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Found 1702 results

  1. pve gallimimus taming

    so i got a low lvl gallimimus but wanted to get a 130+ but there so fast and need quit a lot of darts anyone know of a good pen to build they seem to avoid mine like they know what iam going to do ??? cheers for any help
  2. [PVE] SA Friends and Family Server [[Information]] Friendly family and friends server in local SA CPT. Anyone interested in bringing some family and friends to play on this server are welcome. Access granted on request. [[Map]] Ragnarok [[Status]] Always up to date [[Server Configuration]] - Fast but moderate taming, breeding and maturation + crop growth - No Loot Crates [it's already too easy :)] [[Mods Installed on this Server]] Natural Babies V 2.0 Reusable Plus Death Recovery Mod (v1.7.3) Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Structures Plus (S+) Wooden Hanging Bridge Pet Finder Wyvern Milk Substitute TekBench Advanced Rafts Upgrade Station v1.8h Rebalanced Compost Bin Refining Gas Forge v7.0 Planting v1.3a (PvP friendly) Server website: -->Click here<---
  3. 1x XP / 30x Tame / 5x Harvest / 30x Breeding We are excited to have new players join our server, we are experienced ARK players that really enjoy a more mellow experience. We are lightly modded to enhance gameplay and adjusted many server settings to not drain your day and energy. We have a wonderful community built and there is still plenty of room to build and grow, See you there! I will be giving new players an intro dino, choices are: ~ Trike ~ Stego ~ Parasaur ~ Iguanadon ~ Pelagornis Please let the admins know which you choose. All mounts come with saddles. Please view our steam group page for settings and mods! And our Discord for event information! Discord Group -
  4. Can you build in the Ruins/Caves/Castle or near Water well spots on PVE on the new Ragnarok map? I know on the -Island- map you cannot build in caves at all, and on the -Center- map you can buid in a FEW caves and ruins, and on -SE- map you cant build anywhere near water well spots... But what about the new Ragnarok? PVE Ragnarok Build-Zone checklist- Water vein areas = YES Ruin areas = Yes. Castle = YES Caves = YES. Dungeon Ruins/Caves = YES. Subterranean Caves = YES. Boss Caves/Dungeons/Ruins = NO. Extra+ Flying in Caves = YES. Build around Obilisk = NO. Build around Drops = NO. Drops in water for aquatic creatures = Maybe - If you can find a post/reddit thread that may help correct anything inaccurate, please post it or message me the link. (Yes this thread is for all console ark or even pc players that are seeking information that is hard to find.) Thank you to : Zed38 : for assisting with a great deal of juicy information. _ Zed38 Essentially, Ragnarok is a lot less restricted in build rules - i suspect this was done because of the vertical cliffy nature of the map, the focus on gryphons and ice wyverns, and lack of ease of access for land dinos in most places (especially gigas). Additionally, the rules are relaxed and left for players to manage so as to not cause excessive additional stress on Bob and Jane (the people doing ticket support for the world). essentially there are only a few places you cant build. around supply drops and obilisks, and the cave systems that have bosses. all caves are Flier Enabled. A picture of my lightup project in teh caverns under castle: A picture of the cave under the frozen lake in the snow (2 entrances, can be secured with a behemoth gate each, no issues as of yet with dinos falling thru frozen lake). A picture of inside the lava golem boss cave: The Gryphon trap on top of a water node:
  5. Hi. I have a small server that I want to cluster with others that think like me. My server is with boosted drops (x2.5) and lowered water (0.6) and food consumption. As admins we do not abuse power or interact with world in any way. Just taking care of abusive players and griffers. I'm hoping to find other admins like me that have servers with maps other then The Island. Please PM me for details and propositions. Thanks
  6. for ideas on stat modifications, message ToxicPhantom76. To join the server add Darkcub 96
