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    Server xfters

    So from what I have been told.. Server xfters will open after 1 month of the new server going live. But people seem to think it wont be happening. So I would love to know what is the real facts around this. I have level 400+ rex's on SE. level 300 queztals.. And so on and so on. I can handle being told I can only have 2 of each to xfter across. I can even live with out my anky / Argents and so on. But my queztals and rex's took a heck of a long time to grow and make into the dino line it is at right now. In fact I am losing random rex's daily for some unknown thing. Food is full log out for the night log in a day or two later to SE to feed them and another one dead / gone. So is server xfters going to happen like all the others? After 1 month you can download and upload them on the server. Can someone please share some facts on this as I dont want to lose all the work I have done on my lines because I started to play on the new map!
  2. It is there but invisible. I can even imprint but I cannot see or move it.
  3. It was full of meat. So I didnt stay with it and went to bed. So it will despawn if you leave it alone?
  4. Reaper baby disappeared... I put it in a little growing area. Now gone. Not dead. JUST GONE!
  5. I really stopped playing the game. I came from a break and didnt even last 2 weeks.. 20 servers.. 10 transfers. Now I just give up. I tried to make a post about this issue on steam forums.. Only to be told " Go to custom servers ". It just seems everyone in this game including the dev's just dont care about server tame caps and storage servers. Even thou.. No one will need 1000 dinos in a tribe. Limit the tribe to 10 people. Make a solo player PvE server only. WIPE Half the servers. Heck they can do a lot to help people. I just dont know why they dont. I know. I do not play FPS { First person shooters } I am more of RTS player. I got master rank in SC2 / LoL I got silver and so on. FPS.. Completely trash. I am a walking feed bag. So I see no real reason to play PvP { even thou I tried } Since the PvE servers are all capped. Something needs to happen and happen fast. I want to play this game. My GF on the 11th of July will want to play this game.. Just wipe 20 low pop servers.. You know the ones that are used as storage. You can tell which ones they are easy. They have like 5 people on them and server is tamed capped. Heck you even wipe servers with 0 players on them and they are at tame cap! 130 is a bit over kill for me. I just like to frag about. Tame a dino here or there. Build this a bit more. Not really into the boss arena stuff. I will do it. Just not in a rush.
  6. I understand it. Really. Some people go ham over breeding and arenas and so on. But there is still a very big issue with storage servers / Server tame cap and so on. Storage server can be used as a player server but doesnt because someone has just put 100+ Trex's at red spire / blue / green.. Heck this is now the 6th server I have tried that has hit tame cap. I go to red spire to upload to a new server.. 100+ trex's just put there. Some people have gone as far as blocking off the spires all together to them. When checking server data for the player / tribe that has the dinos there... Havent played more then 5 hours on the server. Sure you need / want 500 dinos. Mutations and so on. But heck it is really making it hard for someone like me to just have some fun. Soon all the servers are going to be capped. Because a few tribes want to store 100+ dinos on each damn server!
  7. I was saying this to my GF yesturday. That they should grow old and die. Maybe breed 10 times and then die off. Breeding and old age could work out well to lower the server. 1. Our tribe on PVE has 12 people in it. We have 330 Dinos, including our boss team and a few back ups for when they die. If you have 11 "tribes" of SOLO, as you're saying, then what's your point? We have a lower tribe limit per person than you have A. Why do you even need 330 dinos.. Really? I went to the wiki and got this from it " A maximum of 10 players and 20 creatures is allowed to enter the arena. " so please tell me why you need 330? Is that because player 1 likes wood. He needs 30 beavers. player 2 like stone and he needs 30 Doed? Like come on brah. This one server I went too.. One player has spammed Trex's like no tomorrow.. We are talking over 100+ and other dinos. I normally sit on 60 FPS.. But this one player made my FPS drop to 1. 2. I doubt you've tried every single server, so you could server bounce or go straight to SE to find a location that isn't capped A. At this point.. Tried 10 servers and counting. I moved to one because it seemed okay. Until I saw it was a storage server. I never knew what that was until today... I have never seen what it was until today. As for SE.. As I said before I will say again. I am waiting on my GF. So we can start new on a new expack together. Sorry if you cannot understand it.. But even if I went to one right now.. All i got to go on that they have low pop is some random player on the forums.. 3. Complaining on the forums about tame cap is old news. Learn what Dino's are for, and tbh, I think there should be solo person servers as well A. Old to you.. But I am great believe in.. SPEAK UP! Be strong. If something isn't right. Speak up! The server I am talking about that was 540 day. It is now at 560. Yes I am pissed.. Who the heck wouldn't be when you have never came across this crap before in your life. But I am still looking.. I would love it if someone said " This server is 100% uncapped. In fact the players on it aren't just Dino farmers they are players and you will be fine to play on it for a bit. " But yes a solo / duo server would be more then epic. A server where it cannot be downloaded too. Also Bellemira that is fragged up. I hope the devs do something about it. Since they claimed here they will.
