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  1. Hey guys Im looking to join a tribe. Im a casual player mostly will play on weekends and some days after work. I have over 800H in game and most of the DLC. Looking for a PVP official server guild Medium to large. Im down to do whatever i can to help out when online. My discord Is Prince#5966.
  2. Add me on discord Prince#5966
  3. over 800H on PC took a long break from game and wanting to come back Discord Prince#5966
  4. I have over 800H on PC been away from game for a min. But looking to join up with a group and have some fun do some grinding. Prince#5966 is my discord
  5. Casual player, I have most of the DLC. over 800Hours on PC. Im just down to chill do some grinding and help were i can.
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