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  1. So is anyone elses map not letting them place S+ items down???? Like nothing of S+ works on my server its updated and running fine, whats going on with this? anyone else having this issue please respond back ASAP TO ME!
  2. Fliers not working on Crystal Isles? Soo.. i have a map running called Crystal Isles everything tames right, nothings turned off that would block it accept the fliers.. we thought it was since we didn't have classice fliers on our server so we put it on and the fliers are still going from ridable from the moment you tame it till an hour or so later they will not let you ride them, it has the "Ride" to where you can see it but you cannot ride it, we have removed mods after mods to see if something has corrupted it in some way but everything we do just dosn't fix it, is it becuase of crystal
  3. same version ;-; it was up last night do you think Primitive+ would affect an Pve modded server ?
  4. Cannot restart/open Server????? So i've restarted my pve server twice and its not come back up or will not cycle through like its supposed to during restart is there something currently going on with the servers right now and DOSE ANYONE have an eta on a fix for this or if they will be fixing it soon? *(People are getting sorta peeved at them being down)*
  5. So, is anyone else having issues with the update LIKE i updated for what it wanted to update and let it run i get to the ark start up page and see the genesis screen with the cool A and stuff decked out in genesis background and what not, after that i load up my server which a small 20 slot pve server with mods, nothing HELLA big...I load in and BOOM ! EVERYTHING IS GONE no bases/teleporters/dinos nothing! and my character was at a spawn point with nothing in its hot bar? Please tell me i just didn't loose 2 months worth of work and progress? is it something i could have going on with my clien
  6. So i updated my side and had the genesis launch like normal when you boot up ark for the first time, i go to my server i play on and load in nothing bad happen or anything till i LOAD into the server EVERYTHING IS GONE! this is a multiplayer server 20 person slot pvp modded..EVERYTHING i mean bases/dinos we tamed bred/everything vanished like thanos snapped his fingers, We did a restart and a world back up and NOTHING has been working did i just loose a full 2 months worth or progress on our server?? has anyone else ran into an issue like this? is it just my side do i need to reinstall are or
  7. Yes. I know but its been 4 weeks since we've had them and not one feather has been produced
  8. Fabled Gacha Crystals Hi there!, i am running the primal fear mods with the fabled gacha's and such, and im running into an issue with there crystals, for example i can go to open a crystal in my inventory and it says like any other gacha crystal would say but instead says this "0 icefeathers found" what would be the cuase of this? is there currently a bug with them? or do i have to fix it somehow other then removing the mod
  9. Anyone else getting these? Soo...are other servers getting outrageous amounts of spawns recently???
  10. Tombstones! What does all this spooky stuff do, does it let us make a summoner for the dodorex or something if enoughs collected???
  11. Halloween Event??? (halloween colored dinos?) Are there going to be any halloween theamed dinos kicking out this year?
  12. Hi! im a new admin for my server im on and i can't for the life of me figure out how to set the time to daylight is there anyone that could help me out with that admincheat command?? if so please drop a link or just type it out to me here thank you !
  13. athena131

    Show off your pretties!

    just a few of my pretties, i'd like to see what all everyone has out there !
  14. I just tamed a dark purple Giga, then found a deep blue just an hour later!! This event was awesome
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