  7. I am one of the people who lost their server during the great migration. I only have scorched earth backup which I went to, two months prior to the great migration. I am very unhappy with with card for many of their latest lies and decisions, but I am trying to continue to play until it's all over. I personally will not start on new clusters just as many say to do, I find no point, so the day I can no longer play on Legacy is the day I quit. Many of my friends, trading community, and my own server have just completely quit ark all together due to various reasons like the new ob timers, sudden super-lag unstable legacy servers, the lies from WC, and the biggest one being that there aren't enough ragnorak pve legacy servers out and they are all at dino cap .. so I'm trying to be hopeful, but with no where to move or go, especially not ragnorak being at cap, I fear my server will be next wipe due to population between 1-15. Now, my island server that was wiped had average of 6-30 people always. Only in early mornings America time, there was 0-1 people on. However, still got wiped so their calculations of how to figure out what servers are quote on quote "ghost towns" isnt reliable so hence the very real fear. SO, with the back story and to understand where I am coming from on both sides, I present my idea. THE GREAT GREAT MIGRATION IDEA: There are 4 Legacy maps right now. Open up 25 new clean servers for each map, which gives 100 new Legacy PVE servers. Then give people 1 month exactly and lift the transfer timers on Legacy pve, to move to one of the following 100 servers that you'd list. Everyone will have to move to the 100 servers (25 of each map) and every other pve legacy will be wiped. It will force people to be in more populated servers. It will put everyone on the same foot of starting over building wise, but getting to keep Dino's and other things they have worked hard for. It will also give people the chance to experience ragnorak as many were promised and excited for, but let down as it's not something duable right now with Dino cap and insane pillaring/foundationing the entire map head to toe (this isn't over exaggeration, I went to every single ragnorak pve legacy map). I've asked a lot of people and it seems to have more positive result than a backlash of crazy because the shuffle and fear of only getting a few days now with these timers and not knowing who will be next. You'll save money, some will get a chance, some will get to feel the "starting over idea" without losing animals and items just buildings and spawns. That's just my opinion. I would rather be in a more populated playable server with many more people on instead of 6-10 people. With the dino tame cap for servers, it's pretty hard to not stay spread out. Something has to happen or the tame limit for servers need to be raised.
  8. 24/7 PvE Island Server. (downtime is subject to updates) We are looking for friendly, mature, serious members. People that enjoy the game, want to grow the community, and help others! If you plan on joining and leaving after 2 weeks don't bother, please look for another server. We enjoy building and taming and dino breeding. We may (at some point) go into a RP server and/or possibly switch maps. Mainly looking to grow the server as right now its only 2 month old. 21+ only You will need microphone for a voice party confirmation for those interested in joining. If you do not have a microphone, do not bother contacting me as you will not be allowed to join. No exceptions! Any friends joining you through their friends list without contacting me first, will be banned immediately, and will stay banned until contact has been made by the joining party, and have added the server GT to their friends list and vice versa. We believe in server security and want to make sure people know the rules when joining. Server settings: 3 x xp 6 x harvest 6 x taming 16 x hatching 16 x maturation Cave flyers allowed Flyer carry PvE allowed (subject to change if rule is abused) Overide Structure Platforms: Enabled (Turrets, and Plant X can be on platform saddles) Rules (so far): -No blocking off caves, resource spawns, or drops -No blocking off water ways with structures, boats, or dinos -No building in or around the volcano, or atop any of the moutains that have metal spawns. -No griefing (of any kind what so ever) -No foundation, pillar, or structure spamming (your mother doesnt work on the server, pick up after yourself and/or your tribe) -No stealing of any kind. -No spamming tribes with Tribe War challenge once they decline. -No dropping wild dinos into other tribes' bases. -No building on Herb Island or Dead (Carno) Island. Do not ask!! -Any racial slurs or racism be it character, tribe, dino name is unacceptable. Breaking any of the above rules will result in an instant ban, without warning. Events we are looking to have so far Dodo Football Tag Team or 1 v 1 fist fighting Many more events to come!!! We will have a barbershop(for the guys) and a salon (for the ladies) for the update with hair style/cutting. We also would like the community input about more events as well. Message me at GT: Metro Birdman I may not respond right away but i will get back with you as soon as i can.
