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  1. Photo from https://aminoapps.com/c/urban-legends-cryptids/page/user/twistedspringtrap-21/kn6g_oYc4fkrXJJdn22pDKnxqL13RE22N Common Name: Xoloitzcuintli Species: Sanans Canis Time: Post Holocene Diet: Omnivorous Temperament: Friendly Wild: Xoloitzcuintli is an evolved species of domestic dog named after the breed it muted from after the holocene period. Xoloitzcuintli are commonly found in the wastes scavenging for food in small packs. Though they are primarily scavengers and carrion feeders, Xoloitzcuintli have developed incredibly tough skin to protect from UV radiation, making them surprisingly difficult to take out, especially in packs, making them quite capable of taking down small prey or defending themselves from predators when the time comes. Though they are wild animals, domestication is in their blood, and survivors have found them quite easy to befriend during treks in the wasteland so long as they're willing to share some food, making excellent temporary body guards for small caravans or stranded travelers. Domesticated: Those that have brought Xoloitzcuintli back to their homes have noticed another one of their remarkable adaptions that allowed them to survive in the wild; they can heal exceptionally fast while at rest. I've seen Xoloitzcuintli heal from injuries that would retire any other animal simply by relaxing for a few days. Even more extraordinarily, domesticated Xoloitzcuintli seem to have the ability to share this healing factor with humans, people that interact with Xoloitzcuintli have been seen healing from near mortal injuries at a rate that almost seems impossible, our medical bay keeps one or two of these guys on hand at all times. In short, their adaptions make tamed Xoloitzcuintli both excellent guard dogs, and faithful companions to the sick and injured Taming method: Beginning the taming process is as simple as initiating a passive tame, however once taming has begun it and any members of its pack will immediately begin acting as a tamed animal, following the player and defending them from threats so long as they have not gone too long without being fed, or the player doesn't leave the area. xoloitzcuintli will have an internal domestication timer that goes up the higher their taming percentage is, if you miss a feed early on it will wander off quickly, but if you are further into the taming process it will stay partially domesticated even if you die and return, so long as you don't take too long. You can also prolong the domestication timer without raising taming by petting the xoloitzcuintli, if you only want to use it as a temporary guard animal Abilities: In addition to a natural armor, tamed xoloitzcuintli can be pet to provide the player with a long lasting healing aura, which causes you to regenerate health significantly quicker until the buff wears off. xoloitzcuintli can also be told to sit, which will cause it to receive the same buff, they would also have a togglable option to rest when injured, allowing them to heal to full automatically after a fight
  2. The taming method it will pick you up and eat its taming food which are blood bags, Spoiled meat, Giga heart. giga hearts give most taming it wont have a lot of taming effectivenes so give it a couple dinos to eat. blood is second best spoiled meat is the worst for it. one of its special abilities is that it can go invisible at any time of day. special abilitie is it can wrap its wings around dinos the size of a parasaur or smaller which allows them to heal and do bleed damage dropping the enemies health to 15% and cause a gashing wound. You unlock its saddle at lvl 68. and when it harvests a dead body it gets spoiled meat and regular meat
  3. THE MIGHTY TARBOSAURUS FINALLY SHOWS IN THE CRATER FOREST, EXTINCTION! This big theropod is in his breeding season: many females are guarding their own sons, while some males wander around the crater forest. Will you be able to get one of their pet, without dying to a very ungry tarbosaurus mum? EXPLAINING IN SHORT SENTENCES WHAT THE TARBOSAURUS DOES: It is intended to be a funny strong dino to plaay with: it should have the mobility of a reaper, being able to jump a little better than a reaper, but worse than a shadowmane; he is intended to be the first dino to be able to dodge on his sides on land, like the astrodelphis in the sky. As statistics, it should be as strong as a therizino, but with new abilities: firstly, as picture shows, he can wear a helmet with horns to charge aat his enemies, like the wholly rhyno. No other dino can do that; secondly, the male has the ability to roar to a selected group of females to partially heal them, making this a very strong dino for bossfight, without passing the rex or megalo stats. Thirdly, the tarbosaurus has a good smell that can be used to find preys near him, and lastly he can block little preys with a very cool stomp, and kill that prey like a megalosaurus and a tropeognathus do (by grabbing the prey in the mouth). About the taming process, he can be passively tamed by petting him, without waking up the mum; then he must be raised up. NOW I WILL EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS FOR THOSE MORE CURIOIUS In the wild Tarbosaurus can be found in 3 different conditions: - males (they are rarer) are constantly awekened and wander around normally. In the crater forest there are not many preys to fight. - females sleep most of the time, they wake up for very short times without even walking; they just look around for their baby. Both males and females don't have a very good sight, but they can smell quite well. - babies (Wildcard stated that ASA will have wild babies around in the ARKs) stand around their mothers; they can be tamed by petting them for many times. The babies are very curious, especially to humans. the temprament of the Tarbosaurus is very territorial, as the therizino and the Spino. If a baby Tarbosaurus is attacked, the mother will insantly try to kill you, getting a boost in its stats. This is intended to make more complicated the process of looking for high level babies. if a female Tarbosaurus is killed, the baby must fall in depression, and he will be untamable. This is intended to keep the difficulty of the taming: the female must be always near to the baby. If the survivor tries to kite away the mum, her baby will follow her (for the same reason). About the taming, this is what I propose: you need to wear the ghillie amor, or the female Tarbosaurus will instantly hear you. After some caresses, the baby will start producing some noises, and the last will surely awaken the mum. This is intended to give a possibility to the mum to interrupt the taming; otherwise, with a ghilie armor she would never hear or see you. The taming process can be improved (both by time and efficiency) by consuming the Tarbosaurus pheromone, a substance dropped by male Tarbosaurus. When the taming process is complete, the survivor has a few seconds to grab the Tarbosaurus (like a shoulder pet; he should be tiny) and to move away. Then the female will wake up, and will look for the baby. At that point, the suruvivor should fly/run away to save him. If the female catches the survivor on foot, she will block him with a stomp, leaving no escape. The baby tarbosaurus is raised as all the other normal babies; he can be fed even when he is on the shoulder of the survivor. When this big theropod is grown, he has many enjoiable abilities to show: - he is a great mount to roam around, since he should have a nice base speed, he can sprint for short times, he can move as a reaper and can jump better than him (but worse than a shadowmane). - he can make dodges to the left and to the right, like an astrodelphis; this can make this dino as a funny warrior that can dodge and attack if the movement is successfull. - if he is equipped with his special helmet, only found in red and purple OSDs, he can use his sprint to make a charged attack like the wholly rhyno; the damage of this attack should be lower than the one of the mammal, because otherwise there would be no reason to play the rhyno. This charged attack obviously combines with the dodge. - he can stomp little preys to easily kill them; this ability is important also when the Tarbosaurus is wild, to kill the player. otherwhise, it may be easy to stand some bites. - he can smell other preys that are in medium distance; this can be used in various ways (hunting, escaping, taming). This is made because the skull of the Tarbosaurus shows that he had a worse sight than the Tyrannnosaurus Rex; so he should count on his smell a lot. - finally the male has a very interesting ability: he can choose up to 4 females as "the females of his group", and his roar can heal partly them (like the veggie kake or a bit less). every 15 levels applied to the male Tarbosaurus, he can choose a new female as part of the group (so when 60 levels are applied he will be able to choose the max number of females to heal). if a survivor loses/sells/put in cryopod one of those females, she is still counted as "one of the group). The only way to change a female is that one must die; since the election of a new female is connected to levels applied, there is a limit to elected females. I hope other survivors like this concept, and I am sorry for making easy and simple draws. use your mind to think about this mighty beast, since even wildcard will modify it. And please, update your own suggestions!
