox with an Xbox-hosted dedicated
  2. Valguero Dedicated Server Not Saving Hey all, I've seen a few others report this problem, but I wanted to go ahead and report it as well. Valguero dedicated servers (and possibly other servers, I haven't tested) are not saving, so whenever the server restarts, nearly all progress is reset. Only player levels and engrams are saved. I'm hoping to hear about a fix for this soon because it's rather frustrating. Some friends and I would very much like to play on Valguero, but this bug is completely prohibitive. If anyone has found a work-around, I'd love to hear it.
  3. Yes, this is probably one of the easier methods. Alternatively, you could try using a Bola, but if the Saber is high level, that may not work.
  4. I think you misunderstood me. OP is asking if Helena wasn't on the Aberration/didn't know that it would land with everything else. My response was that her comments on the ARKs reseeding everything was probably an oversight on the dev's part, but one that can be explained in-lore as her not thinking that the Aberration would land.
  5. She was present on Aberration. At a guess, she probably thought the Aberration wouldn't land--that, or she figured that the other ARKs would cleanse it with their purifying pulse. Honestly it's probably an oversight on the dev's part, but one that can be explained
  6. More levels does mean better stats, it just may not be in the stats you want
  7. Perhaps it will just have an extended timer (more than 24 hr), or it'll have some kind of upkeep mechanism that doesn't prevent you from keeping it indefinitely but makes it impractical to do so
  8. There was a PC gamer article released that indicated the Titans will be tameable, but they aren't just going to be wandering the world. You have to take certain steps to encounter them, the article mentioned dungeons. I do think they'll probably be temporary tames, which... I hope not, but given how big and bad they look, I can't help but think that's the case https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-extinction/ The article, for your reference
  9. I agree, honestly. I feel like they dropped the ball on this one. Fortunately, they've got a chance to redeem themselves on Tuesday at 11 AM CST, so here's hoping!
  10. I'd recommend bumping the Therizino up to S- or S Tier for PvP. While it's not as outright powerful as some other tames, it has two huge advantages: Veggie Cakes and Armor Penetration. The effectiveness of the former obviously depends on the HP stat and how quickly they're taking damage, so it may not always be useful, but combined with the armor penetration of the Therizino it means it can essentially go toe-to-toe with anything short of a Giga, Titan, or Reaper and come out on top. Therizinos also have the (limited) ability to break stone, which isn't immensely helpful considering the damage reduction to their attacks, but seeing as few other creatures have that ability, it's worth mentioning. The major downside here, though, is the relative difficulty of taming and breeding them compared to Rexes, which tend to be cheaper tames (due to prevalence of Prime, Mutton, relatively easy to obtain kibble) with lower resource demands and quicker to breed as well. Rexes also have (or had, haven't tested with the new Rex) a better AOE, though it's not so giant as to sway the fight in their favour. In short, Therizinos are honestly better choices than Rexes (TLC abilities notwithstanding, though I don't think those will drastically change the meta) in a plain PvP scenario, but Rexes will give you more bang for your buck, so I'd still rate them higher than the Therizino.
  11. Probably focus on bringing older content up to par (i.e. more dino DLC, imprinting/breeding mechanics, etc), more porting of the Sponsored mods, and maybe an extra DLC or two is my best bet. I don't think we'll see ARK 2 for a few years at least
  12. PuffyPony

    Reaper King

    Why are people still arguing here? Lol
  13. The Bronto has mostly suffered because other creatures have gotten better while they haven't. Wyverns suffered a bit from the flyer nerf, but in PvE they're still by far one of the best tames you can possibly have. In PvP they're less useful, particularly post-nerf.
  14. PuffyPony

    Reaper King

    Because of breeding/mutations, yes. They can become very, very, very good
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