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  1. HOLD ON A DAMN SECOND.... You mean to tell me that this was known almost a MONTH ago and they still released this garbage?? WTAF WC.....
  2. I agree with this. The options are there to disable the engrams. Why didn't WC just add the S+ mod to their vanilla server's disabling all the engrams they didn't want like the rest of us. If you think a quiet fabricator is a problem, disable that poop and make the players craft the normal one. The options are there for everyone to customize the mod the way they want, the ignorance on WC's part to add parts of an already working mod to their crap base game to ruin everyone else's time invested is absurd and down right ignorant as hell. The money and time they invested into this homestead patch could've been done in a fraction of the time if they had used the .ini options they put in place for this very reason. But because they don't want to load 1 single fking mod everyone else has to suffer for it. The stupidity is in abundance and it's blowing my ever loving mind....
  3. This topic is being destroyed by the playerbase on multiple threads across a couple of different websites - Would be nice to get an "official" answer to a fix or at least be updated by more than the standard "we're investigating" crap. Past this point - Chris already knows which ones are broken. All of them... but not a single other person from the team has responded on the subject so idfk... haha
  4. No, i totally agree with the name of this topic and i believe it needs to be addressed. Dedicated Server's Owner's are paying for a service that has been rendered unusable due to this haphazardly produced update. This is not the first that this has happened, on this scale maybe, but definitely not the first. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/axpgrr/frustrating_as_hell_s/ehv4te1/?context=3 This is the best we have to go on for now. I have yet to read anything other than what Chris has said that states that they are "working" on a fix for this. I've scoured this forum and the steam community. There is nothing but a bunch of babies crying and complaining about how much WC "sucks". I'm not here to point fingers, i just want to know when it's going to be fixed.
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