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  1. Imagine being this self-entitled. I wonder if any of you understand the stress of working from home and what it entails when it's something forced on instead of a voluntary thing? There's expressing disappointment at something being delayed (which is understandable), and then there's saying disgusting nonsense like "this is just excuse!!!!" or "all lives matter!!!". If a company chooses to put forth the actions of real life first, they can. Deal with it.
  2. Maybe “the arrival” could also be the origin of Element? Aliens that seeded Earth with the stuff, hoping it would terraform the place into a planet sized mine for them to use. Lo and behold, for some weird reason humans are still alive and kicking. “Oh hey, there’s this weird Rockwell entity we can use to actually complete the terraforming process...” This is just a half assed theory from my still waking up brain, but honestly I’d be okay with if they never explain where Element really came from beyond “outer space stuff”. Some things just don’t need explaining.
  3. Who says you can't have both sci-fi and dinosaurs? :P
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