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  1. PvE Server Names: Team6ixGaming.com (TheIsland) PvE 20 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (Ragnarok) PvE 32 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (Abberation) PvE 20 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (The Center) PvE 20 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (Scorched Earth) 10 Slots Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List NOTE: Offline Raid Protection is ENABLED Rates: 8x Taming 8x Gathering 8x Maturation 8x Hatch Speed 3x Experience Gain Other Information: Survivor Weight increases by 600 per point spent on Weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 60 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases 1.5x normal rate Survivor Stamina Increased x2 Survivor Fortitude increases by 6 per point spent on Fortitude Slightly boosted Dinosaur stamina Boosted Dinosaur Weight Crop growth speed x4 Supply crate loot quality increased x2 Fishing loot quality increased by x2 Rules: Absolutely ZERO tolerance for harassment of any kind! (Repeatedly attacking the same person/tribe over and over again, verbal abuse, etc.) Obviously refrain from building too close to resource rich spawns FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our community site at http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We grind the game just like everyone else! We purchased these servers with the full intent to play and operate it as if they were official servers minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER!
  2. Started right now so plenty of places to build. 5 map cluster with every map. Visit the website for links to Discord and Facebook. Very little admin interference. Email me at [email protected] with any questions.
  3. Hello Survivors! Welcome to The Woodlands ARK. TIRED OF THE OFFICIAL GRIND OR PVP LOSSES? WELCOME TO THE WOODLANDS. Request a Welcome Drop through Our Discord - https://discord.gg/GVra4rP We are building a PVE home cluster community with a PVP server in the cluster. Grind on our PVE server to build up your tribe and level up, and switch to our PVP server to use your hard work to participate in an all out war of a treasure hunt! Every so often an extinction level event is held on the PVP server to begin a new adventure in a different environment. ✅ Instant Engrams, Instant Max Level & Boosted Stats, Boosted Harvesting ✅ Feel secure grinding on PVE to participate in the PVP battle for the treasure. ✅ Join the community and manage your tribe and communication. ✅ We are currently working on Custom Supply Drops. ✅ Crossover for PC is ACTIVE. ARKaeology Event is ACTIVE. ✅ Admin Support (Abandoned Bases, Stuck Dinos, Stuck Survivors, etc) ✅ Already an Active Community on the Servers, ask about us! ✅ Welcome Drop from an Admin to help new players. (Make drop request through discord) Search Unofficial List for "Woodlands" in all modes. All servers display as [US] The Woodlands ARK - MAPNAME - 24/7 Boosted in the list. Happy Hunting! Website - https://www.thewoodlandsark.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thewoodlandsark Discord - https://discord.gg/GVra4rP XBOX & PC // PVE SERVERS [US] The Woodlands ARK - Ragnarok - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // [US] The Woodlands ARK - Aberration - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // [US] The Woodlands ARK - The Island - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // [US] The Woodlands ARK - The Center - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // [US] The Woodlands ARK - Scorched Earth - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // XBOX & PC // PVP SERVERS [US] The Woodlands ARK - PVP Treasure Hunt - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // XBOX & PC // STANDALONE PVP (NOT IN CLUSTER) [US] The Woodlands ARK - PVP The Center - 24/7 Boosted Cluster // OWNER/ADMIN GAMERTAG KC four20
  4. Phantom's PvE Modded Ark Survival! (15 Slots) - Wiped as of July 12th 2018 Copy this into your web browser and click enter: steam://connect/ Server on Ark Servers: https://arkservers.net/server/ IP: How do you add this server as a favorite? Go to Steam > View > Servers > Favorites > Add a Server > Type in> Add this server to favorites (It will now show up under favorites in the Ark Client!) Map: Crystal Isles Rules: 1: No Blocking Player Spawnpoints, If you happen to build on one make a CLEAR and OPEN pathway for players to leave, This doesn't mean leave doors unlocked 2: Cave building is 100% Allowed as long as everyone can still access Artifact crates. 3: Be respectful to other players and staff, this is a community based server! 4: Most importantly have fun! Mod Rules: 1: Although spawnable islands sounds cool please keep it a limit to 3 islands per tribe! 2: Also please be reasonable when placing them, they're supposed to be floating so keep them up in the air and not blocking anything on the ground. they are subject to removal if not following these rules 3: Please no more then 4 Redwood trees from Redwoods Anywhere as they can cause some lag! Settings: -Custom Shop Plugin (Work in progress) -10x Tame -4x Gather -5x EXP -15x Hatch Rate -15x Maturing Rate -5x Turret damage (For simple base defenses) -Increased Structure Resistance (Due to Extinction Core) -Added Speedy Saddles mod for Flyers (Since Classic Flyers is unstable with Extinction Core) -Obtainable Tekgrams -Obtainable Ascension Levels -Max level dino spawn 150 (100 additional levels after tame) -Max player level 125 [140 With Tek Cave Bonus Levels] (All engrams available to be learned by max level) -Custom loot tables (Beacons, Chests and Deep Sea Loot) -Custom weight variables per levels -Enabled Turrets, Spikes and other related items on Platform saddles -Enabled Gamma -Enabled No Collision Building -Increased Element from Bosses -Enabled Floating Damage Numbers-Increased Element from Bosses Mods: Click here for the mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=826632315 -Extinction Core -Castle Keeps and Forts -Resource Stacks -Structures Plus -Platform Plus -Dino Tracker -Omnicular v1.51 -Zelur UI -Gravestone Death Recovery -Redwoods Anywhere -Ascension4all -EZ Mindwipes -Eco's Tek -Eco's RP Decor -Spawnable Floating Islands -Speed Saddles Server Discord - https://discord.gg/7k3ChPJ About Us We started the server back in May 2017, and the server has wiped on July 12th 2018. The staff and players are all friendly to newcomers! The staff here is always willing to help out new or returning players begin they're adventure! if you have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to ask through our server discord chat, or private message the owner over discord! we look forward to meeting new players!
