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  1. new user- first post- I don't believe you at all. Most of us aren't hateful or ungrateful and where is the tons of free content? ohhh you mean the reskinned repurposed dinos we've gotten over the years and a few skins? Oh wait you mean the free maps? that other people made as mods and were able to become official? .. yeah they didn't make them they just appropriated them. You do not speak for me, or many that I know. You sound like a poorly written form letter for a paid advertisement. Have a great day 😁
  2. For the HOPE of a greater experience? we all know how this will go though. They are EXPERIMENTING with ASA to TRY and work out the kinks for Ark2. they literally said this. SO it's one GIGANTIC experiment and you hope it will be a greater experience? You really don't know Snail or WC very well at all to think that.
  3. I'm happy for the x3. No it isn't going to change the other stuff or make up for it. However it will allow my friends and I to bury our heads in the sand for a few days and pretend the end isn't near. (which is exactly what I'm going to do!)
  4. I was looking forward to the event personally. I know why bother it's all going away BUT my friends and sister do not plan on playing an further after this. So we want as much time with our dinos and in game creations as possible. ( I'm still working on the dodo palace I promised my sister) This game can be SO much more than just the assets involved,we build new memories daily. ( I plan to get as many last minute ones as possible.) We will sink with the ark and our dinos on board.
  5. Sadly since they won't be updating SE after June, the save file won't do us very much good. how often do things break in Ark? (often) and with no updates the private servers won't last very long. We have had one in the past. Plus, not even going to mention single player since it just doesn't have the same vibe or other people. As much as I will miss our dinos.. the save file is more like a snapshot of what was. And will never be again.
  6. None of us have heard a single peep from the officials behind this. I doubt your plea will yield any better results than the rest of us. Can dream though.
  7. if you can believe anything they say at this point good luck. Have game pass and I love day one releases but I would rather burn my xbox in a dumpster fire than load another ark/WC/SG product on it.
  8. well that's awesome if there is only 1 other family member. won't help the rest of us tho and the initial OP did say they had 3 people. so.. like I said. Not that it matters this is all going to 💩 anyway.
  9. what good would that do if they want to play say.. together? which my family does. Family sharing doesn't cover that.
  10. this is so much more than just a delay--- closing ark official for a new improved version they're charging us for. we all expected ark 2 delay it's WC. But the rest is BS.
  11. I was going to just like this post, however it seems I have reached my max on that for the day. This is quite a nice idea. If indeed this dumpster fire of an announcement is in fact true,an Evo like this would be a good idea for those that stick around that long.
  12. I agree! I've been looking at the announcement since it dropped, and hoping against hope there was a very bad, poor taste april fool in there but it is just all so so wrong, I can't find anything to joke about in it. We all knew ark 2 would be delayed since it's WC they don't know how to drop anything on time. The rest is just 💩. New shiny servers and massive improvements -- great and it's 50$ plus 40$ for the dlc's AGAIN prettier but the same content. 4 people in my extended family/household play ark at this moment. There is NO WAY-- we are paying again for the same maps etc all over again just nope. I'll bandage my 18k hours and go on my way to another game. I'll miss my dinos and all of the work we put into years of our lives.. ( not interested in single player ). But we will not be among those that just gobble it up and forget all that has happened.
  13. here we go AGAIN! Gen2 959 was dead. new server came up after a bit. and what? it's doing the same exact crappy performance it was. stuttering, and crashing every few minutes so what was the point? We literally can't even stay in long enough to fill the troughs or anything this is so stupid. (report the server, report the server, does NO good at all, at this point they KNOW it sucks. 💩 Just fire the techs and get more rodents to power the wheels even a dead one at this point can't be worse.
  14. Our main Gen2 server has been stuttering and crashing daily, 8+ times a day for a long time. Now it says it's DEAD. There isn't a replacement server listed and nothing in the way of a notice when or why etc.. ( nothing new there with WC But COME ON! missed the event pretty much completely because of this. And now no idea when the server will even be back! *edit* new 959 has been populated finally.
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