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  1. OC-PVP-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth102 has been unaccessible for the last 12 hours. Several players have threatened or mentioned DDOS attacks in the global chat over the last few days, with the server being unaccessible for about an hour a few days ago. Unfortunately I did not take note of their IDs. Any attempt to join the server yields the message "Joining failed connection timeout" which is what happens upon attempting to join OC-PVP-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth90, the only other OC Scorched Earth server, and that server has never even been joinable for as long as I’ve been playing. These are the only servers to display zero players, and again the only OC servers for this map. I have a lot of progress on this map and love this game, but if I lose my dinos and my character I will not play it again. Please fix this issue before all of my tames die.
  2. i think mods should be able to be played and experienced bu console players
  3. sparcmx

    tool Commander

    A program for builders tired of typing commands into the console. ARK Commander holds an up to date list of entities, dinos and mods that you can spawn with a simple 'double-click' plus many other useful functions. Commander Usage Double Left-Click to give 1 item Double Right-Click to give a stack limited by the Amount slider First time users, please go into Config first and setup your preferences. * The default key for displaying and hiding Overlay mode is "ALT" Running as Administrator may be required. CustomCommands.xlsx and MapBookmarks.xlsx are the only tables you can edit. The other xlsx tables in your "My Documents" are overwritten by the updater service. DOWNLOAD http://sparcmx.com/ Version
  4. kalebloganwer

    Mods on mobile

    Hey guys uh if we have a phone can we put mods in the game in the closed beta of the game please comment.
  5. Hello, I've just seen that there will be Xbox Play Anywhere being released for ARK and I have a few questions about it: - Will there be mod support? - Will steam users be able to play with Xbox players, or at least get a code for the windows 10 version? - Will it be more optimised than the Steam version of the game? So therefore different requirements?? - Will there be an option to increase the tether distance for non-dedicated players if you are running on Windows 10? Thanks in advance, just some interesting questions that I thought of and other people may find useful to know the answers to as well.
  6. Dogfighter1

    mods Mods on console

    When does mods come to console?
  7. NuWonderland Server Info: Server Maps: Ragnarok, The Island -Tribute Downloads Allowed. (Bring Survivor, Dino's, and Items from Single Player or Other Servers.) -Also we offer one Tek Item or Dino every month for long term players. -Supply Drop and Fishing Loot Quality Increased -Other Minor Tweaks Ragnarok Nitrado Server: https://server.nitrado.net/usa/s/wonderland TheIsland Nitrado Server: https://server.nitrado.net/eng/s/prabbitgaming Discord: https://discord.gg/JXaWauD TheIsland Map Info and MODS: Difficulty: 5.0 Experience: 10x Harvest: 10x Taming: 30x Mating: 20x Breeding: 20x Incubation: 20x Classic Flyers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211 Big Storage Bins: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791674340 Eco's Garden Decor: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880871931 Cross Aberration: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267677473 Advanced Architecture: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539464369 Human NPCs: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1443404076 Kibble Crafting Station: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926028694 Eco's Camping Decor: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926567353 Element Crafting Station: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859041479 Structures Plus: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Ragnarok Map Info and MODS: Difficulty: 5.0 Experience: 5x Harvest: 5x Taming: 3x Mating: .5x Breeding: 20x Incubation: 20x Classic Flyers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211 Big Storage Bins: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791674340 Eco's Garden Decor: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880871931 All Skins Chest: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=813463849 UtiliSkins: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=796983897 Medical Bio Supplements: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892993322 Kibble Crafting Station: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926028694 Eco's Camping Decor: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926567353 Element Crafting Station: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859041479 Structures Plus: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Hunters Bounty: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207909389 Have fun, be respectful and survive the ARK!
  8. ZenRowe

    poll Favorite Mod Types

    Hello, Everyone! I'd like to know what kinds of mods you all like to play. Or what mods you wish you could see more of in the workshop. If your favorite isn't covered by anything on this list please post it below! If you are interested in learning how to make ARK Mods, visit the Unreal Engine Forum for ARK: Survival Evolved. (You will need to create an Epic account if you don't already have one) You will find information on downloading the ARK DevKit, tutorials, and conversations about modding the game. (If you aren't able to vote because you still have early bird status, don't worry. Feel free to reply to the thread with your thoughts, I am reading the comments as well )
  9. Jjwalker2301

