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  1. Nevermind, i figured out my issue. The issue is that Valguero uses The Island AND Scorched Earth Spawner's for its Beacons. Therefore you need to have both spawner's in your game.ini file for it to pull from because when it pulls the island beacons and there's no code it defaults to vanilla stuff and same with scorched earth. So now i have Both Sets of spawner's in my game.ini and it works perfectly. I did the caves / underwater / openworld for each map. I'm good to go now but this is here if anyone else has an issue like i did. take care!
  2. I have created a code using this forum .. it works perfectly (on the island) - I have Ctrl F'd this entire forum post looking for anything regarding Valguero's Spawn ID's... i can not find it. My Googlefu has yielded no fruitful results and so i am here posting, asking for guidance from someone who has custom loot crates on the Valguero map to share their beacon id's with me please. My findings thus far are as follows: My loot crates are island summoners and when i summon them on Valguero they work fine using the "Cheat Summon" command, but Valguero spawns in lvl 70 Red beacons and i can only assume that they are using Scorched Earth beacons but before i go through all of that i would like some clarification so i'm not making beacons for maps i am not using. haha Thank you in advance for any support anyone can add.
  3. I figured it out... apparently you can not have an item in the crafting recipe that has stats associated with it. Once i removed the club and replaced it with the Pikkon's Revenge Summoner it works fine.
  4. Need help with my code please... What i'm trying to accomplish is making the S+ Transmitter and Cloning Chamber cost a lot of materials. I'm not trying to make these items impossible to craft otherwise i'd remove them. These items are considered "End Game" items on my server and i'd like for them to be achievable...never-the-less when i put my code into the game.ini it removes other engrams in its entirety... for example it removes the Stego saddle and all Primal Fear Stego Saddles .... ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TransmitterPlus_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_CelestialSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_DemonicSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_OriginSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_PrimalSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Emp_CelestialSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Emp_DemonicSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=10.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_CreatorSoul_C",BaseResourceRequirement=5.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_ToxicBlood_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_AlphaBlood_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_ApexBlood_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_FabledBlood_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_PrimalBlood_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1000.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Caustic_Medallion_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Electric_Medallion_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Fire_Medallion_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Ice_Medallion_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_ChaosOrb_C",BaseResourceRequirement=5.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemConsumable_SpiritOrb_C",BaseResourceRequirement=5.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItem_WeaponCreatorClubTorch_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.0,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) The Cloning Chamber looks the exact same as this, i just copied the transmitter section i linked to you guys and replaced the transmitter part with the cloning chamber part. Thank you for your assistance. Side Note: It looks right in the game.. but i am still missing other engrams ... for what ever reason >.< https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1963716450
  5. On behalf of the team here at Diligence Gaming i would like to extend a personal invitation everyone who is interested. I am the server owner and i have one more by my side to help me with keeping everything going smoothly. My main priority is to maintain server stability. I play my own server(s) and stay in touch with my fellow players; their needs, desires and expectations. i am one of the most transparent server owners you will ever meet. Read discord: it will attest to my dedication to keeping the player base in the know and up to date with the latest happenings of the server. If i sound like a server you can get behind and stand by then i will do the same for you. I do not refuse donations and at the same time i will NEVER ask you for them. I don't need donations to keep what i'm doing alive, while it does it help. What do we offer? Custom Loot crates that you wont find on any other server. These loot crates contain PF items as well as vanilla items to help everyone at every stage of progression on the server. Below is a link to the spreadsheet itemizing everything in every single loot crate on the Valguero / Crystal Isle Maps. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rsd2w-gV72OE8KjYFvlPTBO3PYKC_g_xu1nwkwNRxPc/edit#gid=0 Custom Spawners placed through out both maps to ensure that what you are looking to fight or tame is out there. (It may take some looking, but anything worth while usually is). A true progression system that a lot of servers fail to provide or provide a "fast" track progression system that is accomplished in minutes to hours. To fully progress to endgame on our server will take you weeks. Even if Diligence Gaming isn't the place for you to hang your hat you are all still welcomed to come and converse with the community and myself regardless of the server you choose to play one (albeit mine or someone elses). Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XDyrNVt Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1961706690 I look forward to meeting you all either in discord or in game. Happy arking my fellow Arkateers!
  6. HOLD ON A DAMN SECOND.... You mean to tell me that this was known almost a MONTH ago and they still released this garbage?? WTAF WC.....
  7. I agree with this. The options are there to disable the engrams. Why didn't WC just add the S+ mod to their vanilla server's disabling all the engrams they didn't want like the rest of us. If you think a quiet fabricator is a problem, disable that poop and make the players craft the normal one. The options are there for everyone to customize the mod the way they want, the ignorance on WC's part to add parts of an already working mod to their crap base game to ruin everyone else's time invested is absurd and down right ignorant as hell. The money and time they invested into this homestead patch could've been done in a fraction of the time if they had used the .ini options they put in place for this very reason. But because they don't want to load 1 single fking mod everyone else has to suffer for it. The stupidity is in abundance and it's blowing my ever loving mind....
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