  5. Welcome to the Ryzen ThreadRipper Server Cluster Home of Legacy 166, and 822. We currently have 5 servers in our PvE cluster, and 1 PvP server: PvP NoTame The Island. Start your Legacy today.... Visit our home to see the Server Rates and Settings. (Links) Server Launch buttons are along the right side of our Website, along with our Discord Server. (Links) We recommend bookmarking our site for the convenience of reconnecting. Our Aim is to provide to you the player, the gaming experience that you deserve. We own the hardware, we have the bandwidth, and we are dedicated to providing to you the gaming experience and customer support that you should expect. Our Servers are setup for those who lack the time to fully dedicate to one game. Balance is kept in mind with this setup, both with the game play, and your social or real life. This is accomplished with slow decay, slow food consumption, but reasonable tame and breeding rates, in conjunction with S+ and Castle features. Check it out on the Rates Page. (Links) Why a 1950X CPU from AMD? With 128 Gigabytes of system memory, and 16 cores and 32 threads on the CPU, we can ensure that you get the best quality gaming experience available. With the project costing approximately $6000 AUD, and an extra $1400 for a custom map that is on the way, this is definitely no garage setup. Our servers do have regular players on them, which is good for those who want company, or somebody to make trade with. As this is a growing community, please understand that there may not be people online at all times of the day. But we do encourage you to join our community, and say hi on Discord. Our modifications are : Castles Keeps and Forts, Wardrobe Mod, Pimp My Home, Structures Plus (S+) (Links) We have Global Cluster Chat, as well as Auto Weekend Rates. Castle and Wardrobe. Wardrobe is a cave drop. Castles can be learned as normal, and as a bonus also in the beacons as blueprints. The Pimp My Home mod is unlocked at level 95. The home mod does have the mailbox disabled. The Structures Plus (S+) mod has all of the content except for : Standing Torch Plus, Wall Torch Plus, Genomics Chamber, Item Collector, Element Catalyzer, Repair Gun, AutoTurret Tranq, S+Tek Forcefield Rafts and Platforms PvP, and Spray Painter Plus. Nanny is active twice a month as an event, as standard play is 20x breeding at 43 mins approx. Our NoTame Server has no modifications enabled. We are going to be releasing a battlezone map to the cluster soon, with tasty bonuses. Check it out soon. 😘 We encourage you to visit our website, to view our server rates, to be able to quick launch into our servers, join our discord, discuss topics of interest on our forums, or check out our simple and easy to understand rules. http://yukitsuki.com (Links) System: This advertisement contains actual pictures of the server, as well as stock images found online.
  6. 7 map cluster is now live! PVE with PVP included! You're missing out! Effective 7.20.2018 Fresh Ragnarok map Amissa Map Added Fractured added as Dark Zone 2 So much stuff going on for our PVE cluster that we had to make a SCRUM board just to keep track of it all! Let me just say that our new format has been very successful and our DarkZone PVP injection into a PVE cluster has had nothing but rave reviews by our community players. So successful that DarkZone 2 is coming down the pipe soon! Come play comfortably without the worry of losing all of your stuff or being wiped, but yet still satisfy that PVP itch. So continue reading below for a summary of the details you probably care about or jump over to getuntamed.com/ark for more details and how to get access to this wonderful ARK community. Untamed is a gaming community that has been around for a year and we currently hold a top 5 (most of the time #1) Conan server. We pride ourselves on our dedicated high performance boxes and great admin staff to provide you with the best experience. We always listen to our community and our #1 job is to make a fun and unique environment enjoyable for everyone.
