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  1. Can someone please respond I have lost a lot of progress. I have noticed that a lot of my rexes a rock golem and 2 yuties maybe more have disappeared due to rocks spawning in. Is there anyway to get them back because I don't know what to do. I have used orbital camera to see if they are under the map but I see nothing. Can I get them back? Thanks for reading
  2. I'm playing Official PVE in the island, gathering artifacts for dragon right now but can't have the artifact of the inmune (Swamp Cave). Is well know in my server that one is glitched, you can find the container of the artifact, but when you open it, is empty. I tried cleaning the cave, come in and out after 10 minutes, and after 30 too. Even entered the cave right after the server re-opened from the patch, still the same thing. I've been looking for information and the bug has been reported years ago, and it seems devs just don't care so, Please if some of you guy know some way to trigger the
  3. Hi I came on server 1400 Crystal isles pve today to find some of my dinos missing. Nothing in my tribe log either and they are just gone and don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Hi All, I am on an existing server which has been running for a long time. I have been inactive for months as I have been in Hospital. I logged in and now I am having some strange issues where when try cheat forcejointribe on another tribes buildings, it now takes all my admin structures and makes them owned by the tribe i am force joining. Then when i go back to joining Admin tribe again the other tribes structures that i force joined becomes ownership of Admin tribe. No settings have changed, perhaps something happened in a recent update? It's almost like there is some is
  5. So i have bought ark downloaded ark recently specifically from xbox box game pass(pc) and when i download the game i realised it will not load. -I have tried a clean reboot on the pc. -i have tried switcing administration accounts - i have tried switching the prgam storagtion file - i have tried practically everything in i could possibly think of. i would heavly appricate it if anyone showed me a soution to fix my problem. Thank you
  6. I can be around her from a distance (almost out of render distance), but as soon as she aggros on me I immediately disconnect or crash. I'm in full ghillie and using bug repellant and this doesn't seem to stop her from aggroing on me immediately from distances she didn't before. I'm using the windows 10 version of the game on a crossplay unoffical server. I've only tried this near the green ob on Ragnarok.
  7. Upon releasing a Zombie Wyvern from a Cryo-Pod, the Cryo-Pod itself gets erased from your inventory.
  8. Hello, I have been playing ARK since its launch, I started playing it on PS4, then moved to PC and have thousands of hours paying the game, from taming, to breeding, building, and all these things. However there are some issues that I am facing in the game that have made me frustrated, and lost: 1- The large number of bugs and glitches. 2- Server lags and crashes. 3- Losing characters all the time. 4- Hacking (which I currently am facing). You see, I have been hustling non stop in the game, building bases in every map that there is, breeding gigas and
  9. The compy does not lay eggs or poop and the bug has been around for quite a long time, can we finally get a fix for this problem?
  10. It is 2021 and our dinos are still randomly disappearing. We’ve lost 2 magmasaurs in the span of a week. This is on server EU Xbox 199, the island. Our base is on Herbivore Island, is gated off and has no access to water except for our water pen, which is also gated off. I have checked 50, 50, I have whistled follow all where we left him, he was sitting on solid ground, he was not meshing. There is NO reason our Magmasaurs should have disappeared. These dinos are hard to get as none of us have Genesis nor do we want to pay the extra money for it, as you can imagine we are extremel
  11. The valentine event was 3x rates we got 4k ele a vein , this easter event is 4.5 and we getting 1.5 - 2k ele a vein , i was wondering if rates are bugged
  12. I have had a bug show up on animals that do not have an oxygen stat saying they have low oxygen. My megalodons, baryonyx, ichthyosaurus AND dunkleosteus - they all have it. Everything is up to date and we are on a unofficial server run by Nitrado.
  13. Hello All, I was playing with my pack of Raptors today and I noticed that when you ride a raptor and attack walking / running The animation of the legs is spoiled, it also happens if you jump and attack or swim and attack (All this if you are moving when you attack) Also notice that your attack speed is much slower when mounted on the Raptor
  14. When I tried to save my non dedi server settings to save it worked in everything but non dedi also when I want to tame a ferfox and im the host I can't feed it element but when my friends can feed it (non dedi) please fix.
