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  1. im pretty sure you will find that there are already discord servers set up and that people have been using them for months and months already. Let me know if you want the links
  2. Did you report this one? I’m just curious if you were able to be compensated for that one as it is obviously a bug or glitch, plus a majorly loss.
  3. I’ve Got my main base on the edge of the big bay in the centre of the southern coast. Even without walling that area off I don’t get anything more than fish coming in there. i know it’s deep enough to get a megalodon into the bay, but not sure how deep it needs to be at the mouth of the river to get. Squid in there. But if you can get it in there it’s a cool spot for a water base as it’s super easy to block off access. You just need to put in some gates and a few well placed pillars, and leave the rest to nature. mind you I play solo, might not work for pve, and I’m sure it wouldn’t for pvp. Anywhere near land that has deep enough water for the larger tames to access would work well. You’re probably best off taking a trip around the whole island and see if you see anything that suits what you’d like to build, everyone’s going to want different things. But some spots to check out would be the massive harbour in the south east, herbivore island, the big southern bay I’m using, around the southwest island over near the red obelisk. And there’s a few good spots on the west coast there too. best of luck
  4. That’s a part of the game, definitely not something that would ever fall into the category to be considered for compensation. That only happens when it’s a major glitch or bug that can be proven
  5. I keep seeing them over near the green obelisk, but to be fair I tend to spend a lot of time in that area whilst rarely going anywhere even close to the red one. It’s a bloody huge map!
  6. I’ve got the amber I need to revive it, I’m just being a Scrooge and don’t want to spend it lol. After posting this I dumped all of my quetzal taming supplies into the nearest storage and took off across the island to level up my just raised argh on Carno island. As I got near the green obelisk I noticed the distance and direction arrow that you see when doing these types of pursuits. Whilst there was no circle on my map it guided me to this quetzal. I’m guessing it just comes up when you get close to a quetzal, but as they are so rare it would be incredibly helpful if you did get the circle on the map to give you a good idea as to where to look. When you consider how easy it is to find dodos, pteranodons and such, it makes more sense to get the guiding circle for quetzals rather than for the common species. im headed back for my stronger army and the rest of my quetz taming supplies. I’m going to try and tame this one with the grappling hook strategy... fingers crossed I can pull it off.
  7. I’m finally up to the quetzal taming pursuit, ive been looking forward to this for ages! I’ve killed and revived one before, but he got killed at some point without me realising it. So I’ve been planning on replacing him via this pursuit as reviving him is over 30 Amber. Amber I’d rather use for other things. with every one of these taming pursuits the search location has come up on the map, something that’s near essential for finding a quetz... but that isn’t happening, there’s no search circle on the map. There’s also no arrow on the hud telling me which direction to go. Am I missing something? Is there meant to be a guide on the map to help you find a quetzal? Or is this going to be one of the hardest pursuits EVER? i Really don’t want to spend days, weeks, months even, searching the skies for a quetz, I’ll probably spend the last of my amber to revive my old one if I have to, but I don’t want to ??
  8. . @ZooSam12 and @Holdfast4 All players have access to the free gifts every 90minutes. If you don’t have primal pass you just have to watch an ad to access them. These are just an extra benefit for those who have subscribed to primal pass. It’s not something that affects game play or leaves non primal pass players at a disadvantage. I know it can suck to not be able to access premium features of games, but if they gave it to everyone free of charge it wouldn’t be a benefit of being a paid subscriber.
  9. This just made my day. almost as good as when I discovered I could make my flyers go faster on ark mobile... after 50levels of flying at single pace. lol
  10. Seriously? You really don’t need to be nasty to someone in order to make your point. And Hec, I have to second @qdzs1‘s comment. Please use punctuation. It’s dreadfully difficult to understand what you’re trying to say without it. **** I really do hope that the pvp aspects of ark won’t devolve into pay to win. I strongly defend the devs right to make money off of their hard work, I just hope they can do so without it affecting the way in which the game is played. I strongly support and agree with @Usuallyafk’s suggestion of adding other paid cosmetic items as a source of revenue that won’t actually affect gameplay. I know that I’d pay to get a bright purple Mohawk and a skin to turn my flak leggings into a short, tartan skirt. I’d love to be a punk rock chick just hanging out with my dinosaur pack. There are also a couple of other features that they could create as optional extras and charge money for. One being extra Dino storage (I know that it’s currently not possible due to memory limitations, but I think a cryo pod style of thing may be possible). I know I would pay extra on top of primal pass if I could store an extra 10, 20, or even 50 more tames. Another idea, one that has the big benefit of actually being possible, plus it already exists somewhat is, being able to search the map for a specific species. Similar to when you do a pursuit that requires you to find a specific type of Dino, where a search circle comes up on your map and the beeping noises guides you where to go. It would be incredibly useful if you needed to find the closest anky so you can harvest some metal, the nearest pteranodon so you can fly away, that kind of thing. It would also be wonderful if you are searching for an alpha. Or of course. . . A Quetzal! who wouldn’t pay good money to find one of those! (sorry to high jack the thread and take in in a different direction)
  11. This might not be the best place to look for technical support. if you are referring to renting a private server from nitrado, it’s probably a good idea to contact their support team.
  12. I just said something very similar on another thread. if you want mods and other maps etc you would need a phone the same size as a pc tower.
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