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  1. Dear god! Natural human nudity! AVERT YOUR EYES OR YOU'LL BE SMITED!
  2. So no Microraptor or Ammonite? Also the boss thing sucks for people like me with only one other person playing with me.
  3. Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    You have to pay for 2 servers to be able to move between the OB's...? That's really stupid.
  4. Fishing ROD BP's

    Wish I hadn't of updated my server, gah. Is there a post limit for new members? I couldn't reply until now
  5. Fishing ROD BP's

    Indeed. I just wish everything like this had a slider. Like I said, unfair to tiny servers. Not everyone has an army, or even plays multiplayer! I'd NEVER have anything good if not for my bestie.. I refuse to go into the friggin ocean. It terrifies me ;_; And I agree, rather have it released and be weak as hell then get it buffed up. Sigh.
  6. Fishing ROD BP's

    Ugh. Agreed. I was enjoying fishing A LOT. But only managed to get JM. Then they nerf it.. Sucks major enchilada's now. I was looking forward to this for weeks. It's unfair to nerf it for everyone tbh. My server is me and one other person. We can use all the help we can get.. Especially since the ocean terrifies me(I'm legit scared of bodies of water IRL) *sigh*
  7. Fishing ROD BP's

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has found where to get JM+ Fishing Rod BP's? Was lucky enough to get a JM one before the nerf but I want something better. Thanks!