  7. Welcome to Purgatory. Running Ragnarok on a clustered server with Aberration. Building a PvE community with an active host. Come kill some time!Conquer the Gauntlet and receive an ascendant engram or spawned dino!More mazes and challenges to come!Gauntlet can be found on Ragnarok at 74.4, 17.8Discord Channel (Ragnarok): https://discord.gg/QbNGdAEDiscord Channel (Aberration):https://discord.gg/shfmAuQ Difficulty:10 Mods: 895711211- Classic Flyers 679529026- Ark Steampunk Mod 928102085- HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 731604991- Structures Plus 719928795- Platforms Plus 708807240- Pillars Plus 815306540- Spoiling Bin 811343530- King Kong 902279457- Rainbow Unicorn Mod 1149487646- Breedable Creatures Bundle 899250777- Utilities Plus 1133918048- Phoenix Everywhere 924933745 - Dino Tracker 893834064 - Wooden Hanging Bridge 1251586701- JP's ArkNav GPS HUD 1300713111- Rare Sightings 1266909337- Eco's Aberration Decor GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier=2 GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier=4 GlobalCorpseDecompositionTimeMultiplier=4 bPvEDisableFriendlyFire=false MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.16 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=16 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=60.0 BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=1.5 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.06 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier=5.0 BabyCuddleLoseImprintQualitySpeedMultiplier=0.1 BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier=0.8 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers=0.2 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=0.2 PlayerWaterDrainMultiplier=0.6 PlayerFoodDrainMultiplier=0.6
  8. Stagedatum

    pve Arbiter PVE (PC)

    New PC server "Arbiter" PVE only Map: Ragnarok Mods: Stack Me More, S+, Upgrade Station, Redwoods Anywhere, Platforms Plus, Snappy Saddles and Rafts, Platforms Anywhere, Super Spyglass, Awesome Teleporters, Balanced Kibble, Death Recovery, Bridges, Crystal Clear, Balanced Narcotic, Element Factory, Taming Sedative, Spoiling Bin, Fog Remover, Pego-Ichthy Anyi-theft, Boats safe from Leeds, Unlock Engrams 180 Max Dino No Structure Damage 2x base stats player (Nearly INF weight) 2x add player 2x Health + Melee Tamed Dino (Nearly INF weight) 50x Tame 15x Harvest 0.01 Mate 50x Hatch 37 Mature 0.1 Cuddle 3x Imprint Scale Plus other misc settings for a True PVE experience. Direct Link: Discord: https://discord.gg/hYAVuKr
  9. We are on PRIMITIVE PLUS. Please make sure to switch over to it! Our server is geared towards the general public so there is no white list....yet. If people become too unruly then we will be forced to become yet another white-listed/password protected RP server. ------RATES------ Taming- 20x Breeding- 0.4 (mates 60% sooner compared to default) Maturation- 20x Gathering- 20x XP- 20x Hatching- 20x Max Character: 100 Max Wild Dino: 150 Max Wyvern Egg: 190 Cave Damage: 6x WARS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS SERVER (we encourage PvP people to PvP) Remember to notify an admin before you start a war with anyone! More information is provided in the Discord. WE ENCOURAGE ROLEPLAYING (please put effort into names and tribe names) -----CURRENT MODS----- Structures Plus Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Medieval Props Saddle Emporium Legendary Landscaping & Decor Cross Aberration Platforms Plus Stacks Editable Server UI Ship Quarters Decor Ship Cargo Decor Capitalism Currency Props Table Player Trader NPC Trader Cute Hair v6.1 -----DISCORD----- https://discord.gg/7zQGUTB Please join our Discord! We provide the newest information there and also have RP rooms for people who do not wish to use in game voice chat! The Discord is there to benefit communication between the owners and players. -----!DISCLAIMER!----- There are A TON of animals AND engrams disabled in our server. If you WANT to know what animals exist on the server, there is a list in our Discord. Since this is medieval/fantasy, there are NO DINOS but THERE ARE MYTHICAL CREATURES such as wyverns and griffins. Please make sure to read the rules when joining or check them out in our Discord before hand. Have fun and happy RPing!!!
  10. WIPED 6/15 Fresh TheCenter world! Welcome to all with just a few rules which we will get to! Settings: NO MORE WIPES 5x Harvest 8x Tame 5x Exp Difficulty 5 Health/Speed/Weight/Oxygen/Melee Stats Upped! No Dieseases Faster Crafting (with S+) CUSTOM BEACONS (ask for details) Those are the big ones if you want anymore settings info just ask! Rules: No blocking major resources No raiding/griefing unless both sides accept No pillar/foundation spam Clean up taming pens No blocking any caves or spawns
  11. PVE Cluster 2x XP, 3x Taming, 6x Hatching/Maturation (150 Max Wild Dino) Extinction Core -Ragnarok - 2x XP, 5x Taming, 3x Hatching/Maturation (Max player 185, 100 dino levels after tame, 150 Max Wild Dino) Welcome! Ark Against Humanity (AAH) is looking to grow its experienced and friendly community. We've been established for two years now living and working around ARK. For new and veteran players alike; we're a PvE lightweight server aiming to be close to an official with slightly boosted rates, a few Quality of Life improvement and mods. The server was created as a means for us to make sure we keep up to date with the CORE game content. Lite mods, keep things challenging and still have time for an adult working gamer to play. -Quick links- 5 Map Cluster, & 1 Extinction Core Server, located in Eastern North America. AAH Forums: http://arkagainsthumanity.freeforums.net Cross map Discord: https://discord.gg/uGghApv