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  1. Unfortunately we cannot add mods for ARK Mobile, due to the nature of the mobile platform.
  2. We have no plans to add the forcetame feature to the God Console. Unfortunately, implementing it results in a situation where a player could permanently crash their game and/or make their save file inaccessible.
  3. It might be that your save files are too large. To fix this, please try logging into the game you want to save, navigate to the in-game options menu, and under "Extras" click on the "Tidy Save" option. This will remove excess data from your save and should make it small enough to save to the cloud.
  4. No, we do not have current plans to add any more creatures to ARK Mobile.
  5. The dododex site simply lists all of the old kibble system as "Mobile" - whether or not the creature is actually in the game.
  6. GroveStreetKeys


    We don't have current plans to increase our controller support, unfortunately.
  7. In ARK mobile, there are no TEK dinos. In PC/Console ARK, the sarco does not currently have a TEK variant.
  8. GroveStreetKeys


    You can use a controller, but support for those is limited at this time.
  9. We don't have plans to add dungeon-exclusive creatures to the map at this time.
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