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  1. This may be too late, but this will have a big impact on the Center coming back. The rivers so far in ASA are too shallow in most places. There are many shallow stretches where not only can rafts not pass, but neither can water dinos, and amphibious tames have to walk through the shallows. Moving forward, rivers should be made more accessible so they can be better used for transport.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing a lack of water foam effects after the update today? I had it and now it's gone and don't know if it was intentional or if it is a bug.
  3. I have no art for this creature idea yet, i might make one myself or see if i can find someone to make it for me. Let me know what you think of this idea. i hope it might find its way into ark in the future with a mod maby. Description: The Odontodactylus scyllarus (Mantis shrimp) is a formidable creature rarely found in the waters of Genesis Part 1. Resembling an oversized mantis shrimp, it boasts vibrant colors and an imposing size, rivaling that of a Spinosaurus. What sets Odontodactylus scyllarus apart are its unique abilities and versatility in various environments. Abilities: Dual Keratin Shields: - The Odontodactylus scyllarus most distinctive feature is its dual keratin shields attached to its powerful front claws. By bringing these shields together, it can form a single large shield, providing exceptional protection against frontal attacks. This ability makes it a formidable tank in battles but lowers its movement speed drastically. Harvesting Mastery: - The creature excels at resource gathering. Its natural prowess allows it to effortlessly harvest flint and stone from rocks, while its charged punch can extract metal from ore nodes. Occasionally, this heated attack smelts some of the metal, producing ingots. Additionally, the Odontodactylus scyllarus can gather small amounts of charcoal from trees with its powerful punch. Aquatic Agility: - The Odontodactylus scyllarus effortlessly chooses between Swimming through the ocean depths with aquatic finesse or striding majestically along the ocean floor. Its rapid turning speed in water allows It to perform a swift dash both underwater and when breaching the surface, making it an efficient marine explorer and predator. Versatile Climbing: - The creature has the ability to climb walls and ceilings, both in and out of the water. To scale ceilings, it must have its front claws unoccupied. While climbing on walls, it can use its shields to block frontal attacks. Taming Method: - Taming the Odontodactylus scyllarus involves allowing it to destroy structures, with metal structures being the most effective. As a nod to its affinity for metal, it is uninterested in damaging tek structures.
  4. Galexme


    With the rain there should be puddles that last temporarily, and the rain and swimming should leave water dripping down the player's avatar.
  5. We are not making in to the next round, but would like to thank all of you who voted for this creature. Thanks to all and see you in nexts maps submissions! I have always felt that ARK lacks diversity of creatures on the volcanic islands as well as a creature that is versatile in the water as well as powerful out of it. That's why I want to introduce "pyrokiromiacea". As you may well notice the name of this creature is not real, but I believe that Helena would have given this name to describe this amazing crab, this extinct species (Callichimaera perplexa) where called the platypus of the crustaceans as they had an strange combination of anatomical features. These territorial crabs used to be found in the deep sea, near corals and algae where they protected and inhabited. To adapt it to the ARK as Helena would say: This crab has changed from its original size being much bigger than I remembered. In addition, to go deeper into the subject of volcanic islands, subspecies of these crabs have also been found that lived at a depth of 300 metres near hydrothermal springs and are therefore able to withstand high temperatures. All this together resulted in this creature. Wild: Pyrokiromiacea, an extraordinary prehistoric crab, thrives in the depths of the sea near hydrothermal cracks found in close proximity to volcanic islands. These hydrothermal spots provide a perfect habitat for Pyrokiromiacea due to their abundant heat and mineral-rich environment. This creature is renowned for its territorial nature, defending its chosen spots with unwavering resolve. However, there may be an opportunity to utilize its unique abilities by coaxing it to the surface. Extreme caution is advised, as Pyrokiromiacea possesses the exceptional ability to absorb heat. This enables it to unleash devastating maneuvers such as the ground-shaking Slam, inflicting damage to its surroundings both on land and in water. Domesticated: Taming Pyrokiromiacea presents a monumental challenge, but those who succeed will gain an unparalleled ally. Once under control, this prehistoric crab becomes an invaluable asset. Pyrokiromiacea exhibits a remarkable damage reduction capability. When its shell fills with steam, the crab becomes resistant, reducing incoming damage by 30% until the heat dissipates. With its fiery punches, the claws of Pyrokiromiacea emanate burning heat and unleash a torrent of fire, capable of obliterating even the most resilient structures and leaving destruction in its wake. During this rampage, the crab applies a burning effect to anything it strikes. However, after ending its rampage, the creature will enter a tired state, unable to move for a few seconds, symbolized by smoke emanating from its form. Pyrokiromiacea also possesses the unique ability to harvest materials with its powerful claws, excelling particularly in extracting oil from oil-rich environments. Its clawed appendages make it an efficient gatherer, offering a valuable resource in the form of oil. Equipping the saddle enhances the abilities of Pyrokiromiacea even further. The absorbed heat within the crab can be converted into a noxious gas, creating a yellow cloud that surrounds it. This gas induces fatigue in surrounding creatures and players, making them vulnerable to its attacks. It is important to note that the gas can be counteracted by wearing a gas mask. Abilites: Ground slam: Pyrokiromiacea stretches its legs to gain power and then drops, creating a small wave of damage all around and a devastating attack for anyone below (This attack leaves a small crack in the ground to mark the area of effect). Fiery Punches: Upon hitting C, the pyrokiromiacea enters a state of combustion, which is reflected by the flames it gives off. However, this state damages the creature and its rider. But the longer it remains in this state, the greater the effect of the attack. When hit with the left Click, its claws release heat and fire as it proceeds to unleash devastating punches forward inflicting igneous and physical damage to everything in front of it. This attack can deal damage to metal structures and TEK. It then enters a resting state (This can be seen by its semi-unconscious state as it releases smoke from behind). During this state the pyrokiromiacea will not be able to do anything. It is enough to wait 5 to 10 seconds before it can move again. Crustacean Resilience: Hitting C causes the pyrokiromiacea to enter a state of combustion, which is reflected by the flames it gives off. However, this state damages the creature and its rider. But the longer it remains in this state the greater the effect of the attack. In this case, when you hit C again, the pyrokiromiacea swells up (like a gasbag), being able to absorb the damage received for 15 seconds. The percentage of reduced damage depends on how long the ability has been charged. The longer the time the greater the reduction, with a maximum of 50% damage and a minimum of 30%. Fatigue Veil: Thanks to its mount, the pyrokiromiacea can generate a gas through exposure to a heat source (igneous damage received or when charged with C). Once enough gas has been generated, the pyrokiromiacea can release it around itself, inflicting fatigue on creatures and riders that breathe it. This allows the pyrokiromiacea to escape in critical cases. However, this gas can be countered on a player if they are wearing a gas mask. Great oil farmer: Because of its need to consume oil to channel heat for its skills, the pyrokiromiacea has adapted its claws to facilitate the extraction of this resource. Taming: Taming one is not easy, you must first pull it out of the deep sea and lure it to land. Once you're there, you'll have to drop oil for the crab to catch it, as it serves as a source of energy for its attacks. Once it has caught the oil, you will have to wait for it to launch the fiery punches attack, once it has launched the attack due to the overexertion the pyrokiromiacea will go into resting mode (This can be seen by the semi-conscious state as it releases smoke from the back) which will allow you to approach it and feed it a basket of fish. Like the shadowmane the size of the fish will influence how well it tames itself. Then simply repeat the process of oiling, surviving attack and feeding until you have finally acquired a pyrokiromiacea.
