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  1. ScreamingViolet

    Missing Dinosaur

    I began my ark journey on mobile before moving up the ladder to PS4. Over in mobile we have this awesome ability where you can have one of your tames kinda teleported to where you are (in multiplayer it moves to the nearest bed). It looses anything it was carrying apart from its saddle, but it’s awesome when you lose track of your tame. There’s also another feature where it tells you how many of your tames heard your whistle, so that if the number is off you know you have to go back to find your lost tame. It’s probably worth mentioning that I’m playing solo. is there anything like that in the PS4 version? i keep losing Dino’s and can’t seem to find them, nor can I find any list of what tames I’ve got other than the tribe activity log. Also is is there a cap of some sort on the number of tames you can have if playing solo?
  2. ScreamingViolet

    Overheating issue

    You can also buy devices designed to cool your phone or tablet in situations like this. Every piece of information that’s processed to run a game or any kind of application is essentially in binary code which is communicated via electrical pulses. So when you have such a huge game that’s processing and transferring such massive amounts of data it’s going to get hot. And if it stays too hot for too long it will begin to cause damage. my advice would be to try not to play it for too long and allow your phone to have a break and cool down, or consider getting a device to cool your phone down. Just be sure to read some reviews first as there is a lot of cheap junk out there.
  3. ScreamingViolet

    Yetti cave bug fix now

    It might be a good idea to submit a bug report as the developers may not see your post and they would need more information to be able to try and recreate the problem in hopes of discovering a solution to prevent it from happening again to other players.
  4. ScreamingViolet

    PvE, Easy: Titanosaur Questions

    lol well yes, that is rather legendary.
  5. ScreamingViolet

    Anyone know of a Island map with more detailed grid lines?

    I haven’t come across any that you can’t find on the front page of google, but was just thinking. . . If you print out one of the maps couldn’t you measure between the existing long and lat lines and draw your own in with pencil, perhaps even open up photoshop or something similar. would that work? I completely forgot (thanks to my non existent memory) I was looking at maps of the island yesterday, whilst none of them are what you are looking for, there is one that should be easy to use as basis for adding your own lines
  6. ScreamingViolet

    Spino saddle

    Smithy. Or argy/beaver but you need to be level 71
  7. ScreamingViolet

    Raft destroyed. Vault m.i.a.

    Could it have been that creature that loves to destroy rafts rather than people?
  8. ScreamingViolet

    PvE, Easy: Titanosaur Questions

    In pve I guess the purpose of taming it would be to prove you are awesome.
  9. ScreamingViolet

    How does despawning work for high lvl tames?

    It does seem to imply that the servers are reset daily, but even google can’t clarify that. In between all the posts about pc and console servers, both official and private there’s nothing I can find regarding little old Mobile. Hopefully the guys from wardrum can clarify. Your sharks gone, but it would be good to know. speaking of your shark... a level 450+ megalodon!! There’s no way I’d be going near the water. Omg, the sub 30 ones scare the bejiggers out of me!
  10. ScreamingViolet

    Giga Base Buff

    Thank you. It’s been driving me crazy not knowing exactly what it did!
  11. ScreamingViolet

    Giga Base Buff

    I can’t believe how easily you were able to kite that thing. I had so much trouble getting the stupid thing to follow me. At one point I tried to get it into the water, similar to how I saw someone drown it on YouTube, but it just wasn’t interested in following me. I think I dosed 4-5 times. thank you for sharing the video. Now that I’ve got my tames out of the area I feel a lot more comfortable messing with it. Although it’s a bit different I do have a metal training pen set up with multiple platforms on the outside and plenty of doors to shoot through along with a bohemoth gate - although I think I’ll whack a metal gate behind it to keep him in as the gate does take a while to shut and I do not want to risk the thing getting out.
  12. Nah, I paid attention, but maybe forgot. I dare say it just fell out of my brain, like most things seem to.
  13. I can’t seem to figure out how to get a link out of my Reddit app in order to post it here. But according to the post I just read (posted today) you do need to upload and download via the obelisks to switch your character between maps in single player. I think I’ve saved myself a major headache by learning this at the beginning of my ark journey! On top of your character you can also take tames and resources from one map to another, which seems pretty darn cool. Although in solo mode it would be easier if it was saved centrally so you just had to open the map, but that would destroy the “story of ark” lol
  14. ScreamingViolet

    se cierra cuando intento entrar a single player

    Hablo english? Mi espanol no est tan bueno.
  15. ScreamingViolet


    Hey, I responded to the post you created, but it looks like you’ve tried all the things I could’ve suggested. have you put in a bug report?