Server Cluster: https://ark-servers.net/server/140740/ Crystal Isles: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Ragnarok Extinction Core: steam://connect/ -The ARK AGAINST HUMANITY Community- Since we've grown into the cluster we now operate a Discord server (in addition to the forums) with a custom bot that allows people to communicate to any map on the cluster from Discord. This gives players a unique ability to talk/discuss trades without being on the map that their friend may be on. The bot provides several other unique features such as checking for server-side updates (and pinging an active in-game admin accordingly), checking for online players, and server statuses.As far as ARK goes, we have no plans to wipe any of the maps. The last wipe occurred back in June 2018, in hopes to start fresh with new mods, new people, and new challenges. Maps consist of 5 (What we call, Vanilla +) different maps: The Island: Home to most everyone, we just consider this home Scorched Earth: Because who doesn't love burning up during the day and ice cubing at night? Ragnarok: Why stick to 1 map, when you can have all 4 bundled into this one? Aberration: If you enjoy earthquakes, poisonous gas, and aliens trying to eat you, then this is your new home! Crystal Isles: For the , "Ooooh, shiny!" people. Our 6th map is Extinction Core Ragnarok, which contains some different settings than our other 5, but will note below. Overall we are a pretty relaxed community and try to keep drama free. With that said, cheating/hacks/exploits will not be tolerated at all. This is an instant ban from the server, where other minor infractions will be dealt with using admin discretion/ruling. All rules and related information are pinned in the forums. -Server settings- *The rates below apply to all clustered maps (Considered Vanilla+)-XP: 2x-Taming: 3x -Hatch/Mature: 6x -Imprint: 0.405 (Paired with a longer grace period to allow for easier 100% imprints due to increased maturation rate) Dino Restrictions: Due to some griefing in the past, the Titanosaur has been removed from all maps(Extinction Core Exemption) -Server settings Extinction Core--XP 2x, Taming 5x, Breeding / Hatching 3x, Max player 185, 100 Dino levels after tame, 150 Max wild dino levels. -Engrams- -All engrams can be learned, but not immediately. We have boosted engram rates while leveling up. -MODS- MODs being used are: Structures Plus: Some options have been removed to help keep the value of play: Transmitter Dino Scan, S+ Hatchery/Gardeners/Nanny, etc, etc... all those specialty S+ structures/NPCs have been disabled. However, there is another Mod we are using which will discuss next, which has the option to get "some" of these S+ structures. TC Rewards: We are utilizing this as a store, creating items people can purchase for Auto Rewards Coin (ARc). You gain ARc simply by playing, and turning in specialty trophies, which will be listed as you join the server. Some of the S+ Structures removed, are in here for purchase, but a huge investment must be made to get to some(IE Player level 130 for S+ Mutator) Castles, Keeps, And Forts Medieval Architecture: Who doesn't love building a castle on top of the hill? Rare Sightings: Mod produces RARE dinos that are above the max level with unique variations; color, ability. Max 10 rare sightings on a server at a time Dino Storage: Think Pokemon but with dinos instead. You can store any dino into a Soul Orb, taking and trading anywhere. Whomever releases it gains control of said dino. Wooden Hanging Bridge: Just thought a dynamic bridge should be in the game, like Wildcard promised YEARS AGO!!!!!! Death Helper/Pet Finder: Beacons to help find your lost dinos or your corpse Super Spy Glass: Upgraded Spyglass Dino Tracker: 2ndary dino tracker + tribe member finderer Extinction Core Mods: (Sorry, just a copy paste, there is alot) 1. Extinction Core (817096835) 2. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314) 3. Structures + (731604991) ----------------------------Unlike the Vanilla + servers, most all of S+ is enabled, some disabled, but not alot. 4. Super Spyglass (Open Source)(793605978) 5. Dino Tracker (924933745) 6. Protected Passives (Discontinued)(954824957) 7. Editable Server UI (WBUI)(924619115) 8. Dino Storage (1341173952) 9. ARK Additions: Archelon! (1396711424) 10. TCs Auto Rewards (1260983937) 11. HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V280 (849372965) 12. Death recovery Mod v1.10.2 (751991809) 13. Baby Premium Care (876038468) 14. EZ Mind Wipes (1327835335) 15. Ascension4All Remake (1156018523) 16. PVE Offline Player Protection (1315534403) 17. Simple spawners (1295978823) 18. eco's RP Decor (741203089) 19. Rare Sightings (1300713111) 20. Wooden Hanging Bridge (893834064) 21. kibblenator (955321457) 22. suicide potion (898024391) 23. awesome teleporters (889745138)-Events- We also hold monthly events which will have an admin selected rate to be boosted (XP/Breeding/Taming/Fishing Loot/etc.) for one weekend of the month. Admin / Player events are planned/held as we have time. These are things like races, item tosses, costume contests and such. These typically have prizes of winner-selected items and/or wild dinos (admin provides taming kibbles / darts). The quality of the items is better the higher you place. -Admin'y Stuff-All updates are scripted, and all mods are reinstalled after every update. Updates provide a 15 minute grace period for people to log off, this is broadcasted via a MOTD so that all players can see/hear the notification Backups are done After shutting down the maps, prior to updating. Servers are hosted with OVH with their DDOS protection configured specifically for ARK Ark Server Tools (aka arkmanager) and systemd are used for restarting a map in the event of a crash. Our discord bot also alerts users and pings admins in the event of a crash. Thank you. Hope to see you in-game! ~The Admin Team
