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  1. Character lost post ascension I know this is an old problem, but just wanted to check if maybe there was a new solution... I just beat the overseer on gamma level playing single player on ps4 and now my character has vanished and isn’t available to download on any of the maps. I’ve avoided creating any new characters just in case, I don’t want to overwrite mine. I was really close to getting all the notes and dossiers and was well on the way to taming a breeding pair of every tameable creature and beating every boss. I just don’t want to lose these months of work, I was
  2. And it’s still not fixed. I’ve just lost mine. With 95% of the dossiers collected and well on the way to taming a pair of every tameable creature. and I only ascended at gamma level, how are you meant to do beta and alpha if you lose your character. This is such a major flaw that it just blows my mind. We are talking months of work, I’m so heart broken I don’t know how to feel right now. I’ll try the cheats to give my tames to a new character but that’s not going to recollect the hundred and twenty plus dossiers. I’m so disappointed that they haven’t fixed this. It’s a MASSIVE bloody bug!
  3. This just made my day. almost as good as when I discovered I could make my flyers go faster on ark mobile... after 50levels of flying at single pace. lol
  4. This might not be the best place to look for technical support. if you are referring to renting a private server from nitrado, it’s probably a good idea to contact their support team.
  5. I feel like I’ve got better control using my iPad over a gaming controller or mouse etc. I guess it just depends on what you’re used to
  6. The guys from war drum (the studio who brought ark to mobile) are having an AMA on Reddit today/tomorrow/yesterday (lol) and I dare say that dlc, new maps and mods will come up. I think it’s 2pm est on wed the 10th. There’s a post at top of forum. Ive got a LONG way to go before I can open more apps on PS4, or a long time til I can do it without using cheat codes that is. Still undecided if I want to use them or not.
  7. I would love for the dlc and modded content to be available to mobile, but I too think it would just be too much data processing and need too much storage to run on mobile. im actually super impressed with how well such a huge (in many ways) game like ark plays on mobile. but if they ever do manage it I will be at the front of the queue!
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