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  1. Ilma


    hahahah omg ascedant unlock is great cuz u can level up your tames unlimited even if they are already tamed and u can level up griffin and u dont need to type for hours on god console like i did before with this my spini has 5 million healt under 2 min u dont know how ti handle this if he feels to sleep press heal all if u have god console or feed it stimulant it will wake up
  2. Wardrum pls could u change 3 person on t rex cuz while riding i cant see his body at all.On giga u can see everything on trex no if u would change it to be like on giga that would be nice.
  3. no its speed its 180% it has just 1 mil healt and 200k stamina and while riding it it food stats droops so fast i dont know why i put 1000 berries in his inventory i just go little bit explorig just after 5 seconds riding it it looses food stats so fast and it says starving quick or my tame will die
  4. so i always had god console and i level up my dinos to crazy levels now i buy this sand box what it came out even if ur animals are already tamed u can level up them unlimited and so now my equus has 1 million healt and 200k stamina but my questions is why his food drops so fast and symbol says the animals is starving just after 5 seconds running i dont know what should i do should i increase its food stats since it has 1million healt??
  5. Ilma

    ARK Complete + Full DLC - $$$

    haha iphone is poop now samsung galaxy s10 plus has more ram then my laptop s10 plus has 12 gb ram and 1000 gb memory so ols it can run eveb if they add dlc
  6. Ilma

    ARK Mobile 2.0 Reveal

    ehm i have question.So if u can add boses and tek why you cant add some new animals to island like yutyrannus daedon tyla or anything its getting boring with same animals
  7. i know they will add boses and tek but i want sl bad yutyrannus ☹ i buyed samsung galaxy s10 plus with 12 gb ram and 1 terabayt memory so there is no problem even if they add 100 new animals my phone has more ram then some laptops
  8. jordan why you dont add new animals to island like yutyrannus tyla daedon anything is getting really boring with same animals maybe other people no but too much want yutyrannus how can u add tek and boses but u cant add new dinos whyy.Could u tell me if u and your team will add any new dino when not so that i know
  9. dude just go away i have right to post what i want if u dont like it donr read my post ok!
  10. did somebody ask u something i have right to say what i want bud wardrum love more money than fixing game thats ll
  11. Ilma

    wardrum pls add yutrannus

    wardrum bro add tyla yuti and wyerns hahaha i ve heard that u will add in next update something end game stuff hmm
  12. wardrum my game is crashing every second i was just flying in redwoods with argie and suddenly my game crashed ,second attempt it crashed again i cant play game at all .I dont understand i never had crash since update with equus it all started pls fix it for android devices too not just for ios .I just gave 40 dollars for 1000 amber and wanted to buy things i cant even play game this is not funny anymore i sent 10 bug reports nobody answers and nobody cares .Should we maybe pay to fix crashes .?Pks fix it .! Im playing it on samsung s8 plus and s9 plus and on both devices game is crashing .Both are high end devices and they are more than compatible.so pls fix it before adding bunch off new things pls.Thats my wish.I wrote this and thos problem has never been fixed never?
  13. wardrum and all guys if you are reading this youtuber zepol has petition for yutranuss go to the twitter and vote we meed 250k votes so they add yutrannus i wish myself a yutrannus my birthday is next month and i would love that my wish get true cuz yuty is so beautiful pls wardrum add it pls??
  14. mate iphone is poop i had iphone 8 plus i gave it to my sister its poop .Dont speak about iph8ne cuz iphone has lot more crashes this time
  15. i have big problem for 4 months now i made trap so i can tame animals there so always when i drop any animal in my base wheere are walls over 10 walls and there is no way that something escapes .Always when i drop some wild animals what i want to tame in trap and i go just 5 metar away the animal will dissapear .Or i found unicorn and i drop it in my taming pen and i went to collect stones abd when i came back the horse was gone how???? or they go outside evif everywrhing is closed .Pls fix it i cant am