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  1. Yes. I know but its been 4 weeks since we've had them and not one feather has been produced
  2. Fabled Gacha Crystals Hi there!, i am running the primal fear mods with the fabled gacha's and such, and im running into an issue with there crystals, for example i can go to open a crystal in my inventory and it says like any other gacha crystal would say but instead says this "0 icefeathers found" what would be the cuase of this? is there currently a bug with them? or do i have to fix it somehow other then removing the mod
  3. Anyone else getting these? Soo...are other servers getting outrageous amounts of spawns recently???
  4. Tombstones! What does all this spooky stuff do, does it let us make a summoner for the dodorex or something if enoughs collected???
  5. Halloween Event??? (halloween colored dinos?) Are there going to be any halloween theamed dinos kicking out this year?
  6. Upload Survivor? Hiya, sorry to bother with more questions but ive ran into a demelima here with my game, I cannot transfer my character from Olympus to Valgeruo like normal (i have no element or boss items that would stop me like normal) SO instead it says on both my s-p Transmitter and obi where it normaly says "Travel to another server" It says "Upload Survivor" Is there anything that could have happened to cause me to not be able to cross to Valg? this isn't good since i run both under admin Is there an easy fix for this? Or am i just cursed to stay on Olympus for ever
  7. It worked!!! thank you just retried it
  8. Electric SnowOwl Spawn ID Hiya, once again i call on the help from you smart peeps out here, im trying to get prizes sat up for my server's population for this weeks event and i seen an Electric snowowl spawn in and i accidently killed it, i went on the Ark Eternal ID sheet where it gives you the id's to spawn other Ark Eternal beings in but no where that snowowl is found on that list, i was wondering if any of you all would know it by chance or a website i can check for it, thanks in advance sorry to bug ya'll again but just trying to get this problem fixed before tomorrow's quests start!!
  9. Yes, worked fine and not had any other issues with it before then
  10. There was a mod update for it and it compleatly removed EVERYTHING, can't learn the engrams or nothing no clue what caused this but 8 more people who use the mod informed me it isn't showing up on there server either like, it wont let even unlock it with admincheats either (i do not own this server i am only admin)
  11. Automated Ark: Everything vanished? Hello, im sure if anyone has ever used the automated ark mod they are finding that all there aa stuff is missing??? (is there anyways of fixing this as my one server LostConinent is not showing the mod where as my other server Valgeuro is...im lost? is there a hot fix for it or would i need to wipe/restart over)
  12. i think you can, im not sure maybe try Reddit too
  13. How do i pm here, i havn't used it much and it is, brandnew LostContenint (can't spell it lol)
  14. Advertising a server? Hiya me again, i was wondering if i would be allowed to advertise my server to try to pick up a few more people, if thats against the rules so kindly let me know thank you very much (don't know where to ask)
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