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  1. Let's have you open a support ticket for this issue at http://grovestreetgames.com/support
  2. We will definitely take this into consideration. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. GroveStreetKeys


    You can use a controller, but support for those is limited at this time.
  4. That would be because it's a different platform. We don't have plans to add all of the features from PC/Console to the mobile platform.
  5. This is the forum for mobile ARK, please try posting about this issue on the PC/Console forums!
  6. There shouldn't be. As long as you own the structures you should have the option to demolish or break the structure. The admin console's "Kill Target" should also work on them.
  7. ARK Mobile does not have mod support unfortunately.
  8. ARK has a mechanic where you lose your player inventory when you die, but it does not cause you to lose your tames and structures.
  9. This is the forum for ARK mobile, try advertising your tribe on the PC/Console forums for more responses!
  10. Thank you for posting this - if you have not already, please fill out a Bug Report Form so we can investigate this further!
  11. Thank you for reporting, we are aware of this issue and are looking into a fix.
  12. Thank you for reporting. We are aware of this issue and are looking into a fix.
  13. We don't have plans to add dungeon-exclusive creatures to the map at this time.
  14. They do have a stronger effect on the baby's food consumption, they reduce it more than the regular or pink bears do.
  15. Here is a link to our server transfer FAQ. It details what you can and can't transfer. Server Transfer Ticket FAQ For a quick rundown on your questions: 1) No, your survivor, amber balance, and any other transferrable items you have on you would also transfer. 2) Transferring to an existing single player save will overwrite your current survivor. You would lose whatever items and tames that survivor had when overwriting it. You can, however, create a new save and have two single player games. 3) Yes, your survivor gets completely transferred in this process so you would
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