    Mods too ps4 and xbox one

    Alright i need too ask something,If you could bring annuaki mod too ps4 also S+ mabye bush pepole,
  10. Maxisnipes

    More Interactive Mod Manager

    Dear ARK Devs, I have been playing your game for 1000s of hours now and as I’m sure you are aware, there is a workshop full of mods to be used. However, some require priority over others and it can be very frustrating having to remove all of my current mods, then add my new one that requires top of the stack priority and then go through and all of my previous mods. It’s safe to say it gets very tedious after many times of doing it. So I think there should be a few simple addons to make the manager much more stress free. Number one, a simple drag and drop feature. This would solve most of the problems as I could add a mod, then just drag it to the top for priority. Number 2, a remove all function, it’s pretty self-explanatory but yeah. Number 3, an overall game settings preset system. What I mean by this is a system where I could set some lower rates and some mods for a vanilla-with-sprinkles gameplayand sage them as a better official, or some higher rates and more mods for a faster, less dedicated play through or maybe an extinction core preset or primal fear etc. . I think that there are a lot of people that want the same thing and please just into this, Thanks.
  11. VIRTUAL REALMS - LATEST EPISODE - 07/19/2018 Brachiosaurus Observation Deck - ARK Survival Evolved Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom inspired me to create a "Brachiosaurus Paddock" in ARK Survival Evolved... and of course any proper dinosaur theme park area needs lots and lots of visibility.
  12. Fatboss2002

    Mods on Ark PS4 (and Xbox)

    I don't know who else wants there to be mods available on their console but I bet it's a lot, so there should be mods on consoles! Even if Wild Card doesn't want to put mods available for their customers happiness they can put it out there for the money . . . I would pay 30$ just for be a dino mod or 25$ for aniku genesis mod. I just think that there should be mods on consloes
  13. basiliskfighter

    mods Mods on xbox

    He I was wondring why there are no other mods on xbox than primitive plus. can someone help me.
  14. So I really like using the birthday suit skins for torso and legs (and before someone goes off whining about trolling again - I'm playing on my own private server so get over it!). However, that looks pretty ridiculous with huge gauntlets and boots. Is there a way of hiding them? Like with a setting or a mod? Preferably, I'd like something flexible (like the skins) so that I can choose in game whenever I want to hide them. Does anyone know of a way to do that?
  15. JakeTheKiller42

    Modding for Consoles

    I played ARK on steam for a year with mods. I felt that the game was so much fun to build in and roleplay on. There was plenty to build and buildings had so many decorations that made them feel alive and lived in. It was a blast to play with my few friends who had it on pc. I then picked up a copy on Xbox One where most of my friends played. I joined their server and discovered that building wasn't fun at all and not really worthwhile. All the buildings felt empty and abandoned. Why make an amazing house when most rooms in it are going to be abandoned. There was still some roleplay capabilities, but they felt fake. Like why be a trader when you can't show it? Another thing I realized was that some of my favorite dinos that added some new possibilities and changed the way I played weren't present. I loved finding Wardens from the Annunaki Genesis mod and Godzilla from the Godzillark mod. I think that Studio Wildcard should add an in-game mod browser that lets you download any mods that they put on it. I feel that they could work on this post-Extinction. I've also heard rumors of a potential sequel, so maybe add it as a feature to it. It's worked for other games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It would be amazing for console players to be able to play with mods. It'd be fantastic to be able to play with my friends on xbox and also play with my favorite mods from pc. It'd be amazing to see mods on Xbox through an in-game browser or just some way of implementation. This would also be great for post-dlc content. If they don't add any more content after Extinction's release then the game will become stale after Extinction's release. This could help Studio Wildcard to focus on improving content that is already there. Allowing them to focus on fixing bugs and optimizing the game better.
  16. GAsplund