  6. Hey survivors! This is Slimer87_'s (me) idea for the Brachiosuchus! Enjoy! Olá sobreviventes! Essa é a ideia do Slimer87_ (eu) para o Brachiosuchus! Aproveite! Original post's name (in case this turns into a replie): Brachiosuchus kebabishensis: The buff croc! Species introduction: Brachiosuchus kebabishensis is a species of the genus Brachiosuchus (its the only species of the genus). It is a crocodyloform from the late Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era. It was discovered in 2012 in the Kababish Formation of Sudan(where kebabishensis comes from). (Image taken from Wikipedia, by the Paleoartist Armin_Reindl at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brachiosuchus#/media/File:Brachiosuchus.jpg) In ARK: Survival Ascended: (Goofy Brachiosuchus Dossier Sketch that I just made: Slimer87_) What will Brachiosuchus eat? R: At the wild it eats anything that moves just like other carnivores in ARK (at least I think its gonna be like that at Ascended), but when tamed it can eat cooked and raw: Fish, Prime fish, Meat, Prime meat and just lemons (not a joke, its because lemons are great fruits with vitamin C, eat your fruits kids!), it's favorite kibble can be either Superior kibble or medium kibble. Why is it perfect for the center? R: Because The Center has lots and lots of bodies of water that the Brachiosuchus can swim and spawn at. What with it's saddle? R: Brachiosuchus doesn't have any saddles, its a naturally very resistent and armored creature that doesn't go down easily, that's why it doesnt need a saddle. What's up with those dilos at the Croc's arm? R: Brachiosuchus "special ability" is switching from quadruped to biped (standing up), but unlike the iguanodon it still runs fast even while upright, while standing up the croc can't swin well, but can hold creatures with it's long and strong arms(terciary for standing up and secondary while up to grab dinos), while holding creatures that aren't near their full weight Brachiosuchus will ignore the creature's weight while carrying it, but weight buffs such as the castoroids will be ignored by the long armed crocodile. When the carried dino is heavy or at full weight brachiosuchus will have a weight discount of 2x at the creatures inventory. The quantity of dinos carried by Brachiosuchus can change for each creature, while it can carry up to three dilophosaurs, it can only carry one doedicurus. Speaking of abilities, what are the croc's abilities? R: Good question! While in quadruped stance (laying down) Brachiosuchus will bite with primary attack (generally left mouse click), claw/slap/punch creatures with it's arms with secondary attack (generally right mouse click), for its terciary (generally C) it will change between quadrupedal stance and bipedal stance. While in bipedal stance Brachiosuchus will grab creatures with primary attack, yeet/let go of creatures with secondary, change from bipedal stance to quadrupedal stance. While at bipedal stance, Brachiosuchus will intimidate any small (not smaller) dinos away (at least 20m radius). When changing from bipedal to quadrupedal or when entering water my boy brachiocroc will just come back to quadrupedal stance and carry the holding dinos with it's mouth like crocs carry their babies, but thats only for small dinos, certain bigger dinos will continue to be carried with brachio's arms, but it will affect swim speed. How will it be tamed? R: I was originally thinking of just darting it, but that wouldn't be fun would it? So to tame one long armed boy you will need: A dino that is close in size or bigger than the brachiosuchus that is the same level or higher than the brachiosuchus, the dino should be neutral or agressive, all you need next is to make the brachiosuchus and the dino fight! If your dino wins Brachiosuchus has a 60% chance of laying tranqued at the ground and your dino will stop beating it, and a 39% chance of it running away, and a trolling 1% chance of the croc just dying. If the croc wins, your dino will obviously die and brachiosuchus will sprint for you while standing up (you probably won't tank the hits)! (and will only progress the taming bar a little). For taming Brachiosuchus you can also give it baby kaprosuchus or sarcosuchus (the first method is better). In case of you knocking down the Brachiosuchus will tranq darts/arrows or by just beating it with your club/bare hands it won't tame, the brachiosuchus will only be able to pray that any kapros or sarcos won't see it! Anything more? R: This is the rest that I can think of (lol): Brachiosuchus has a lot of health and weight naturally, also armor, that makes it not sleep easily. When shooting at dinos that are being carried the damage and torpor will be passed on to the brachiosuchus, so you can't just lock dinos to tame them, but you can carry them to nearby traps! The size of the dinos that brachiosuchus can carry is every dino that is smaller than it while standing up! It will have a preference of going after kaprosuchus and sarcosuchus, because they hate each other, same for kaprosuchus (they will preffer the crocs over the player and the crocs will preffer the brachio over the player too)! (Also made by me, the background I found on father Google: By Slimer87_) I'm open for any replies or art to help people understand the greatness of the concept of the giga croc! (Sorry if my english is bad, I'm brazilian) (Also sorry if I said "Brachiosuchus" so many times lol) I can translate it to portuguese or spanish if anyone wants it to send to friends or whatever! Thanks for reading it all! (it sure was a lot) Slimer87_ out!