  12. Introduction: Welcome to The Compy Commune! Since our Ragnarok server has been a success, we have decided to add an Aberration server for our players! The server is currently at 10 slots and will be expanded once capacity is reached. Discord: https://discord.gg/yGFmgtv Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2417760 Server IP: Server Located in North America Server Hatched on 6/29/2018 Rates/Info: No server wipes 100% uptime Weekend events All Tekgrams unlocked at level 100 Learn all engrams upon reaching level 101 Wild Dino level 1-150 EXP x3 Taming x10 Breeding x5 Gathering x5 Egg Hatching x15 Loot Crates boosted x2 Player/Dino Weight per level up x3 Raw Material Weight 0.05 Ex: 10,000 metal weighs 500 Mods: Structures Plus S+ Better Reusables Super Spyglass Ultra Stacks Bore Water Kit Editable Server UI Eco's Aberration Decor Rules: Breaking any of the following shall result in a warning or ban No building in spawn zones where players can be trapped No blocking major pathways Ex: Green to Blue zone No blocking major resource spawns and artifacts No foundation/pillar spam No undermeshing, duping, or similar exploits No Racism *Admin powers are only used to enforce the rules and no, it will not be used to replace an item or a dead Dino. We really never want to use Admin mode at all and would rather play like we don't have access to it in order to make this a fun and FAIR server to play on! -The Compy Commune
  13. smallnscary

    pve DCA Gamers Cluster

    The new update for Genesis has been released overnight. It is such an awesome undertaking. The Map is totally different from others out there... Come and have a look, stay to play... Our mod collection is extensive, however, once loaded the play is so smooth, thanks to our new server. Our mod collection can be found here :- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378145088 Our discord is discord.me/dcagamers Our other maps in the cluster are Crystal Isles, Ragnarok, Amissa, Panthalassa, and the Center We are a friendly group of people, with a family style of play. Everyone is welcome, we have an economy and starter packs. Come and say hello.
  14. Server Features - Discord server! Please join our discord server https://discord.gg/a2wgvCJ to chat with the community, get the latest news, and take part in daily to weekly giveaways! - A public community center! We have build a public community center for everyone! The community center helps new players get started more easily. It has public fridges, transmitter greenhouse, all crafting stations, an adoption center where you can adopt dinos donated by other players and a public library where you can use blueprints donated by others! The CC is located at lat Lat 83 Lon 15. Don't forget that you can teleport to the community center from any Oblisk using our public teleporters. - Build without any limits! You are free to build as much bases as you want. Our server is equipped with awesome building mods such as S+, Platforms+ and multiple Eco decoration mods. Foundation support is not required which makes it perfect for builders who always wanted to build a unique structure but couldn't because of the requirement of foundation support. - Tame hundreds of different dinos! With Annunkai Gensis, Extinction Core, Primal Fear & ARK Eternal installed on our server, you are able to explore and tame hundreds of different dinos that all have different shapes and abilities! - Fully new gameplay & mechanics. The server features 2 core mods along with multiple building mods that have a lot of awesome changes to the game. This includes new items, structures, taming mechanics and more! - Automatic Mod-Updates. The server has automatic mod update system that updates the mods/server version as soon as it's released. This means the server will be always up to date even when admins are away! - Active admins to assist with any problems. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact @Adminstrators on our discord server anytime and we will be more than happy to help! - 2x Decay timer on structures! Going on a vacation? No worries. The stuctures & dinos on our server have 2x decay timer which means they last twice as long. The maximum decay time is 46 days (Tek) and 16 days for dinos. If you're going to be abscent for a longer period of time, notify the admins and they'll reset the timers for you. - Offline Raid Protection Enabled! This means wild dinos cannot harm your structures when you're offline. The ORP activates 10 seconds after you log out. - Public teleporters at each oblisk! We made roaming around the map much easier by adding awesome teleporters mod and public teleporters at each oblisk. There's a public teleporter at the community center aswell. - Amazing server performance! Our server is hosted on a powerful dedicated machine with a high speed internet connection. You won't experience lag or rubber banding on our server. - Giveaways! We host a variety of daily/weekly giveways on our discord server. This includes dinos, items and somtimes steam games! So make sure to keep an eye on the #giveways channel on our discord server. - Aberration & Scorched Earth Dinos! All ARK dinos spawn on our server including Aberration & Scorched Earth dinos! - And a lot of more cool stuff! Server Rates This is a list of the general rates: Taming: 5.0x | Harvesting: 10.0x | Maturing: 10.0x | Hatching: 15.0x | XP: 10.0x | Mating interval: 0.3x | Max dino level: 300 | Max Player level: 150 Mods: This is the mod collection of the server: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1342006547 You can subscribe to all mods in one click. It's recommended that you install the mods before attempting to join the server. Connection info: Click here to connect: steam://connect/ You can either click on the blue link to instantly connect or Add the server to your favorites, instead of choosing My survivors in Ark server's browser, choose Favorites. To add a server to your steam favorites, launch steam —-> Select ‘View’ (Next to ‘File’) —-> Click ‘Servers’ —-> Click the ‘Favorites’ tab —-> Click ‘Add Server’ at the bottom, then add the IP. If you're having problems connecting to the servers, please contact me @Lincoln . It's recommended to install all required mods before joining a server. Discord: https://discord.gg/a2wgvCJ
