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  1. DILO samsung what has samsung to do with thus i have samsung s10 with 12 gb ram .iphone can never be next to it
  2. The god console on sp is not working im mean outside im taking damage even if i have infinite stats and inveruable on.Fix it
  3. haha iphone is poop now samsung galaxy s10 plus has more ram then my laptop s10 plus has 12 gb ram and 1000 gb memory so ols it can run eveb if they add dlc
  4. me too im playing brutal and level 450 max is not enough for me so i have god console i can level my dinos to the level that i want likw that my rex is level 18000 with 500k healt and 18.000meele damage so try with god console u will have dinos more powerpul then bosses
  5. Ilma

    Adding new maps

    u are wrong cuz they said 2019 they will add new map and thus year they wilm ad equus trodon otter and griffin
  6. Ilma

    Giga pursuit

    after kill the rex pursuit the giga pursuit will show up .I dont need pursuit to find a giga i find it alone by searching on mountains now i i have 3female gigas and 2 males.?
  7. quetzal are easy to find they are always near to the red obelisk i kill one of them to check and they spawn on same place where i killed them i swear i have 2 females and one male .Go to red obelisk u will see that they are there
  8. i found gigas just like that with my argi cuz i search it for long now i have 3 female and 2 males and i breed them and got mutations u can find them on mountain where carnivore island is or in snow biome
  9. nope u can heal just your tames but wild ones no
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