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  1. Swamp Placid Mission Help Hi all, I'm trying to do the Swamp Placid mission in the Bog, and I'm a little lost on what I'm doing. I start the mission and am asked to look for tracks. When I do so, HLN-A keeps "scanning" but never seems to find anything, and there's a marker but nothing really shows up around there. What am I missing? Anyone does this mission and is able to give tips?
  2. I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess that killing Moeder gives you access since I believe you can get some TEKgrams from her
  3. Ambergris is actually a flammable substance and has been used in the past as an incense So the baby Magmasaurs could be using it as fuel (maybe they like the smell?)
  4. Because armor, but with the Griffin health nerf, that may no longer be a big issue for them. And, also, the saddles don't need to provide armor values. They can be like the Titanosaur saddle and just give 1 armor, but enable the TEK gun. Or, if we wanted to get really crazy, they could do something else entirely--I for one would love to see TEK saddles do different things for each tame rather than all just pew pew.
  5. Griffins for sure could use breeding. Their health nerf was pretty overkill. I would've much preferred that they receive the same projectile vulnerability that every other flyer has, or just that their per-level Health bonus post-tame was reduced. Wyverns... as a server option, sure. I think on Officials, that would be excessive and could get seriously out-of-hand. Now, I do think that Wyverns (along with other egg-tameables like Rock Drakes and Deinonychus) should spawn up to the perfect-tame cap (i.e. 225 on officials) rather than up to 190 (or 150 for Deinos), but that's more of a OCPD pet peeve rather than a balance view. Also, I would be supportive of both receiving a TEK Saddle with a low armor rating (no higher than 25.0) to help beef them up a little or with no serious armor rating but some additional functionality (i.e. Wyvern TEK saddle could change how their breath behaves). But, if going the armor route, that armor rating defintely would need to stay fairly low to be balanced.
  6. Why the Phoenix? I think it really just needs a proper landing mechanic... visually, it's fine, and it's got a very unique functionality for a tame (as well as being one of the most loaded tames in the game), so I really don't think it needs a rework
  7. While I appreciate the help, this is for Win10 I'm on Xbox with an Xbox-hosted dedicated
  8. Valguero Dedicated Server Not Saving Hey all, I've seen a few others report this problem, but I wanted to go ahead and report it as well. Valguero dedicated servers (and possibly other servers, I haven't tested) are not saving, so whenever the server restarts, nearly all progress is reset. Only player levels and engrams are saved. I'm hoping to hear about a fix for this soon because it's rather frustrating. Some friends and I would very much like to play on Valguero, but this bug is completely prohibitive. If anyone has found a work-around, I'd love to hear it.
  9. I'd recommend bumping the Therizino up to S- or S Tier for PvP. While it's not as outright powerful as some other tames, it has two huge advantages: Veggie Cakes and Armor Penetration. The effectiveness of the former obviously depends on the HP stat and how quickly they're taking damage, so it may not always be useful, but combined with the armor penetration of the Therizino it means it can essentially go toe-to-toe with anything short of a Giga, Titan, or Reaper and come out on top. Therizinos also have the (limited) ability to break stone, which isn't immensely helpful considering the damage reduction to their attacks, but seeing as few other creatures have that ability, it's worth mentioning. The major downside here, though, is the relative difficulty of taming and breeding them compared to Rexes, which tend to be cheaper tames (due to prevalence of Prime, Mutton, relatively easy to obtain kibble) with lower resource demands and quicker to breed as well. Rexes also have (or had, haven't tested with the new Rex) a better AOE, though it's not so giant as to sway the fight in their favour. In short, Therizinos are honestly better choices than Rexes (TLC abilities notwithstanding, though I don't think those will drastically change the meta) in a plain PvP scenario, but Rexes will give you more bang for your buck, so I'd still rate them higher than the Therizino.
  10. PuffyPony

    Reaper King

    Why are people still arguing here? Lol
  11. The Bronto has mostly suffered because other creatures have gotten better while they haven't. Wyverns suffered a bit from the flyer nerf, but in PvE they're still by far one of the best tames you can possibly have. In PvP they're less useful, particularly post-nerf.
  12. PuffyPony