  4. 🐈 small cat shoulder pet tame helper Give your friends a good shot of Bourbon. IN THE WILD - 8 kg (18 lbs), about the size of a big house cat - looks like a Persian tabby or a Norwegian Forest cat, with glowing stripes or spots - found in the sunken forest, often napping in tree tops or high ledges - can jump very high and climb trees - about as easily spooked as a monkey - will flee if spooked, but if cornered, will bite (causing normal damage) and/or hiss (causing a paralyzing slow effect, like being webbed) and/or swipe (induces fear to animals / hallucinations to people) - passive tamed with combo of fish meat (prime working better) and the "ascerbic" mushrooms - the black ones with the narcotic effect* *If unavailable on the map, then narcoberries would be a reasonable substitute. - once tame, will eat fish or meat; can be fed ascerbic mushrooms (or narcoberries) for special attacks TAMED (all effects diminish on larger animals: the larger the animal, the less the effect) - hiss: 3 second paralyzing slow effect to animals that come within 1 meter - claw swipe: small amt of damage, but when cat has eaten black mushrooms (or narcoberries), poison induces 3 seconds fear to animals / hallucinations to people - purr (automatic while on shoulder): de-agros animals, induces torpor in wild or enemy animals and enemy humans not riding - lick (automatic while on shoulder): heals owner by cutting bleed damage/mushroom or radiation hallucinations/torpor up to half - the usual shoulder-pet weight reduction on inventory; in addition, acts as good as an electric fridge for keeping kibble/veggie cakes/ascerbic mushrooms/narcoberries/biotoxin/blood packs/Sanguine Elixir in its inventory - (NEW) gacha pal: when placed beside an unhappy gacha, it cheers up the gacha so it will produce again; when placed beside a single gacha, it will produce an effect equal to feeding the gacha owl pellets Bourbon Cat can be put on turret mode, to hiss and swipe at wild dinos and enemys. Not a light pet: Bourbon Cat glows like the aberrant variety animals, but does not have the glow pet passive damage to reapers and nameless, does not attract seekers, and does not light the area. Info from Wikipedia: Proailurus bourbonnensis was a smaller species [than Proailurus lemanensis], estimated to have been 7-10 kg. Of the teeth, the p1 is wholly missing, and the m1 was slightly less elongated and the m2 less reduced than in P. lemanensis.
  5. Common Name: Wasteland Camel Species: Aepycamelus oxisovlus Time: Miocene Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Evolved to survive in a harsh world of corrupted monsters and punishing landscapes, the wasteland camel is a formidable creature to encounter. Like modern camels, its first instinct is fight rather than flight. It will react aggressively to any nearby carnivores, corrupted creatures, or humans. Its projectile vomit (as camelids are known to do) has evolved into a corrosive acid spit that seems particularly effective against corrupted creatures. This ability has resulted in the wasteland camel's face adapting minimal soft tissue cover to prevent burning itself, lending it a grotesque vulture-like appearance. Due to its resilient, noxious biology the wasteland camel cannot be knocked out with narcotic weapons. Using calien soup or fria curry to sync oneself with its metabolism is the only way to safely approach it, after which it can be fed narcoberries, spoiled meat, or narcotics to earn its trust. Domesticated: The wasteland camel's great stride enables it to traverse the landscape very swiftly and thus makes for an excellent travel mount. Due to its ability to conserve energy, riding upon the camel's back prevents its rider from starving too quickly in wasteland environments. Being an omnivorous scavenger, the wasteland camel can collect berries and meat however only feeds on narcoberries and spoiled meat. Its saddle functions as a mortar & pestle for crafting narcotics, etc. from its inventory. Most notably, the wasteland camel's acid spit serves as an especially potent defense against corrupted creatures. Artist's Notes: Being a former camel keeper/handler myself I consider them among my favorite animals, and it's disappointing that there is a lack of prehistoric camels in ARK when there are so many cool genera to choose from. No, the Morellatops does not count. I incorporated a lot of my knowledge of/experience with camels into this design and it comes from the heart. Thank you for checking out my entry and I hope you've found it worth your vote!
