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Found 1301 results

  1. Hello, come join us at 'EU 24/7 PVE 8X' (exciting name I know ) for some PVE goodness. Its a fresh server with 20 player cap right now, can be increased if needed. 8x gather, 20x taming, fast XP and slightly boosted player/dino stats. The admin don't spawn anything in for themselves or anyone else so please don't ask. There will be community buildings/events like player and dino fighting arenas coming soon with sweet sweet prises for the triumphant. Make sure to select 'unofficial PC session' when searching, or message 'Cupids Wingman' on xbox if you are having trouble finding it or have any questions. See you soon
  2. to join search ragpve247 on pc sessions where official servers are 8x taming 15x harvest everything else is slightly boosted
  3. Just checking if anyone knows what time dino spawns reset each week on official servers? Is it coming up soon once 2x ends? I just want to know since we had a wild titan in our base and want to know when it is safe to log back in.
  4. -Ragnarak map, will be clustered to an Aberration server!25 tame/ 12 gather/ 5xp Max level: 100players 150dinos Increased rates for crops, breeding and babies!Engrams cost 0!This server is a PVE focused server with the added element of PVP. Join the no raid list or build up and conquer! This server will be in a cluster with an Aberration server on release. Early joining before release will earn you ONE Aberration dinosaur of your choice when the map goes live. Please join us at the following -Rules and server information found here.steam://connect/ -Direct link to the server.
  5. Server name: Annunaki Genesis - PvE - Level 310 - 28 Mods Join our server by going here and clicking Connect: Server IP Address: Map name: TheCenter Server Settings: Experience: Custom EXP w/ Max Level of 310 Gathering: Gathering is currently x3 but may change if requested Taming: Taming is set to x25 the normal speed Day time: 2x longer Night time 2x shorter Egg Hatching: 10x Faster Egg Laying: 2x Faster Baby Mature Speed: x25 Difficulty: 20.0 (Very high level creatures) Mod List w/ Name & Link: Main Mod: Annunaki Genesis Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on my steam account below or join our steam group and post your question and we will respond as soon as we can. Steam Account: Thank you. -Trish Kendall
  6. Greetings fellow survivors of ARK! Since the beginning of June I've been working on and polishing a mod which is meant to be my own idea of a PVE focused TLC pass, which I have dubbed “Zero to Hero.” Zero to Hero's goal is to make each and every creature viable with and against one another, especially by giving creatures more depth outside of just raw stats (without being excessively complex.) Of note, Zero to Hero is NOT a total conversion, despite appearances. It only asks for first place in your load order to work correctly. Some of the features of Zero to Hero include but are by no means limited to: Preventing stat points from being wasted on food and oxygen. Allowing wild dinos to naturally level up speed (breed for it!) Upgrading Triceratops to be an apex creature. Unnerfing fliers in the style of classic fliers. Toning down the annoyance factor of fiends like Microraptor, Troodon, and Ichthyornis Various creatures have been made tameable to expand the game, including (but not limited to) sabertooth salmon, eurypterids, yetis, and meganeura. Phiomia drops a special meat - make bacon (and with dodos, make bacon & eggs!) Female megaloceros, phiomias, and wyverns can be milked. Giganotosaurus has been reworked to be more fair and balanced to play with and against - still the biggest land carnivore, but less Godzilla, less rage. Diplodocus can attack and defend itself, and is the source of a new item; Brandy! Introducing new creatures to help spice up the ARK; some of which being the prowling, pouncing Mavrodon, polar cat Kryadon, the rare and invaluable fairy moth, and tremendous leeches older than the sands they brood in. Zero to Hero also strives to improve quality of life at 1.0 settings for taming, maturation, and incubation rates. While those of us in single & unofficial players can adjust these settings at our leisure, it would be nice to know that these values are fair and balanced without excessive modification. Plus, there are some aspects of the game that just can't be multiplied away which Zero to Hero has rebalanced, namely the nonsensical kibble system and the foods baby ask for when imprinting. Without further ado, Zero to Hero is finally publicly presentable on the steam workshop! If you're interested, rate & subscribe, crush any delusions of competence I ever had, tell me what you think! Detailed vanilla item changes are forthcoming, but all new items and creature info (including changes to taming mechanics & kibbles/preferred foods) is up and available for scrutinizing. Zero to Hero's workshop link.
