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  1. ...it would also be good to have 'dino cloud storage' where you can download dino's in to your own 'collection' off the server and still interact with them in some sort of 'personal Ark zoo' - this would be espcially good for people who collect 'trophy tames' that ultimately have no real purpose in say, a PVE server - may even free up some tame cap so more people can breed boss dino's!
  2. I want to see more Extinction footage (as does everyone) but there should be some new items / crafting materials to keep things fresh I think. Would also be quite cool to have some horror elements mixed in.. sneak attacks from wild dino's... more dangerous dino's in otherwise 'safer' areas at night or something... during a full moon carnivores are quicker and have glowing eyes... mix it up a bit! I love the game but I think more immersiveness or even some scripted, one-off events related to the next DLC to build the anticipation - definitely get people talking and sharing experiences on YouTube (free advertisement!)
  3. I WANT AN OWL THINGY !!! I hope its similar to an Argen except it has holographic vision or something... that would be insane!
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