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  1. Need a little more details; is he playing online multiplayer, single player, unofficial or official server, currently have xbox live gold?
  2. You have to file a ticket and hope they respond before your base autodecays ; unlikely they’ll will respond before your tamed auto decay though.
  3. The map hasn’t been setup for prim+ , stick to The Island, The Center, Aberration, Scorched Earth, and Ragnarok if you want to play Prim+
  4. The rollback came already, Aberration and the center files were corrupted so they didn’t roll back
  5. Had this happen to me when I just transferred to another server, pod was blank after and Dino gone. I found it later on because I was getting login lag and tossed it elsewhere
  6. Xbox crossark4 Ragnorok What happened to the server? The rest of the maps in the cluster are there, but the Ragnorok map is now gone.
  7. Wondering myself; main server I play on as well. There has been no word from WC or its staff about it either.
  8. Problem will likely be ignored, they didn’t make the map compatible with Prim+ to begin with.
  9. Based on other games like “Archage” that have done merger wipes ,you’ll lose a large portion of the player base and minimum returns. They won’t risk a wipe with a new dlc because that would lose revenue
  10. Sorry no discord; buddy of mine couldn’t find them either using the windows 10 edition. Still trying to figure it out myself
  11. That’s funny; they wouldn’t even take the time to look at the code for drops and kibble when looking at the code for the patch f’up. They won’t give us a 4x event weekend because they don’t care; at this point they should just allow us to transfer off prim to survival evolved.
  12. File a support ticket, they can restore your levels.
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