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  1. WarDrumKeys

    Can’t replace structures

    There may be someone else with a large base building near you as well, especially if you are only seeing this along one wall of your base now.
  2. WarDrumKeys

    Tuso Bugged

    Hi there - there are some known issues with the tusos. Please fill out the bug report form in the Bug Report post pinned to the top of this forum.
  3. WarDrumKeys

    Dinos won't eat food in troughs?

    Hi there - you can fill out a Purchase Issues Form if you spent actual money on the amber used to buy those bears. The dinos likely died to the no health bug, which is rare but does occasionally happen where the babies will lose health for no apparent reason. It is unrelated to the trough. This is an issue we are looking into, but has been difficult to fix.
  4. WarDrumKeys

    This setting is like an idiot

    I can't call the exact limits at the moment, but it's quite high. I think the limit is around 3000 structures within a given radius. If you take down a few structures and relog, you should then be able to place those ceilings.
  5. WarDrumKeys

    Crashing Suggestion

    We actually do have this implemented for most devices. The issue may be that your phone can load these graphics, but cannot run the game optimally, hence the crashes. That said, we'll take this into consideration, since there may be room for improvement on how we implement these graphics blocks.
  6. WarDrumKeys


    Hello. That is a known issue and is one we are looking into.
  7. WarDrumKeys

    Ark mobile single player constantly crashes

    This is a known issue and we are looking into it. It's likely that your phone is struggling to load in all of the information on the single player save file, and is crashing due to a lack of available memory. We are working on optimizations in the future, but you can also make sure that all other applications are closed and try restarting your device to clear the local memory cache.
  8. WarDrumKeys


    Hi there. If you have issues with a ban you can email us at [email protected]
  9. WarDrumKeys

    About Chinese...

    Region locking is not a viable solution on a game like ARK. It's an ongoing, multiplayer game, completely unlike other mobile instance games where the play is temporary and typically less communicative. Private servers will make it possible for players to play in a server setting with specific people, and there is always the single player game if you'd like to avoid other players all together.
  10. WarDrumKeys

    se cierra cuando intento entrar a single player

    Okay. This is a known issue. The white screen crash is something we are looking into. We do not have a fix yet.
  11. WarDrumKeys

    Trees growing back through metal foundations.

    Hi there. This is a known issue and we are looking into it. Currently there is not a known way to prevent those from growing back.
  12. WarDrumKeys

    This setting is like an idiot

    The local structure limit is in place to prevent crashes from phones needing to load in a large number of structures at once. It is not a bug, and will not be removed. You'll have to remove other structures in the area if you want to continue building.
  13. WarDrumKeys

    Crash loop (iOS)

    We are working on optimizations. Hang in there, hopefully you'll be able to access your game again soon.
  14. WarDrumKeys


    Hi there @adesmond - the issue here is likely that you have a large number of tames and structures. The single player game is run entirely on your phone, no servers are involved. So if your phone has limited RAM, or other applications running, or you have a map with a lot of items on it, the game will not run well and the phone will crash when it hits the limit of its RAM trying to run all of this. We are working on optimizing the game, but singleplayer is much more stressful on the device than mulitplayer is, and it will always be a risk trying to build a lot of large structures on the map.
  15. WarDrumKeys

    Overheating issue

    You can also make sure that you are playing on battery saver mode, which helps immensely with the overheating problem.