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  1. asmodiandevils

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Someone Settle this issue here and now please. This is my first Easter event. Has there ever been a breeding multiplier during Easter? I was able to experience the wonderful Charity Crazy good multiplier and the Valentines Multiplier. I am approaching fast my 1 year Anniversary on Ark. And have had a DAMN GOOD time, despite many of the flaws and things that have happened like the most recent disaster of the rollback. I concur quit the toxicity aimed at the group who supports the game we love to play. Find something constructive to say or go play another game. Your negativity 1000 percent of the time all the time at 10x levels is unwelcome.
  2. asmodiandevils

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    SO. i do completely understand your loss and am not trying to minimize it. But sorry to say an overpowered giga or rex which is what most people have these days are NOT COMPLETELY USELESS without the imprint, yes a bit less powerful. get some perspective please. now if they are dead they are useless and that is definitely something to be more up in arms about. BUT LOSING AN IMPRINT. pls.
  3. asmodiandevils

    Ban Import of Managarmr to the ISLAND MAP until it is Safe

    #outrage /ragequit .. err maybe not. ?
  4. I have LOST two managarmr to the Island bug. That is flying on a managarmr and then Poof. I do not know why this happens or whether it is lag or what and that's not my job. But please Wildcard until it is safe to fly managarmr around the island or any other non extinction map please ban their travel until you can fix it.
  5. asmodiandevils

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    I agree the titanboa eggs as special will produce humongous snake pits. I'm not sure what to suggest as a replacement for this top level kibble though.
  6. Thank you Ark Devs and Jen for making this happen. Please help me understand opting into Beta Branch as I am relatively new to #. #arksurvialevolved. Will I have to start from scratch on a new beta enabled server? or will mys existing characters be able to do this?
  7. asmodiandevils

    Requires Serious Discussion - GACHA breaking Ark?

    Like I said, Needs serious discussion! Thanks for pointing it all out. Hope the discussion can continue. The reason I posted this is because I had come off a heated "differing of opinion discussion" with a tribe-mate. I personally feel running to get the materials yields better and that new tribe members should have the knowledge of where and how to obtain the materials instead of sitting them in front of a GACHA making them less valuable members of the Tribe!
  8. Believe me. I love the Gacha. I would like to open up the disussion regarding the Gacha effect on the game. I understand the need for the Gacha on the extinction map, but as they are distributed and exported to other maps such as the island it is now the go to for resources instead of new players actually learning the game and playing the game of Ark by having to travel hunt and gather. This is not click bait but an attempt to discuss this Gacha Affect. Even with the nerfs, Are Gachas Breaking Ark?
  9. asmodiandevils

    Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!

    Even if it does prevent looting by allies, you can simply redistribute loot at your leisure. Omgosh CyanicEmber. Do you think that would ever happen fairly? Even in the most Hardcore raiding guilds of MMO's they have drama and problems. the random run and grab might be better. Who knows. But I am definitely curious on whether it is a Choice to claim in order to begin the event in PVE
  10. asmodiandevils

    Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!

    Jen thanks everything you and WC team do to make ARK even more a success! question please on #Extinction #orbitaldrops and #elementveins in #PVE Will this new claim prevent allies from looting a successful defense? and must the drops/veins be CLAIMED in order to begin the event PVE now forcing ad hoc groups not to be viable?
  11. asmodiandevils

    What is the punishment for false report ?

    Why even build where you could be accused of such. I don't under stand the concept of "partially blocking"
  12. I play only on one PC. However the steam app is open on my mac where i browse the games section, watch twitch or even chat with friends via the steam chat.
  13. So I have been playing since June and today is the fifth time, every map on every character i have. has been wiped clean of all waypoints, and fog of war back. explorer notes open for me and are wiped on my inventory log, however xp is not granted again. WHICH means somehow the game knows i have been there before. SO.. has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know a solution? At this point my main map island i know like the back of my hand. but i STILL like to have waypoints. SE i need my oil rig waypointed. but its gone now. Aberration I am just starting and it is devastating. Does anyone know of a solution. I have already done a verify files via steam launcher. Please Help.
  14. asmodiandevils

    Friend joins Tribe, dinos?

    So my friend joined my tribe. Settings were on Personal Owned Tribe Ridden. He is no longer playing. How can i switch over his Personal owned dinos now.
  15. asmodiandevils

    Rules on Canyon Bases and Building on SE

    does anyone know?