  7. Proteroctopus ribeti Is from the Jurassic period. So after the last vote i have decided to make my own creature. The idea behind it is that is that i would like to create something that will be useful as well as fun! While this dino may have a few more features than most it is a well needed water dino. As the biome needs more attention and this will make people want to DIVE IN! Please leave any comments or suggestions below and please make them constructive! Size: Like most Cephalopods Females are larger than their male counterparts. The Female will be ridable and a bit larger than the Megalodon. While the male will be around a 3rd of that size. Males will be ridable but not able to grapple most sea creatures due to size. MOVES: Attack: Left click will allow you to do a normal attack using all of the tentacles. Harvest: Right click will allow you to harvest nodes. Grab Attack: By pressing C you will be able to grab and immobilize creatures underwater. Perhaps by using stamina and/or playing a short minigame to succeed. This will allow you to tame creatures underwater in a passive way. However this will be ineffective for taming larger dino's like a Tusoteuthis or a Mosasaur. While grappled you can safely dismount and tranq the dino! Dash: By pressing X you can dash in the water allowing the tentacles to slam together behind you. creating a small amount of bubbles as well as forcing you forward at a greater speed! Ink Jet: By pressing Ctrl + C you can shoot a jet of ink temporarily stunning a creature and allowing you to escape! ABILITIES: Gathering: Females only After killing and eating a crustacean (The Octavius treat of choice) you can activate its gathering bonus. This will last for 10 Minutes at which time you will need to find a new treat. The first main benefit for the Octavius is its ability to harvest underwater. While using a saddle it adds small linked chains or metal strips along the tentacles. This allows the Octavius to squeeze underwater nodes harder making them crumble and easier to gather. Granting a %20 boost to resources gathered in this way. Resourses that can be gathered this way are Oil, Metal, Stone and Obsidian. The second main ability of the Octavius is the ability to gather Pearls. Due to its many arms it allows it to take great care when gathering pearls and faster at that. This allows a 20% Boost to the amount of pearls gathered gathered. As well as gathering Chitin from underwater crustaceans. This However does not effect black pearls found naturally. Passives: Paternal Instincts The female Octavius is able to nurture its young in the water and usually dies when does so in the wild. However when domesticated the paternal side of the Octavius helps it to be a great mother. Allowing it to feed and imprint on all underwater dinos in its area. I does require more food to do this as it takes a lot of effort to keep the babies happy. While in this state the Octavius will also use its ink attack to deter and fend off predators. To activate this you will need to have the Octavius Near at least one baby and select "Nurture" option in its spin wheel. Once active the Octavius will not allow you to ride it and will be fully focused on its duties. Deep Sea Oil: The Octavius has a really handy ability. It creates "Deep Sea Oil" This oil when placed with pearls in its inventory will allow the oil to seep into the pearls. This will turn them into "Black Sea Pearls" and will allow you to use them in place of Black pearls. However you will need to create two times the normal amount of Black Sea Pearls as needed by normal black pearls. This can be done with the Male or Female Octavius. Usually this is the preferred job of the male Octavius though because if moved this will halt the production of the Deep Sea Pearls. Octavius are immune to eels and jellyfish. However this comes at a cost. If the Octavius is hit by either it will excite the nerves controlling its Chromatophores. This will cause the Octavius to become a bright blue color which for a short time will cause it to attract other sea creatures. During this time it is recommended that you flee with the ink ability. TAMING: Taming the Octavius is fairly straight forward. It is a passive tame. You will need to tame a Trilobite and find an Wild Octavius (usually on the sea floor imitating a rock) You will then have to provide the Octavius its most favorite treat! It will come out of hiding and feed! Once it has been fed enough it will tame. This process is the same for both male and female. During this time you will need to protect it from wild dinos. BREEDING: Breeding the Octavius is a bit more complicated. Underwater you will need to activate breeding. After activating the event the Octavius will cuddle and interweave their tentacles. Then after the female will take on the appearance of a stone while it nurses its younglings. However due to the size of the Octavius they do not have many babies like they would in the wild. During this time the mother will not move and will need to be fed by a person to keep its food stable. It will eat more than normal and will not gather food itself. If its food reaches zero the mother will start to turn a white color and loose health. This will be your warning to feed it fast. If you fail to do so it will die along with the babies. You can feed the mother with trough. But it will only do so at half the rate. slowing down the food loss but not stopping it. WILD: Octavius are passive in the wild and will not attack unless provoked. usually they will ink and run.
  8. The Angaturama would be a new mid to late game predator that would make the rivers and Redwoods of The Arks more interesting with its two versions that would make the game a little challenging mid game.Redwood Angaturama River Angaturama WILD Angaturama is an aggressive during the night with a similar Aggro range as a Spino but during the day the have a chalico like range of aggravation. The angaturama is a piscivore that is bigger than a baryonyx but smaller than a allo. Angaturama would be distinguished by two different patterns a water like wave of water or a green vine like pattern this would affect their abilities when tamed. You can find the wave angaturama near beaches almost anywhere besides the freezing cold however the vine angas are found in jungles and redwoods. They would both have the same temperament. (Possible idea female water angaturamas could have a bubbly pattern and males could have the waves and jungle ones could be similar with vines and leaves or something) TAMING This things taming method would be kind of like a way less annoying hesperornis tame. This would start of as a knockout tame where you tranq it basic stuff. But then after you knock it out you will have to bring it fish when it's hungry like sabertooth salmon and piranhas. The jungle /Redwood version which will be next to the edge of the biome will want sabertooth salmon while the beach one will want piranha. Repeat feeding it until tamed TAMED ABILITIES The angaturama would have a plethora of abilities depending on where it's from. First the wave anga. This one would be more transport based with more weight and stam in a trade off for less health and damage. However it will move faster in water the the vine anga. This version will also have the ability to swallow water and then shoot it out at enemies knocking them back and doing exceptional damage to metal bases corroding them. Wave version will also have a weight reduction of 50% on stone and crystal.The vine version however would be more battle ready with less weight and stam with more damage and health. The vine version has adapted with the forest and can cloak that gives a buff the makes it so while cloaked your first attack will deal bleed damage but will take you out of cloak.This version will also have a weight reduction of 50% but on wood and obsidian. These abilities should make the feel like different creature almost. THANKS FOR READING I really appreciate you taking the time to read my dino and its always been a dream of mine to have one of my own creatures in the game hope you like the dino.🥰
