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  1. Ghaztmaster

    alternate gasbag design

    see the difference?
  2. Ghaztmaster

    More extinction creatures

    for me ark extinction was very boring,there isn't as many unique creatures as i expected.we have velonasaur,gasbags,gachas snow owls and the snow dragon thing. yes we have the scout and enforcer but they don't count because they are robots.i m also not counting the titans because they are bosses.
  3. I can finally have double doors for my bar I´m making.
  4. Ghaztmaster

    Pteranodon tlc

    The pteranodon needs a major redesign.because it’s wings don’t make sense.how is it even able to fly? So I slightly tweaked its design And ended up with this. Unfortunately I can’t show you because it won’t let me.but it’s wings look like the normal wings mixed with bat wings.
  5. Ghaztmaster


    they already had one.
  6. Ghaztmaster

    Arks lost creature

    on ark there was a creature that was never added into the game,and now can only be found on the dev kit.it is called the have and I think it was scorch earth's original boss.I wish they can add it to the game again even if you have to use commands to do it. the hive and the swarm
  7. Ghaztmaster


    it's either a glitch or there is a supply drop over there.
  8. did you fix the pgark crash?
  9. Sense the update every time I try to make a pgark it crashes.Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. I have made a pgark and I want it to spawn creatures from other maps.They need to add an option to select the creatures you want to spawn on your pgark so your pgark will be unique.Example you want to have a pgark that has lots of mountains and you want to have it spawn rock drakes and rock elementals.When making your ark you will have a folder showing dino icons then you select the icons you want and you create your ark and then the creatures you selected will spawn there.
  11. I want to make a map with no ocean but every time I try it crashes. Can one of you help me?
  12. Ghaztmaster

    can t spawn kingkaiju in ps4

    Every time I try to spawn him he starts to work but then it starts twitching then it disappears.
  13. Ghaztmaster

    How many actual new creatures are in the new map

    I think bulbdogs are on extinction but I have to wait and see.
  14. I actually want to make a mod with this but I have no experience modding.and imagine a hybrid between a reaper and troodon that would be absolute Heck!
  15. would it be funny if there was a achatina reaper hybrid?