    More info on mod mismatch

    There have been too many times where the server I've been trying to join kicks me out because of mod mismatch. What would be needed is more information, which mod(s) are not matching the server's mod(s)? Could be done by adding a button for the "Mod mismatch" message for details which shows the mods with client version and server version.
  17. Does anybody know if S+ will be added to console? I would love to see it added to console. Right now I feel like building is very limited on the base game and S+ would bring out more creative builds from console players.
  18. ARK4u.com Cyber Monday Sale! Starting at only $6.75 for 75 slots with discount. 50% off any ARK, Conan Exiles or Dark and Light server. Use code: WANNACYBER *Valid until 12:01am EST 11/27/17 Are you tired of paying too much for sub-par ARK hosting? Discover why our high performance yet affordable servers are the best value on the market. Features include: Instant Setup One-Click Mod Install/Update Aberration, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth DLC Support Clustered Multiple Server Support Procedurally Generated Map Support SSD Storage Mod/Custom Map Support FTP / File Manager Access Configurable Options Advanced DDoS protection Scheduled Automated Tasks Live Chat/Email/Ticket Support Detailed Knowledgebase Enterprise High-Performance Hardware No Branding No Max Memory Limits or Throttling 10 Gbps Network Uplink Money Back Guarantee Locations: USA - Dallas, TX USA - Kansas City, MO USA - Los Angeles, CA EU - Nuremberg, Germany ARK4u.com
  19. DarthHaktyl

    Sponsored Mods on Console

    Bring select and long standing mods to consoles. The structures and Platforms plus mod that has been on the sponsored mod program since almost it's inception it would allow players to have a base or bases worth showing off to others that don't rely on pure size even if it was disabled on official PvP servers it would enhance the PvE experience all that much more . New decorative items and mirrors that actually work along with new maps and a special map for Alpha Ascension as we have The Center for Gamma Ascension and Ragnarok for Beta Ascension the alpha map could incorporate the Aberration map engrams and tames. Scorched Earth Ascension Area as that wasn't added into the game due to suspense building or time limitations but since the Aberration DLC has an Ascension at the end of the main boss fight you can add one for either the Manticore fight or a new cave for it your own Survivor Notes hint at an ascension for scorched earth so as a player i would like to see this implemented. The Immersive taming mod would also be great for consoles as like a new game mode similar to Primitive Plus would be appreciated. Please remember PC players already can quite easily have all of these and more Hackers say they already have mods but those of us who have standard consoles or don't wish to break EULA have to wait on either a console mod program (which WildCard have already said they are not doing) or the mods to be added by WildCard we all would like to say these seem to be the most important ones for me and my friends. Thank You for reading.
  20. mrgreen089

