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  1. You know a Volcano should destroy structures. Its realistic.
  2. Official has no non-transferable servers. Classic and Conquest have been seasonal PvP clusters.
  3. You think the PC version is stable? Core game mechanics should be the focus over events.
  4. 45 45 90 triangles would require diagonal walls and doors. The hypotenuse is longer. That's why these games use equilateral triangles. All sides the same length.
  5. I think this would require a server dedicated just to the backups of character files.
  6. This is exactly the role unofficial single map communities fill. Or the Arkpocalypse official servers that wipe monthly.
  7. This is why single player (you're your one admin) or well run unofficial communities are just better. Notice the 'well run' part, not every unofficial community will fit this criteria.
  8. Support is notorious for this behavior.
  9. 3 months wasn't enough time for you to reacquire the dino you lost on your own?
  10. Sometimes the color mutation happens in an unused region.
  11. It's just 1 type of mutation effecting both stats and colors at the same time. Not one or the other.
  12. The server and client have to be on the same version. If you cannot connect to official servers, you're unlikely to be able to connect to unofficial servers either. Unless someone runs a mac/linux community and prevents the server from updating to remain playable for mac/linux but unplayable for PC. Single player mode is your best option.
  13. Instead of that, WC could add tribe leveling mechanics to the game. Tribes could level up. Things like decay timers, land hoarding/pillaring, and tribe tame cap could all be balanced this way.
  14. The ability to enable old events at will was removed to decrease game size.
  15. Try Ragnarok or Valguero, both have a distribution weighted to the higher levels.
  16. There is always breeding and mutation stacking.
  17. Using game mechanics as intended isn't abuse. WC could lower tribe tame cap, but after all these years they haven't.
  18. Rules don't work unless actually enforced. The WC devs could/should create a game mechanic to restrict pillaring. But there would probably be issues, loopholes,and exploits.
  19. Its really just that most people are spoiled by the level distribution of modded maps like Ragnarok. There are mods and server plugins that adjust the level distribution.
  20. You can set your ini files to read only, then do all settings from the files instead of the UI.
  21. Or forgot the blacklist the normal ones.
  22. Reconfigure to not block it in anyway.
  23. Not ever unofficial is run that way, some are run by person(s) or teams that don't play on their own servers for PvP no admin abuse. I am not against your idea, but WC/Snail Games ended that game mode. Its likely a seasonal cycle with the Conquest servers. There is always primitive plus official servers if you want primitive.
  24. This would be a terrible business decision,unless there was a requirement to own ALL DLCs to actually play. Also BIG maps = easier to LAG server out. Honestly, WC should spend more time working on the core backend of character transfering between maps to completely eliminate character file loses.
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