  6. REDESIGN - So this is a redesign of Stegodon I worked on a prehistoric elephant from the Pleistocene era since we haven't had an elephant in over 8 years so I figured it was long over due but don't worry cause it's just not some normal elephant after all it did have to survive extinction after all. I worked around its body, color pattern, and size to try and make it fit the extinction theme. So I hope you all enjoy the art work, dossier, and the abilities that it comes with thanks guys and enjoy. TAMING - When trying to tame these creatures be careful and be well prepared because like I said in the dossier they are very aggressive and territorial. So make sure you got ghillie when taming because if you don't you will get trampled on. Passive taming - when taming them you to be wearing ghillie and also eat a cactus broth to hide from them it helps a lot. So when you are set with your gear you want to approach them from behind and put food in your last item slot once you do walk up to it, feed it, and walk away right after so you don't get it's aggro. Just rinse and repeat the process till fully tamed. But like I said be careful because it will attack if it sees you so be patient and don't rush. ABILITIES - The Stegodon has 2 unique attacks and 1 passive ability which are very good if your doing PVP or PVE best of both worlds. 1. bleed and cripple. Bleed - when using the tusk attack on there enemies they will put them in a constant bleed effect making them lose health more and more in the process. Crippling - when crippled the enemies will move slower and do 20% less damage giving the Stegodon an advantage in the fight. 2. Trample. When using the trampling attack you will put your enemies in a stun lock state that they will be in for 5 seconds and you can do this ability every 10 seconds but you can do the attack itself repeatedly just not the ability itself also the trample attack does do a lot of damage just to put it out there. Also this is an AOE attack so it can hit multiple targets tamed and non tamed dinos. 3. passive ability - unstoppable brute. this passive ability will activate if you are under 50% health once it does you will receive 2 buffs in these orders. 1) When under 50% health the stegodon will do a huge roar incapacitating its enemies all round him within a 30 meter radius for the moment of its roar. when the roar is done it will take no damage and it will do 25% more damage for 25 seconds. 2) when under 50% health and your first part of the buff is gone you will take 30% less damage and this will stay as long as you are under 50% HP.
  7. Dossier art made by the lovely @Laind004! Common Name: Irritator Species: Irritator familiaris Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Piscivore Temperament: Curious Wild While the Ark's other spinosaurids are infamous for their high levels of aggression, this couldn't be further from the truth for the pack-dwelling Irritator familiaris. Smaller than the Irritator I'm familiar from the fossil record yet still large compared to most coastal denizens, this social theropod goes about its days roaming the beaches with its familial pack, investigating any other beach dwellers, whether it be a terrified Dodo or a newly awoken survivor. I've even witnessed Irritators go up to and sniff the legs of a Tyrannosaurus without one bit of worry. I believe this seeming lack of fear towards other predators is a product of a natural pheromone emitted by every Irritator that, fitting for its namesake, causes even the largest of animals to steer clear of packs of Irritator. However, newly hatched Irritators, still residing in the pack's den, seem to lack this pheromone, making them choice prey for any predators who are willing to risk the pack's wrath. Domesticated Taming an Irritator is a rather complicated process, as despite their curiosity, they do not form bonds with those outside their pack easily. The most common method I've seen employed involves a mix of playfighting, playing fetch with rare items, and cuddling. The younger the Irritator, the easier it is to domesticate. However, focusing solely on a single pack member may cause the rest of the pack to become jealous or even outright aggressive, shoving the favored Irritator away in an attempt to become the spotlight themselves. Once tamed, an Irritator makes an excellent travel mount both on land and in the sea. Their inherently curious nature makes them excellent at locating rare resources, especially those underwater. Irritator can also be taught to use their pelican-like throat pouch to store large amounts of heavy goods, making them the ultimate companions for gathering expeditions.
  8. General Information: Torosaurus was a large ceratopsian dinosaur that lived 68-66 million years ago in North America. At 30 ft in length, weighing up to 13,000 lbs, and having a 9 ft long skull, it was one of the largest of the horned dinosaurs. Ark Information: Common Name: Torosaurus Species: Torosaurus iratus (Angry perforated lizard) Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: These behemoths are not something you don’t want to be on their bad side. Torosaurus are very similar to the other ceratopsians I have come across on these Arks, with large horns and a long frill covering the back of its neck. Unlike the Triceratops or the Pachyrinosaurus, however, it was much larger and lives a solitary lifestyle. If you find two of these beast together they are almost always fighting each other. Torosaurus are very territorial and will fight anything or anyone that it seems as a challenger to its turf. There are very few things that can stand up to one of these beast once they start their charge. Torosaurus also have a habit of sharpening their horns before a fight to make them even more dangerous. If you run into one of these dinosaurs, I have one word of advice. DO NOT RUN! Running will trigger it to charge and it won’t stop until it tramples you. If you want to survive a Torosaurus encounter you have to stand your ground. It will view you as a challenger rather than a target to mow down. Once it sees you as a challenger, you either have the option to fight or back down. While backing down might be the safest option, fighting it is the key to domesticating them from what I’ve been told. Domesticated: Those who have tamed a Torosaurus are some of the most hardened survivors I have ever met. They have told me that by standing their ground and fighting, the dinosaur eventually calmed down and they were even able to hop onto its back. It would try to buck them off like a rodeo bull before eventually soothing it with food. Once it has relaxed, the real challenge begins. By leading the Torosaurus to new challengers to