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  1. When will you be fixing the fact that valguero doesnt show up on the map list for Microsoft
  2. Plz don't allow transfer from valguero until console realese or else it's going to heart break console players when they see a bunch of deinonicus on crossplay severs. I really want to try valguero on console so plz don't do this.
  3. Hi I've got one thing to say, if possible, please don't let it end at Extinction
  4. I have even longer to wait because I'm a school and have to wait 7 hours
  5. I only play console and its buggy enough, why, (if i hadn't lost my emotions as a kid I'd probably be crying right now).
  6. really ark devs all yo did for pic 1 was put new skins on the aggentavis and rock drake, meaning all you've done so far is make the character design, not a full on character with its own animations
  7. There's something I want to know, will extinction be like aberration and have multiple levels to the map. if not how big will the map be compared to aberration.
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