  9. Hi, I have a server with about six active players right now, I don't want many players but we do have room for a few more good, like minded, players. My server is quite hard because of the low stats, but what I have endeavoured to do (and have hopefully succeeded in doing) is to make a server that is as challenging as an official, but able to be played by those of us with other commitments (work etc) and cannot therefore dedicate 24/7 playing to the game. So my taming is 6x and mature speed is at x15- which as you're probably aware means you don't have to sit there all night (or several days) to tame and breed. The server is also set to max difficulty- so you will get max level creatures. I don't offer any starter perks, but if anyone else is on and you need a hand with any info or anything you can always ask in the chat box. I have boosted weight as I like to be able to build without the frustration of low weights, health is also slightly better- but not so much that you will become a god! I don't want an over populated server because of the possible memory issues that Ark is currently experiencing- but Ragnarok is so huge we do have room for a few more right now. We're good friendly people. Our rules are simple, don't do anything to infringe the gameplay or enjoyment of the game by other players. This includes leaving the wood in beaver dams when you harvest the cementing paste! :-) Also clean up after yourself, so the map stays pretty. The server is UK based, but the ping is pretty good. We also have a club page on xbox for news, feedback and general discussion- which I visit everyday. I also play everyday (after work). If this sounds like what you're looking for please message me.
  10. Moonjuice is a newer friendly PvE server that now now has about 20+ active members across 7 or 8 different small tribes, many of which love to make trades for resources, BPs, and Dinos that were bred for either stats or colors. We currently have 5 active breeding tribes. Some are working on a Rex bloodline to prepare for bosses, some on multiple Utility Dino's for better stats, and many just to get new color mutations. We would love to get more breeders into the game to start making some trades! We have many 1000+ hour players as well as some people brand new to the game. Any kind of player is welcome to join, whether your experienced or new, the more the better. The only kind of players we are not looking for are people that ask for help with almost everything. Getting your first flyer, carrying your new Tame back to your base, getting you some mutton and narcotics really quick since you just knocked out a lv 150 Rex you randomly came across , looking up how many narcotics your therazine is going to need. There's no harm is asking for help, all the players on our server are very friendly and actually eager to lend a hand. If you, however, ask for help multiple times for every single task, the server is likely gonna no to ignore you. Wether you are new or experienced, show the server your capable of doing things on your own, that you can survive, progress, and know how to google basic questions. The current limit is 20 and will be expanded once it gets to close to full. Edit: On Saturday August 5th the server met full capacity and the player limit was immediately increased to 42. Taming+Breeding+Incubation 5x Exp 2x Gathering 3x NO MODS Death Beacons enabled Damage numbers enabled No friendly fire to your tribe or other players/tames enables. Daytime is twice as long, Nighttime is 3 times shorter (this may change when the next Dino Revamp is released and more Dino's require nighttime to be more effective. Events Every weekend on saturdays and sundays there is an event Live, all of which are posted on the server's discord. The previous weekends have been things like 2x breeding, 2x exp, etc. They are all posted well in advance, we don't want anyone to feel like the missed the opportunity. Structures don't decay however if nobody from your tribe logs on for over a week without giving notice, your structure will automaticly be allowed to be demolished by any player if they wish to build there. This is to prevent the map from becoming crowded with tons of inactive users. 7 days is a very long time and you only need to be Logged in for 1 minute for it to reset. If you know your going on vacation or for a personal reason won't be on, let an Admin know and we can arrange for it be protected until you return. Admin powers are only used to enforce the rules and ban griefers. They will not be used to replace an item or a dead Dino that was lost due to a glitch. We really never want to use Admin mode at all and rather play like we don't even have access to it. There are very few exceptions such as if you are 100% certain your Dino fell through the map and you know exactly where it is, we will dive down to recover it. We will not, however, look around the map trying to locate a lost bird . We've all lost countless birds ourselves and Dino babies due to glitches such as not eating from troughs (which has been patched). We stay away from Admin as much as possible to make this a fun and FAIR server to play on. Server name: MoonJuice PvE Ragnarok 5xT 5xB 2xEXP 3xG NO MODS IP: My steam: chris.thiel0729 (Pickle) add me if your having trouble finding the server and want to join the server quicker via friend's list
