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  1. Some server owners and I have discussed just shutting down our unofficials for the time being, because it’s not really fair to some people able to get on and others locked out. People’s generators start running out of gas or turrets run out of bullets, and you can’t get in to fix it and maybe get wiped in the meantime. They need to roll the previous version back out for iOS until they fix this.
  2. Yeah, same here. The update pushed to my phone so now I can’t connect. Releasing an update that makes the game unplayable, knowing that a lot of devices update automatically, is a pretty big screw up.
  3. As recently as early January one of my gigas enraged in a fall and did come after me. I’ve never seen it go after tames, though I can’t say it’s not possible.
  4. I don’t usually carry the shotgun since the bow or sword pretty much handle everything better. But I went through so many arrows in the first run that I decided to try the shotgun next time. I was barely using any arrows on the creature rooms last week, so I was able to drop that number by a lot to open weight for shotgun and ammo. I generally start a dungeon near the top of weight, so I hear you.
  5. I don’t think you can. I believe uploading a second overwrites the second, since there’s no built in way to choose which to download. That’s speculation, though, cause I have no interest in finding out the hard way.
  6. I had a lot better luck with the pump action shotgun over the compound bow. It’s hard to say if it really did more damage per say (only ~250 damage shotty vs 1100 now), but I consistently killed the beetle in no more than half the time it took with the bow. For most players, I expect making shotgun ammo is also easier/cheaper than harvesting/making poly for metal arrows as well. I never saw the hearts or anything, but I stayed on the two hills and worked back and forth each time. Any chance there was some unusual, unannounced tame function available? I’ve wondered about the poop drop from that one chest, along with the poop throughout this dungeon.
  7. You can turn on a donation option for servers?
  8. That chest seemed to drop a large poop every single time that I hit it, so I just stopped going to that one. Since it was one of the last before the boss I assume it was an intentional “joke”, give the dung beetle boss.
  9. Lol, but I have a poop factory. Technically I do not have a bola factory.
  10. I just got poop as well. Come on, that’s an all new low for a dungeon chest.
  11. I’d be more interested to see a build video. I didn’t know you could connect rafts. What happens if you try to move one?
  12. I’ve hated them for a long time, but I finally started doing the dungeons pretty regularly, and the lava trap isn’t a big deal anymore. Just had to get the system down. I start at the top of the incline down into the lava and start running, then jump with the aerial symbiote. I jump the whole thing in one. I did recently tweak my stats and add more speed, which helps in creature rooms as well. I was a little too HP heavy.
  13. We tested this on an unofficial. I placed a collar in a box and had someone else break the box. The collar came home when the box broke.
  14. The exception is if you drop the collar and a tribemate picks it up. At that point they own the item, even if they put it on a tame that’s not theirs. So if you want to keep ownership, put the collar on yourself, and then you always get it back.
  15. You can also check out Phoenix Rising 2.0. Hard, PVP, unofficial. Population is active but not BUSY. Right now it’s quiet cause a lot of us are on an eerie server, but it’s a low key PVP server. People aren’t generally jerks, true wiping isn’t really tolerated, and raiding is more of a fun thing than “steal and break everything you can just cause”.
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