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  1. It takes you only one day to raise a GIGA? Must be unofficial. Another reason you must be asking for perm breeding increases since those rare events are fun but sustained like that is not good for gameplay.
  2. Why do we have to go into Single Player to obtain these skins? SURELY this is not what is intended? What is the problem with going to them on the official servers?
  3. CONS plus suggestion - 1 - Because The Raptor Claus drops are open world they cause much toxicity for those who snatch and those who claim. A way to resolve this is make the areas around the gifts PVP open, even on a PVE server. Then there can be no toxicity about who actually WON the gift. 2 - The rare Chibis TOO RARE (which I assume were the Genesis dinos plus Reaper) and maybe a few others were TOO rare. or maybe i should put it this way. The common chibis were too common like anky and dodec. 3 - Duplicated CHIBIS No doubt Chibis were a hit, but to avoid all the duplicati
  4. I went to the spots HLNA activated and spoke but no notes opened on my ui. can someone show the explorer note ui where yours opened up
  5. my notes didn't work either does anyone have an answer for this. they remain locked in the explorer notes tab
  6. The PVE market is doing fine using Discord and other communication. I do not support energy/ark dev resources going toward such vending machines. HOWEVER an in game trading screen I 1000 percent support. the current trading of drop and pick up is rife with risk. Simple trade screen with examine the item would be great, specifically being able to see the info of a cryo'd dino!
  7. BIG SIGH. the maps are big enough for everyone. Even with pillar spam. Just because someone has pillared in an area you WANT is really bad i know but it does not mean there is no place for you to build. Yes it might be pillared in the most perfect resources spot so move on and find a place and set down roots and wait it out. quit complaining and play the game.
  8. I didn't see anything about enhanced loot from cave drops or difficult to get to crates. I really think we need something to mix up the loot we get during events or even during regular time. It comes from having seen the chocolates (with taming speed) from the valentine event. here's my idea.. CRYO SICKNESS loot modifier. Item which Cuts in half your cryosickness. THIS would be wonderful and many people would have incentive to run caves if something like this were placed somewhere (maybe caves? maybe underwater?) there during events OR even during regular times
  9. I don't even play PVP mode and this is absurd. People invest their time into this sandbox game. To Just Wipe that away is not -- to say the least -- not good at all.
  10. Let's not make changes. There is a viable market for endgame players and I have yet to see anyone gauge others. I have seen as low as 40 Ingots per cryopod. I do believe the status quo is fine. Also there is incentive for a player to purchase extinction which helps the longevity of the game. Also if you don't have a replicator ---- > MAKE FRIENDS and you will certainly enjoy the benefits of bringing your mats and crafting there.
  11. Someone Settle this issue here and now please. This is my first Easter event. Has there ever been a breeding multiplier during Easter? I was able to experience the wonderful Charity Crazy good multiplier and the Valentines Multiplier. I am approaching fast my 1 year Anniversary on Ark. And have had a DAMN GOOD time, despite many of the flaws and things that have happened like the most recent disaster of the rollback. I concur quit the toxicity aimed at the group who supports the game we love to play. Find something constructive to say or go play another game. Your negativity 10
  12. SO. i do completely understand your loss and am not trying to minimize it. But sorry to say an overpowered giga or rex which is what most people have these days are NOT COMPLETELY USELESS without the imprint, yes a bit less powerful. get some perspective please. now if they are dead they are useless and that is definitely something to be more up in arms about. BUT LOSING AN IMPRINT. pls.
  13. I agree the titanboa eggs as special will produce humongous snake pits. I'm not sure what to suggest as a replacement for this top level kibble though.
  14. Thank you Ark Devs and Jen for making this happen. Please help me understand opting into Beta Branch as I am relatively new to #. #arksurvialevolved. Will I have to start from scratch on a new beta enabled server? or will mys existing characters be able to do this?
  15. Even if it does prevent looting by allies, you can simply redistribute loot at your leisure. Omgosh CyanicEmber. Do you think that would ever happen fairly? Even in the most Hardcore raiding guilds of MMO's they have drama and problems. the random run and grab might be better. Who knows. But I am definitely curious on whether it is a Choice to claim in order to begin the event in PVE
  16. Jen thanks everything you and WC team do to make ARK even more a success! question please on #Extinction #orbitaldrops and #elementveins in #PVE Will this new claim prevent allies from looting a successful defense? and must the drops/veins be CLAIMED in order to begin the event PVE now forcing ad hoc groups not to be viable?
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