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  1. valguero underwater transition glitch whenever you go in or out of water, the water opacity/texture disappears for a moment highly disruptive https://imgur.com/a/OW5yqeR
  2. They don't even check tickets / bug reports anymore the single comment is from a bot...
  3. this is a load of crap, it is a spawn distance issue someone on youtube summed it up : you have to be in the cave for the artifact to spawn but at thesame time far enough or the spawn will be skipped it's the same mechanics for every artifact except this cave is so small it's nearly impossible to be far enough and long enough for it to spawn unless you know exactly where the artifact is supposed to spawn, and where you need to camp for ~15min for it to spawn in other words it's a game glitch, they should have adjusted the spawn mechanics for that particular artifact considering the tiny size of the cave
  4. no SP works differently from Dedicated+Game as shown by some specific SP issues like the resources respawn bug. need confirmation from the devs
  5. It's 2019 and single player mode is still BROKEN Alright it's time for devs to stop ignoring this issue. Single player mode has been broken for years now, (search ARK SINGLE PLAYER MODE BROKEN and you'll get over 4 millions matches) and despite all the complaints it still hasn't been fixed. So what exactly is the problem? It is impossible to play the game with the default game settings because resources and dinos don't respawn normally, there is even one artifact (skylord) that won't spawn. There may be workaround such as cheating through console commands or game settings, but it is a poor excuse to not fix a completely broken game mode. How to reproduce the bug? 1. start a new single player mode game with default settings 2. build a base on herb island 3. farm all metal around the map 4. go back to herb island and stay there as much time as you want (+100 hours or billion years) 5. none of the metal has respawned This issue also affects dinos spawns somehow and after a while the game is simply unplayable due to the lack of resources to farm and dinos to tame. Heck there is even one artifact that won't spawn unless you use a cheat or trick that nobody can figure out on their own. I have already filed a bug report to the devs, with steps to reproduce issue. Now it's 2019 and I have only one question for the devs : FIX SINGLEPLAYER MODE WHEN ?
  6. Not necessarily, they say this command optimize the duplication process between host and client, and singleplayer mode may not do any duplication. Can the devs respond to this please?
  7. while I appreciate they don't drop meat anymore, their new loot is too OP for the Island, easy electronics and elements... that's why they shouldn't be on the island in single player mode, at least before you ascended other issues : they still have red blood (why not make it black like oil?) and they still behave like regular dinos (do regular predators eat metal? do tek predators eat meat?) all of this reeks lack of polish, they're still essentially a skin
  8. I've lost interest in map mods, even with sponsorship they always end up in development hell the only map ever finished is volcano, and the guy even started a new map amissa that is progressing steadily, those are the only two maps I haven't removed
  9. They shouldn't be on the island right off the bat though, it breaks both balance and LORE. They could make it so tek dinos only appear on the island after you've ascended.... since I did not ascend yet, I removed them from the island like this (in game.ini) NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="BionicPara_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Para_Character_BP_C") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="BionicStego_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Stego_Character_BP_C") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="BionicRaptor_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Raptor_Character_BP_C") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="BionicRex_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Rex_Character_BP_C") NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="BionicQuetz_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Quetz_Character_BP_C") but still I think it was a mistake to disrupt the setting like this
  10. How do tek dinos even fit into the LORE? O_o It says that apart from obelisks and caves, the island should look like a natural paradise But now with the addition of tek dinos, it doesn't make sense anymore Wasn't including tek dinos in the island a mistake? I mean lore wise... (because it was even more a mistake balance wise)
  11. there is a problem with the artifact of the skylord, apparently the cave is too small and it's hard to be far enough for the artefact to spawn, not to mention this isn't intuitive at all, most single players use cheat to spawn the artifact which is sad
  12. most of all fix the respawn mechanics in single player mode those who claim the current problems are intended have no clue what they're talking about the core of the game is farm/craft if there's nothing left to farm, then it means the game CORE is broken, period
  13. they don't disappear entirely since you can regenerate them with the sliders + flying around I think the core problem is single player hibernation freezing respawn counters so you are required to stay at a certain distance of the node, neither too close nor too far, for the counter to run normally, otherwise the respawn counter is frozen and the node will not respawn no matter how much time you spend in the game if this is the problem this could be fairly easy to fix by "updating" nodes respawn counter whenever they go out of hibernation, the game already saves the value of the "last time entered stasis" (at least for dinos) so it should be fairly easy to update the counters
  14. Sorry but this is off topic, the problem here is not the time it takes for nodes to respawn You can spend 1000000000 hours in game and the nodes won't respawn The problem here is a CORE gameplay mechanics being BROKEN
  15. Yes they should, but I have no issue with an optional alternative
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