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  1. I dont crash at all i have s10+ ,12gb ram version i dont crash at all.I used s8 plus before and it crash every 20 min now it doesnt crash at all and in play on epic.yes audio has not do to with phone nothing.Its their game in redwoods and some mountains there is no audio at all i dont know why
  2. If your game is crashing is not about game its your phone So i crashed before so much with my samsung s8 but now i buyed s10 plus with 12gb ram and i play on epic and it didnt crash from then at all never.So solution for crashes is to buy new phone.
  3. Omg why i 11 million healt is not enough for me 😭
  4. Problem with level up button Wardrum i paid 2o dollars for ascedant creature unlock and there is a bug also with god console when i press level up button it doesnt want to level up any creature .And pls repair that and ascedant creature unlock i dont want to pay 20 dollars and after there is limit for creatures .I want that my creatures have as my healt as i want.Even 1 billion is not enough for me Pls REPAIR IT
  5. so i paid 21 dollar for ascedant creature unlock so i dont spend hours and hors to level up my creature level i want.So i level up all my creatures till level 10.000 from there i press level up target and its finish how that??Ascedant creature unlock promice unlimited stats that means u can level up creatures unlimited withour stop pls repair it so i can level up my crratures how i want.Im type of person who loves to see that my tames are stronger then anything even 21 million healt its nothing for me so i want that for 21 dollar what i pay have ability to level up creauteres how much i want.Pls repair this im sad.
  6. yew he has right u said that levels are unlimited nope they are not i paid 21 dollar to know that level 10.000 is limit why repair this .
  7. it was level 340 When i start to do that and ascedant creature unlock promices that u can have unlimited creature levels but at certain level it stops no matter whit which level u start pls look if this is a bug @WarDrumKeys.I paid 21 dollar just to have ascedant creature unlick and now when my tames hit millions of healt i press level up target and nothing happens.I saw iguana gaming has same problem .Pls fix it .If it says unlimited levels so should it be
  8. now it happens fir all creatures they have limit and it says with ascedant unlock u have unlimited leves i reach 9 million healt on my equus and from there i cant level it up more
  9. so all of my creatures i can level up them unlimited with ascedant creature unlock always but i level up my unicorn to 1 millon healt from there it dont wants to gain any levels more no matter how much i press level up target .Is it a bug??? how i can level up my all tames unlimited but unicorn have limit and this feature promice to remove all tame limits .thats not true so pls fix it .
  10. Hello wardrum.I have an issue and amber offers on single player are not working at all.I complete so many offers like they said to me do that and that as soon as i leave game i didnt close it closes alone and i didnt get any ambers no matter how many times i completed offer.It doesnt works like its fake.Pls fix it
  11. hahahah omg ascedant unlock is great cuz u can level up your tames unlimited even if they are already tamed and u can level up griffin and u dont need to type for hours on god console like i did before with this my spini has 5 million healt under 2 min u dont know how ti handle this if he feels to sleep press heal all if u have god console or feed it stimulant it will wake up
  12. Wardrum pls could u change 3 person on t rex cuz while riding i cant see his body at all.On giga u can see everything on trex no if u would change it to be like on giga that would be nice.
  13. no its speed its 180% it has just 1 mil healt and 200k stamina and while riding it it food stats droops so fast i dont know why i put 1000 berries in his inventory i just go little bit explorig just after 5 seconds riding it it looses food stats so fast and it says starving quick or my tame will die
  14. so i always had god console and i level up my dinos to crazy levels now i buy this sand box what it came out even if ur animals are already tamed u can level up them unlimited and so now my equus has 1 million healt and 200k stamina but my questions is why his food drops so fast and symbol says the animals is starving just after 5 seconds running i dont know what should i do should i increase its food stats since it has 1million healt??
  15. haha iphone is poop now samsung galaxy s10 plus has more ram then my laptop s10 plus has 12 gb ram and 1000 gb memory so ols it can run eveb if they add dlc
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