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  1. Ilma

    My dinosare are flying!

    mine too even when i turn fly of on god console my giga is still flying and that annoys me cuz of that i killed my giga damn .Luckily i have 4 more but never fly with dinosaurs cuz even if u turn fly off it will not help i think its bug and just wardrum can fix it
  2. wardrumjordan i know that equus is on island list on pc but my question is will equus be available on mobile too maybe cuz its my biggest wish .Ehm equus is better then purlovia
  3. u mean u will continue working on fixing those singleplayer crash bugs
  4. but my device is combatible its samsung s8 plus im saying that my singleplayer is crashing everywhere i dont speak about compatibility wardrumjordan
  5. Dear wardrumjordan my singleplayer is crashing again in base or when i open inventory or when i go out on mountains or wherever i go im crashing even update which says that those buga were fixed didnt helped .Pls fix those single player crashes .Its not just my inventory whatever i do is crashing my device is samsung s8 plus.Pls fix it
  6. for so many days i cant watch ads for free ambers .I tried to restart my device and log in and out and nothing could help me i really dont know why i cant watch videos for so many days im sad as poop i have two gigas to revive but i dont have enough ambers at all
  7. i have question will other maps like ragnarok or scorched earth will be added on ark mobile.
  8. i have question and will you guys ever add a wyerns to ark mobile
  9. When i want to watch video on to get free amber it stay on 0:00 and fix hasnt been repaired at all
  10. Ilma

    Non stop inventory crashing

    yeah there was an update with iguanadon today and it says the single player crashes are repaired but as i started to play to see the game is crashing again and im playing it on my samsung s8 plus i really think the device is not the problem.The problem is with the war drums .
  11. I really dont know i update it today and it says singleplayer crash fixes i go to the game i open it and it crash direct.So if wardrums repair it why im still crashing.Make sure that your game core work and that game doesnt crash at all and after that add what u want.pls its enough for me i gave so much money damn.😭🤐🤐🤐🤐