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  1. dodogal

    294.101 large walls vanished from rafts without warning

    Besides the walls which were hard farming work in themselves, I lost all structures that were supported by the walls, ceilings, turrets, storage boxes, and of course their respective inventory 😑 But again it's not just about me and what I lost, it's about destroying people hard work without warning. The method is brutal, disdainful toward the paying customers... Another shame that will taint WC reputation.
  2. dodogal

    294.101 large walls vanished from rafts without warning

    this is beside the point, where is the stuff that vanished? you realize these walls could support vaults or whatever and all that stuff is gone without warning, you think it's ok?
  3. dodogal

    294.101 large walls vanished from rafts without warning

    this game is no longer early access and yet they can still destroy your stuff without warning whenever they want ?
  4. dodogal

    New patch

    large walls on rafts vanished without warning along everything they supported isn't it nice?
  5. After the last update 294.101, large walls that were placed on rafts vanished (along everything they supported) Can we get our stuff refunded?
  6. dodogal

    New patch

    so now yuty egg > giga egg don't think this new kibble system will ever make any sense
  7. dodogal

    double swamp fever icon

    one of the recent updates introduced UI bugs while the dossier display bug was fixed, other bugs like double swamp fever icon is still unresolved
  8. dodogal

    kibble What's The Point?

    short story long, a change that is so extremely disruptive of all the hours spent in the game, should always come up with option to stick to the legacy system, this is common sense and the game is no longer early access, at least officially I don't usually act like an entitled child and I have to stress that not including the legacy system makes absolutely no sense devs have decided to take the lazy path and once again a significant portion of the player base feels like they were screwed up, ARK will get even more negative ratings, that's all
  9. the homestead patch note says the dimorph prefers simple kibble (both produced and preferred) but it didn't work out can someone confirms this is a patch note mistake ?
  10. dodogal

    snow cave with direwolf

    ^This is off topic, I could use god mode too what I'm asking is whether the direwolf can go through the choke point or not, the wiki which tends to provide accurate info states the direwolf can go through but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried
  11. dodogal

    snow cave with direwolf

    So you're saying the wiki people (who tend to post accurate info) made a mistake?
  12. dodogal

    snow cave with direwolf

    The wiki lists the direwolf as the only ridable creature that can go through the whole cave https://ark.gamepedia.com/Snow_Cave#Compatible_Tamed_Creatures But... my wolf is stuck at the bottleneck near the entrance... Am I missing something?
  13. dodogal

    kibble What's The Point?

    Am I talking to a 7yo kid?
  14. dodogal

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    This confirms the rumors that ARK PVE is even more toxic than PVP. Sadly every game community is plagued by a toxic core of no lifers, who are IRL failures relieving their negative energy online. No solution was found till now. Maybe if parents kicked their kids at 20 max instead of letting them camp in the basement with free food, then we'd have better gaming communities.