fight, the survivors were eventually able to gain their trust. The brave survivors who have tamed them no pose a near unstoppable animal of war at their side. A Torosaur’s charge is powerful enough to plow through lower quantity structures and severely damage high quality ones. They are also impossible to stop once they get going. I’ve been told the only way to stop them from charging is be throwing explosives under their legs. Its horns are also a force to be reckoned with. With the ability to sharpen its horns, it can use them to cut through armor and gore anything that gets in its way. When its horns are blunt, they are more suited for crashing through walls and knocking enemies off their feet. Surprisingly, Torosaurus isn’t just a good war mount. Its powerful legs are also useful in travel and it can carry heavy loads quite well. This animal is also great at scaling rough terrain and is even a fairly good swimmer for a creature of its size. Its temper also seems to heighten its fighting capabilities when it’s in the presence of large animals. Torosaurus it a very versatile creature to have by a survivors side. Torosaurus would be a late game powerhouse herbivore. It would be cable of damaging structures up to metal tier as well as take reduced damage when attacked from the head like the Triceratops. Its main attacks would be a charge and a horn attack. It’ll have two separate modes: Sharpened Horns Mode and Blunt Horns Mode. Sharpened Horns Mode: This mode is activated by Torosaurus scraping its horns on the ground. When this mode is activated, Torosaur’s horn attack deals increased damage and add a bleed affect to the target. Reduced knock back on both attacks. The buff last for 1 minute and has a 2 minute cooldown. Blunt Horns Mode: The natural state for Torosaurus. Charge attack deals more damage to structures and targets. Increased knock back on both attacks. Torosaurus also possesses the Rivalry ability of a Triceratops. Its taming method will be a mix of a Reaper, Amargasaurus, and Carchardontosaurus. First you must damage it bellow 10% health, then hop on its back and guide it towards creatures to fight, feeding it either kibble or healing items periodically. (images are not mine)
  9. 🐈 small cat shoulder pet tame helper nickname: "Shimmer Kitty" previously submitted to the Aberration vote as Leptofelis IN THE WILD - 8 kg (18 lbs), about the size of a big house cat - looks like a Persian tabby or a Norwegian Forest cat, with glowing stripes or spots - found in the jungle or an Ab Green Zone, often napping in tree tops or mushroom trees - can jump very high and climb trees - about as easily spooked as a monkey - will flee if spooked, but if cornered, will bite (causing normal damage) and/or hiss (causing a paralyzing slow effect, like being webbed) and/or swipe (induces fear to animals / hallucinations to people) - passive tamed with combo of fish meat (prime working better) and the "ascerbic" mushrooms - the black ones with the narcotic effect* *If the Center doesn't get an Ab zone, then narcoberries would be a reasonable substitute. - once tame, will eat fish or meat; can be fed ascerbic mushrooms (or narcoberries) for special attacks TAMED (all effects diminish on larger animals: the larger the animal, the less effect) - hiss: 3 second paralyzing slow effect to animals that come within 1 meter - claw swipe: small amt of damage, but when cat has eaten black mushrooms (or narcoberries), poison induces 3 seconds fear to animals / hallucinations to people - purr (automatic while on shoulder): de-agros animals, induces torpor in wild or enemy animals and enemy humans not riding - lick (automatic while on shoulder): heals owner by cutting bleed damage/mushroom or radiation hallucinations/torpor up to half - the usual shoulder-pet weight reduction on inventory; in addition, acts as good as an electric fridge for keeping kibble/veggie cakes/ascerbic mushrooms/narcoberries/biotoxin/blood packs/Sanguine Elixir in its inventory Shimmer kitty can be put on turret mode, to hiss and swipe at wild dinos and enemys. Not a light pet: shimmer kitty glows like the aberrant variety animals, but does not have the glow pet passive damage to reapers and nameless, does not attract seekers, and does not light the area. Info from Wikipedia: Proailurus bourbonnensis was a smaller species [than Proailurus lemanensis], estimated to have been 7-10 kg. Of the teeth, the p1 is wholly missing, and the m1 was slightly less elongated and the m2 less reduced than in P. lemanensis.
  10. scientific name:Crimson kubanochoeres Personality: Female friendly, male territorial consciousness [Ability] "A special fragrance" kubanochoeres's body will release a special fragrance, which has a strong interfering odor that can cause the frontal buff on its hostile creatures to subside. "The counter attacker of predator " kubanochoeres has specific combat effects for Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus based on gender. Male kubanochoeres is immune to 80% of Giganotosaurus's damage and can deal triple damage to the opponent with each attack. Female kubanochoeres is immune to 80% damage from Carcharodontosaurus and can deal triple damage to the opponent with each attack. [Manner of Taming] In the wild, kubanochoeres will appear in small groups, with female kubanochoeres being relatively friendly to humans and not actively attacking, while male kubanochoeres will actively attack approaching humans. Among them, male kubanochoeres cannot be tamed, and only individuals carrying young in female kubanochoeres can be tamed peacefully. You need to find a sow in the wild that follows a group of piglets. Then feed it with any feed. The level of feed determines the taming effect. After successful domestication, you can obtain the sow you feed and all the piglets it carries. [Precautions 】 Although female kubanochoeres does not actively attack, these swarming animals often have males with strong territorial awareness around them. kubanochoeres has a strong desire to attack Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus, and both males and females will attack Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus with a greater range of hatred than humans. When this type of animal attacks in groups, it can be a headache for the dominant players riding Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus. kubanochoeres's saddle unlocks at level 35. 库班猪 学名:赤红库班猪Crimson kubanochoeres 性格:雌性友好,雄性领地意识 【能力】 “恶劣的香味” 库班猪的身上会释放一种特殊的香味,这种具有强烈干扰性的味道可以使得其敌对生物身上的正面buff消退。 “顶级掠食者的逆袭者” 库班猪根据性别不同针对南巨和鲨齿龙有专门的作战效果。雄性库班猪免疫南巨百分之八十的伤害且每次攻击可以对对方造成三倍伤害。雌性库班猪免疫鲨齿龙百分之八十的伤害且每次攻击可以对对方造成三倍伤害。 【驯服方式】 在野外库班猪会以小群体出没,其中雌性库班猪对人类相对友好不会主动攻击,而雄性库班猪会主动攻击靠近了的人类。其中雄性库班猪是无法驯服的,只有雌性库班猪中携带幼崽的个体可以和平驯服。你需要在野外找到一只跟随了一群小猪仔的母猪。然后给它喂食任意饲料。饲料的等级决定了驯服效果。驯服成功后你可以得到你喂食的母猪和它携带的所有小猪。 【注意事项】 虽然雌性库班猪不会主动攻击但是这种成群出没的动物身边往往有有着强烈领地意识的雄性。 库班猪对南巨和鲨齿龙有着强烈的攻击欲望,无论雄性还是雌性它们都会以比对人类更大的仇恨范围去攻击南巨或鲨齿龙。这种动物成群袭来的时候会是那些骑着南巨或鲨齿的霸主玩家非常头疼的存在。 【鞍具】 库班猪的鞍具35级解锁。