  11. Dynasty Ark-Eternal Fear PvE/10xp/10t/5h TEK/Prome Server Info:ISO: Crystal Isles - PvEEternal - Primal Fear Max normal Wild - level 450ish Max Player - level 136XP - 10xTaming - 10xHarvest - 5x (Eternal Pick and Eternal Hatchet do 10x on top of that so 50x for most resources with the Eternal tools)address: steam://connect/ mod collection - - rules and more discussions can be found there.I'm running a modded Crystal Isles PVE server featuring Ark: Eternal and Primal Fear. Other mods include S+, Awesome Teleporters, Resource Stacks, Kibble Table, Tek 2.0, Death Recovery, Pet Finder, Pick-Up Relic, Engram Unlocker [this will save you the hassle and give you tek access], OSM [admin structures for Arena], and Ozocraft. I will be adding in a public teleporter system and possibly a Community Center to help those starting out, I know its a rough map+mod combo to survive in so I don't mind helping out a little if I'm online. Right now I'm on every day at various times and I've noticed 3 other tribes and maybe a half dozen solo survivors coming in and out. This server WILL run for quite a while and in this format unless something tragic happens but this is my favorite map and mods so I'm content to call it home for the foreseeable future. Hoping to add Abberation as a cluster when it comes out. RULES OF THE SERVER1) No harassment, racists, trolls, bigots or any kind of abuse will be tolerated.2) No overcrowding huge amounts of dinos. 3) No massive walled off areas or pillaring, if you are going to build then build don't claim a mile around you for your 3x3 hut. 4) Don't build close to other bases. Give eachother room to breath. 5) Do not block resource rich areas or especially beaver dams. 6) [Ragnarok] Do not build in new Patreon Temple for the time being. I don't mind having your base on the other ruins but the new one will remain off limits for now. .7) Do not block access to caves or build in caves containing artifacts.8) Do not pick up other players or drop dinos into other player's bases.9) No skyscrapers or massive buildings. You don't need a base that looks like a shopping mall. 10) 1-2 Oil Pumps per tribe.11) Do not spam teleporter pads. I'm leaving the engram learnable for the moment but will change to 1 personal + public tele access if they become an issue. 12) Do not leave your tames out in the wild. If you wish to get rid of a tame use a suicide potion from the Eternal WorkbenchI actively play on the server too, I don't use commands for my own building but will use it for upcoming Community Center and Arenas. If you're looking for a good Eternal Primal Fear PvE server hopefully you can find a good home here.
  12. *All credit to the creators of the S+ Mod* Description: "...[D]ynamic, flexible pipes & wires that will connect nearby pipes & wires (for linking up separate grids that wouldn't fit a normal pipe/wire)." The level of forethought required for building one electrical grid and/or a singular basewide pipe system is unrealistic for long term gameplay. I believe the creators of S+ did an excellent job in their approach to the issue and its success supports that Wildcard should adopt this approach as well. *Photo Credit to S+ mod Devs Please post any comments or concerns.
  13. ARKitects Base and building designs

    One of the reasons I love Ark is for for the creative side of building. I have looked in the forums and seen scattered posts about building, but we need a dedicated area. I wanna hear or see screenshots and videos about your builds. So many people have amazing ideas and designs for buildings. Show us your breeding pens, egg farms, work stations, unloading areas for quetz, green houses and every thing. Do you have it all into one EPIC GIANT base or have you made into small dedicated building connected together.
  14. US DEDICATED SERVER - Hosted in Chicago! No Lag! STEAM PUNK MOD & Scorch Earth Dinos! Active & Fun & Mature Admins - Do not Abuse Players! Server website: Server info: PVE Server - No Wipes - Long Term Server Map - Ragnarok Server Slots - 50 Server IP - EXP Rate - x10 Taming Rate - x8 Harvest Rate - x4 Night Time - x2 Faster Egg Hatch Rate - x2 Mating Rate - x2 Mature Rate - x2 Max Player Level - 200 Max Dino Level - 600 Server Difficulty Rate - x12 More Info: Night time speed x2.0 Map player location – Enabled HUD – Enabled 3rd Person – Enabled Cave flyers – Enabled Custom Recipes – Enabled Cross-hair – Enabled Plugins: Reusable Plus SE Structures Plus (S+) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station Ark Steampunk Mod Big Raft Primitive Survival Equipment+ AllSkins - Chest Additional Armor Sets Scorched Earth Tobula Rasa Super Spyglass Ultra Stacks Death Helper Meat Spoiler Offline Raid Protection Craftable Element STAFF: Admin: Phitradio Game Master: Nicklg03
  15. Me and my friends have started ragnarok PVE server the server name is Zombie8705 please add the gamertag thanks. it's a Fun Server and we are very friendly group. its going to be on from Monday-Thursday 3:30 pm to 1am Friday- Saturday from 10 am to 2:30 am Sunday 10 am to 1:00 Active admins all day this is a no raid server.and free starter kits. my base is in Highlands NE if you want to stop by and say Hi or need help my gamertag is zVampireHunterz if you have any questions to ask me or add me. player Xp. 2.5 Increased Tame 20x Increased 6.01x breeding Increased Player Health, Oxyen, Weight Increased Harvest Amount increased Dino stats Tamed XP per level
  16. Recently was playing 2K18 and had a corruption problem so thought to start up the old Ark Server. Brand new on Ragnarok with Raised Settings for Everything (6x for most) except Character food consumption is down all the way along with Stamina use is lowered to almost non existent. Just started so it is set to PVE but plan on moving on to PVP so keep that in mind. Admins that won't harass and attack people for no reason. Rules state no grieving or trolling (especially with fliers on PVE). Just have fun and be as friendly as you can be. Server GT is BassLizard94470.
