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  1. Liopleurodon Increased buff timer from 30 minutes to 6 hours If anyone cares about this, I wanted to see if they actually updated this on 7/30. My game ran the update and my server ran the update. I got on Ragnarok and tamed a Liopleurodon and the timer immediately showed 30 minutes. Don't waste your time on this as it's still pretty much the most useless dino in Ark and now it's got an "non update" that still makes it just as useless. Maybe what they meant was it gives you the buff after riding it for 6 hours. That could be possible but I wouldn't know because after it did its vanishing event at 30 minutes my game glitched out and crashed. I then had to shut my computer completely off and reload it all. When I got back on, of course I was killed by drowning and the buff was gone. So no way of testing it. I posted a video of the tame on YouTube. In it, you can see the timer at 30 minutes. Possible that the buff was still going but with the crash when it vanished, I'll never know and I'm not doing that again. LOL
  2. Lilmill I play single player or with my daughters on our own server. Playing PVP with a bunch of griefers is no fun. If you want to play with others on official. try the PVE ones. Those are not bad.
  3. Awesome love the event. Did you fix the Rexes on the Island yet. They can't damage anything except a Mammoth. It's great that you made The Island an actual Winter Wonderland but I can't play it until you fix the Rex issue.
  4. Awesome love the event. Did you fix the Rexes on the Island yet. They can't damage anything except a Mammoth.
  5. Can't carry a Kangaroo/Procoptodon Are we kidding, Wild Card. You patch the game to stop us from carrying a Gallimimus or Procoptodon? A Queztal can carry a Mammoth but it can now not carry a small Kangaroo. Please explain the logic for all of us. I love the game but REALLY. A Mammoth but not an annoying Gallimimus. Modified Drag weight of creatures to prevent carry by Quetz and Crab: Galli Kapro Megalosaurus Procoptodon
  6. Beware the packs of 100+ raptors on Valguero and huge flocks of Fire Wyverns on Ragnarok. Not sure the was intentional , but they are there.
  7. I was thinking maybe they don't want to add it to make it more difficult for players on PVP to advance to all metal structures. Either way, I would love it the Anklyo could be used like the Doed.
  8. I agree with you on this. I've died right by my tribemate and they couldn't find me. It would be really helpful with a locator also as someone else suggested. This would help if the game crashes and boots you (but you are still alive) and a tribemate could find you and protect you until you got back on.
  9. Also, if it's a PVP thing, maybe just make it work on Single Player or PVE.
  10. The region painting on Dino' would be awesome. Like using the Paint Sprayer on structures. We could use the Paint Sprayer on Dinos.
  11. I see you are investigating the Trike Charge. I hope you figure it out soon. It DOES work on my Aberration Server. It doesn't work on my single player Island, The Center, or Crystal Isle. I didn't try it yet on my Ragnarok server.
  12. I agree. I've always wondered why this is not part of the Ankylosaurus. It would be a great help. At least on Single player if they didn't think it fair on PVP or PVE.
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