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  1. Ok, just to get things out of the way, yes this is a real dinosaur. Isn't that crazy?! Ok...here it goes Dossier: Gojirasaurus Wild: Species: Gojirasaurus dominus Time: Triassic Behavior: Gojirasaurus dominus, named after its real-world counterpart, is a small, predatory creature that roams the perilous landscape of Aberration. Resembling a reptilian beast with rough, scaly skin emitting an eerie bioluminescence, this unique predator possesses adaptations that make it a formidable presence in its environment. The Gojirasaurus has developed a remarkable resistance to radiation, allowing it to navigate highly radioactive areas unscathed. It can withstand exposure to hazardous levels of radiation, making it an ideal choice for explorers venturing into radioactive regions or engaging in battles involving other radioactive creatures. Habitat: Gojirasaurus dominus can be found throughout the cavernous regions of Aberration. It tends to inhabit areas with high radiation levels, often near molten element pools. Its adaptation to the extreme conditions of these pools combines with its agility in water environments, granting it the ability to swim through molten element without taking damage. Domesticated: Despite its small size, survivors have found value in taming Gojirasaurus dominus due to its unique abilities. The Gojirasaurus possesses the ability to spray molten element, utilizing the scorching liquid as a potent weapon. It can unleash streams of molten element, engulfing its enemies and inflicting significant damage. Survivors have also reported that the Gojirasaurus possesses an intimidating roar that can stun nearby creatures and cause them to flee in fear, reminiscent of the legendary creatures that have inspired stories and legends for generations. This ability grants a strategic advantage in combat or when attempting to escape dangerous situations. Observations: Radiation Resistance: The Gojirasaurus can withstand high levels of radiation without suffering detrimental effects, a trait that sets it apart from its real-world counterpart and aligns it with the anomalies of Aberration. Molten Element Adaptation and Agile Swimming: The Gojirasaurus displays exceptional agility both on land and in water. It can swim through molten element pools without taking damage, providing access to hazardous areas. This adaptation, combined with its streamlined body, allows for rapid and agile movement underwater, showcasing the fantastical nature of the Ark world. Molten Element Spray: The Gojirasaurus has the ability to spray molten element from specialized glands, unleashing scorching streams of liquid that can engulf and harm its enemies. Survivors must exercise caution when facing this formidable attack. Intimidating Roar: A powerful roar that stuns nearby creatures, reducing their combat effectiveness and causing them to flee, drawing upon the inspiration of legendary creatures and their awe-inspiring vocalizations. Survivors are advised to exercise extreme caution when encountering the Gojirasaurus, as its unique abilities and resilience make it a formidable predator despite its smaller stature.
  2. I Have a purple raptor with orange feathers named Spyro.
  3. For the millionth time when are you fixing the pgarks on xbox!
  4. maybe the titans are the kaiju of ark where they look different but are the same.
  5. I think corrupted creatures can infect other creatures.
  6. why is falkor in ark?also the owl is huge!
  7. I want them to do a TLC for the monkey to make it cuter.Because currently it has the old gigantopificus face.Do any of you agree with me?
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