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  1. wardrum i saw on your wiki page and somebody post it here that ovis will come too it is true cuz their meat is great kibble
  2. wardrum pls im begging u just add equus i will pay if need to😭
  3. wardrum i sent before 5 days email on you that when i want to tame something i dont get any bonus levels even if it says that i will get for example 300 levels more when its tamed up before i got that bonus levels now no more there is bug pls fix it.I wrote email to you nobody answer and i sent report nobody answer pls this is serious problem .q
  4. i have same problem i dont know what is happening i tame before rex level 18000 i level it up to level 18000 and it said it will get 8000 bonus level and it got it but now i dont get that levels at all.Something is wrong
  5. dearwardrum i was today on your official mobile ark wiki site and i saw upcoming creatures and i know already for equus ,otter and trodons but there is griffin on the list too is that true that griffin is coming to mobile too??
  6. wardrum pls let it be equus i want it so bad im ready to pay if u want just to see equus in next update not otter 😭😭😭.Pls wardrum
  7. dear wardrum pls add black pearls to a god console cuz they are rear .I spent almost 4 hours searching for alpha mosa and trilobites i didnt found any of them.Im searching black for black pearls almost 3 months and i cant find it.And second problem is that there is no sound at all in my singleplayer.Sound dissepears directly when i start game like everything is dead
  8. yeah i would love to have black pearls in god console cuz for price we should have them
  9. its glitch i know cuz i tame rex what is now level 18000 with god console it was level 14000 and it says after he is tame up he will get more 4000 levels so it came out level 18000 but now something is wrong
  10. dear wardrum i have a problem.I knock out therizino this is for all animals when i knock them out and start taming them its shows 100%taming effectivnes and when i tame him up he will get 400 levels plus(extra).Before i knock out saber he was level 420 and and i level up him and it said to me when i tame him at end he will get 1000 levels more and at end he was level 1420 like it was all was ok now all of animals dont get extra levels at all and before they did .Something is wrong.It says it will get 1000 level at end and when it tamed up it staid same level what the heck before it was all ok.Help
  11. Chesch1 i know that they will spawn on fars peek cuz this what i wrote i long time a go i know how it looks and that there will be genders and they will be on singleplayer and that they will be tameable and that females are bigget then males so that means maybe we can breed them 😁
  12. Ilma

    Creature level limit in single player

    me too im playing brutal and level 450 max is not enough for me so i have god console i can level my dinos to the level that i want likw that my rex is level 18000 with 500k healt and 18.000meele damage so try with god console u will have dinos more powerpul then bosses
  13. dear wardrum should we except the major update this week ?
  14. Dear wardrum will griffin be available in singleplayer to or just mutliplayer where tribe needs to hunt it down in order to tame it.Pls answer me.Thanks😊.And is there option to give us a chance to make a soothing balm alone from a rare ingredients instead of buying it? That would be cool.And the last question is equus been forgoten cuz of griffin .Will u add equus to the game at all.
  15. oh thank u so much i cant wait for equus to come out .i will tame 50 of them🤣
  16. THANK U SO MUCH 😊for answering me
  17. so as far as i know griifin will be on island map on far pek on mountain next to hidden lake but u told they will need our attention and my question is do we will be able to tame them .Maybe those are alpha griffins what we can not tame if its like that and i cant tame them i will delete my game its poop you know.Pls answer
  18. hmm is it true that griffin will come out in next major update cuz i saw screenshot of a griffin on island qnd how it looks and they said griffin looking a spot to land for next update hmm?? pls answer me😁
  19. wow wardrum we saw griffin on island on the mountain next to hidden lake its so beautiful like on pc .Somebody reveal the secret of yours .Its coming in next update o hope so .
  20. nope i have 15 dinos and just small base thats all before it didnt crash at all but after update its crashing
  21. hello wardrum my game on singleplayer was ok on my samsung s8 plus till now after update is crashing almost every 5 minutes .I was in snow biome and game freeze directly DILO .I have samsung s8 and its compatible with game .This update just make everything worse it was all ok my game didnt crash but after update yes.In caves too i didnt crash in caves before now yes .pls fix this
  22. Ilma

    Volcano/chitin cave crash

    yes mine same on my samsung s8 the game wasnt crashing before at all in caves or anywhere else now after update its crashing almost always
  23. i know that griffin is creature on ragna on pc but they told us 2019 place u ve neves seen before maybe they will add special place on island map where griffins will spawn thats what im thinking
  24. i think island map but i dont know just wardrum know maybe when they add griffins they will spawn on mountains like argis or they will be added to a new map everything is possible who knows