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  1. Royal Griffins are tricky to tame. You must first have the griffin's respect before you can feed it any taming foods. To earn a griffins respect, you must do one of the following: 1) Share a name family with the griffin and be at least level 40. A name family is the suffix of the griffin's name (the last two-three letters) and you can find a list of these on the wiki. 2) Have a primal pass and purchase a golden crown. With a golden crown, griffins will respect you beginning at level 65. 3) Be level 85-95. Low-level griffins will respect you once you reach level 85, and by the time you hi
  2. ARK mobile uses the old kibble system, so you cannot craft regular kibble/basic kibble, etc. You can check out the dododex site for the mobile kibble recipes.
  3. This is the ARK mobile forum, please try posting about this issue on the PC/Console forums.
  4. This is the ARK mobile forum, please try posting about this issue on the PC/Console forums.
  5. A moratorium disables all taming and structure placement for a specified period of time. It's typically used on PvE servers to bring tame/structure counts down if they're close to the server limit.
  6. Unfortunately no. The games are very different in design, so they aren't cross-compatible.
  7. Please check that you have the global chat enabled in your in-game options menu.
  8. Their climb ability is why they have not been added to ARK mobile. With the way the map is built, it would cause a lot of issues with players falling through the map when they tried to use the climb. We have no intention of adding thylas for the mobile game.
  9. Yes, they only spawn in the central cave. You can try going in there, killing all the existing creatures, exiting the cave, and then wait for respawns. They are very rare and are not guaranteed to spawn.
  10. There are a lot of ways to get amber in the game: Free Gifts Daily Pursuits Random chance from stone pickup Metal rock harvesting Amber Deposits Artifact Tribute Monthly Loot Drop (Primal Pass) Supply Drops Purchase from the store
  11. Let's have you open a support ticket for this issue at http://grovestreetgames.com/support
  12. We will definitely take this into consideration. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. GroveStreetKeys


    You can use a controller, but support for those is limited at this time.
  14. That would be because it's a different platform. We don't have plans to add all of the features from PC/Console to the mobile platform.
  15. This is the forum for mobile ARK, please try posting about this issue on the PC/Console forums!
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