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  1. Rickus17

    Devs need to change their ways...

    I understand they are busy but I waited like 23 days for a response to my ticket and whennit was “my turn” I got nothing but automated replies... and offered 10 dinos as compensation. Again I bet they get hundreds and hundreds of these per day but I’m saying that they need to have zero tolerance. Don’t waste time with long as “investigations” and just take action when the evidence is looked at and is so bloody clear! I have a pic of the guy admitting to it in global! And not a thing will be done imo but they should st least let me know why!
  2. Devs Have been extremely useless with helping me out! I get that their busy but I waited a month for a reply and when I got one it felt like they just rushed to get rid of me... We got meshed, we submitted tickets with dozens of videos, pics, and even the tribe confessing to us in global that they did it and yet no action was taken! The fact that they can’t tell you why nothing happened is pure bs. I get why they can’t say “we bannned this guy” or whatnot but they should at least give you Insite into what you did wrong in reporting it or why they did not take action against the tribe and not the individual player. I mean the evidence was EASILY 100% accurate and showed what they did with GT’s and all and even got a global screen shot of one of them saying it... what more do you need? Maybe my littkectribe means nothing to WC but they post about rules and punishments yet from my experience they don’t follow through and don’t seem to care. Should be zero tolerance and swift penalties to stop this meshing BS!
  3. You need to make examples of cheater tribes! Any decent evidence at all should be automatic wipe! I have a ridiculous amount of evidence of a tribe meshing is and zero has been done other than replacing 10 crappy tames! The tribe is openly admitting to the mesh in global because they know you won’t do anything! Cmon we’ve spend a lot of money on this so enforce your rules and have quick/swift/harsh penalties and maybe it’ll slow it down! Also just get rid of climbing picks and nerf the grapples guys cmon!!
  4. Why don’t you re think your protocol on your investigations? The person who’s made a claim against cheaters has the right to know why no action was taken against a tribe (not individual player), and they also deserve to know if the investigation is still going, what they may have done wrong, what extra info they needed.... I sent videos, screen shots, and even an Xbox message from one of the members saying they’re gonna mesh and yet all’s I got offered was 10 of the 150-200 dinos we lost in the undermap... also absolutely zero feed back about why I have waited months with no answers... you preach about your code of conduct but are failing with your follow through imo.
  5. Rickus17

    How long does it take?

    Haha no it’s not worth calling the media... I’m just stating that they post a lot about going after people who cheat/undermap and they aparantly will wipe that tribe. I doubt even that wipe will get my tribe back but I would love to see justice for people who need to cheat on a video game to be the better tribe...
  6. Rickus17

    How long does it take?

    I feel like a broken record here but it’s been over 3 weeks since we got brutally undermapped, there’s videos, screen shots, and even a pic from their account of them in our cave after. They’ve openly admitted it to us as well as others in our cluster because they say the devs won’t touch them... is it normal to hear nothing back about an issue such as this? I mean I’ve paid for every map and pack and they post about their code of conduct but when that code has been destroyed I get nothing... we’ve sent in prob 40 tickets about it...
  7. Rickus17

    devs do not care

    Agreed they don’t seem to care! They’ve been posting a lot lately about this code of conduct and that if someone is caught building under the map or what not they’ll be banned and wiped. We had a cave base with 150+ dinos raising and full grown undermapped and destroyed by cheaters. 0 response so far and we sent in about 40 tickets about it...
  8. Well over a week since we were undermapped by a bunch of cheaters. Only an 8 server cluster on official with tons of video evidence yet the Devs haven’t done a thing and haven’t replied to any of our tickets... sad sad sad that a good, fair 40 man tribes loses out...
  9. Rickus17

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    Damn what generation rex is this? Those are badass stats!
  10. Rickus17

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    What levels are they popping at? My last big girl was 289 at pop.
  11. I’m a big fan of the tek rex and ours are now popping with 408/11.2 just wondering how good others are? My last one is close to full level and I think she’s got 34k hp and 550 melee now!
  12. Just wondering if anyone has had success getting in touch with wildcard about issues involving cheating and what’s the best way to go about it? I wrote a ticket but haven’t heard a thing but my friend who lost his character wrote a ticket about that and heard back within minutes... heard back within minutes and had a meeting scheduled!
  13. Rickus17

    Code of conduct conduct destroyed

    It’s been reported by 40 tribemates. Prob is the tribe that cheated can come anytime now with a legit attack after killing so many tames illegally and if that happens we are finished. I hope they’re quick to respond... we have a lot of evidence...
  14. So we were undermapoed for about 14hrs on the weekend to completely ruin our breeding event. Very sad that a rival tribe needs to stoop to the level of setting up beds under the map along with transmitters. Luckily we got lots of photos and videos of them doing it along with screen shots saved from their accounts. I really hope wildcard takes their code of conducts seriously. We stand to lose about 90% of our tribe if this wrong isnt righted and the tribe isn’t punished. We’ve put hundreds and hundreds of hours into building up and playing by the rules only to have it taken away by cheaters firing rockets throug cave walls and ceilings. We lost probably between 100-150 tames that night and most of them babies we were raising during this fun event.