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  1. (this might be a dumb question, just asking to be sure) Are you scanning for r-gigas specifically? When I scan i consistently have 2 or 3 r-gigas on my map. I consistently have no regular gigas. I have been taming them to try for good stats, and I consistently tame or kill them in the top left of the map. There is always one between the 24,10 and 24,28 area.
  2. I think each of you need the missions. Same happened to me and my tribemember. I went, he did not. He was missing 1 mission. We tried again when he had it and we both went... but I bugged (could not whistle or dismount). Then I just died within 20 seconds of teleporting in and all my equipment broke. So we both did the gamma fight solo....
  3. Indeed. There is little chance that the community is going to read all the pages of suggestions. I feel the same, that anyone late (as in, no instantaneous after the announcement) to making a suggestion is losing their chance to get a real chance to be seen.
  4. I have run ot many times. Every couple days I'll take it for a spin. Yesterday I was a few meters from the finish line when time ran out. Seems to need perfection to beat... too difficult or too little time I would say. Probably need another 30 seconds or else they need to chill out the canoe damage a bit. Very unforgiving. A single misstep and you're out of the race
  5. You are already using cheats: if you are just interested in testing it out why not spawn it, then actually tame it as intended? If your already spawning stuff in then spawn the mutagen and go through the taming mechanic instead of force taming. If you are that scared of the thing you can also put yourself in god mode.
  6. Full ghillie and cactus broth is the way to go for the shadowmanes. We found it useful to have one of us patrol the borders and keep an eye on things from the back of a giga. The shadowmane will not bother the giga, and because it is tall my tribemate can give me a heads up or verbalize what the shadowmane is doing if I can't see it on the ground. We did it free range twice, then started using a pillar taming trap (build while it lays down, avoiding the front of the creature or you can net and build). I imagine on official the lag makes it rougher. Sometimes it seems like the thing won't settl
  7. But you did need the missions on gen 1 to do the boss. I think them being a gate to pass to tame high lvl stryders is what everyone is really upset about. Everyone wants a 150, but alas... But to be honest, even lower level stryders are rediculous when it comes to harvesting. I got enough missions to tame a 100 and I am pretty pleased with it. Personally, some of the missions seem overtuned but the idea of needing to complete missions on the whole does not bother me. What bothered me was when I logged in to find like 15 missions reverted to not completed. But I also play on a priva
  8. For our private server, we started with fresh characters. When we reached max lvl we brought in our main (ascended) characters to override take over the tribe we had with the new ones.
  9. We had lost the alpha shadowmane the first time we tried it (on a lark) and after the mission failed the lvl 300s did not despawn. we figured it was a bug and ended up deciding to dinowipe the server
  10. Agree. We have decided to focus on harvesting stryders and ignore the others.
  11. I have never quite understood why my character cannot figure out how to shove a tek helmet on their head because they don't have the crafting engram. If I earn a tek item in a mission then I should be able to use it. For private servers, create a .ini setting to allow item use without tekgrams.
  12. It is telling you what to do. Fight off the predator and then add torpor (horse kicks, tranq, etc). Once torpor is applied it will prompt you to net the creature. I feel that missions still aren't perfect, but I can tell they learned some from gen 1 missions. Like footprints are larger.
  13. One would think Eden would be a land of milk and honey... So much for taming the amazing r-thylas with efficiency. I am near level 90 and yet to see a single drop of honey from missions or crates. I guess its good I run s+. If I ever get 50 honey from rng I will be making the domesticated beehive. Good luck on official
  14. Seems obnoxious that I cannot find honey. Not having luck in drops or missions and I am trying to make some kibble
  15. The damage you take is dependent on your saddles.
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