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  1. so i raided someone yesterday afternoon. nothing too big. i heard he had an op rifle BP so i broke in and took it. i intend on return it. the dude did not want to share it with the server so i made it my mission to steal if from him to share with rest of server. best thing is i did not leave a trace to say it was me so he should not have found it was me, sadly someone leaked it was me and now i am a wanted man by one of the most weaponized tribes on the server. so i decided to upload my casual character and go as bounty. so i arrive at my store and if find the guy who i raided there waiting. f
  2. hell ya bois, we gettin the dodorex back. i cant wait to fight it. so gonna enjoy tamin event colour creatures.
  3. so i am now the servers bounty hunter. i can be hired by anyone to kill or abduct anyone, i can also be hired as a mercenary. so i woke up and logged onto the server. i go check out the contract box and sweet mama. i have a but load of contracts. so turns out this solo guy who lives in the middle of the desert has been blowing peoples bases up and wiping peoples progress. so i have bout 10 tribes asking for the same guy to be taken out. so i prep for a raid and head out. surprisingly this guy has very little turrets set around his base. instead he has velanos. dont get me wrong they good and a
  4. this all happened on saturday. wait till i finish talkin bout sunday.
  5. so i was out on my new mutated argent which someone gave me for clearing out that greiver along with a velano. and i see a swarm of fliers heading down to a base near viking bay. so i follow and sit on the sea stack near the end of the bay and watch the raid. sadly a solo player's base was blown up in the process. i told my ally about it and he said it common to have constant tribe wars and smaller tribes being caught in the middle of it. i totally fine with wars. but when innocents are being harmed or affected that when i get salty. so i told him about me becoming a bounty hunter. he said to
  6. yesterday i was out collecting organic poly on my moschops. i ate some by accident when i was trying to eat my custom organic carrot cake. yeah did not end well for my character.
  7. i once done a red drop with a horde of enforcers. i think i crafted 50 asc 150s. holy crap they were so OP. we got to bout wave 7 before they died.
  8. i have also in the past led alphas into enemy bases. i led an alpha rex carno and raptor into a base on the island. took for ever to get all three to a base below a cliff. i done it for the lols. sooo funny. i recorded it aswell. also how the hell did a mammoth die to a turtle. once while on a rag server. someone had managed to knock out three gigas on the highlands and was taming them. it was someone who was a troll on the server. riley another friend and i all placed 50 C4 near each one. when he returned we set them off. it was spectacular. flying gigas everywhere. the dude was so angry he s
  9. u said u were being insided. i suggest tricking a few of them into the box and locking them in there. i was insided once. i said i wanted to talk with them, when thye stepped into the box i locked them in their. i kept them in their till i got my stuff.
  10. if the server is pve u cant knock them out unless you are in their tribe and friendly fire is enabled. what u could do is trick them into the box and lock them in their. again u cant be in their tribe otherwise they will just demolish the box.
  11. i not sure the deadon will work on official. also an owl works. or you could just knock him out and force feed him soups to reduce food and water consumption, also feed him and give him health brews. make sure the genny is out of his sight. also have narco traps set all around the outside of the box and possibbly have a turret or two protecting the prisoner if they are important, say a tribe leader. also keep it hidden but make sure its easy to access or close by your base. dont have it in your base, cause if he brakes out u are giving him a free pass to take your stuff and learn your layout.
  12. i remember in the early day of my ark gameplay riley and i were playing on a server. this was one of our first times playing online. we spawned on the beach and made stone picks and some cloth. we are strolling down the beack when riley spots something standing there. he say lets go check it out. so we get close enough and its a raptor. i say to leave it. we recently watched jurrasic world so riley though he was owen. he slowly approached the raptor. and we all know what happened next. i stopped playing ark for a while and when the theri was added i was like cool a gant turkey. i had tamed a t
  13. so we took care of that troll. we just blew everything of his up. and we locked him in a metal box with ac on and a deadon on healing. also food and water dont drain on the server. so now i am free to expand my base on the mountain. i was out on my raptor i tamed. i was down on the plains near the volcano looking for something to tame and i was ambushed by a horde of sabers. managed to kill off the low levels. i knocked out a 300, 300, 190 and 180. gave them the mutton and let them tame. once tamed i bred them to get the stats. when i used dododex to compare stats the health was really high, s
  14. i love arena stories. so i was on island on singal player preping to do bossfight. i had done brrod and monkey nd dragon was next. i was out loot hunting and i get an OP rocket launcher. i decide to use it in the dragon fight. so i crafted 5 and took everything to the ob. i deadon, 1 yuty, 17 rexes and my blood red thyla. we spawn into the arena and i do the usual. whistle them on the dragon and let them do their thing. i start pelting rockets at the drogon from behind him. i think this is goin great then on the next shot. boom... five rexes dead and i realise the others are getting blood
  15. i have never bothered with unicorns, i have summoned them in on my singal play world for my sisters to play with but never used them myslef, i also never knew u could breed them
  16. the tricks dont break the rules. i have seen some of them myself. they just smart ways of anti-greiving.
  17. my friends who play on official have ways to anti-greif people on pve servers. and also ways to prevent dino caps. if they find dinos that have been left out in about, they lead creatures over and make them kill the tame. if u wish i can ask them to give me a list of anti-greifing tips
  18. i find chinese ark players seem to greif alot from my experience, not saying chinese people are bad just saying what i have experienced. my freinds who play official have had the same prob, they just lead carnivors over and make them eat the brontos. it works.
  19. this was so far back i cant rember what version of ark ti would have been when this happened. riley had gotten xbox gold for the first time in a long time, so we could play online again. we first thing we done was look for a cool server. riley told me bout the cool new servers called non dedicated servers he had heard about. so we set the servers to non-ded and pick the one with about 15 people on. we join and log onto it. so we join and we on the north beach of the island. right acoss from carno island. as soon as i log in i am gobsmacked. a huge base with tons of people in. so many people in
  20. i have highly boosted breeding stats. this was also on my singal player world.
  21. also the gigantos look like they have a beer belly. sorta like endgame thor. just give one a hammer and make sure it is blond and u got a gigantopithicus thor. lol
  22. this was back in the old days of ark. i was perched on a cliff over looking a base. we were raiding them for loot and resources. with my trusty longneck and argent i was scouting out the base. i had was to shoot anyone i saw within the base. riley told me he was running into the base to set C4's. he said to cover me. he was wearing green riot armor to camo. i spotted someone with flak running across the base. i took my shot and boom. you killed riley lvl 89 i was confused. riley was wearing green riot armor when we started the raid. i shot someone wearing flak armour. next thi
  23. the old moneky looks so weird now when u look at the new ones
  24. hehehee, i remember back when passive tames was a thing, people were very confused, especialy when the monkey turned out to be aggresive. then when it was figured out, people though u had to put berries up their bum. that made me laugh so hard
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