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  1. And the fact allied dinos don't TP with you? And I believe on small tribes you can't ally? What about single players? People on private servers with only a couple people? It is great that bigger tribes are able to get it done, the point of this thread is that part of the player base has been basically locked out of content.
  2. Not everybody is part of a huge tribe. The game has a single player mode, don't forget. And what about small tribes servers? It is pretty narrow sighted to think everybody HAS to participate in big tribes. It is unfair to a portion of the player base to suddenly have a boss that is impossible with s small group, or even solo. Other bosses have been possible without a big tribe. (and we are talking gamma boss in this thread... not alpha) Yes, thee tribe system is a big game mechanic. But, players have to be choosy about whom they trust. And its easier to build trust with a small group rath
  3. Manta race you need to be careful to hit the jumps pretty straight on. And jump before you hit the ramps. If you hit the jump at an angle with any speed you do go flying off course. Other creatures can also ramp you, that's happened to me a few times. I have run it a lot and it gets easier with practice. I live in ocean biome and it is a nearby race I run when I need a few hexagons. Even with beta you should probably be able to get at least journeyman (maybe mastercraft if you get lucky). I ran another manta race today just to be sure I was correct it drops megatherium saddles and I did get on
  4. It is a manta. Mounts are given to you for races.just go to the race and hit start.
  5. Noticed this as well a while back. Happened a couple times to myself and my husband. One example: After husband had been fear roared by yuti, roar wears off. Dismounted and the bloodstalker high tailed t out of there in a random direction. Loads of fun in the blizzard zone where it got into a fight with direwolves...... Luckily i had my bloodstalker spider vision to help find the thing.
  6. I have gotten plenty of megatherium saddles off of wave ray 64 race as well (alpha is doable). I have a couple ascendants from there
  7. We had a bloodstalker (that had a mutation) vanish upon TP back to ocean biome. Tried spider vision, lap around whole island (NW corner island). It was just gone. 3 days later it just appeared from the blue. Renamed it ghost
  8. My server is totally private. there is noody there to loot you. My husband's stuff was just gone.
  9. I suspect this is the culprit, the biome colors. I HAVE seen them tho. The bright yellow magmasaur with hot pink tips was quite a sight.
  10. I was looking for the enable code as well
  11. I got an ascendant pump action in one, really nice tek pants in another. Its still RNG after all I had lots of hexagons saved up so i bought 3. the third was terrible (raptor and pachyrhino saddles). i think I got beer barrels in all 3
  12. Made me specially mad that I spent time taming an ichthyornis and the stupid duck would not eat.
  13. We abandonded doing the wave missions because this was a issue. Lost Cryopoded creatures and collected equipment. I cannot imagine it is intended....
  14. Take off, put back on is the fix. it is annoying if you forget
  15. -33% element shards AND +33% mining drill harvest. I think they are juat trying to get players to use the drill vs anky. Is the turtle mounted and moving? because that was true with quetz saddle as well. You have to be unmounted for the trap to work, Get creature in traap, dismount.
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