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Chaos Ark

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Fan of the old Jurassic Parks and Chaos Theory? We are a new PC PVP Offical tribe aiming to grow big enough that we can't be wiped. Please join and apply with your discord! We are taking members with all sorts of exp.


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  2. Over 8k hours across multiple platforms (PC, Xbox, Win 10), Spent 3k Hours in Hardcore on xbox in alpha tribe which lasted for 1yr. Modes played: Hardcore Official (Xbox 3k hrs), (PC 1k hrs) Core Official Small Tribes (3k hours) Mixed Modes (Somewhere around 1k probably) Experienced in all areas excluding the last 3 map releases. Plug and play. DISCORD: Hystori#4700 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052269895/ (doesn't reflect all my hours, but can provide if needed)
  3. Im mainly a solo player but im up for a team now and im looking to become of something bigger then i can make solo. Im very experienced and a day 1 player I feel like i can bring a lot to the team add me on discord BigRed#8964
  4. Discord: JaymePee0944 Why should you invite me into your tribe? Because I am a long time player (around 5k+ hours between 2 steam accounts and console) who is sick of getting forced into work by mega tribes and then wiped if I don't comply... Obviously I don't comply enough. I bred war mounts for one MAJOR mega tribe ,so I can breed fairly well ,I'm excellent in PVP (Changes to the game pending both of those ,but it wont be hard to catch up as I was only gone about 6mnths) I don't mind grinding or crafing ,can tame ,and don't mind
  5. Experienced player with around 1100 hours on PS4 and 287 hours on Pc , Started playing back when Scorched Earth came out. I have been on a sort of hiatus with ark as i had focused more on other games like arma 3 but i have recently been interested in returning to the game I Have a lot of free time and i can get on from 2pm EST to 2-3 Am EST Love Pvp and Raiding/Base defending , I am a good grinder and scout but i can do practically anything if need be 17 Years old I have Extinction , Aberration and Ragnarok DLCs My Discord is Pana#9841
  6. Deathwalrus#4974 27yr old have 2k hours roughly looking to join pvp official i have a 7yr old son who loves dinos and like to watch me play. can do anything i.e taming breeding grinding building defense pvp etc.
  7. Yo ive been wanting to do a little bit more high level ark play, usually i do solo or duo on pvp servers and never really make it to tek stage so i wanted to join a bigger tribe. I got around 400 hours on pc and all the dlc free aind paied. Im good at grinding and My discord is Flop#0042.
  8. Hey I have about 2000 hours on xbox ark as i just got my pc but i would love to see if i could join i am a good grinder and decent at pvp i dont have any dlcs yet but i am going to get them. My discord is Veunic#2367 feel free to contact me.
  9. hello i m a 20 years old guy with 600 hours on ark and i would like to join your tribe
  10. Hello would like to say that I am also a jp fan. I have 500 hrs experience tired of playing by myself T-T. I'm a informant gatherer love to learn new things if I don't know it I will quickly. love taming and farming and not apposed to material grinding you need it I got you haha. Pc player here Steam name: Jaytyan12 Discord: Jaytyan
  11. looking to join i have 300 plus hours on ark and i also have 8 plus hours a day to play. discord :shiftshake101#1238
  12. looking to join Looking for a tribe to join bored of the PVE. Have tons of time to grind away 10+ hours a day. Discord: Pocket#5286
  13. Can i join? I am tired of playing PvE so i was looking for PvP servers. I played a little bit and then i realised that it is very hard to solo. Doscord: sloth245#7577
  14. let me join Would like to join for any questions Trannel#9132
  15. Looking to join a tribe so I no longer have to play solo! I'm 26 with about 500 hours on Ark. Looking to join a group setting for a different and hopefully a lot better experience. I am willing to jump on and in general help out with whatever the tribe or group is doing at that moment. Really just want a tribe environment so I do not have to start from scratch every week... or day:) Discord is : NIGHTSTROKER#8852
  16. application BattlingBacon#4678 300 hours in small tribes, mostly Rag and Island. 10+ years of shooter experience.
  17. Application I've been playing solo ark for about six months now with about 120+ hours (I know not that impressive) and I've gotten fed up of being obliterated by tribes of tryhards. I am 14 years of age and English. I'm looking for a welcoming ark tribe that is very active and constantly expanding their base. I love to participate in PVP as well as taming dinos. I don't mind farming but I won't farm for long extensive periods of time. On top of this I have college so I won't be active on some weekdays (an hour a day at least). I'm looking forward to making new friends and joining a nice ark
  18. Hello I'm a returning player. I'm looking to join up. I've 1000+ hours in ark. My discord is Congr#5105
  19. application im shane looking to join tribe on pc I have just grinded a character up to lvl 73 as I just made switch from ps4 couple of weeks ago hit me up on discord TayWay#1668
  20. Hey Im looking to join up Hello everyone I am looking to get back into playing ark and on offical servers. I have over 900 hours on xbox but am still getting used to playing on PC. Im 20 years old. Lets play Discord yamommablows#5038
  21. Hey Im tryna join I wanna get into official again. My discord is JohnnyPeluso100#3893, hmu, thanks?
  22. Application Hey, im 17 years old and im interested in joining your tribe. I have over 1k hours and used to be part of an alpha tribe that was wiped about a year ago and now with the coronavirus i have nothing to do. You can contact me on discord @CodeOne#8297 and im ready to hop on anytime.
  23. App - sitamwolfe Hi I'm Sitamwolfe and ive got 448 hours ig my discord is sitamwolfe#7415 and ill be active and progressive and my skills are hunting and pvping Thank You I can play 3-7 hours
  24. Hello, I am 14 years old. I want to start playing pvp I can play 2-4 hours depends on my homework. I have 275 hours in pve Ark
  25. Hi There! I am 21 years old. I got 1k hours in ark. I have 64 level pvp character. I can play 2-6 hours per day(depends on work). my discord is BlindJoe#2645

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