  11. Common Name: Hatzegopteryx Species: H. kavoratrogon Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Insectivore Temperament: Neutral Wild: Adapted to subterranean caverns, Hatzegopteryx kavoratrogon can be found climbing around the giant roots of the Luminous Marshlands. It has developed a taste for creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes and behaves aggressively toward them. Otherwise despite its nightmarish appearance this flightless pterosaur is actually quite docile unless provoked. Although reaching a wild Hatzegopteryx in its natural habitat can be physically tricky, the creature's calm demeanor means it can be safely approached and fed chitin or, more effectively, alpha karkinos claws to earn its loyalty. Domesticated: Hatzegopteryx specializes in hunting bugs, crushing them easily and feeding exclusively on chitin. Its powerful beak is especially effective against karkinos, able to use well-aimed strikes to knock them unconcious with similar effectiveness to a catapult. Rumor has it that this ability is also effective for knocking out golems as well! Hatzegopteryx' pick-like forelimbs enable it to scale verticle surfaces with relative ease. This could almost certainly come in handy when trying to snatch those pesky high-up rock drake eggs! Unfortunately its wing membranes have become too vestigial to support so much as gliding let alone powered flight. Although Hatzegopteryx is not semiaquatic per se, it can swim well enough to hunt its karkinos prey. Artist's Notes: This design leans into the now-disproven hypothesis that Hatzegopteryx may have been flightless. I thought it was still a fun idea to experiment with especially in the context of Aberration. I wanted an alternative method to karkinos taming, as messing with catapults or cannons can be resource-intensive and finicky. I've been sitting on this concept for over a month and am excited to finally showcase it! Thank you for checking my idea out and I hope it earns your vote. Community Suggestions: ~If transferred to other maps, this Hatzegopteryx would have an unlockable tek saddle that would equip it with artificial wings and restore its ability to fly.
  12. Basic Info - Group; Mammalian Diet; Omnivore Temperament; Curious Tameable; Yes Ridable; No Design Inspirations Below; Dossier - Wild; Vulcanops jennyworthyae can oftentimes be seen hanging from cliffs and the cave ceilings of Aberration. They are commonly seen hunting insects and foraging for plant material to eat. Some Vulcanops have even been sighted burrowing beneath the rock and surfacing with rare trinkets such as gems, old materials, and even shards of Element. Their resonant echolocations can also be used to ward off some of the more sensitive predators of the Ark. Domesticated; Domesticated Vulcanops make for amazing pets. Although not large enough to carry a rider in flight, Vulcanops are big enough to allow Survivors to use them as a makeshift glider and rock climbing equipment, soaring through the open air and allowing the Vulcanops to carry them up any cliff sides they come across. But more than that, Vulcanops have also been used as sentries, using their high-pitched Sonic Booms to disorient smaller predators or ward off Reapers and Rock Drakes with their sensitive hearing. They can also use echolocation to locate cloaked creatures, and pass that knowledge on to their Survivors or any allied Dinosaurs. Behavior - Vulcanops jennyworthyae can oftentimes be seen flying around the open caverns of Aberration, hunting small insects or foraging underground for Plant Species Z seeds. They find Survivors curious, and as such will follow them around for a short time period if they come across them, much like an Ichthyosaurus. Drops - Raw Meat, Hide, Fur Taming - The only way to tame a Vulcanops jennyworthyae is to find one burrowing and when it comes up to feed it Plant Species Z seeds Utility - Vulcanops jennyworthyae is primarily used as a piece of mobile utility. The Vulcanops will sit on your back as opposed to your shoulder, allowing you to bring along a Light Pet, and will extend its wings to allow you to glide around. Climbing will see the Vulcanops extend the claws on its wings to grip the stone, and haul the player up in jumping bursts. This allows the player to use weapons and is directed as normal with the Climbing Pick. Abilities; Primary Attack; Bite. The Volcanops will bite the target inflicting small damage Secondary Attack; Sonic Boom. The Volcanops will release a sonic wave that deals medium damage in a cone for a short range which will also stun any creature of similar or lesser size. Can also stun creatures with sensitive hearing such as Reapers and Rock Drakes (assuming they have sensitive hearing lol) but for a shorter duration. (Think Baryonyx Stun) Passive; Burrow. A tamed Vulcanops can be commanded to burrow on cooldown, which can yield various results. These include items such as Crystals, Gems of any color, equipment (low durability and low-mid quality), Plant Species Z seeds, etc. They will also do this periodically in the wild. Roles - Glider/Climbing Pick/ Parachute Replacement Sentinel/Base Security Rare Loot Finder/Loot Goblin Supplemental Images and Links below!👇 https://www.discovermagazine.com/planet-earth/meet-vulcanops-giant-burrowing-bat-and-ghost-of-gondwana https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcanops
  13. Iani Smithi. It's an iguanadontian, but being known for having teeth rather than a bill and a strong jaw I thought it could be a cool pack-type dino. Since Carnivores have been so popular and people want more herbivores this could be a good in between. Like they get a buff of bleed and the broken bone thing when either in a pack or given a certain food(rare flower/mushroom or beer). They would be more the size of raptors than the size of the normal iguanodon. This would also mean being less bulky and more offensive stat wise. The inspiration for it being an aggresive dino is it's name being inspired by Janus, the two-faced roman god. And it's name also relates to change, this being the map where Rockwell went through his big change I thought this would be a fitting addition. Since it would be for ab, it could keep the iguanodon skill of not using stam, while also being able to climb on vines/ropes like ravagers. Also being in ab it could take advantage of the glow effect. It would have patches of skin that could be very vibrant and it's special ability would be to