  9. Common name: Aegirocassis Species: Aegirocassis benmoulae Time: Lower Ordovician Diet: Carnicore Temperament: Peacefull unless provoked The Aegirocassis benmoulae was a big athropod underwater. It grew up to 2 meters in lenght, but would be a lot bigger in the game. Wild: This fella would be pretty peacefull, living not necessairely at the bottom, but a bit higher up. It would be as big as a plesio and a bit faster then the megalodon. If provoked, it will attack you, but not only that, but it will also try, to come infront of you, to block your way and would shoot a substance at you, that has the same effect‘s as the ammonite-bile, leading to, that every nearby creature will attack you, even if normally peacefull. If killed, it will unleash a ammonite bile substance, but the recourses you would get, would be: Chitin, raw fish, silicia pearls, black pearls and ammonite/aegirocassis bile. Domesticated: The Aegirocassis would be capable of alot of usefull things. -It would be extremely agile, more agile then any other water creature. -It would have a 25% armor/damage reduction because of it‘s chitin armor and the head would have 50% damage reduction, because it’s the hardest part of it’s body. The armor would add up with the special saddle it has. -Now let‘s disguss one of the most usefull abilities it has, creating silicia pearls, black pearls and ammonite/aegirocassis bile in it‘s inventory. Creating every 2 minutes one silicia pearl, which stacks at a maximum of 300, creating every 20 minutes one black pearl, which stacks at a maximum of 100. It would create every 5 minutes ammonite/aegirocassis bile, which has a maximum capacity at 30, which is important for a ability it posseses. -It could shoot ammonite/aegirocassis bile at it‘s enemys, which attract‘s any other nearby creature to attack it, which uses up one of the bile, per shot. This would be extremly usefull for caves. -It would be immune to any form of stun and the baryonyx and the grab of the tuso. -It would also be immune to ammonite/aegirocassis bile, making it easy to kill ammonites or other aegirocassis. -It would also have a ramming ablity, which charges up, while sprinting/fast swimming. Hitting someone with it paralyzes the enemy for 6 second‘s, it being unable to do anything. -It would be really efficient at collecting biotoxin, angler gel, silicia pearls and black pearls and aswell as killing jellyfish. -It would have a 50% reduction wheigt for: raw fish, raw meat, chitin, stone, oil, biotoxin, angler gel, hide, crystal, obsidian and metal. And a 75% reduction wheigt for: silicia pearls, black pearls and ammonite/aegirocassis bile. -It would have a special saddle on it‘s head, which includes a harpoon capable of shooting bolt‘s and tranq bolt‘s, but no option to move the harpoon, which is not needed, since Aegirocassis is extremly agile. And it comes with a glass capsel on it‘s head, which allows 3 players, to sit in there, while not using up any oxygen and capable of seeing clearly, without a scubar mask. -It cannot be knocked unconscious or gain any torpor. Taming: In order to tame the Aegirocassis , you will have to earn his trust, which means you have to stay with ist all the time, feeding it what it want‘s, that could be biotoxin, angler gel, silicia pearls or black pearls and fending of any enemys untill it‘s tamed. That was Aegirocassis benmoulae. I hope you enjoyed this creature, thanks for giving your time to read it and if you like, you can vote up for this creature, which I would really appreciate and would make me so happy. Have a nice day.
  10. The dossier below has all the info you need to know about the creatures biology, or when it lives and whatnot. Please give it a read. Attacks: Attack One (LMB) – Standard bite attack. Attack Two (RMB) – On land: roar taunt that aggros all fish to come attack you, helpful. In water: toggles invisible camouflage similar to a rockdrake. Attack Three (C) – only usable in water, it would be a very long and fast dash. Naturally being a land dino, it would only swim as fast as a spino so it would be left in the dust by any native water creatures. Giving it a dash lets it compete. Attack Four (X) – On Land: Stance up, becoming still and not able to move. Camera would become a birds eye view and you can do the dino equivalent of spear fishing by pressing LMB on a fish to pull it out of the water, giving loot quality similar to actual fishing but without the hassel. In Water: Perform a different roar that gives all nearby allied sea creatures more damage and damage resistance. Passive Abilities: Feeding Frenzy – Killing fish gives stacks of feeding frenzy, which increases swim speed and damage, up to 20 stacks, similar to a Carcharo. However, nearby water creatures and other Suchomimus will also benefit from the Feeding Frenzy buff, allowing it to stack with a pack of Suchos all feeding into each other, as well as making it an even crazier water support dino. Angler Gel Hunger – Feeding it Angler gel would make it immune to jellys and eels for maybe 2 minutes, so its not powerful enough to trump the basilo but it can still explore the deep oceans of the center without fear of being shocked into submission. Seek Fish on Low Health – Can be set to the same behaviour as the Baryonyx to passively kill fish and regenerate lost health much faster. Taming Method: I’d imagine something similar to an otter or Hesperornis would be given where you need to drag a fish and feed it, but given that it’s a very annoying taming method, I’d much rather it be a knockout tame, simplicity is sometimes better. If I had to make it unique, perhaps you wouldn’t be able to tranq It in water so it would need to be led far away from water before the taming could begin. With so much oceans and rivers on the center, this creature would be found all over lakes rivers and maybe beaches, or perhaps just sharing spino spawns. I would have it eat angler gel for taming, which would give it another use other than lighting.
  11. It’s called the BLUE DRAGON but it’s scientific name is glaucus atlanticus. A water land and gliding tame used to assist with taming other water Dino’s and being used as a underbelly water turret. ABILITIES The Blue Dragon can go stealth and swim up to other water Dinos and attach itself to it tranqing the water Dino.While attached you have to press the buttons it tells you to stay attached. For getting around it’s a standard speed in the water but if you go to the surface and skim the water it gains speed when you get enough speed you can perform a jump and glide in the air. because technically these are water slugs they have the ability to attach themselves to walls in water or out of water and climb them similar to a rock drake. If outta water it will have use the oxygen stat, but it can travel on land but not quick. They are also good to get around in shallow waters like swamps and rivers. For the dark deep see dives it has a bioluminescence that runs through its body that can be used if you give it a charge battery allowing it to glow. ATTACK AND DEFENSE For attacks it has a bite attack which is venomous being that they are venomous and sting in real life like a man o war. They also have a stun ability like the electric eels, but in order to use it you need to have the toxins you harvest from the jellyfish. The electric shock will allow you to stun and swim away. PVP ABILITY Being that the blue sea dragon can attach itself to surfaces it has the ability to attach to the underbelly of another water tame and act as a turret nest as in one person controls and rides the megalodon and if you attach it, it allows you to sit on the dragon and use a crossbow or a harpoon. TAMING The blue sea dragon Is a passive tame, you will have to swim up to it and feed it bio toxins once done it will allow you to mount it and basically like the equus you have to ride it. The tame will go to the surface and when it jumps and glides you need to hit the corresponding buttons it tells you to press. Depending on the level you will have to do this once or multiple times. FOOD Food will be just standard fish. Toxins placed in there inventory will be used forelectrical stun and tranqing. MATING Mating is standard. LOCATION Since the submission is for the center map I’m thinking that you can find them near the waterfalls gliding down to the water. SIZE The average size of the blue sea dragon would be a little smaller than a megalodon or the size of three grown adults. SADDLES saddles will be mounted on the center of there back’s between the front and back fins. There are two saddles one that allows you to ride and use its ability and a tek saddle that has an attached turret that can be used when attached to the underbelly of another tame. Dossier and artwork to come soon, pictures below are what the designs will look like. The sketch of the sea dragon attached to a mosa is a ruff sketch a actual picture is being drawn I would love feedback about ideas or changes that anyone has thank you
