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  1. My Discord is Dirtymike#3789
  2. Im Travis, 27 years old. have about 800 hours of experience on pc and console combined. Ive played both pve and pvp. the last tribe I was in was playing arkpoc, they got raided twice and decided to quit. I can do any role just looking for people to play with.
  3. I have 300 hours on PC and another 400 on PS4, my discord is Dirtymike#3789
  4. I have around 300 hours playing on PC and another 400 on PS4. Just looking to join an active group. I play around an average of 6 hours a day 5 days a week.
  5. Hey guys, Im not too new of a player just looking for people to play with instead of going solo on servers. my discord is Dirtymike#3789 If anyone is currently playing on a server let me know and Ill gladly join. I can do just about anything thats required i.e. farming, grinding, taming, etc...
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