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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/2016 Super easy, thanks again, would trade with anytime. HOSS602 HOSS602
nunocsousa nunocsousa 12/13/2016 Very good experience, we are talking about several trades after the first one we completed. Good, stand up trader, true to his word. Thanks Nuno! Soulberry Soulberry
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/2016 Great guy, got more then i expected, will trade a lot more. nunocsousa nunocsousa
BlindMole BlindMole 12/13/2016 nice fast and easy trade b0ender b0ender
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/2016 great guy the trade went fast and smooth . 10/10 would do it again hope we can keep in touch for more bussiness . NeDeX NeDeX
b0ender b0ender 12/13/2016 Fast trustable trade, thx bro BlindMole BlindMole
NeDeX NeDeX 12/13/2016 Very awesome guy, trade went perfect! - I initally blocked this guy seeing a post from someone about a bad trade and he politely poked me with a screenshot about the egg we were negotiating. He had been polite and friendly so I continued with the deal and I'm glad I did. Thanks for the great arg and easy/fast trade. Soulberry Soulberry
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/2016 fast and easy trading. for sure would trade again aorticarch aorticarch
aorticarch aorticarch 12/13/2016 Fast and hassle free trade. Got my 230 melee giga egg on the first try. Volution Volution
GGSDubSt3pz GGSDubSt3pz 12/13/2016 Good trade. Came to my server and had no problems. CurtBurt CurtBurt
aorticarch aorticarch 12/13/2016 This guy is legit, traded 5 mantis and 5 snails for longnecks. Would definitely trade again, thanks man. Soulberry Soulberry
Godan Godan 12/12/2016 Fast and Honest, Highly recommend, Trade with again anytime, Thanks Godan HOSS602 HOSS602
Crowbar Crowbar 12/12/2016 Fast and Honest, Great trade again, Thanks, Would recommend anytime. HOSS602 HOSS602
Morf Morf 12/12/2016 Sold 4 Eggs, buyer came to my server and I dropped him off at an Obi to conduct the trade. Awesome guy, will trade with again Drakkos Drakkos
Talia Talia 12/12/2016 Trustworthy and quick KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7
Jutty Jutty 12/12/2016 Bought a Giga Egg from this trader. Went to his server, everything went smoothly. Highly Recomended Drakkos Drakkos
madfretter madfretter 12/12/2016 Trustworthy and quick seller KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7
KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7 12/12/2016 Very quick and fast, reliable trade De1lici0us De1lici0us
De1lici0us De1lici0us 12/12/2016 Very good seller, trustworthy KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7
Godan Godan 12/12/2016 very good trader, recommended :D Sumpfzechn Sumpfzechn
MalevolentGame MalevolentGame 12/12/2016 Very good to trade with, timely and organized KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 12/12/2016 Fast friendly trade moonspace moonspace
supersven1234 supersven1234 12/12/2016 Direct in words,fair trader, best husband <3 moonspace moonspace
moonspace moonspace 12/12/2016 Very good in Trading Very honest :) supersven1234 supersven1234
Solarscorch Solarscorch 12/12/2016 Nice guy, fast trades Trol Trol
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