  12. Species: Hippocampus Sarmaticus/Leviathan Time: Middle Miocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Here’s another attempt. I think The Center is a perfect map for this tame. The vast ocean, the underworld, all the air bubbles. I feel Ark's oceans need a bit of love. What better way than with a new mount. Seahorses are pretty cool looking as well as sea dragons, and who wouldn't want to ride around on one. A saddled mount of course They're like master ninjas, so this mount could have some sort of camo ability, maybe when they're within underwater vegetation. They could function similar to an underwater purlovia, and their first strike from being hidden could cause massive burst damage. Kinda like sneak damage. Because of this sneakyness, make all wild creatures non aggressive to it unless provoked. This includes the jellies. In fact, let's make this creature immune to jellies shock to have another mount to fight against them. Maybe even have cnidaria actively run away from them like the piranha does to the sarco. These could be the best biotoxin gatherers. (A sea slug pic, but the patterns and appendages look cool, and I invision this ark creature taking visual cues from it) Seahorses also are very tanky with their bone like ridges down their body. Instead of their body and tails being cylindrical, they're more square, thus able to take more damage and even be compressed and be able to bounce back unharmed. This means the ark creature could make for a very tanky mount with possibly even recoil damage. Add a good saddle for even more tanking. Seahorses also have great mobility, so it can control similar to an underwater Tapejara. This is a very interesting video below about Seahorses. Utility is a big thing the ocean needs too. With the males pouch, it could function as an underwater maewing, able to nurse or improve imprints. Maybe a player can use its pouch to be transported underwater and give oxygen. Again, immunity to jelly stings. They have these cool prehensile tails too. They can use this to latch onto different things underwater to stay put, and enter a sort of turret mode. We can use these prehensile tails to grab small to some medium sized creatures, which has a multitude of uses, but also make it able to pick players underwater from their mounts. To balance this, make it ridden only or something. These tails could have another purpose too. There aren't any underwater shoulder pets. Until they're grown, while they're still a baby/adolescent, they can use the tail to become a shoulder mount. Adding stun immunity or reduction, or adding armor and recoil damage to the player while assisting in battle with their attack/breath. The balance to this would be that it's temporary, until the baby reaches a certain size, then it auto dismounts. Killing cnidaria could make it grow faster, or feeding it biotoxin. It would speed up raising. You could ignore this mechanic to keep it smaller for longer to keep the shoulder benefits, because it's raise time could be long without using it. With all these positives, maybe give the creature lower stamina, or make it opposite of the bear. Super fast burst speed that eventually slows down. Same with dps. Stupid high burst speed dps, that slows a lot over time. The way I imagine it looking is some kind of Seahorse/Seadragon hybrid with some draconian features. This is ark afterall, and some dinos aren't 100% real world accurate, so we can spice this up a bit. https://www.google.com/search?q=sea+dragon&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwj_ttH9nMj8AhWTFmIAHQ8kBcAQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=sea+dragon&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIECCMQJzIKCAAQgAQQsQMQDTIECAAQQzIECAAQQzIECAAQQzoFCAAQgAQ6BAgAEAM6CAgAEIAEELEDOgsIABCABBCxAxCDAToHCAAQsQMQQ1CBCFjmJGC-KWgAcAB4AIABe4gBgAuSAQM2LjiYAQCgAQHAAQE&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=WzzDY7-dA5OtiLMPj8iUgAw&bih=647&biw=412&client=ms-android-americamovil-us-revc#imgrc=t00DU5k3vLyQlM&imgdii=w_wkJPB5AToXmM Another cool option would be some kind of underwater breath attack. Bubbles that stun or slow so they can assassinate prey, or superheated water jet, but I'd like for them to have some sort of poison breath. It would go with the assassin theme. This poison would accumulate in its inventory similar to acatina, maybe increasing production for a time with cnidaria kills stacking. We could coat our weapons or even dino claws with the poison to give special debuffs and inreased damage per hit for a time. This would benefit high attack speed dinos a lot like the raptor, giving more use for its faster attack buff from its alpha call. I hope you all like and upvote.
  13. The creature I have in mind is completely made up, LYCANINE SELACHIMORPHA (LIE-K-9) the ideas I've had is a slightly larger then survivor wolf headed seal creature with swords fish sail and two front fins. I imagined a creature that was opportunistic and extremely fast. That smelled out killed and carried dinos similar to the carcha but with a regular taming like the otter. The Lycanine would be without a saddle and able to slowly hop on land without an oxygen state. One issue I've heard and experienced is the fear of the sneaky jelly fish dismounting and killing you and your mount. Though mods have given us creatures to fix this I thought an amazing vanilla creature would really make the oceans of the ark a bit more enjoyable. When the Lycanine gets shocked it's sail will immediately shoot up and launch the rider vertical while the Lycanine shoots electricity through its spiked and gets enraged with a damage buff without the stun. The electricity would enrage the lycanine similar to the giga as in if you are to close it could turn on you, "shocking". The design of the Lycanine is also designed to be similar to the sword fish with the idea if it keeling its incredible speed being one if the fastest water creatures. I also really enjoy dinos with the ability to sleep so I imagined the lycanine being very "sleepy" during the day and falling on its back to enjoy the days sun. Though you could wake it though it's not built for land and will slowly try and hop around. I really hope everyone likes this creature and I am aware u missed all the creature submissions but I do hope to see this creature on the ark
  14. The creature I have in mind is completely made up, LYCANINE SELACHIMORPHA (LIE-K-9) the ideas I've had is a slightly larger then survivor wolf headed seal creature with swords fish sail and two front fins. I imagined a creature that was opportunistic and extremely fast. That smelled out killed and carried dinos similar to the carcha but with a regular taming like the otter. The Lycanine would be without a saddle and able to slowly hop on land without an oxygen state. One issue I've heard and experienced is the fear of the sneaky jelly fish dismounting and killing you and your mount. Though mods have given us creatures to fix this I thought an amazing vanilla creature would really make the oceans of the ark a bit more enjoyable. When the Lycanine gets shocked it's sail will immediately shoot up and launch the rider vertical while the Lycanine shoots electricity through its spiked and gets enraged with a damage buff without the stun. The electricity would enrage the lycanine similar to the giga as in if you are to close it could turn on you, "shocking". The design of the Lycanine is also designed to be similar to the sword fish with the idea if it keeling its incredible speed being one if the fastest water creatures. I also really enjoy dinos with the ability to sleep so I imagined the lycanine being very "sleepy" during the day and falling on its back to enjoy the days sun. Though you could wake it though it's not built for land and will slowly try and hop around. I really hope everyone likes this creature and I am aware u missed all the creature submissions but I do hope to see this creature on the ark