  17. Dino Nuts PVE Cluster Server We are proud to offer a friendly, mature and diverse PVE community for you to join. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say hello, you will be greeted with a nice warm welcome. If you need help in game, just give us a shout in-game or on Discord and the community would be more than happy to help. We have 4 servers running – The Island, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok with an events server. Events We host regular events on our ARK servers that take into account everyone's interests. We offer events such as dino racing, group boss killing (across all servers), build off, maze runner, Survival of the Fittest, raid boss, call of the wild, the four horsemen and more! Our events calendar can be found at Our server rates - 5x Taming - 2.5x Gathering - 2.5x XP - 2x The number of eggs - 10x All Breeding Numbers - Longer Days - Level 300 Max Wild Dino - Custom Config Bosses & Loot Drops Mods we are running - Rawr Stacks / Scorched Stacks - Structures Plus - ARK Advanced 10 - Omnicular - Utilities+ - Titus Healing Mod - Pet Finder - Castles, Keeps and Forts - Bulk Crafters - Pillars Plus Our dedicated server specs CPU: Intel i7-6700k 4.2GHz (4 cores / 8 threads) RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz SSD: 480GB Additional information We have multiple friendly admins on hand to assist you in all timezones, our website comes complete with an events calendar, connection information, vote rewards, ticket system and a stats page to track all information such as how many of each dinos are on the map and other player information. Connection Info The Island Scorched Earth Ragnarok Discord Warpaint on, spears at the ready, it's time to get down and dirty with ARK!
  18. Discord: We have quite a few servers. We intend to keep most of our servers online well into 2018, so don't worry about us randomly closing down. We will be adding the Aberration DLC to our cluster when it releases. Transfers will be closed for the first month or two to ensure it is a fresh experience. Our servers have a very friendly and cozy atmosphere where people help one another. If that's your thing, definitely stop by! We're quite active on discord. We won't tolerate griefing, harassment, racism, bigots, trolls or anyone who taints the vibe of our servers with negativity. Our servers have custom boss drops (more balanced, with an RNG aspect for more element or a small chance for tek blueprints). We also have balanced beacons and crates, so none of that water jar or crop plot non-sense every time you make a dart for one. Note: These servers use a password to show us that you read this post and acknowledge our rules. Joining Discord is a requirement as this lets us keep track of who is inactive since we do regular clean ups in order to keep things fresh and to avoid full map wipes. We also post important updates on discord. Server Location: North America Founded: May 2017 Passwords: Join our discord and check the cluster_info channel ( Clustered Servers The Island: Scorched Earth: Ragnarok: (Our most active server. If you intend to build here, please make sure you read our building rules.) Cluster Multipliers (We have a weekend bonus event with boosts to XP, Taming and Breeding) Experience = 3x Taming = 3x Harvesting = 3x Difficulty = Level 1-150 wild dinos Egg Hatching = 5x Maturing = 6.5x (You will get 100% imprint most of the time if you put in the effort or you can check out our Baby Premium Care mod) Cuddle Interval = 0.55 Night Speed = 1.5 Server Settings (Join Discord for more detailed information) Cave Building = Enabled Flyer Carry = Enabled (Read the rules below) Third Person Mode = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Friendly Fire = Disabled Floating Damage Text = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Battleye Anti-Cheat = Enabled Dino Decay = Disabled Structure Decay = Disabled Cluster Mods (To avoid time outs, click this link and scroll down to subscribe to all ACM Admin Bomb Advanced Rafts ARK Fog Remover Armour Stand (Island, Center, Ragnarok) Baby Premium Care Bionic Giga (Island, Center) Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture (Center, Ragnarok, SE) Classic Flyers Craftable Tribute Terminal Death Recovery Mod Dino Tracker eco's Garden Decor eco's RP Decor (Ragnarok, SE) eco's SE Decor eco's Shoppe Decor (SE) eco's Stable Structures and Decor ecoTrees Medieval Props (Center, Ragnarok) Medieval Structures (Center, Ragnarok) Mindwipe Classic Ozocraft (Center, Island, Ragnarok) Pet Finder Pimp My Home (Island, Ragnarok, SE) Platforms Plus (Island, Ragnarok) Rainbow Unicorn Mod (Island, Center, Ragnarok) Resource Stacks Reusable Plus Scorched Earth Resource Stacks Structures Plus Super Spyglass Ticket Mod Unlock Hairstyles and Emotes Wooden Hanging Bridge (Island, Center, Ragnarok) (Paste this to subscribe to all mods) Much quicker than downloading them normally. Loading time is between 3-5 minutes but we will our variety in mods makes it worth it. Rules (Must Read) 1) We won't tolerate harassment, racists, trolls, bigots or anyone who taints our servers with negativity. 2) No overcrowding huge amounts of dinos. If you notice lag or have 150+ dinos in one small area then it's best that you build another area a short distance away. Kibble farms only require 2-3 females with our settings. Anything more will drive up your dino count. 3) No walling off massive areas, like a chunk of the map. Walling isn't a big deal if you're working on an area, but let's keep things reasonable. 4) Make sure your base is out of the render distance of other bases. We don't want to get complaints that you're too close to another base. 5) Do not spam foundations and pillars all over the map. It's acceptable if you're actively working on a base. 6) Do not block resource nodes (3+ nodes) or beaver dams. 7) Do not build on Skull Island (Center), the Volcano (Island), the Floating Islands Ruins (Crystal Isles or the Patreon Temple (Ragnarok). 8) Do not block access to caves or build in caves containing artifacts. 9) Do not pick up other players or drop dinos into other player's bases without permission. Report all accidents! 10) Do not build your base too high (into the sky) or block off huge areas for smaller bases. 11) If you think your area is on a spawn or if you get complaints, please unlock a gate or two. 12) Use the appropriate chat channel depending on whether you're discussing details with your tribe or have something to say on global. 13) We have a strict rule of 1-2 oil veins per tribe on Ragnarok and SE, since veins are limited. 14) If you start building a base and then quit, or if you take a long break, please let an admin know! 15) No fast travel beds scattered all over the map. I know these are convenient, but it creates a mess when everyone does it. 16) When abandoning tames in the wild, please make sure you dispose of them properly so they aren't wandering around the map. For other detailed info, join our Discord and check our server_info channel.
  19. Phantom's PvE Modded Ark Survival! (35 Slots) - Wiped as of September 16th 2017 Copy this into your web browser and click enter: steam://connect/ Server on Ark Servers: IP: How do you add this server as a favorite? Go to Steam > View > Servers > Favorites > Add a Server > Type in> Add this server to favorites (It will now show up under favorites in the Ark Client!) Map: Ragnarok Rules: 1: No Blocking Player Spawnpoints, If you happen to build on one make a CLEAR and OPEN pathway for players to leave, This doesn't mean leave doors unlocked 2: No more then 3 Redwood Trees per tribe (Redwoods Anywhere) [For lag reduction] 3: Cave building is 100% Allowed as long as everyone can still access Artifact crates. 4: Be respectful to other players and staff, this is a community based server! 5: Most importantly have fun! Settings: -10x Tame -4x Gather -5x EXP -15x Hatch Rate -15x Maturing Rate -5x Turret damage (For simple base defenses) -Max level dino spawn 150 (100 additional levels after tame) -Max player level 125 [140 With Tek Cave Bonus Levels] (All engrams available to be learned by max level) -Custom loot tables (Beacons, Chests and Deep Sea Loot) -Custom weight variables per levels -Enabled Turrets, Spikes and other related items on Platform saddles -Enabled Gamma -Enabled No Collision Building -Increased Element from Bosses -Enabled Floating Damage Numbers -Obtainable Phoenix (Yes even on Raganrok) Mods: Click here for the mod list: -Castle Keep and Forts -Classic Flyers -Resource Stacks -Structures Plus -Platform Plus -Auction House -Dino Tracker -Eco RP -Eco Gardens -Omnicular v1.51 -Zelur UI -Gravestone Death Recovery -Tek Skin Mod -ACM -Reusable Plus Server Discord - Steam Group - The staff and players are all friendly to newcomers! The staff here is always willing to help out new or returning players begin they're adventure! if you have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to ask through our server discord chat, or private message the owner over discord! we look forward to meeting new players! More to come: -Further updating custom loot (Skins, Mod items and more) -Events
