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  1. 400+ hours pvp experience. Prioritize base building and farming looking to join a tribe and expand. North America servers. discord is underroos#2978 send me a message on discord if yall are recruiting.
  2. 400+ hours of pvp experience. Havent played in a few months but got the itch again. Looking to start with tribe. I have the summer off so will have a lot of downtime. Can grind like crazy. I prioritize base building and farming. discord is underroos#2978. add me and send me a message if yall are recruiting.
  3. I'm looking for a tribe, I've typically played rag pvp in the past but am open to anything. Havent played in a few months but recently got the itch to play again. Hit me up on discord if you're trying to recruit. underroos#2978
  4. 400+ hrs of pcp official experience. I have the summer free so will have a lot of down time. Looking to join a tribe so I don't have to start from scratch again. Can grind like crazy. Discord is underroos#2978 add me and message me if you're recruiting. ty.
  5. Y'all still recruiting? I have 360 hours on pc rag. Discord is underroos#2978. Have not played in about a year or so but got the itch to play again. I have the summer free so I have alot of downtime. lmk.
  6. English speaking, looking for a na pvp tribe. 360 hours on pc. Discord is underroos#2978. Someone recruit me.
  7. I'm looking for a tribe. Y'all still recruiting?
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