  8. 1. Also, have you tried out of your region? EU, OC, NA, ASIA... The little lag might be worth the trip. I know of a lot of NA players playing on EU and ASIA on EU and NA. A. I was playing on a 300 ping server. I dont mind the lag when it comes to PvE. As long as it isn't to unbearable I can deal with some lag. 2. 4? And the others runs on foot when the 4 are in use? And most high pop tribe is on personal ownership, which means if the guy who own the dinos leave, the dino leaves with him. Which is a fair way to work together without being forced to stay if ever you feel unhappy. Then even with tribe imprint, personal dinos are important. The fact that it's "yours" means more than just riding it. You raised/tamed it. It is thus an incentive for them to work harder. A. I haven't ever came across a tribe with more then 4 people in it. As I said I play on PvE. PvP I have seen videos of large tribes. But on PvE I havent seen it. So to this one I will say sorry. That is my drep drep. But personal owned dino and them leaving. Setting tribe limit of dinos will free up dino limit space. Lets say it was set at 10. Someone left and took 3 personally owned dinos. That means the tribe can either get someone to join with 3 dino's or replace the dinos in general. { I am not saying set limit at 10. } Because if we look at the tribe as a company the smarter thing would be is to reclaim loss by looking for someone that has the dinos they are wanting rather then spend time and resource's to tame and have someone leave with them again. Still maintaining lower limit of the server tame cap. 3. I think you misunderstood me, 70 is maximum player at one time on a server. However there are more actual players on the server, they are just not conmected all at once. Mostly because there is no region lock, your neighbors that you never see might just be as active, just that they are when you sleep. A. I understand this. Really if I had my way. All the servers sitting on 0 players.. WIPE THEM. Small pop servers.. Wipe them. But the issue with saying wipe. People only see it from one point. ALL MY WORK IS GONE! But the fact is is when a new fresh server / wiped server shows up. The player count will go to about 120+ active on that server. Yes it will say 70/70 players but it doesnt say another 50 is spamming the join server button. So really there is a demand for a wipe server. Yes I understand that the population of the game maybe to low to wipe every server and that would just piss every man and his dog off and they will go on a rampage. But from me just looking at the server list right now. You have over 20 servers with less then 5 people playing on them. Why not reset them? Wipe them so people can play on a fresh server. Removing population from a 70/70 server to another. This will allow you to continuously wipe servers. Allowing you to maintain a fresh server people can play on. This will allow for growth as well as allowing for replay. 4. Actually, buying the season pass might solve your problem. A lot of Scorched Earth are low pop and uncapped, with a few being capped because they serve as garage for big tribes that owns thousands of dinos across half a dozen of servers. Though SE is quite annoying to play on... A. I am worried about the days on the server. I am on a fresh wipe server with 540 days and we are tame capped. I tried another server with 1400 days and they were about to hit cap. So even if I was to say F it I will start over and rebuild again I am worried I will tame 5 dinos and find out I just hit cap because I got a trike and 4 dodo birds. I am sure SE has low pop and maybe uncapped. But I am waitting for my GF to get a new computer before playing on them. If we can even play on them. I dont mind playing the game in a harder mode. I guess in the end I have to try out PvP.. Frag even thou I suck at FPS I might be able to join a big tribe.
  9. 1. If you have 70 people in your tribe, each have 4 wyverns. How many wyverns do you have? A. 4. Imprint should be tribe shared not just player. 2.Before you say that they should share wyvern. Would you share yours with a stranger? Why only one will have the imprint bonus? A. isn't that the point of a tribe? you are with people you want to play with. Mates and family and so on. I understand that some tribes are just " Hey I just spawned. Someone invite me to tribe " but I am SOLO. I am not with 10 other people. I am solo. Meaning a tribe with 10 people can tame x10 more then me. Tribe and player caps can be done better and still avoid the server cap. 3. Player cap is 70, but most server player list is well above 100. each tames 11 and you already have over 1/5th of the cap. A. I am really fine with 70 dino's.. Once again I am solo. 70 would be over kill for me. 4.The cap is too low. But if they increase it, their server will be mostly unplayable. You would struggle to move when near any bases. At one point the cap was 9.5k, but had to be reduced to the now 5.5k because their servers were literally dying. Servers are dying right now due to it. All this game seems to have now is a lot of old players and no one new. Lets take the new fresh servers right now in the list. All of them are capped. Meaning no one can tame anything when it comes a dino. So meaning you are playing ark to build a base.. Thats it. Maybe your lucky enough to get a dino at the point in time the other dino died. But that is a 1/70 chance you will be lucky enough. Lets say right now I go out and buy all the DLC's this game has. { Which I was going to do. Just waitting for my GF to get a new computer } I have no server to play on. I can play on a server with tame cap.. But I wont be able to tame any dino at all. Just tilting really. I want to play. Edited. No I dont want to play on custom servers. I have checked them out and they are just not for me. Edited again. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/announcement/249-biggest-ark-sale-ever/ This sale to me right now.. Would be useless.
  10. I just came back to this game for about 2 weeks now. I play on PvE.. not good enough for PvP. I dont really play FPS anyway. But during my last 2 weeks playing again I have found out about this server tame limit 2 times. One on the server I use to play on. I tamed a dodo bird and trike and I was not able to do anything else. Now once again on a server with 540 days. Really 540 days into the server going live or " Fresh " it is now capped. What happen to player cap? Why is it just server wide now? You see.. Being PvE I was not in a rush like others that knew about how fast this cap can be hit and I have 11 dinos. Each of which fill a role.. But I can fly around and see a base with 20+ wyverns.. I understand people want to do this raid you can do and so on.. But once again I was in no hurry for it. I was told Ark is a marathon not a race. But now it is a race to get everything you can before the cap comes in. I was building a base farming items and BP's to make my base building easier.. Now it is like what do I do? Everyone on the other servers are all saying the same thing. Server is capped. So starting over on a new server isn't going to work out for me. I wanted to buy the new DLC / expack but once again they are on day 3k with 0 people on them.. I am guessing yet again to server cap. This is another reason I dont want to go to PvP.. Being solo in rust was a nightmare and being solo in ark on a capped server that has PvP.. I will not get to tame anything before someone comes to kill me and everything else I have. So why is it server cap now? Why isn't it player cap anymore? Why allow people to have 500 dino's if the spamming of dinos is a issue? I can understand having 4 wyverns.. One of each. You cannot breed them so really it doesnt make sense to have 20 of them.
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