  20. You’ve conquered the land, the air, and the sea. You’ve built monumental bases, tamed a dozen gigas, and harvested more resources than you know what to do with. After thousands of hours poured into this highly addictive game -- are you looking for something different? MASTERS of RAGNAROK is designed to be a more brutal and strategic experience, where the engine of adventure is wealth and glory, and the wilderness is always ready to devour you whole. Engrams have been restructured to concentrate players into specialties -- like a farmer, builder, blacksmith, or alchemist. Our custom-tailored settings amplify the need for cooperation, thus creating a more social dynamic. Tribes prosper by balancing engrams across members. Lone wolves will find the game more challenging. Players are limited to primitive engrams. By limiting the availability of technology, marketplaces become an important game mechanic. This dynamic creates a recurring demand for trade goods -- thus fueling the economy. Players must band together to ply profitable trade routes and build new outposts. The demand for wealth and technology provides a more dynamic middle-game. There are only 10 player levels. By shrinking the role of levels, we intensify the need for cooperation. This normalization of mortality boosts the importance of tribes, tames, technology, and cunning. MASTERS of RAGNAROK is based on a vision. If you’re starting to see that vision, we encourage you to stop by and help create an experience -- and a community. --- We've recently opened, so we're very low pop. If you're frontier-minded, visit the Players' Guide for more information.
  21. Friendly server for PvE building, farming, content creation, raids, will make PvP events in future where houses will fight houses. Lots of space to build and friendly people on server. Boosted rates but not overly boosted. [4x XP] [10x Egg Hatch] [10x Baby Mature] [4x Harvest] [8x Tame] Everything else should be normal rates. If i can find a active community of players will keep the server up and running permenant looking for a good community will possibly stream server in future. 20 slots at the moment space to join feel free. Will increase with active community and donations. Only 1 Admin (ME) and im just a casual player also letting everyone get on with their own. PSN: xDipzyx for questions. Discord coming soon!! Donations!! wont go unmissed Get Building, Winter is here!
  22. Cosmic Dream Ark Server Location: NA IP: Map: Ragnarok PVE 60 slots 20x Tame 20x Experience 10x Gather Faster breeding and incubating Max player level: 100 (Able to get all engrams) Max Wild Dino: 750 Low population as of now, plenty of places to build. Brontos and Titanosaurs are untamable due to the potential lag they can cause when used. This server so far has no lag and we'd like to try to keep it that way to make it a better playing experience for everyone. Mod List: Discord:
  23. pve ArkCraft

    Hermitcraft style Ragnarok 24/7 PvE Slightly Boosted Server: Located in Georgia, USA 5x Player Experience 5x Taming (10x Weekends) 5x Harvesting (10x Weekends) 5x Egg Hatching (10x Weekends) 5x Baby Maturing (10x Weekends) Mods: A Better Raft, Structures +, Classic Flyers, Progressive Tranqs and Auto Narcs My friends and I wanted to bring our love for Ark and the Hermitcraft playstyle together! In this server, you will be challenged to build the best that you can and be a part of a great community. All settings are negotiable, but I think they are fair at their current levels. We didn't want to make it too easy, but also didn't want to be sitting at the PC for hours after work. We tried to keep it as vanilla as possible, but some mods are just too good to pass up! Also, open to suggestions for any future community events. Possible PvP events depending on the type of people that join. Discord is available! Lethalm#1459. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know! Thanks!!