  15. PvE Server H/XP x3 T/B x10 - online since 2015! The first and the only wipe (relaunch) - 26.05.2018 Forum, discord, TS3, friendly international community and active admins. Maps: The Island - https://ark-servers.net/server/42231/ The Center - https://ark-servers.net/server/43430/ Ragnarok - https://ark-servers.net/server/98244/ Aberration - https://ark-servers.net/server/132325/ www.the-ghost-division.com/forum/ https://discordapp.com/invite/9SF2s9T Teamspeak: the-ghost-division.de ► Breeding x10 ► Taming x10 ► Harvesting x3 ► XP x3 ► 5.000 Structure Limit ► 220 Player Levels + 30 Ascension Levels ► 150 Wild Dino Level ► +100 Dino Levels with XP ► All engrams learnable ► Fully customized loot drops ► Cluster wide Auction House ► Voting Rewards Server rules: https://the-ghost-division.com/pve-en/ Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957314846 ► Auction House ► Resource Stacks 2.0 ► Structures Plus ► Super Spyglass ► Platforms Plus
  16. Arbiter Ark Cluster is Nitrado hosted Ragnarok and The Island on Xbox. It is a complete PVE experience. Search “Arbiter” in Unofficial PC Sessions. 20 Slots. Main Settings are as follows: Public Teleporters Public Transmitters Custom Crafting requirements on main use items (armors, weapons) Custom Loot drops (ammo, weapons, armor, saddles, narcotics, gunpowder, cementing paste, kibbles and much more) 4x experience (Harvesting exp and crafting exp lowered: Harvesting Multiplier) Level 150 max wild dino Level 100 max player level (Not including Ascension) 15xHarvest (Optimized) 15x Tame & 5x Tame Starvation 0.01 Mating Interval 40x Hatch 37x Mature 4x Loot Quality 2x Player Stats (Weight Add 200) 2x Wild Dino Stats (Health, Stamina, Melee) Speed 1.5, Weight 10x base; 10x add 2x player damage & 2x Wild Dino damage No Structure damage 10x Spoil Timer (spoiled meat in Drops) 10x Fuel (charcoal in drops & ammo in drops) And Much More We have community places, some are still a work in progress. Xbox Club: “Arbiter Ark Cluster” And Discord https://discord.gg/8ZRqGGU
  17. The Hive Ark Servers: www.facebook.com/groups/thehiveserver (Join the group to get a discord link!) www.facebook.com/thehivehq Ark Survival Evolved 9 Map PvE Server Cluster: • The Island PvE • Center PvE • Scorched Earth PvE • Ragnarok PvE • Aberration PvE • The Island 2 Lite-Roleplay (Offline Raid Protection) PvE • Ragnarok 2 (Offline Raid Protection) PvE • Seasonal Fun PvP Map • Supporters Map • **More maps to come** We also host other servers if this is not for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Universal Settings and Information for all of our Servers: • 24/7 Nitrado Hosted Servers • Miami and UK Servers for the best connection to support a worldwide audience. • Long-time hosts. • Business backing meaning no chance of the server disappearing or stopping. • Optional Roleplay across all our servers but it also has a home on Island 2. • In game currency system and shop. Grind from hide to element using our in game exchange system and bank on our vanilla cluster. • Weekly Events. • Real life raffles, competitions and prizes. • Evo Weekends (Double rates! Faster taming, breeding, higher gather rate events) • Crossplay (Windows 10 and Xbox One Compatible) • Difficulty Level 10 (Level 300 Wild Dinos, 360 Wild Tek Rex’s, 380 Wyvern and Drake Eggs!) • The ability to Unlock all Engrams • No Clip (Build into Terrain) • Custom Drops and Loot • All Tribe members can imprint one another’s dinos (Share the load!) • Structure and Dino decay/claim timers are 3x longer than official • Raid Dino Feeding. Tame and keep a Titan! • Cave Flying • Cave Building • Non-permanent Diseases • Disabled Fog • No Spawn animation, get straight back into the game. • Days are twice as long and nights twice as quick. • Hit Markers • Flying stamina Recovery • Friendly Fire (kill those unwanted babies! Never thought I’d have to type that…) • 3rd or 1st person • Unlimited Mind wipes • 5 Minute Warning Timer (5 minute warning before a server goes down) • Daily Server Restart at 10am GMT • PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.3 • Player Character Food Drain Multiplier = 0.3 • Dino Character Food Drain Multiplier = 1.5 • Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier = 0.5 • Spoiling Timer is 2.5 (Food and Drink lasts 2.5x longer) • Egg lay interval = 0.4 • Crop Growth = 50x • Crop Decay = 30x • Health Recovery for players and Dinos = 10x • Oxygen Swim Speed Multiplier = 2x (Swim much faster!) • Fuel Consumption = x3 (3x slower fuel consumption) • Custom Recipe Skill level = x4 • Fishing Quality = x4 • Supply Drop Quality = x4 • Cave Damage = 1x instead of 6x • Platform Limit = 5x -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dino stat settings: PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7]=15 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[3]=2 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[9]=2 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[9]=2 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[3]=2 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[7]=30 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[1]=1.5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[0]=1.5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[8]=1.5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[9]=2.