  7. New dedicated 18+ Ark Server (North American) that went up 1Nov17. This server is PvE with PvP enabled for events. Server is a blend of "veteran" server settings for people with a day job. Anyway on to the server info! FB Group page link Map: Ragnarok PvE 24/7 (as much as possible anyway) Server Settings: The Speeds: * ping: 17 m/s * Download 170.55mb/s * Upload: 23.36mb/s The Settings: The Important ones most only want to read: * XPMultiplier x 3 * HavestAmountMultiplier x 4 * TamingSpeedMultiplier x 15 Now Here for the Nitty Gritty: * Server Difficulty Offset: 10.00 (300 max level dinos)* Player Damage Multiplier: 1.0* Player Resistance Multiplier: 1.0 * Dino Damage Multiplier: 1.00 * Dino Resistance Multiplier: 1.0* Dino Character Health Recovery: 2.00 All other combat stats will remain at vanilla settings. Some Extra Server Setting Info: * Corpse Decomposition Time: x10 * Player Food Drain: .5* Player Water Drain: .5 * Resource Respawn Multiplier: 0.5 * DayCycleSpeedScale = 2.0 * NightTimeSpeed Scale = 0.5 Breeding: * Lay Egg Interval: .80 * Mating Interval: .75 * Egg Hatch Speed: x30 (subject to change) * Baby Mature speed x 30 (subject to change) * Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.01 * cuddle Interval: 1* Baby cuddle grace period: x 4 * Baby Cuddle lost imprint quality: .5 (So don't worry about having to go to work, or feeding the real kids.. server won't punish you cause you missed a imprinting session) This server does have a few strictly enforced rules. ABSOLUTELY NO RAIDING!!! Racism and sexism will not be tolerated on this server. If I see it or a person brings it to my attention with evidence (video/audio/picture) that it is on going. I will immediately ban the offending player. No second chances on this. Building Rules Build what you need for taming but please break it down. * No base building in such a manner that you block rare resource spawns. (metals, beaver dams, pearl sites, etc). Build near them all you want as long as access to spawns are not blocked for the server. * NO blocking cave entrances. *No Bronto harvesting *MOST IMPORTANT NO GRIEFING (BANABLE OFFENCES) If you feel you'd enjoy this server add GT Gravereaper77 and send a message. So I can add you back and get you playing! Server Admins are GT Gravereaper77, Mitsuman94 and Logan2185
  8. Hi Fellow survivors, We have just opened up a new Nitrado server running a PVE Ragnarok map with boosted rates. The server has three admins which live in different timezones so an admin is reachable most of the time. We are looking to add new members to our server who want to build, tame and breed without having to put up with the griefing that goes on on official servers. The server is boosted by the following rates: XP x4.0 Harvesting x3.0 Taming x4.5 with Dino food consumption turned up slightly Mating Intervals x0.8 (Slightly reduced time between Mating) Egg Hatching x6.0 Baby Mature Speed x8.0 We have also included boosts to player and dinos which we feel is balanced for the game has increased the difficulty level of the dinos. Rules ===== 1. Must be over 16 to join 2. No Griefing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 3. No Stealing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 4. No Foundation or pillaring - Will be warned before being banned 5. No Bronto or Titan taming 6. One base per tribe - You move then you destroy the base you are leaving. To join you will need to contact one of the three admins for a quick chat and you will be given the password to join. We want the server to become a community for everyone to enjoy. (Community Centre near Blue Ob(Jungle 2)) Start Packs will be made available and events will be scheduled soon including boss fights to allow everyone to get the TEK Engrams. US Contacts: xEGxTalos (Owner) or NOVAwiz00 (Admin) UK Contact: Furnace1969 (Admin) SERVER: Peta Police (Password Required) We look forward to seeing you all soon
  9. Hey everyone I have this small PVE server with plenty of building spots on it still. We have 5:XP 8:T 5:G. I do also have a small modpack on it and when we getting bigger to fill out the 10 slots, im am planing to put auction house on. In the very near future i will install the eco mods on the server. Rigt now we are playing on Ragnarok. I have boosted the Alpha spawn, For both EC and PF, so there are more Alpha spawns Mating and maturation are also boosted Stats on player are x2 Wild Dinos Spawn in lvl 600 Modpack: If this sounds interesting please send me a pm so I can send the details with the ip and password Best regard Agger87
  10. Server Name: (US) MilkTopia Console: Xbox One Server Stats: Taming 3x, Harvesting 5x, XP 5x, Egg Hatch 6x, Maturation 4x, Baby Cuddle Mutiplier 2.5, Mating Interval 50% less, Imprint times 3-4 hours. Slightly increased player and dino stats. Doubled Spoil Timers with longer days and shorter nights. No structure damage. All containers lockable.(smithy, fridges, forge,ect) High loot table for fishing and loot drops. PVE Current Map: Ragnarok Steps To Join 1.Click join ARK 2.Change Session Filter to "UNOFFICIAL PC SESSION" 3.Search Name Filter "MilkTopia" 4.Have Fun
  11. PVE OFFICIAL Need 7 more Riders We killed hard ape last week~ Recruiting for hard brood now. Must bring your own 11k+ HP/414 birth rex with 60%+ imprint and 80+ Armor saddle. The rex must be leveled above 25k hp 650 melee. Before boss fight we will invite you guys to alliance. We will provide the summon We will keep the elements. Still looking for more potential riders for dragon in the future. If interested add me on steam: eymonlanxd. Then I can add you to discord group.