  15. The Olm The olm is a real world amohibian that has been around for thousands of years. This creature is also known as the cave salamander. They are blind and spend almost all their time in the water. They get around by sensing the electromagnetic frequencies around them they are a small amphibian only getting to around 8 inches long but they are certainly one of the most unique creatures in the world. How would they fit into Aberation? The olm in reality lives in caves and has developed its senses for this environment. It has no eyes and can sense even the slightest vibrations. There are several useful applications for this creature in the ARK. [ ] In a PVP setting, this amphibian could be able to locate and genorators and power them off from a distance. [ ] The Olm has a very fast regenerative ability that it can share with survivors and other tames. [ ] The Olm can locate creatures in a vicinity through walls and be able to locate them on your mini map, it can also give you the levels of dinos from a distance. [ ] The olm can also tell you if you have entered a dangerous area with large carnivores around [ ] This Amphibian would be scaled up so it could be rideable, when you ride this creature it could have the ability to spray a goo onto a target and slow them down or stick them in place depending on the size. [ ] The Olm is able to warn you before an earthquake happens (similarly to a jerboa). [ ] The Olm can use its slime coating to coat other survivors and allow them to breath underwater for a certain amount of time. Taming. Taming this amphibian would be a complicated endeavor. The olm is a passive tame that is reactive to your movements. Approaching the olm too quickly may scare this skittish creature off or cause it to fight back. If the olm chooses to run then do not chase it, you will cause it to attack. If the olm fights back then run away as fast as you can, if the olm sprays you with its goo, you will be stuck in place and be in danger of being eaten by another dino. Approaching any wild olms slowly is the best choice. The taming food of choice is chitin. Domestication. When these amphibians are domesticated you can ride them on land and in the water. In the water the Olm moves across the bottom of the water and can help you collect resources. On land the Olm is a slippery thing, it can move fast from place to place and can move by either slithering fast from place to place or by using its two front legs to drag its long slender body along. The Olm is breedable, though, it needs to be in the water in order to breed, if not provided with water it will not produce eggs. The eggs need water to hatch and incubate for a very short amount of time. They can produce eggs quickly and will somtimes lay more than one. Habitat. You can find this amphibian in bodies of water. They are often surrounded by large carnivores but remain unharmed. If any creature attempts to attack, the Olm will not hesitate to "goo" the predator. The Olm rarely ventures out of water. Finding the olm is not an easy thing to do. They don't show themselves as often as you would think. They prefer to stay hidden and traditionally can't be found around other Olms. Size. The Olm is larger than a titanaboa but smaller than a basilisk. They allow survivors to ride on their back with a special saddle. This saddle needs to be able to hold moisture to stop the olm from drying up. The saddle is infused with absorbent substrate. This substrate allows the olm to stay out of water indefinitely and survive. Attacks Whip- whip the target with its long body Spray- Spray a goo onto the target that sticks them in place Spin attack- only in water it can spin and knock enimies back Locate- allows them to locate enemies nearby. Suction- underwater it can suck in multiple small nuisance creatures and damage them without being damaged. Dossier- I'm not the best of artists and I don't have access to any digital drawing service so if somone would like to submit a dossier and some drawing that would help a ton and hopefully get this creature into the game (I will credit anyone who makes one that I use) The Olm is a creature I am not too familiar with. They weren't an aussie native but sure as hell could have been with their alien appearance! Back on earth they would be found in caves. They where never to big from what I remember, but it seems that somone modified them to grow to a bigger size! I had seen only a handful of these creature while on this ark and none of them seem to let me approach. So Coming face to face with the Olm for the first time was an exciting experience, it wouldn't let me approach without running off so I had no other choice but to wait. Scaring off this creature was not somthing I wanted to do seeing how rare it is, but after I approached it seemed to sense the chitin I had in my pocket and tried ro take it out! I ended up giving the Olm the chitin and it warmed up to me quickly, nothing seemed to want to mess with the Olm, even the Spinos! This is certainly one of the most unique creatures on this broken ark. Conclusion. I feel the Olm would be a great addition to ark seeing as we only have to amphibians so far! They are such unique creatures that I feel would fit the twisted world of Aberration. The Olm is an endangered species that I feel deserves more so this could really raise awareness for the species and possibly help this species do better. Please let me know if I should change/ add anything and please send me some artwork for this! Thank you! -Foulwhistle P.S.- there are alot of other great creature submission so please go support them too if I don't win that's not a big deal, but please make somone who worked hard on their creature get in! If I don't get in if you have any connections to mod makers please show them this idea, I feel it could be a good fit if done properly. Thank you!!!! Source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olm
  16. Dossier: Glypheoidea better known by survivors as a Crawdad though In terms of size this thing seems to be around 14ft long sporting two large claws on the front that add a few extra feet in length, and even compares to the Karkinos that roam near it and the Cindarias it eats as snacks. Being the ancestor of our modern Crayfish I can see how this thing has adapted to living here, This cave has water everywhere it's the perfect place for these things to thrive, although it's adaptation to living in the element lakes below is rather peculiar. Though those seem to be a bit different in look. Wild: When dealing with them in the wild, they seem harmless in comparison to the Karkinos, until a survivor decides to see how hard the shell is. The massive claws can pack a decent punch, and the many legs underneath can carry it at a decent speed. One survivor tried to kill one while hanging from a climbing pick, until the thing dug its claws into the rock and one by one pull itself closer. In order to kill it Mei Yin ended up knocking it upside down with her Drake and making quick work of its underside. Domestication: Some Survivors have managed to tame these however, using biotoxin to leave it a trail of bread crumbs right into a cannon. After using the cannon on its side to knock it over, it was very quickly knocked unconscious using basic narcotics and fed like any other tame. It still preferred the biotoxin over anything, and even ignored the shocking tranqs we tried previously as it just digested it. After tamed It was quite the useful steed. Not quite as fast as the Rock Drake we use, but quick enough and durable enough to go on extended hunting trips for resources and such. Using the Glow sticks and More Malleable Wood from these trees we managed to construct a mobile home on its back that we could fold up if we needed