glow very brightly for a short amount of time confusing big predators and scaring off small ones. This would give it time to escape because it isn't built for fighting larger dinos(if they wanted to make it stronger they could make it able to jump on large dinos like deinonychus or even climb walls 😂). It's passive skills would be the unlimited stam buff and a weight reduction on crystal, gems, and gas. One suggestion I've seen is to make it immune to stuns so that it could counter shadowmanes. They have a glow affect like glow pets/bugs. They are attracted to light so you could use lamps or flares to lead them where you want. To tame them you will need to beat them to low health. once they are low health they will glow brightly and run to the nearest source of light (lamp, flare, glowbug, glow pet, aberrant dino, fire) as a source of comfort and lay down. Once they lay down you can passive tame them. This would take the form of taking care of them by feeding them or petting them till tamed. As offense based herbivores they would be territorial like a Therizino or chalico. They would aggro to anything that gets too close. When they get low on health they would use their flashbang ability to escape danger. Iani smithi
  14. Description: This dino is nearly or as big as a Quetzal. The Hatzegopteryx can dive at the speed of a Snow Owl. Saddle: The Hatzegopteryx can have a saddle that has a bomber (Controlled by the person flying this beast) and a ball turret gunner (A saddle that can have 2 passengers for this to work). The ball turret can take advanced rifle bullets and the Bombs can be out of grenades. The bombs can only be used while diving and the ball turret can only be used while flying. Abilities: It can carry up to a stego (because of the ball turret). It has an attack that pierces up to a medium dino doing something similar to stego. The Hatzegopteryx has an attack when it swing it's head around and does knockback and of course a normal peck attack doing similar damage to a rex. It cannot use the attack when it swings around its head when flying. Aggressive Taming: The taming will not be traditional. You need to sneak up on it with meat or kibble (Takes extraordinary kibble) and feed it and try not to die because if it notices you it will pick you up and drop you (You probably need more than just Gillie). Domesticated: You can use the gunship saddle because you've tamed it but now you have a powerhouse of a creature to use. Other: The creature cannot be taken into a boss fight and of course, cannot be taken into a cave. The ball turret will be placed under the center of the dino and the Bombs will be dropped from the back of the dino. The saddle will be very expensive. Cannot be netted. Sorry for any typos and grammar mistakes but who is excited about ASA.
  15. Hello again Ark community, heres my submission for the Ragnarok creature vote: Falcarius vagus! Table of contents: - Concept art - Dossier art & text - Base stats - Saddle - Attacks - Abilities - Other references Falcarius concept art: Dossier: Base stats: HP: 240 Stam: 650 Oxygen: 150 Food: 1500 Weight: 400 Melee: 100% Saddle: Unlocks at lvl 25 Cost: 80 Hide, 50 fiber, 15 Pelt/Hair/Wool, 15 Wood Rider Weaponry allowed 1 Seated saddle Attacks: Lclick: Bite, gathers berries (20 base dmg) Rclick: Claw swipes (15 base dmg, hits twice) Spacebar: Hop C key: Fluff up feathers, gradually depletes stamina, slows down Falc Abilities: Insulation: similar to dimetrodon, scales with melee Accelerating sprint: Starts off same speed as a Parasaur, can accelerate to Iguanodon speeds at max sprint Herbivore fire dmg reduction Other references: Reference images: The real animal: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjAnIGto6n_AhV-xjgGHaDWC3sQFnoECBwQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FFalcarius&usg=AOvVaw1Ypo2q7Ybve_oBr3OZLXmI Hope you enjoy, and good luck with the creature vote everyone!
  16. Umoonasaurus Common name: Umoonasaurus Species: Umoonasaurus demoscyllus Group: Reptile Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Docile Habitat: Ocean (Mostly found near the colder regions of the Ark) Wild Happily frolicking along the cold seas of the Ark is a plesiosaur of small stature called a Umoonasaurus, it has a notable crest made of keratin on its head which is much larger than its real world counterpart. Like its relatives the Umoonasaurus tends to reside in the deepest parts of the ocean feasting on its favorite food: the Ammonite. While I was watching the Umoonasaurus attack Ammonites I have noticed that it doesn't get attacked by other creatures while eating, it seems to delicately chew through the shell of the Ammonite by extracting the bile and not letting a single drop of it to leak from its mouth. Domesticated Umoonasaurus doesn't need a saddle to be ridden but can still be crafted to help provide the creature with protection, it also allows the rider to use weapons while riding it. It is a fast ocean mount able to outspeed even an Icthyosaurus, but the speed comes at a cost. It can dart through the water at high speeds but only in short bursts because its stamina drains too quickly when sprinting. Umoonasaurus is an adept bile gatherer and can also harvest pearls on the sea floor making it an invaluable tame in the oceans of the Ark. Taming Method: Umoonasaurus has to be passively fed Ammonite Bile but doing so will not attract any unwanted attention as creatures tend to ignore the Umoonasaurus when its feeding on Ammonite. The only problem in the taming process is that the Umoonasaurus is quite a playful creature and will want you to chase it after being fed. Its a fast creature to chase so bringing an Icthyosaurus is recommended, the Umoonasaurus only slows down when it wants to be fed again. Abilities: Mounted Bite - Harvests meat, silica pearl, black pearl and large amounts of ammonite bile. Whirlpool - Rapidly spins in a circle, knocking back and damaging nearby creatures hit. Dash - Lunges forward, covering a large distance and damages creatures in its path. It consumes a lot of stamina when used. Passive Keratin Armor - The keratin covering its head provides natural armor and reduces incoming damage taken from the front. The Umoonasaurus doesn't take reduced damage when attacked from the back and its sides. Ammonite Hunter - Deals increased damage towards Ammonites and harvests large amounts of bile from each kill. Has a higher chance of obtaining silica pearls and black pearls when harvesting the Ammonite's body, creatures ignore you when you attack an Ammonite. Insulation - Provides the rider with insulation but its effect is much weaker compared to a Basilosaurus. Credit to Johan Egerkrans for the used artwork.
