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  1. I’d be more interested to see a build video. I didn’t know you could connect rafts. What happens if you try to move one?
  2. I’ve hated them for a long time, but I finally started doing the dungeons pretty regularly, and the lava trap isn’t a big deal anymore. Just had to get the system down. I start at the top of the incline down into the lava and start running, then jump with the aerial symbiote. I jump the whole thing in one. I did recently tweak my stats and add more speed, which helps in creature rooms as well. I was a little too HP heavy.
  3. We tested this on an unofficial. I placed a collar in a box and had someone else break the box. The collar came home when the box broke.
  4. The exception is if you drop the collar and a tribemate picks it up. At that point they own the item, even if they put it on a tame that’s not theirs. So if you want to keep ownership, put the collar on yourself, and then you always get it back.
  5. You can also check out Phoenix Rising 2.0. Hard, PVP, unofficial. Population is active but not BUSY. Right now it’s quiet cause a lot of us are on an eerie server, but it’s a low key PVP server. People aren’t generally jerks, true wiping isn’t really tolerated, and raiding is more of a fun thing than “steal and break everything you can just cause”.
  6. @WarDrumKeys I’m getting the same message as above. It won’t let me transfer in. Did I just waste 65 amber and kill half our tribes tames (cause losing member put us past the tame cap) for nothing?
  7. Honestly I hardly use kibble, vs advanced crops or prime. But that’s just me. I save my kibble for baby imprinting.
  8. Halloween event for unofficials So I have an unofficial PVP server, but all of the Halloween unofficial servers are PVE. Can people still transfer back since it’s a different game mode? @WarDrumKeys
  9. Technically you can make a point to gather eggs from wilds as you find them. I do both, farming from wilds and tames.
  10. Unfortunately, this happens. A few of the guys I play with and I had just moved to a server, spent to quickly put up a solid base since it was an established server, and then a week later the last round of phase outs happened. We were just left out of luck.
  11. Far as I know the only way to completely wipe a server is to reinstall the game, which I unfortunately had to do recently. You could possibly increase the decay timer to max and change the setting for tame unclaim to be as short as possible. Tell everyone to stay off and/or put a password on the server, and then wait until everything clears. That wouldn’t erase all of the player data, and thus any premium items could be kept if they’re on the individuals’ bodies, assuming they weren’t killed in the mean time, but most premium items would stay with the respawned player anyway.
  12. Ah, I really have no use for them at all outside of the dungeons, but we’ve lost a couple sets now and never seem to get them IN the dungeons. I managed to find one husk today after a few hours. Considering I had to pay for the engram to make them AND have to use potent dust to craft, it seems like there should be a higher drop rate for the main ingredient. Random and unrelated, assuming you’re using a shotgun for the dungeons, what’s the damage and which type? I’ve been going back and forth.
  13. KodahWomble

    Neura husk

    Neura husk Has anyone found a pattern to getting neura husks? Like using a specific weapon or killing with player vs with a tame? I know there’s a randomness to the drop, but I’ve killed scores of them and I just never get them. Considering the need for wings for the dungeons and the odds of losing them on a run, it’s getting frustrating. I’m hoping there’s some trick I’m missing.
  14. I’d love to know what you’ve figured out about the disappearing fertilized eggs cause it’s really pissing me off.
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