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  1. KodahWomble

    No crafting stations

    It is a little limiting, since new server types also only role out as primal pass servers. Having stations on a brutal server or pvx would have been a nice option. One server with, one server without, so everyone has the option. The reality is that removing stations doesn’t prevent players from spending to win. I feel like the Chinese players on brutal must be dumping money into balms and intense focus and whatever else, considering how fast they leveled up while everyone else was dragging, and they’re running around constantly with 550+ level tames which are supposed to despawn past 450.
  2. KodahWomble

    Max tame levels?

    I’m a little confused. I thought tames despawned if leveled past 450, even on the brutal difficulty server. But the Chinese are constantly running around killing everyone’s tames and breaking stuff with 550+ levels tames.
  3. KodahWomble

    Brutal server, no health regen?

    Actually something definitely seemed to not be working. Today I get the “you’re regaining health” message when I eat meat. Before it only bumped it exceedingly minutely...like a stack of meat would up maybe 5 health points. And there was NO regen without eating meat or eggs. Today it’s regenning, even if it’s slower than the hard servers. Eggs worked and still do, but at low levels it’s hard to not die every time you steal a trike egg. I had a trike that continued to agro on me even after I died yesterday too.
  4. Is it intentional that players aren’t regenning health on the brutal server? It seems like a ridiculous feature if it’s intentional. Right now you might as well kill yourself any time you’re wounded, which is pretty unavoidable, even just running down hills.
  5. KodahWomble

    Argy new tlc?

    Kill it and revive and you have the mobile station.
  6. KodahWomble

    Buildings slowly being taken apart by server

    It’s an intentional part of the game that you’ll allow buildings to be built to height and then turrets or things placed on top only to have the game randomly destroy those turrets for exceeding height? Rather than just not allowing them to be placed like you can only build so high? That seems like a rip off, not intentional game play.
  7. KodahWomble

    Eery candy doesn’t work

    We used pheromones, and we use the bears, so wait time is only 20 minutes between imprints. However, I’ve had candy sitting on two different babies without it reducing that 20 minute wait at all.
  8. KodahWomble

    Eery candy doesn’t work

    Maybe it’s that I’m trying to use it incorrectly, since there’s been zero information put out about what it does and how. But based on the description alone, it should cause a baby to imprint. Well, I’ve tried it multiple times. When the baby was first hatched, when it’s timer for an imprint was counting down, when it was time to perform said imprint task, and there’s been zero progress. The first time it used the candy, but nothing happened. Subsequently it won’t even use the candy. I hit the remote use button and the selected items shifts back the raw meat in the baby’s inventory, but doesn’t actually USE the candy, nor does it do anything. So at this point I guess I’m just wasting amber, which, you know, is awesome.
  9. KodahWomble

    Discord server gone?

    The thing is I didn’t say anything nasty. I literally just said that everyone should be compensated given them huge amount of work lost. And then said “this is ridiculous”. That’s literally it. I don’t get how you get banned for that.
  10. KodahWomble

    when new creatures will be added

    This IS the mobile sub forum?
  11. KodahWomble

    Discord server gone?

    I suggested compensation in the official discord for all the work people lost, and two minutes later it disappeared for me as well. I assume I was banned, which says a lot about the devs if they’re going to ban people for asking them to make things right.
  12. KodahWomble

    Banned Discord? No valid reason?

    I requested compensation for all the work lost by everyone and was banned as well. That says a lot about the devs.
  13. I asked something similar in discord, that there should be some compensation, and was booted out of discord for it. I didn’t curse or say anything rude. I was completely polite about it. So apparently that’s what Wardrum thinks about asking for compensation for their screw up - boot the people that dare to ask.
  14. KodahWomble

    Are PC/Mobile dino stats the same?

    At least from what my tribe has seen from taming the mobile reqs for time and number of kibble/meat/etc are diffident from what’s listed in the gamepedia wiki.
  15. KodahWomble

    Transponder nodes

    I’m in PVP. I’ll suggest that to the tribe and see if we can figure out how (if) frequencies can be changed.