    Reaper King

    Because of breeding/mutations, yes. They can become very, very, very good
  13. Okay, a few more items for you I'll do more later, but I am a little time limited Creature Name: BrontoTier List: PvERanking Changes: S > B+Reasoning: It probably shouldn't have ever been in S tier to begin with, but in general, the Bronto struggles due to the Paracer basically doing everything better. In theory, the Bronto is better because of better weight and larger platform, but in practice, the Paracer platform and weight stats are more than sufficient for the bulk of activities. Moreover, the Paracer is much faster, has better Stamina economy, and is generally more effective at defending itself than the Bronto due to better ROF. Granted, the Bronto does harvest berries and thatch very well, but because of the aforementioned speed and stamina issues, it's far more effective to use a male Megaloceros or a Therizino. Creature Name: DirebearTier List: PvERanking Changes: A > SReasoning: I'm calling this change in advanced in anticipation for the TLC update, so your call on whether you want to bump it up now or later. Basically, all the current upsides, plus being able to harvest Honey effectively... This is a very good tame. Absolutely a must-tame. Creature Name: ArgentavisTier List: PvERanking Changes: B > AReasoning: It's the ARK work horse, and honestly a much more useful tame than the Quetzal at the moment. Good weight, excellent Stamina as far as flyers go, and pretty good at fighting. It also picks the most creatures in the game after the Quetzal and Wyvern, so it's pretty handy for taming or just getting stuff around the map. It's only real downside is speed, which is also a problem for... Creature Name: QuetzalTier List: PvERanking Changes: S > B+Reasoning: The flyer nerf hit this dude really, really, really hard. It's basically a sky Bronto, and it suffers similar issues. Despite good weight, good Health, good platform building, its god awful speed and stamina really limit the utility of this creature. This doesn't necessarily factor into the rankings, but Quetzals are also much rarer and rather difficult to tame, so the practicality of these mounts is fairly low relative to their usability. Most of their essential functions (carrying creatures, hauling weight) can be better performed now by a Weight Wyvern or an Argentavis. Creature Name: WyvernTier List: PvERanking Changes: B > SReasoning: Basically, they're the strongest PvE mount in the game. No saddle, sure, but they do very good damage with and without their breath, and they are the only creature in the game which can handle the Giga, Titan, Alpha Rexes, etc. with minimal to no risk at all. AFAIK, they have the best speed among flyers (maybe only slightly out-paced by the Ptera), and when they aren't abusing their breath, they have pretty good Stamina as well. They also pick up basically everything a Quetzal picks up, and considering their greater speed, they can be pumped on Weight to turn them into pretty effective beasts of burden. Creature Name: LiopleurodonTier List: PvERanking Changes: D > F+Reasoning: Yes, its loot buff mechanic is rather good, but realistically, you're fairly likely to only get a handful of loot crates. Because of the slow speed of the tame, you're going to be forced to ride a different mount to get to loot crates, but because of the buff timer it's likely you'll only get one or two boosted crates. The roll can also worsen your loot, depending on what's in the crate, so it's not always a good thing. Also, many of the items are things you can get fairly easily in high quality anyway from caving, which with a mount is generally easier than tracking down one of these creatures, taming it, and going on a mad dash to try to scrape out some better loot. IMHO it's the worst designed creature in the game right now mechanically
  14. I'll go through later when I have some time and try to do a comprehensive critique
  15. For the creatures where map does make a huge difference, I'd just add an addendum on the end. For instance, Megalosaurus on PvP might earn B tier as you identified, but on Aberration it's clearly far more useful, so your note in the PvP section could look something like this: Megalosaurus (While it is only useful at night, during that time it is a monster during raids and other PvP activities.) (On Aberration, the lack of sleep mechanic moves this creature to the S Tier). That'd probably be the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Most creatures aren't going to be that affected, so the handful of exceptions are probably just as easy to list in that way. It'd really only apply to creatures with specific map mechanics, anyway, so like a Tapejara on Scorched vs on other maps isn't really going to change, but a Jerboa or Glowpet would change quite significantly. I think it'd be helpful to do as you say, though, and list B/C categories, or just specify creatures that sit on the edge of a tier with a + or -. For instance, with your Carno example, you could list it as a C+ (just put before or after its name) to indicate that you put it in C tier, but it could border into B tier. Either way, but I think it'd help resolve some of the issues there. I.e. for the PvP ranking for Pegomastax (just an example, not necessarily arguing this is where it should be): Pegomastax (F+): Weak and frail, the Pegomastax has little use in PvP aside the occasional troll theft. Thus you provide your justification for its tier, but also acknowledge that it could conceivably be moved into D tier if someone was able to effectively use the theft mechanic to disrupt enemy PvP
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