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  1. Victory777

    Player made recipes

    It’s very interesting to make recipes and write what you want to say.
  2. Victory777

    screenshot Family Photo

    I also want to have a family photo with my friends.
  3. Victory777

    artwork fan art tattoo style

    Hahaha, I don't know if someone will tattoo the reaper on himself
  4. Victory777

    Help, I'm trapped

    Maybe you can use a claw or a rope
  5. Victory777

    stats Imprinted Spino's are way too fast

    Isn't it better to be fast
  6. Victory777

    My Big Blue House Aberration

    Good design. This light and shadow is fantastic
  7. Victory777

    video How to tame a Giant Crab (Karkinos)

    Make traps and use stone throwers
  8. Victory777

    video Best Aberration Base Location? (PVE)

    How does this conical roof work...
  9. Victory777

    Tips for chat boxes.

    If only the dialog in the chat box could show the time.
  10. Victory777

    Different Variations of tamed Reaper King

    You think too much.
  11. Adding an option is a good idea. I also hope
  12. Victory777

    New creature!: Irritator

    But it's already interesting, isn't it