to move anywhere or climb. The driver had to lie down of course to have enough room, but we did manage to fit a fabricator, smithy and even a vault on the back. Once we got to a good stopping place we just unhooked the latches and let to fold back out into an open crafting station. Note: The peculiar ones we found swimming in element, we finally managed to lure one out, Though it didn’t follow the biotoxin like before it instead was more attracted to our reaper pheromones, once our it would have been the same process as before, until it decided not to get knocked over with one cannon shot, We just couldn't quite hit it hard enough to knock it on its back. We did finally domesticate it after constructing a radiation proof saddle on our other Glypheoidea, we just decided to feed it one of our tames after feeding it a reaper pheromone gland. Upon closer inspection the Elemental Glypheoidea has some larger claws on front, and seems to glow somewhat, being a strong as this thing is we eventually constructed a pill box on its back and mounted a cannon, not a lot of space for crafting but more durable and enclosed. Riding: It would be similar to the Megachelon in the sense that it has 2 basic attacks, 1 Attack using it's claws and another spitting water in front of it, though this uses some of it's water stat. This attack can be changed to be a stun like attack similar to the Voidwyrm by feeding it Biotoxin, both slowing creatures hit by it and creatures relatively close to it. When the Saddle is closed the rider will lay down on it's back while riding and the creature is capable of climbing cliffs similar to the Megalania, by digging it's larger claws in to the rock. Stationary: When not actively moving you can fold the saddle out forming a decently wide platform saddle fitting whatever crafting stations you would like in the slots in the creatures inventory. While in this mode, the creature has half movement speed, and cannot climb. This mode would be useful to accompany survivors near the rock drake nest as a temporary outpost to repair hazmat and or log off, as with a hazard saddle nothing inside is affected by radiation. Similar in design to a Mobile Home that can fold out when you decide not to go anywhere. The Glypheoidea is capable of being a decent combat mount, and the structures attached to the saddle being part of the saddle make them immune to damage, however It's damage would still lack in comparison to the Reaper and Rock Drake on Aberration. Breeding: To breed they must be in water and touching the bottom of whatever source to be able to dig in the mud and make a hole to lay eggs in. If not in a suitable environment, the Female is capable to taking an extended period to hatch the eggs inside her body and give a live birth. It would have half weight on structures, wood, stone, and metal. It would be the first creature that has a water stat that needs instead of a food stat, however It gets water from biotoxin, swimming, and being in range of water, and a slight amount of water gained from fish meat. It's platform saddle would be able to fit everything smaller than an industrial grinder, and a maximum of 5 slots for placeable stations (generator, storage, and crafting) and 1 slot for beds, or seating.) Basic Primitive Saddle: 5 slots, and 1 slot Hazard Sealed Saddle: 3 Slots and 1 Slot, The Hazard Saddle sports a generator at the back side powered by congealed gas balls and protecting any in the base from radiation and water. Cannon Module can be placed using all 3 slots. Image Sources: Wikipedia first image, Elden Ring Wiki Second Image, Youtube Ten Fold Engineering Third Image
  17. My suggestion is the Ctenophora, it looks like a jellyfish, but it does not belong to the cnidarea family, with fossils dating from the Cambrian period, it would be a shoulder creature, it would cling to the survivor from the back with tentacles, it would be transparent and with bioluminescence. While clinging to the survivor, she would have an ability to camouflage herself and the survivor, making both invisible, she would be found swimming in the liquid element, to be able to tame it would require a tek armor to enter the liquid element safely, the food it would be element ore, for balance issues, I imagine that invisibility could have a 10 second cooldown after becoming visible before being able to use it again, and that when attacking it would become visible again, invisibility time would depend on stamina. It would be a passive taming, we would have to give it elemental ore, it could only mate inside the liquid element, after being tamed, it would not die out of water, but it would be unable to move, just lying on the ground waiting for someone to come to take. In the dark of night or in caves it would glow with its bioluminescence, although it doesn't give enough light to illuminate anything, it would be nice to see it glow, with luminous tentacles wrapped around the survivor's torso and arms. Another ability it could have is when in water, it strives to supply its survivor with oxygen, spending its stamina, only recovering it as soon as it leaves the survivor's back or when the survivor leaves the water, thus, the stamina it is a very necessary status, and therefore it should be used well.
  18. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Sarco Species: Sarcosuchus excubitor Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Patient Wild: Among the island's water-based threats, Sarcosuchus excubitor is a lot what you might expect from a giant crocodile: A patient killing machine. It spends much of its days lazily waiting in the water for prey to walk near. That said, it is not opposed to scurrying onto land and pressing the issue when hungry. A good tactic for escaping many predators is to jump into the water, as most are slow swimmers. This is a bad tactic for escaping a Sarcosuchus, obviously, as they are actually faster in the water than they are on land. Domesticated: Despite being river-dwelling creatures, Sarcosuchus seem quite at ease in the oceans. More than a few fishing communities use them as mounts simply to help fight off Megalodons, or to gain better access to the resources found within the reefs.
  19. Image from vk.com Common name:Quinkana Species: Mekosuchine crocodylians Time:Pleistocene Diet: carnivore Temperamente: Agressive Wild: The Quinkana is normarly found need a river or a lake, On ragnarock it is found around the swamp area and the desserts lake where it waits to ambush prey waiting in the water, it is very agile and fast in water but also on land . The Quinkana is not afraid of a challenge being bigger than a sarco it will attack anything it can get it hands. Quinkana likes to stalk it's prey from the water first before attacking. When a survivors are out and about they should watch out when they got to get a drink because the quinkana acts fast if a prey is in water where it is more adventageous. But always beware of your surroundings because it can also half bury itself in sand to ambush any passing prey too. Domesticated: When it is tamed it can be a usefull asset for any survivor trying to get some meat with it's weight reduction on meat to be able to carry more , plus it's armor percing teeth that can rip armor to pieces in just a couple of bites. It can be a great defense dino for your base if surrounded by water. Taming: To tame a Quinkana you must sacrifice a tame by letting it be grabbed by a Quinkana when it ambushes it and after eating enough the quinkana will come out of the water and half bury itself in the sand around and you have to come up and feed it it's prefered food mutton. Combat: The Quinkana after being tamed with have to different bites a normal one and a second one where the Quinkana prepare to do a big chomp that will leaves the target with a bleed affect after. Tail whip: The quinkana having a big strong tail can use his tail as an attack by hitting a target with a tail whip that stuns the target for a short period and also dismount any survivor on a mount to the size of a trike. Agility: With the Quinkana being really quick and agile it can turn around 180° really fast so it can either change sides to attack or to espace if need too.