  24. Fraggle Rock(PvE) This is a three month old 'The Island' server, linked with our month old Ragnarok server and our NEW! Scorched Earth server. Over the past few months we have seen around 100! people join these servers who are all truly amazing, helpful, friendly players. The servers are paid for by our community for the next 12 months. Our regular donations made by our players will help to keep these servers running for the years to come! If you require any further information just leave me a message at the bottom of this thread. Thank you Lisa x Max Wild Dino Level 210! Max Player Level 152. Dinos can gain an extra 150 levels after tame! 2 x Exp, 3 x Harvest, 6 x Taming,30 x Hatching, 20 x Maturation --------------- Custom Drops -------------- Sky, Cave and Sea loot is massively improved! Small chance of discovering Element in red drops. * Flyers enabled in caves * Wild dino carry enabled * Friendly fire disabled * Default day and night time speed * Increased Engrams Each Level * Increased Weight x3 Each Level * Crafting Skill x5 Each Level * Tamed Dino Weight x3 Each Level * Tamed Dino Speed x3 Each Level * Increased Quetz spawn rate * No Gigas (Spawned for taming) * No Titans * No Eels * Increased amount of Narcoberries * Dinos can mate every 9 hrs * 100% imprint possible on all Dinos * Anyone can imprint on Dinos * Increased egg drop rate * Plants grow a lot faster * Prime meat lasts longer * Stamina regain on flyers * Unlimited respecs * Third person Enabled * Corpse locater active * Floating damage enabled * Map markers on * Crosshairs on Broodmother Easy/Medium/Hard, Yeti Medium/Hard and Dragon Medium/Hard successfully completed by the server. Tribe wars enabled if that is your thing Mod List (10 total) Click link to Subscribe! Auto Demolish timer is set at x2 which means that thatch structures last 8 days, wood 16 days, stone 24 days and metal 32 days. This is enabled to keep our island clean and remove bases from old tribes. (*NOTE*as long as you login during this time your base will be safe as timer resets. The times indicated are days of inactivity. ) Join our Steam Group! Rules 1. Please be respectful when building. Don't build too close to other people's bases. If you think you might be too close then please ask the owner of the base if you are ok building there. 2. No claiming land! This includes land claimers of any kind. You must have a base with a bed to hold a spot of land. If you are planning on building somewhere and don't have time to finish please post a message on Discord so I know or put up a sign at the base location. 3. No blocking entrances to caves or rare resources. No building at caves, this is so others can place sleeping bags. 4. Please destroy all taming pens, temporary bases after use please. I want to keep our island clean and clutter free. 5. No griefing other players, please refrain from using bad language in global chat. The server is not passworded, we could have young players amongst us. 6. No outposts please! if you are going to a cave please take sleeping bags. No outposts near rare resources, this can affect spawns and is unfair on other players who are travelling back and forth. Please respect that this server is for everyone not just for yourself. 7. No dropping Wyvern eggs, this does prevent further eggs from spawning and will stay there for upto two weeks! If you don't want the eggs then please eat them. ________________________________________ NEW! Scorched Earth (Plenty of room, needs members) or _________________________________________ Ragnarok Server (Popular! ideal for a visit) or _________________________________________ The Island Server (Plenty of room for new players) or
  25. Maelstrom Gaming Servers [UK] Servers are based in the UK for everyone to enjoy with low pings from the America's to Austrilasia. we have a community of players like minded in enjoying the game from all over the globe. if you want a relaxed Ark with no stress come and check us out. Discord: Map: The Island Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map: Ragnarok Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map:Scorched Earth Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map: The Centre (temp till Aberration is out) Direct connect: steam://connect/ Mods: Upgrade bench, Scorched Earth+, Structures+, Platform+, Egg & Poop Collector, Stairs and Eco stables and decor, Eco trees, Eco Shoppe, Advanced Rafts (for the pirate minded) Rates: 5x EXP 5x Breeding & Taming x2 Harvesting x30 platform structures (for the nomad minded player) Server adjustments: 286 player levels and enough emgram points for all engrams to be unlocked. Breeding you are able to get 100% imprinting on all dinosaurs and tribe imprinting activated. Element is boosted for beating bosses (ask for info) Group Page: Players have ideas for events do you like to have your say?? You are welcome to be apart of our Ark community.. Check out what the players have to say about Maelstrom- Notes: we have it set so its still challenging for the player even though it is PvE. Maelstrom Discord is available and tribe channels are setup on request. Zero server wipes as we do not believe players should lose their progress at Maelstrom. come and say hi.....