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  1. Nevermind, i figured out my issue. The issue is that Valguero uses The Island AND Scorched Earth Spawner's for its Beacons. Therefore you need to have both spawner's in your game.ini file for it to pull from because when it pulls the island beacons and there's no code it defaults to vanilla stuff and same with scorched earth. So now i have Both Sets of spawner's in my game.ini and it works perfectly. I did the caves / underwater / openworld for each map. I'm good to go now but this is here if anyone else has an issue like i did. take care!
  2. I have created a code using this forum .. it works perfectly (on the island) - I have Ctrl F'd this entire forum post looking for anything regarding Valguero's Spawn ID's... i can not find it. My Googlefu has yielded no fruitful results and so i am here posting, asking for guidance from someone who has custom loot crates on the Valguero map to share their beacon id's with me please. My findings thus far are as follows: My loot crates are island summoners and when i summon them on Valguero they work fine using the "Cheat Summon" command, but Valguero spawns in lvl 70 Red beacons and i can only assume that they are using Scorched Earth beacons but before i go through all of that i would like some clarification so i'm not making beacons for maps i am not using. haha Thank you in advance for any support anyone can add.
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