    How mods are updated

    One of the most bothersome things to me is finding a server I really enjoy playing on with mods I like and failing to log in one day due to mods being not up to date on the server. Is there any way to make mod updates voluntary on the client end? It's vastly more simplistic to the user to update mods to match the server than for the server to update to match client mods. Critique the idea as you like, There's probably many factors I'm failing to see in this idea as it is now.
  21. So, as many of you will know there are ark sponsored mods, There's a whole section of this website on it in fact! But not as many of you will know that they were rumored to be coming to PS4 as well as steam. They have already been released on steam, but if like many of us, you're a PS4 player, you'll know that sponsored mods haven't been released for us, and there seems to be no sign of them in any way. Before we get started, if you're still waiting for ark Primal Survival, in which you can play as a dinosaur, then click Here! It's my forum on that topic, anyway, Sponsored Mods, they are already on Steam as I've said, if you'd like to see that click Here. We obviously want that to come over to the console side of ark with XB1 and PS4 ! So let's see what we can find to support whether or not we can expect them on consoles in the near or far future ! There is this article This still doesn't mention anything about them coming to consoles in any depth or AT ALL. But it still has been rumored that they CAN Be Expected for console players It would be Great AMAZING for mods to be introduced to PS4 ark players, but there IS a more recent article on the topic which I have seen, thsi just includes a list of all of the current ark sponsored mods which are available on steam Right Now ! So if you want to subscribe to those on steam, you can HERE. It's a great program that we can only wish for to come to PS4 and XB1. I have also found out through research that the fantastic maps, The Center and Ragnarok were both originally mods, you as well as I may have already knew about The Center being a mod that was integrated into the game, but so is Ragnarok ?! This shocked me as I just ever suspected that. But also I've read that Structures Plus is going to be integrated into the core game in the same way! As are some of the following! NPC Bush People by Swords Scorched Earth Decor, RP Decor, eco In Wonderland, and ecoTrees by eco Ragnarok by Excited Kangaroo Structures Plus, Platforms Anywhere, Platforms Plus by orionsun Steampunk Mod by iSpeZz Roraima by Jeff Castles, Keeps, and Forts Architecture by enc | ExileAcid Survival Plus by Tao Ark Moon Survival by DavidBC Shigo Islands by Exilog Madagascar Evolved by Hey my team rules! Thieves Island and Skies of Nazca by Tkat5200 MRRadTools.Inc by MRRadioactiv Ark Postal Service and Offline Raid Protection by jslay Advanced Admin Command Menu by Woeful Macabre So what does this mean for us console players ?! it means that the sponsored mods We've all been waiting for are ACTUALLY already being integrated into the game, with those that have already been released ( Ragnarok and The Center) So we just have to be patient and wait for the new mods, apparently Structures plus is becoming part of the core game, which is something amazing to get, if you don't know what structures plus is, Here is one of my favourite features https://ibb.co/ivdEfw (Image) Here's Another GREAT Feature! https://ibb.co/kas70w One more Astounding feature is this, https://ibb.co/mmxwtG One more feature I'm going to include is https://ibb.co/gsRpDG There are LOTS MORE, So you can Amaze yourself V If you'd like to browse the screenshots yourself, CLICK HERE A video on youtube I've watched is quite helpful which you may find helpful, rather than reading it here, they ARE a feature that's coming to consoles it seems, but you can watch the video HERE! If you want to get even more news on the topic, thanks for reading this, and have a good day!
  22. So before I start, I'm not asking this because I'm looking for such a mod. I'm trying to figure out if the server I just joined has something along those lines. So this server is so easy it's ruining all the fun I had messing around on single player. Huge exp boosts, taming time reduction, multipliers on resource collection, if you can think of a way to take the struggle out of the game, this server likely has it. The people involved with it seem nice though, so I'm trying to think of a nice way to ask if we can up the difficulty a bit. I seem to be the only active user so it shouldn't be a huge deal but anyway, one really stark difference from my single-player experience is the total lack of dangerous dinos. I had done single-player on The Island and this server is a Ragnarok server, so I thought maybe Rag doesn't have as many predators, but the forums tell a way different story. So my question is, is there a mod or another type of change a host can make to the server that makes predators far more rare? Or did I just happen to pick the one spawn point in Ragnarok that has no danger? As an additional question, could they have also messed with dino aggression? I ran into a Thylacoleo, which the wiki lists as aggressive, and I had to attack it to get it to even notice me even when I was standing on top of it.
  23. RedDwarf

    New Mod: Rocket Poop!

    Winner of the 3rd official ARK modding tutorial contest for "most ridiculous buff", this mod allows you to rocket around the map by hitting the "Poop" key. =D This mod is open source, and there's a tutorial to help new modders. Enjoy! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369104105
  24. Hi. I have an idea for a mod to help tribes organise and function as a micro-society, mostly for RP purposes, but also some functionality (like assigning engrams and blueprints to specific players). It'd be a modular mod that would feature ways to control all sections of societal division: professions, religion, birth status (e.g. noble, commoner, royalty, etc.), political ranks, among others. Of course, I have a lot planned already, just need someone to discuss my ideas with and who's able to implement them into the game. I don't have any knowledge (or interest) in programming, which is why I'm not willing to do it myself, but it's an idea that's worth making into fruition. If there's anyone who'd like to take a shot at this and has the time and good will, please let me know =)