  17. Greetings Survivors! For this submission, the small, but dangerous Psittacosaurus vexoplectris make it's grand return to the submission forums to prove that you don't have to be a giant brute to save a life! DOSSIER TRANSCRIP: Common name: Psittacosaurus Species: Psittacosaurus vexoplectris Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: "Going off of its small size, You would expect that Psittacosaurus vexoplectris would be an easy meal for most smaller predators. But to my surprise, many of the carnivores in the desert avoid it. This is because this little critter has a few tricks up its sleeve." "Psittacosaurs possess very acute senses of smell, hearing and sight which allows them to evade predators very efficiently. In the event a threat gets too close, they can shoot off their toxic quills to deter them. While the toxin in these quills is not deadly, it does greatly irritate the skin and nervous system." Domesticated: "A tamed Psittacosaurus can be the difference between life and death for a survivor. It is able to spot ambushing predators from afar and alert its owner of the nearby threat. I've also heard that these creatures can even sniff out rare resources from under the desert sand." IN-GAME INFO: In life, Psittacosaurus is a small, Early Cretaceous ceratopsian found in several parts of Asia such as China, Mongolia, Russia, and Thialand. The ARK version is a desert-dwelling cactus cruncher that can perch on your shoulder. In the wild, you will often find Psittacos gathered in groups of about 4-5 individuals. The highest level of the group will be the "scout" for the group, serving as look out for the others. Whenever there is a threat, the scout will let out a call to alert the rest of the herd and give them the chance to escape while the scout stands guard to deter the threat by shooting its toxic quills. When the quills make contact with skin, it causes smaller animals such as Raptors, Direwolves and Terror Birds to retreat in pain. TAMING: In order to tame a Psittacosaurus, you'll need two key components: -a shield -Cactus Sap. 1.) First, you want to find a herd of Psittacos and begin to slowly approach the Scout. (It'll have a Pack Leader Glow around it, so you'll know which one it is) 2.) Then, you want to bring up your shield as the Scout enters its "Defensive Position" (it gets on all fours and raises its tail up, there will be about a 2-3 second grace period before it shoots) 3.) After shooting its quills, the Psittaco will enter its "tired state". it'll have its head and tail lowered and will be visibly panting. when in this state, feed it the cactus sap. 4.) Repeat Steps 1-3 untill tamed. Enjoy your new buddy! ABILITIES: Once tamed, your Psittacosaurus has quite a few abilities in its arsenal. -Bite: Simple bite attack. Nothing more, nothing less -Quill Shot: When either on your shoulder or on the ground, you can enable "Quill Shot Targeting". This allows the Psittaco to fire its quills at potential threats in a specific range (can be altered with its targeting range.) -Vocal Mimicry: Since the quills don't do much to larger animals, the Psittacosaurus is able to mimic the aggro sound of nearby large predators such as Rexes and Yutyrannus to alert you. PASSIVE ABILITIES: -Rare Resource Gathering: If placed on the terrain, the Psittacosaurus has a small chance to randomly dig up rare resources such as Pearls from the sand. -Repellant Darts: Psittacosaurus will passively produce a substance simply called "Psittacosaurus Toxin" which can be used to create Repellant Darts, which are made by combining a Tranquilizer Dart and the Psittaco Toxin. The darts can be fired from a Longneck Rifle and used on most creatures. the larger the creature, the more required to force hostile creatures to retreat. -Repellant Darts do NOT work on the following creatures: -Giganotosaurus -Carcharodontosaurus -Titanosaur -Brontosaurus -Extinction Titans -Alpha Dinos -Bosses And there you have it! Thank you for your reading! If you like this idea, feel free to give it a vote. It would really make my day if you did! Dossier Template by metatrox Dinosaur Art by Me (DangerFloof) (If you want more info on the real world version, here's the Wikipedia article on Psittacosaurus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psittacosaurus)
  18. Berberosaurus, this creature will be in the highlands, by the river,and ruins. It will often be seen hearding a flock of 3-5 ovis, when a player comes near the dino will heard them away from the player. Saddle. This creature cannot be ridden. Gathers. 1. Raw meat 2. Mutton 3. Prime meat 4. Wool 5. Hide 6. Chitin 7. Keratin Abilities. 1. Shepherd, will gard your ovis. 2. Will keep your ovis in an assigned area. 3. Pounce, will pounce on players and small creature's that attack it's ovis. 4. Bite, just a standard bite. 5. Tail spin, a tail spin that will stun player's attacking it's ovis. 6. Detects nearby alpha's,and gains an alpha buff,even when tamed. 7. Will be able to make veggie cake's in it's inventory Drops 1. Raw meat. 2. Hide 3. Keratin 4. Sheep flute, a flute that attracts wild ovis. Taming. To tame this creature, you will have to wear ghillie armor and tame it's flock of ovis,once you tame them ,the dino will run up to you and you will have to give it five veggie cake's per sheep and then feed it prime meat jerky and then you can whistle follow on it and it will heard the ovis to you. This is a Wikipedia link to this creature, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BerberoBerberosa
  19. ~Image Not to Scale~ Note: While I originally designed this for SE, all of the traits still more or less apply to Ragnarok. Name: Paraentelodon Tamable: Yes Ridable: Yes Taming Method: Passive Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Mostly Inquisitive and Playful, Occasionally Violent Breedable: Yes Wild: Unlike its smaller entelodont cousin, Daeodon, Paraentelodon normally reside in the less hostile, and more open, regions of the ARK, travelling in small groups of 3 to 4. Unlike the Daeodon, Paraentelodon is not usually hostile unless provoked, or hungry. Despite their brute like appearance, they are rather quite intelligent and inquisitive, often spending their time playing with each other or other creatures. Of course this form of "playing" does involve charging and ramming into each other at high speeds, however, their thick bones and dense muscles can easily ward off any injuries that might occur. This, of course, cannot be said for the other creatures they like to "play" with, but they generally don't mean to bring them any harm, usually. Taming: Due to their "playfulness", taming such a beast can be quite, interesting. In order to tame one you must walk towards the one you would like to tame with shield in hand. It will begin to investigate you slightly before performing a playful gesture. You must then raise up your shield and ready you body for imminent pain. The Paraentelodon will then begin to buck in excitement before turning away and running, while the others back away. It will then rapidly turn around and begin to rip up the ground, signaling an imminent charge. Once