  20. We present to you our new and innovative dinosaur for the game, we present the Saggitasaurus. We all know how abandoned and deserted the sea and oceans of Ark are, and that's why we wanted to add a new aquatic dinosaur, but it's not just aquatic. Who hasn't dreamed of having a dino capable of soaring through the skies? and dive into the water? Well, Sagittasaurus, in addition to being incredibly fast, It can glide when it comes out of the water, thanks to its thin body and its large fins similar to the wings of dragons, that is, it has two modes: the aquatic mode and glider mode. How does it work? Well, the Sagittasaurus can rise out of the water by keeping its paddle-shaped tail in the water while flapping, allowing it to gain speed or then jump and begin gliding through the skies, It can glide thanks to its fins/wings similares yo dragones ones, and it is thanks to its bag of water that it can hold its breath for long periods of time out of the water. But his skills do not end here, to dive back quickly he has a plummet like the snow owl or the griffin. *If the sagittasaurus lands on the land, It will wound to the Water, while the sagittasaurus is wounding It will have a progressive decrease of its life. Now that we have finished with the movement skills, let's continue with the others, the sagittasaurus has the ability to gnaw oil ores thanks to its hard snout and teeth, which also allow it to plummet, it is also capable of using its heat vision underwater which allows it to be a great aquatic hunter, however its size is not very large, but it is a medium-sized dinosaur, which is why it has the herd buff, it means that when there are more than three It will raise its combat statistics, and finally its main attack, which is a fast and very precise bite with which it can do a lot of damage in a short time. ABILITIES LIST -Glide -Plummeting -Heat vision -oil Mining -Group Buff I Can't put the disigne because It is to heavy IMG20230604171204.convertidas-comprimido_compressed (1) (1) (1).pdf
  21. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Liopleurodon Species: Liopleurodon Magicus Time: Mid-Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Patient Wild: Liopleurodon Magicus is a mid-sized ocean predator. Typically between 20 and 25 feet long, it mostly hides within the reefs, waiting to ambush prey that swims by. Due to its low acceleration and medium speed, Liopleurodon tends not to chase prey that escape its initial devastating chomp attack. The species on the island almost seems, to be magical. The reptiles skin secretes an oil that, when absorbed through skin contact, makes the rider process oxygen more efficiently for extreme diving. When traveling the ocean for resources Liopleurodon will show you the way. Domesticated: Neither the fastest swimmer, nor the most powerful ocean predator, Liopleurodon still has its uses for those wanting to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Many tribes use Liopleurodon for long duration oil-and-oyster harvesting trips. Often, those who don't believe in the Liopleurodons qualities are shunned.
  22. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Electrophorus Species: Electrophorus Beluadomito Time: Holocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Reactive Wild: Occupying a space in the low-to-middle end of the food chain, Electrophorus beluadomito is a carnivorous swimmer that feeds mostly off of shellfish and small fish. Despite its common name, it is actually a very long knifefish, and not an eel. It does not provide much meat, so many predators simply leave it be. Unlike most predators, it does not use brute strength to bring down its prey, but instead releases an electrical charge around itself to knock its prey unconscious. Alone, this can take out a small creature. When attacking together, Electrophorus can even bring down the larger ocean lifeforms, then feed as a group. Domesticated: By far, the most common use of Electrophorus is to subdue large ocean creatures. Knocking out a Plesiosaur or other giant deep-sea leviathan can be incredibly difficult, thus many tribes employ small schools of Electrophorusto shock targets into submission!
  23. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Kaprosuchus Species: Kaprosuchus Paludentium Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: A smaller relative of the Sarcosuchus, Kaprosuchus Paludentium is water-based carnivore primarily found lurking among The Island's swamps. A naturally fast runner that is even faster in the water, it is a solitary hunter that picks off small-to-medium creatures especially those isolated from their pack. When attacking Kaprosuchus uses two main tactics. First, it patiently waits below the water surface and when the target is sufficiently close by, will perform a lateral jump that it uses to quickly close the distance with its prey and drag it underwater. Secondly, its attacks target the prey's vital areas specifically to drain its stamina. These two techniques effectively prevent most creatures from escaping Kaprosuchus once an assault has begun. Domesticated: Survivors are generally split about the usefulness of Kaprosuchus. Some love its speed both in and out of the water, essentially making it among the fastest small-sized all-terrain mounts when travelling through the wetlands. Others do not like how relatively frail Kaprosuchus is, and do not think its high speed and damaging attacks make up for this shortcoming.
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    Dossier: Ammonite

    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Ammonite Species: Ammonitina Multiamicus Time: Late Jurassic - Mid Cretaceous Diet: Bottom Feeder Temperament: Passive Wild: Usually found in the deepest parts of the waters around the island, Ammonitina Multiamicus has a strange relationship with the other creatures of the deep. It must do something beneficial for them, since every nearby sea creature defends Ammonitina when it is attacked. What this distinct symbiosis is based on, alas, I have not yet discovered. Ammonitina has also made its way into the deeper parts of underwater caves. Even within these caves, the creature will draw attention if assaulted, making harvesting its resource-rich shell a tricky proposition depending on what other dangers may be lurking nearby. Domesticated: Like many of the untamable ocean dwellers, Ammonitina still has enough utility to be a valuable hunting target. If a tribe is willing to risk the wrath of nearby would-be protectors, Ammonitina bile can be harvested from it’s corpse’s innards. This bile can be worked over with other chemicals to make many powerful concoctions, usually antidotes against the most powerful poisons and illnesses. Its shell meanwhile, is rich in rare materials, presumably due to the creature’s unique place along the Island’s food chain.
  25. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Diplocaulus Species: Diplocaulus Natatorinutrix Time: Permian Diet: Piscivore Temperament: Skittish Wild: Presiding almost solely within island's swamps, Diplocaulus Natatorinutrix is a small amphibian that primarily eats minor fish. It rounds out what I consider the middle-bottom of the ecosystem, feeding on the tinier non-insect creatures of the island while itself being a common snack for the larger carnivores. Because so many creatures prey on it, Diplocaulus has become very skittish and often flees at the first sign of trouble. It uses its amphibious nature to escape into whichever environment its predator isn't native to. Diplocaulus unique capability to retain vast quantities of oxygen allows to effectively remain submerged for hours at a time, usually outlasting even other amphibious creatures that might otherwise prey upon it. Domesticated: There are only a few uses for tamed Diplocaulus. It is primarily used for the (rather disgusting) practice of employing Diplocaulus as an oxygen bag. Diplocaulus stores air in the bladders of its head, and divers can suck from these bladders to take deep breaths while submerged, supporting long-term underwater exploration without the use of external gear.
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