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  1. plz fix pgark on xbox
  2. Ghaztmaster

    (CINEMATIC) GTA V Remastered - Trailer/Tribute

    But this is like advertising.
  3. Ghaztmaster

    (CINEMATIC) GTA V Remastered - Trailer/Tribute

    This is Ark!
  4. Ghaztmaster

    Wishlist For Scorched Earth TLC

    They need to bring back a scorched earth creature that is only found in the devkit.The hive/swarm
  5. Ghaztmaster

    Xbox Crashes

    A Pgark allows players to let the game generate a random map, based on parameters or a seed.
  6. For the millionth time when are you fixing the pgarks on xbox!
  7. Ghaztmaster

    Xbox Crashes

    for me it always crashes when i make a pgark
  8. Ghaztmaster

    re add regular atvs

    I want to remake a modern city with modern cars but they redesigned the atv to be made of tek and now I can never have a moderns city.Can you atleast make them separate items?
  9. Well I still can't make a pgark on the xbox!
  10. When will the pgarks be fixed on xbox?
  11. Ghaztmaster

    alternate gasbag design

    see the difference?
  12. I can finally have double doors for my bar I´m making.
  13. Ghaztmaster


    they already had one.
  14. Ghaztmaster


    it's either a glitch or there is a supply drop over there.
  15. did you fix the pgark crash?