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PvE Specific Settings: • Flyer Carry (Pick up wild dinos to tame at closer to base) • Damage counters. (RPG style numbered damage markers to help you tame) • Platform turrets (you can place turrets on Quetz’s etc) • MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.5 • EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=16.0 • BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=16.0 • TamingSpeedMultiplier=6 • HarvestAmountMultiplier=6 • XPMultiplier=6 • Turret damage x 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. New server brought up on 7/15. It is hosted out of Canada. The server is on The Center map with the official Primitive Plus mod. If you have never played Prim+, it adds in a whole new depth to the game through more engrams. This increases the initial load time of the game. If you can stomach the load time, it is very fun. We have slowed the experience rate down so that players get to enjoy each level and its additional engram options more. Server Name: Primitive Plus The Center PVE IP Address: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2414227 Features: No Mods (other than Primitive+) 60 slots PVE Experience is set at .5 (one half) to let people enjoy the levels longer All other rates are at x2 Max Player 100 / Max Dino 150 Crosshair, 3rd Person, Map Location, Gamma Adjusting, pickup tamed dinos are all enabled ORP is enabled Currently there are about 7 of us real life friends playing on this server. We also have a couple other people who have found their way to the server. We love having new players join us, so feel free to hop aboard and introduce yourselves! Most of us will go out of way to help anyone that needs it if they ask, but please no begging and no trolling. Primitive Plus load time: Primitive Plus has a slightly different log in method than the usual game. You have to click on "Primitive Plus Official" in the bottom right hand corner of the login screen when it first comes up. The game will ask you if you want to restart now to enable it. Once you select yes it will restart Ark in Primitive Plus mode which is evident by the banner saying Primitive + at the top. After choosing the correct server, you will usually experience a long load time. You will see the PrimalGameData_BP_PrimPlus load multiple times (4 I think). It will take a long time. Once it gets through loading all of the Primitive stuff, it will eventually switch over to loading The Center map items. This is usually where it times out for most people (you will get a Host Connection Timeout message). Thats ok. Hit accept and just restart again on the server but DONT exit all of the way out of the game or you will have to load the PrimalGameData files again. As long as you stay at the server select screen you can skip the longer loading files. The average load time is 15-25 minutes. However we are seeing some of our SSD users having load times as short as 3 minutes!
  19. SERVER IP - Dino Multiplier - 2 Our server has 15x Harvest and 30x XP. Our Taming Rate is 100x as well as our Dino Maturation Rate. Here is a link to the mod list that we are currently using - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1437392168 If you have any other specific questions contact me on my discord - https://discord.gg/jvZDR6r Max Players Per Tribe - 5 Max Alliances - 10. Server Wild Dinos get wiped every other night to increase boss spawns! Server Location US East
  20. Made in Abyss PvE Ragnarok / Aberration [60 Slots] Hello, welcome to our server advertisement page. Our server focus is on creating a unique Ark experience. We have monthly building contests, races and group boss runs. We have a roleplay channel for those interested in roleplaying. We also have active GM assistance. Our playerbase is half EST and half GMT +10. Weekly events based around player schedule. Rewards are automatically given for play time on the server. Discord: https://discord.gg/8FZ8xv7 Connect to Ragnarok: http://madeinabysspve.arkers.io/ Connect to Aberration: http://madeinabyss.arkers.io/ Stats EXP: 3x ( 5x on weekends ) Arkeology event is turned on Increased player weight and increased tamed dino weight Points rewarded for playing on the server Shopping districts to buy and sell resources/dinos Engrams from all maps Mating interval: .1 Baby Mature: 50x Harvest multiplier: 14x Taming: 6X Boss breeding No Wipes Max Tames: 500 Max Wild: 420 Max player level: 101 (131 asc) Double EXP on weekends Structure Decay: 2.0 (Thatch 8 Days - Wood 16 Days - Stone 24 Days - Metal 32 Days) Dino Decay: 3.0 (1-3 weeks) You can edit speed on tames Structure placement collision is disabled Player and dino weight is increased per level Rewards for playtime Auction house for easy trading Community taming pens and shacks for starting off Custom Beacon loot Flyers disabled on Aberration Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408645620 Classic Flyers Dino Storage Dino Fix ( Breed anything) TC rewards Pimp My Home Structure Plus Utilities Plus Eco Stable and Decor Eco Trees Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Death Helper Upgrade Station Eco Garden Decor Ultra Stacks Any Dino Breeding Tc Rewards Capitalism Events Tuesday July 17th 8PM EST: Race Track Friday July 20th 1AM EST: Cave of Lost Hope Hope to see you there.