  12. North America, NY / 100 Slots / Ragnarok PVE / 2.5 XP / 2.5 Tame / Starter kit when admin is login.Will be available for min. 1 year!Find us under UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS :[US] NA-NY-PUBLIC-RAGNAROCK-ARKISTIC-SERVER
  13. Good day fellow survivors! Are you an ARK player? Are you looking for some fun? Some good times with other players where you can share your stories with? Build alliances and becoming the best? Look no further! I'm hosting a PVE ARK server on the map Ragnarok and I'm looking for YOU to join and populate my server. Mods: Extinction Core Structures Plus (S+) Resource Stacks Meat spoiler Haircuts and Emotes eco's Stable Structures and Decor eco's RP Decor Medieval Props Castles, Keeps, and Forts medieval architecture Jukebox Server settings: Player settings: Dino settings: Enviroment settings: The rest of the settings are on default except for the custom levels. Max Player level: 200 Max (basic) Dino level (untamed): 300 Getting on the server: You can find the server under the unofficial tab by searching for the server name: "[EN/NL] 24/7 Friendly S+structures,Extinction core" or by the ip: "". Want more information? contact me! 1. on discord! My discord ID = "Snipes#0592" 2. on steam! My steam profile = "-=Snipes=-" I hope we will see you soon on the ARK! Kind Regards -=Snipes=-
  14. I was reading somewhere and someone said they moved a wild praying mantis in PVE by shooting it with a grappling hook and flying it to their taming pen. Is this possible?
  15. PVE Common Kings Olympus 2X Fresh 10/29 Fresh and New - Olympus Beautiful Map - check it out in the Mods Section. IP 5 mod(s) Petfinder StacksOnly Omnicular v1.51 Structures Plus (S+) EcoTrees Lite 60 Slots - Thus far there are 5 small tribes. Fun Friendly, great for anyone looking for a change. This isn't easy mode and it isn't hardcore, but if you appreciate a challenge and the unknown, this is a great map for you. We all Love it!!! About 1.4 times bigger than the island. The landscape is completely hand sculpted. Uses a combination of vanilla and custom spawns, so you a wider spread of dinos across the different areas. Check out these videos to see more on this awesome map: By Kévin Legrand By Dextro23 + Olympus Map/Mod
  16. Welcome to the Ryzen ThreadRipper 1950X server cluster. Home of Legacy 166, and 822. We currently have 4 servers in our cluster. Our aim is to provide to you the customer, the gaming experience that you deserve. We own the hardware, we have the Internet Bandwidth, and we are dedicated to providing to you the gaming experience and customer support that you should expect. But why 1950X? Isn't that straight up overkill and a waste for running servers? We are providing you the cutting edge of technologies, to ensure the best gaming experience and stability that is possible with ARK: Survival Evolved. Our cluster will continue to grow, along with you the players. By having the proper hardware, we can ensure that our mission goal to expand is assured with such capabilities as increasing our system memory out to 128 GB if necessary, with the CPU cores and horsepower to back up the massive cluster we desire. Surprisingly enough, even though this is a new server cluster, already people have begun playing. This is testament to the success of Wildcard, and the success of the well known dinosaur game known as ARK. However with that said, there are ways they could improve. But instead of waiting for Wildcard to get around to better support and more stable servers, we took it upon ourselves to bring our vision to reality. We ask for nothing in return. We encourage you to visit our website, to view our server rates, to be able to quick launch into our servers, discuss topics of interest on our forums, or check out our simple and easy to understand rules. Please understand that we are new to the hosting game. If you wish to correct something we are doing wrong, or see a way we could improve, feel free to let us know. Don't worry about if your work will exist on rental next month. Stay with us for the long ride, 100% owned by us gamers and players. Power to the fans! About the modifications. We at this time are carefully choosing which mods we should bring into the game. So far we are considering Castles, Pimp my Dino, and S+. We will let you know our decision soon. Looking forward to it. System: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Motherboard Corsair Vengeance Ryzen CMK32GX4M2Z2400C16 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 - Will be upgrading to 64GB soon! Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler (TR4/SP3 Edition) SilverStone Strider Platinum 1000W Power Supply Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Western Digital Blue 1T SATA3 (Backup drive) Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (Video output) Thermaltake Case Powerguard Surge Protector
  17. Message GT CaptainRednek for info, or just join Nitrado server name "Juicy Dodo" Wild Dino spawn up to level 300 Decent rates 8x taming low stress, fun PVE no admin cheating all are welcome
  18. pve Noob joint playthrough

    Hi folks, new player here. Just wondered if there were any other new players who would like to start a new joint play through, starting a tribe etc.. ? Can be either PvE or PvP (although PvE may be easier as will just get destroyed in PvP initially) Message me and we can sort something 😊
  19. pve Stats for boss

    Hello! Just wanna ask which stats are best for specific dinos on boss fight.. Never done one so want to know I wanna ask on Rex stats, Yuty stats and pig stats also if you were boss with wyverns, stats will be awesome too Thank you!
