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  1. Xbox crossark4 Ragnorok What happened to the server? The rest of the maps in the cluster are there, but the Ragnorok map is now gone.
  2. Wondering myself; main server I play on as well. There has been no word from WC or its staff about it either.
  3. Problem will likely be ignored, they didn’t make the map compatible with Prim+ to begin with.
  4. Based on other games like “Archage” that have done merger wipes ,you’ll lose a large portion of the player base and minimum returns. They won’t risk a wipe with a new dlc because that would lose revenue
  5. Sorry no discord; buddy of mine couldn’t find them either using the windows 10 edition. Still trying to figure it out myself
  6. You can Ascend and go past 100
  7. That’s funny; they wouldn’t even take the time to look at the code for drops and kibble when looking at the code for the patch f’up. They won’t give us a 4x event weekend because they don’t care; at this point they should just allow us to transfer off prim to survival evolved.
  8. File a support ticket, they can restore your levels.
  9. Lost almost all my stuff too, best at this point to just convert to normal game so we can get drops and kibble without losing what’s left. Already rebuilt and all the normal Indy stuff.
  10. 1st you repost this in xbox bug forums, then go from there.
  11. Might wanna post this in xbox forums; doubt the switch community knows.
  12. 6 fireplaces is all you need, 3 on left 3 on right, and toss the eggs in the middle
  13. Look at it this way, for the hours you’ve played vs the cost of the game it’s way cheaper than a night on the town. Don’t be surprised if there is never a dlc because switch had to have the game dumbed down so much and it still can barely run the smallest map.
  14. If they are using it as a base I don’t think there is anything you can do.
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