  21. Check out The Jamon Paradigm PvE Cluster - An active and friendly ARK: Survival Evolved Community. Who we are: We're The Jamon Paradigm! We currently run a 5 server cluster with all the official maps. Our goal is to keep the core feel of the game, while adding some quality of life improvements and more structures to build cool stuff. Discord: We have an active and friendly community over on our discord server, feel free to join and meet everyone! discord.jamonparadigm.com Server Settings: - Harvesting: 2.5x - Taming: 5x - XP: 3x - Egg Hatch Speed: 5x - Maturation Speed: 10x - Wild Dino Max Level: 150 - Player Max Level: 150 + Ascension - All engrams Unlockable - Boosted rate Weekends - Fully Custom Supply Drops Mods - We highly recommend you subscribe to all mods before entering the server, this ensures you will join smoothly first time. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889810710 - Jamon Stacks - Structures Plus (S+) - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture - Platforms Plus - Meat Spoiler - KibbleNator - Awesome Spyglass - Eco's Stable Structures and Decor - Eco Trees - Eco's RP Decor - Eco's Shoppe Decor - Eco's Garden Decor - Eco's Scorched Earth Decor - Eco's Tek Decor - Eco's Aberration Decor You can join our servers from here: The Island - steam://connect/ Ragnarok - steam://connect/ Aberration - steam://connect/ Scorched Earth - steam://connect/ The Center - steam://connect/ We hope to see you on The Jamon Paradigm! Surviving, making friends, and most importantly having fun!
  22. New PVE servers (Nitrado hosting): 1. Island map 2. Aberration map 3. Ragnarok map 4. Extinction map - when it will comes out Start Your steam and choose server here 2x exp2x harvest (3x on Abberation map)2x taming2x breeding4x slower gasolline usage3x slower tamed dino starvation2x slower building decay (5x on Island map)Flying in caves - on Flyer stamina regen. - onLater we will correct a little.Slots for players will be added if needed. Admin communicate in english. Will understand some russian also. There will not be "Admin friends" flying around on 9999lvl wyverns.Servers will run at least 2 years. Island server at least 3 years
  23. Steam Group Page https://steamcommunity.com/groups/NOVARK WE WILL HAVE EXTINCTION DLC CLUSTERED IN ON RELEASE DAY! 5x taming, 3x exp, 3x gather, 5x maturation Mods: Structures+, Platforms+, SteamPunk, Backpack mod, Balanced Kibble mod, Eco Trees, Eco Rp Decor, Eco Shoppe Decor, Eco Stables decor, Eco Garden decor, Eco Tek Decor, Eco Aberration Decor, Awesome Teleporters, Super Spyglass, Ticket Mod, Castles Keeps and Medieval Architecture, and Rare Sightings Mod. The Volcano Map Ragnarok Map Scorched Earth Map The Island Map Aberration Last map reset: March 29, 2018. Join now and claim your base area! Visit our Group Page at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NOVARK We have very carefully scrutinized our mod selections. We have alot of Eco's mods because they add alot to the PvE building experience. When first joining, the most time taken downloading & installing TheVolcano and SteamPunk mods, those are the 2 biggest. We try to minimize the number of mods on the server, but the ones we have REALLY are worth the initial time to install them. Also, feel free to join our Discord channel at: https://discord.gg/rjZDM7Y Tip: To shorten your initial load time when joining for the first subscribe and install The Volcano map before joining. The Volcano https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=715028562
  24. WELCOME TO FMUK GAMING'S ARK COMMUNITY NEW LAUNCH - PVE PC (STEAM) SERVER ACTIVE COMMUNITY ALREADY 👉 SERVER STATS: 👈 Infinite Weight & Oxygen Taming x 25 Harvesting x 16 XP x 5 Hatch & Mature x 18. ❔ WHAT ELSE? ❓ Weekly Events. - Starters available. Player Shops - Crossplay Enabled - Boosted Drops & Fishing. Friendly and active community. ALL OUR SERVERS START WITH: [EU] FMUK-GAMING IP: Come and have fun, meet new friends and enjoy playing ARK. Join our active community on Discord - https://discord.gg/s62ev6q
  25. WELCOME TO FMUK GAMING'S ARK COMMUNITY 5 MAP CLUSTER (PVE) XBOX 👉 SERVER STATS: 👈 Infinite Weight & Oxygen Taming x 25 Harvesting x 16 XP x 5 Hatch & Mature x 18. ❔ WHAT ELSE? ❓ Weekly Events. - Starters available. Player Shops - Crossplay Enabled - Boosted Drops & Fishing. Friendly and active community. Search 'FMUK-Gaming' on Xbox Unofficial PC servers. Come and have fun, meet new friends and enjoy playing ARK. Join our active Discord - https://discord.gg/s62ev6q