  20. Hi, I host a ps4 server with my friends, we just got done with Island and found it pretty boring with no one else in there so I am looking for mature people to join our world. No free hand outs, no boosted rates. What there is, is a good times and hopefully a friendly and helpful 24/7 community. I also plan on doing planned pvp events that wont affect normal time things (bases, dinos, etc) that will have either, wagers from other survivors or prizes. Tribe wars are on for those who wish to battle one another. Rates are 2x for most things, no stat boosts for anything. I use discord to announce server activity. Add PsychoServers if interested.
  21. Casual Core is looking for more adult-ish players to do something stupid! We have built a community of players who while helpful, are complete smart-asses. We are a sarcastic bunch that enjoys chatting in discord and building elaborate structures or taming all the beasties on the map. Our players are typically a little on the ahem more advanced end of the age spectrum, but we have a pretty decent range of players. Most of our community has been playing together on one game or another for the last year and a we pretty much get a long with one another. It's a beautiful bunch ... what we lovingly call our "Idiot Brigade". Currently running 10x multipliers for gathering (plus an additional boost to metal gathering), taming, & breeding. We also offer 2x dino weight & 3x player weight. Running the Ragnarok map, LOTS of open spaces! We are excited to offer LOTS of building mods to allow you an elaborate build! Castles, Keeps and Forts, Steampunk, Oxo, and a few others too. (We're always open to suggestions for the community to vote on too.) One of our favorite mods is the dino colors - just makes taming a little more exciting! Description: Ragnarok Map / PVE / Community 10x XP speed 10x Gathering 10x Taming speed 10x Breeding speed 10x Egg incubation speed 10x Baby maturation speed 5.0 difficulty (wild dinos go up to level 150) Note: ALL Settings are subject to change based upon what the community wants. Requests for tweaks of the settings are welcomed. Have ideas for a community event let us know! Rules: You MUST speak English. (If you can't read/speak English you can't understand the rules). No building permanent structures on large resource spawns including but not limited to: Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal. Please do not build right next to another person's base, it prevents them from expanding. If you have questions ask in chat. Do not build within render distance of another tribe. No stealing/begging/trolling/causing drama. We are running a Password protected server, so please contact our admins via Steam to join us! DemonicGambit or Canavar37 CCG also has a community Minecraft server for those who need a little more of the builders fix. We've run Dark & Light, 7 Days to Die, some PUBG groups, and a few other games as well. Ask in Discord for more info!
  22. Fresh long term server. Running an extensive mod list to make your life easier and to enjoy building and taming. Come Join us!!!! Mod Pack Discord Feel free to join the Discord and ask about the server and info. Server is run on a top of the line dedicated box with full time admins for help.
  23. welcome all please come join my brand new server bring your tribe and there are law to follow tribe wars allowed build where u want and let's see who will be the most power tribe .. 2 admins both very cool we will give stuff away depending on how active u are will help with building and settling disputes free motorboat to first 10 people add Homicide vic on xbox with msg so we can invite and get your motor boat also will give 300 gas with it let's go
  24. Steam Profile Discord Info Hello everyone. I have hosted numerous servers in the past. While I used to have quite the compliment of players the new DLC wait seems to have dwindles that count. Either people are just bored of ARK in general or Seem to like things super easy. Well whatever the case I am looking to revamp my PvE Server for Either The Island or Ragnarok. To better assist this and help rebirth its population I am seeking people with experience who are willing to join my team as admins. People familiar with how the server works, Are capable of having an open mind, Work together in a friendly and fun environment as well as help others join and enjoy our servers. IF anyone is interested in joining, helping out, Or even joining the administration team please contact me VIA steam or the provided discord link. Thank you in advance.
  25. So the server name is DoraArk247 and to join you have to search under "pc unofficial srvers" and if you get the joining... loop just go offline then back online to fix it it's a big with nitrado. The server is pve on weekdays PvP on weekends. The stars are boosted as are dino stats but not to boosted so that PvP is fair 1 point in weight and oxygen to max out. There is a community center at green on its a no PvP zone. There is a store and events that will happen randomly, thank you and have a good day