  15. Ark PS4 Version 2.33 transferring crashes my game Ever since the most recent ark update that was supposed to fix crashing after transferring, it’s now constant and everytime i transfer my game crashes. not to mention now my character is stuck in upload because it kicks me whenever i try and download him. please fix whatever you guys did wrong in this update.
  16. 1. Payed Bionic Skins not appear only skins from achievements. (Kill and default survivor items not help) 2. Chat massages not work probably, sometimes send messages sometimes not . (Friend on pc has the same problem ,windows ark version) 3. Server 846 The center no bee hives spawning since 4 week now
  17. Transfer to Valguero crossark 13 does not work On the Valguero Crossark13 server after the update I can't switch to another cluster When transferring things, it says that the transfer of the ark element is disabled When you select a cluster, the go with survivor button does not light up
  18. My friend and I have been playing aberration for a while now, and just need to get a couple more blueprints to fight rockwell. We were on the North west surface when out of nowhere the game crashed. We both decided to get off, but when we got on later in the day, I being the host of the server, logged on to find my dinos and I burning and dying within 3 seconds. I looked at the sky and saw darkness and stars, indicating it was night. I then quit the app and reloaded the world, and when I died again, the time in the top left said it was 00:31. For someone reason we were burning and it was still
  19. Any idea why Structures Plus Mod updates are not getting pushed out correctly to clients? Takes multiple steam restarts and have had to even send players the files manually as steam never pushes the client side update. I run large cluster, plus host for streamers and this has been a nightmare the last week the last few updates from Structures plus are NOT getting pushed out to clients consistently. We have had to go as far as manually zipping up the files and sending them to clients and steam never pushes it to some people no matter how many restarts. This has affected people from
  20. Will be fertilized, no constructions over it and irrigated. Fertilizer and poops both in crop. Will sudden vanish. Crop plot still there. Fert still in plot. The plant itself just vanishes. Was there a second ago. Is random. Can happen anywhere. I have seen other talk about the glitch. Myself experienced it on TheIsland map. Does not matter if directly on ground or on stone. By irrigated I mean by the rain. There has always been enough rain on TheIsland. Nothing hit the plant to destroy it. Pve.
  21. I try in different official server Pve,Pvp And in Singleplayer. and nothing the Flame arrow dont start fire in the oil jar Anymore
  22. Disappearing Ferox Just a heads up I had my ferox on my should when I quit the game and it was just gone when I got back on. I used a pet finder mod, I used ghost to go underground but it was gone *I haven't had any disappear since I posted this, so idk if they fixed this or if my game is just working right now*
  23. Are there some funky auto decay timers going off? Was away for about 36 hours and log on to find that a bunch of my metal triangle ceilings and a greenhouse triangle ceiling were "auto decayed". It makes no sense cause they were very much attached to other structures. They acted like they were on the "solo" 12 hour decay timer. Exactly how it sounds. They were attached to structures. It was a seemingly random choosing of triangle ceilings, as there are many that remained. And it was easily within 36 hours of being away. Not the usual 15 day timer that is for attached steel structures. Le
  24. Federation armor glitches On the female character, equipping the federation tek gloves deletes half of the characters face. It’s a very large hole too, and is visible through most helmets. I’m really hoping the actual federation tek armor doesn’t do what the skin is doing.. The federation tek chest piece on the female character has holes in the back along the spine that are see through as well.
  25. So me and my friends first encountered the Dodo Boss on Ark Mobile, We are fairly new to the game so the dungeon for the boss was a bit difficult for us it took us about 3 tries and costed us 4 bucks each to get more ambers for retries, There’s 4 of us. When we finally got to the Boss after defeating the Dodo Boss we were left with “Kill all the minions” when we clearly searched the whole room. We finished it quick and we had 9 more minutes before the timer ends, One of us were searching the internet for solution but it unclear for us if it was a bug. We love this game so much even though it l
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