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  1. Why do we have to go into Single Player to obtain these skins? SURELY this is not what is intended? What is the problem with going to them on the official servers?
  2. CONS plus suggestion - 1 - Because The Raptor Claus drops are open world they cause much toxicity for those who snatch and those who claim. A way to resolve this is make the areas around the gifts PVP open, even on a PVE server. Then there can be no toxicity about who actually WON the gift. 2 - The rare Chibis TOO RARE (which I assume were the Genesis dinos plus Reaper) and maybe a few others were TOO rare. or maybe i should put it this way. The common chibis were too common like anky and dodec. 3 - Duplicated CHIBIS No doubt Chibis were a hit, but to avoid all the duplication? maybe let us feed duplicate chibi to the gacha claus for a chance at one that is not the one we fed it? or even just another one to drop? is that hard to program? i dunno. 4 - The actual artwork/design of the chibis. Hopefully their design can be more proportionate next year. Were the heads meant to be that big? PROS!!! The snow covering and environmental changes were AMAZING. Absolutely Beautiful. Of course the addition of the Chibi collection Adding Breeding/Maturity to the event rates was a surprising and welcome addition! The colored dinos! the Colored dinos!!!
  3. I went to the spots HLNA activated and spoke but no notes opened on my ui. can someone show the explorer note ui where yours opened up
  4. my notes didn't work either does anyone have an answer for this. they remain locked in the explorer notes tab
  5. I REALLY like how the game turned out. EVERY dino has unique characteristics, unique expressions, unique sounds, unique attacks. Raptors by gosh hunt as a pack. The detailing of this game is amazing. I haven't even gushed about the baby raising, the hatching process, the mating, and we don't even pay a sub. IMAGINE if we did pay a sub how things like server maintenance and customer service would be in line with other games. So anyway enough of that cause I really do enjoy the game without a sub and THAT is why I overlook certain things that do take away from every day gameplay (like lag). BECAUSE no other GAME offers what this game does WITHOUT a sub. KUDOS to the team that brought us extinction and crytotech. It has alleviated horrible server cap issues and lag. The desire to keep the game as a sandbox where we can build whatever and however we want is what makes this game magic and we must understand that with that freedom comes certain limitations on server stability (hint hint to people who build giant empty castles for no reason -- BUT that is what makes the game so fun.) I also applaud the conscious decision on the part of the DEVS to open up the tek tier to more players by giving us the Gacha and the plentiful source of element that is the Extinction map. It could be argued that there should be some balancing in respect to element and Gachas but I for one HATED how tek tier was almost inaccessible. I know I know but what about progression. I get it. But you cannot deny it was a solid wall to all but the most dedicated of players. Which is why I do support some balancing passes with respect to element, progression, gachas, CLONING etc. I cannot address PVP side issues because that's just not my thing and I don't care for it at all. The fantasy elements are in line with the lore. The lore can be hard to follow because it requires a player to actually read in detail the notes. I am glad they are addressing this with HLNA in the upcoming expansion. I do hope for more DINOS as opposed to tek robot/corrupted super creatures. For instance the addition of the Deinonychus has been so wonderful with its mobility and damage abilities. I would like to see more of the regular dinos in the upcoming expansion.
  6. The PVE market is doing fine using Discord and other communication. I do not support energy/ark dev resources going toward such vending machines. HOWEVER an in game trading screen I 1000 percent support. the current trading of drop and pick up is rife with risk. Simple trade screen with examine the item would be great, specifically being able to see the info of a cryo'd dino!
  7. Thank you FRM18 the DINO LEASH was glitching my dinos!!! OH THANK GOD.
  8. BIG SIGH. the maps are big enough for everyone. Even with pillar spam. Just because someone has pillared in an area you WANT is really bad i know but it does not mean there is no place for you to build. Yes it might be pillared in the most perfect resources spot so move on and find a place and set down roots and wait it out. quit complaining and play the game.
  9. Okay I will have to submit tickets cause it keeps on happening.
  10. Teleporter Malfunction - Help Advice Any Others? I spent weeks saving and gathering mats for my first teleporter and generator. now that i placed it today when i teleport my dinos do not appear at the destination. they are found usually 40 - 50 foundation lengths away. like really far away. I have had to use owl vision and modified groups to find them. Please has anyone else had this happen and how did you fix it.
  11. yes bodybags were removed when the extinction dlc released. they put a dino in to take its place. its called the gasbags
  12. I didn't see anything about enhanced loot from cave drops or difficult to get to crates. I really think we need something to mix up the loot we get during events or even during regular time. It comes from having seen the chocolates (with taming speed) from the valentine event. here's my idea.. CRYO SICKNESS loot modifier. Item which Cuts in half your cryosickness. THIS would be wonderful and many people would have incentive to run caves if something like this were placed somewhere (maybe caves? maybe underwater?) there during events OR even during regular times
  13. During the event I snatched many eggs. I didn't have the heart to cull the wyverns that were Greater than level 70 but less than 100 with no event colors. Can some one please give me a justification to raise these wyverns of such low level?
  14. I don't even play PVP mode and this is absurd. People invest their time into this sandbox game. To Just Wipe that away is not -- to say the least -- not good at all.
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