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  1. Thank you FRM18 the DINO LEASH was glitching my dinos!!! OH THANK GOD.
  2. BIG SIGH. the maps are big enough for everyone. Even with pillar spam. Just because someone has pillared in an area you WANT is really bad i know but it does not mean there is no place for you to build. Yes it might be pillared in the most perfect resources spot so move on and find a place and set down roots and wait it out. quit complaining and play the game.
  3. Okay I will have to submit tickets cause it keeps on happening.
  4. Teleporter Malfunction - Help Advice Any Others? I spent weeks saving and gathering mats for my first teleporter and generator. now that i placed it today when i teleport my dinos do not appear at the destination. they are found usually 40 - 50 foundation lengths away. like really far away. I have had to use owl vision and modified groups to find them. Please has anyone else had this happen and how did you fix it.
  5. yes bodybags were removed when the extinction dlc released. they put a dino in to take its place. its called the gasbags
  6. I didn't see anything about enhanced loot from cave drops or difficult to get to crates. I really think we need something to mix up the loot we get during events or even during regular time. It comes from having seen the chocolates (with taming speed) from the valentine event. here's my idea.. CRYO SICKNESS loot modifier. Item which Cuts in half your cryosickness. THIS would be wonderful and many people would have incentive to run caves if something like this were placed somewhere (maybe caves? maybe underwater?) there during events OR even during regular times
  7. I don't Play PVP so I won't take the bait about PVE being Dead. However I will say that the mana nerf was WAY TOO MUCH. It is now a very very limited use dino. I feel sorry for all those folks out there who spent time breeding up managarmr. on second thought I will say something about PVP. It always seems that PVP main players love to criticize and attack the PVE side of the game. Keep your toxicity in your own servers and off the forums. go kill somebody in a game if you wanna blow offf steam. Oh yeah you already do that. my bad.
  8. Why on god's green Ark would you even TRY to raise a Water Dino on SE? I don't understand this. If you were to build on few of the water holes you'd despawn the very few fish that do spawn on the map.
  9. I'm sorry. I don't mean to belabour a point that others seem to know about. WHY exactly is there no ability to upgrade our servers infrastructure? why is that a no go? so you are saying if WildCard had all the money in the world that because its nitrado or whatever someone else mentioned they can't be upgraded to better servers with more capacity and more throughput? that sounds strange to me. can someone please explain or link information regarding this?
  10. During the event I snatched many eggs. I didn't have the heart to cull the wyverns that were Greater than level 70 but less than 100 with no event colors. Can some one please give me a justification to raise these wyverns of such low level?
  11. The bottom line is revenue and $$$'s needed to upgrade the Server infrastructure. MOST games of this size and scale have SOME sort of fee or ongoing revenue stream. ARK has ZERO. Until the player base is ready to pay a nominal fee -- which I would but i would pay no more than 10 a month -- then we must work around the existing issues and deal with it.
  12. Allow some sort of export to single player with my buildings/structures intact. Added hope. My dinos too. I would love to be able to save my thousands of hours of gameplay and work. I would love to be able to somehow Hit a button and export My Character and Base and even Dinos (this may be a bit much) to a Single Player Game. I have no idea how you would accomplish this AT ALL. But it seems worth looking into. Imagine having spent 6 months to a year breeding dinos, building your most cherished and noteworthy base. Getting better and better at building and then "THANOS SNAP". It's gone. This could be a way to preserve our work. I am not suggesting that we save it to be able to restore to official.That would be nuts and ripe with all kinds of mess-up fraud or who knows. But I would love to have my Ark Official originated stuff on my hard drive at my home and inside my own single player game and IF my hardware fails then its gone. But that's on me.
  13. I don't even play PVP mode and this is absurd. People invest their time into this sandbox game. To Just Wipe that away is not -- to say the least -- not good at all.
  14. Let's not make changes. There is a viable market for endgame players and I have yet to see anyone gauge others. I have seen as low as 40 Ingots per cryopod. I do believe the status quo is fine. Also there is incentive for a player to purchase extinction which helps the longevity of the game. Also if you don't have a replicator ---- > MAKE FRIENDS and you will certainly enjoy the benefits of bringing your mats and crafting there.
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