it charges, you must wait until it is very close, with shield in blocking position, and jump to the side at the last minute, dodging it's attack. You must then repeat this process until it is tamed. But be careful, occasionally it will nod its head to the left or right, signaling an incoming swipe attack while charging in the corresponding direction. The player MUST NOT jump in the opposite direction of the swipe, as the Paraentelodon will see this as a sign of cowardice, causing it to loose taming effectiveness, or if done too many times, the full loss of the tame, and sending the beast into a mild rage mode, like the Andrewsarcus. It is important to make sure you are absolutely prepared with, at least, a good quality riot, and similarly good quality armor, as if you mess up the dodge, a strike would most likely cause the immediate destruction of the shield, and potentially instant death. Domesticated: The great struggle to tame Paraentelodon does not come without great reward however. The beast is to be fitted with heavy metal plates, forming a collapsible war-shield. This saddle also comes fitted with ammo bags, functioning very similarly to the ammo box of GEN 2. Paraentelodon, while it does take time to come up to speed, is incredibly fast and agile, despite it's great size. Once at these speeds it can perform various ramming and swipe attacks causing not only great damage to meat an metal alike, but also great torpidity, although it is not recommended as a knockout tamer. Do to its robust tusks, it is capable of foraging uncommon resources from nodes and corpses alike, such as black pearls from silica pearls, keratin and or fur from creatures that don't drop it, and many others. It is also capable of consistently harvesting the maximum amount of tribute items from the corresponding creature. It's most useful purpose, however, is its use as a war mount. Once signaled, it will dip its head low to the ground, and pneumatic pistons shall erect the mighty great-shield of the saddle. Towering over even carnos, and featuring a slot to allow to rider to shoot forward from behind the shield. This shield will be capable of fending off even the most powerful of foes, from rexes, yutis, and wyverns, to deathworms, golems, and even the mighty manticore. It can even be colored with elaborate patterns, possibly even like a metal billboard. Even on their own, they are mighty warriors. In groups however, they are even more powerful. forming a mighty phalanx of abundant flesh and steel, pushing forwards towards every foe, without even a single twinge of fear.
  20. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Spider Species: Araneomorphus amalgotantibus Time: No Equivalent, traits begin as far as Mesozoic Era Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: I don't know where to start with Araneomorphus amalgotantibus. It has so many of the nightmare inducing traits of spiders from among many family and genus. It fires webbing like a bola spider, it spits venom like a lynx spider. It has a poisonous bite like a myriad of spiders, and can see in the dark by sensing vibrations. And to top it off, Araneomorphus is larger than an adult human! If that wasn't enough, I'm convinced that some of the caves on the island have actually been dug by Araneomorphus, but this worries me. Either Araneomorphus is a colony-spider (like ants), or there is a much larger Araneomorphus somewhere on the island. Domesticated: As long as it is kept far from arachnophobics, domesticated Araneomorphus makes an excellent guardian creature for anyone wanting to avoid killing. Their strange web-spraying behavior is also quite helpful while hunting fast, fleeing prey. They are too small to be used as mounts, however...
  21. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Mesopithecus Species: Mesopithecus amicufur Time: Late Miocene/Late Pliocene Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Curious Wild: Mesopithecus amicufur is an omnivorous monkey species, primarily inhabiting the island's jungles. It is smaller than a human, but can move at about the same speed. It is not normally aggressive, but small groups of Mesopithecus can be troublesome. Additionally, their curious nature means they will try to steal anything they see fall to the ground. Unlike most creatures on the island, Mesopithecus seems to actively seek out nearby humans to interact with. They are very friendly and curious, but this same playful nature means that they occasionally throw their feces at humans. Some of my tribe mates become angry at this, but I am sure this is a sign of friendly socialization. Domesticated: A common pet, Mesopithecus is very easy to keep fed. It will eat nearly anything, though it prefers fruits to meats. Mesopithecus is most often used as a social companion, as it cannot carry enough to be a beast of burden, is not large enough to be ridden, and is not particularly useful for combat. It is, however, quite effective at vocally warning of incoming intruders with copious amounts of tossed fecal matter.
  22. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Bat Species: Onychonycteris specuncola Time: Eocene Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Onychonycteris specuncola is one of the few omnivores I've seen on the island. They seem to live primarily off the mushrooms and moss within the caves, but they attack almost any non-insect on sight. They avoid Titanoboa whenever possible which leads me to believe the snake to be a natural predator of Onychonycteris. While flying in the dark caves would be difficult for any creature, Onychonycteris ability to use echolocation has allowed it to adapt perfectly. It can be found idly flying around the caves as often as it can be found hanging from bits of the cave ceilings. Domesticated: Not large enough to be used as mounts, and not strong enough to carry much, Onychonycteris still works well as a guard animal. Whether protecting a vacant home, or members of a tribe, their relatively vicious nature has its uses.
  23. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Ichthy Species: Ichthyosaurus curiosa Time: Late Triassic - Early Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Curious Wild: Ichthyosaurus curiosa is a comparatively small carnivore found in the waters around the island. It is slightly larger than a human, but that’s still small compared to the leviathans roaming these waters. It seems to be very interested in any creature around its size, often approaching and following humans swimming through its waters. Despite its appearance, the Ichthyosaurus is neither a fish nor an ocean mammal. Like many creatures in the waters around the island, it is actually an aquatic reptile. Domesticated: I can’t think of a better mount for someone starting to explore the island’s seas and waterways. Ichthyosaurus is comparatively fast swimmer, and even in the wild will cozy right up to you and try to figure out what you’re doing. Taming these is actually pretty easy, as they seem to love humans and will be fed and tamed without the use of violence.
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