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  1. Ghaztmaster

    Mutations +

    Mutations + Have you ever wanted your dinos to look unique without changing the color?Then this is the suggestion for you.With this players are now capable of making more drastic changes to your dinos.Domestic dinos have a higher chance of mutating then wild ones.If you want a dodo that is more fluffy or produces more eggs or meat,then breed the ones that are slightly more fluffy and or chubby. if you want a tiny t rex breed ones that are slightly smaller.In real life we've been doing this to animals for years. for instance dogs and chickens. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Wild-type-and-Pea-comb-chickens-A-Wild-type-male-B-wild-type-female-C-Pea-comb_fig1_26287440
  2. I Have a purple raptor with orange feathers named Spyro.
  3. For the millionth time when are you fixing the pgarks on xbox!
  4. maybe the titans are the kaiju of ark where they look different but are the same.
  5. I think corrupted creatures can infect other creatures.
  6. why is falkor in ark?also the owl is huge!
  7. I hope we get a better screenshot of the Enforcer.
  8. I want them to do a TLC for the monkey to make it cuter.Because currently it has the old gigantopificus face.Do any of you agree with me?
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