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  1. A nice present would be to fix the shift sprint bug on xbox ☺
  2. too late lol, i suppose the one upside is that i have been reading that it is only Valguero thats been affected
  3. It sure did so now i have to start from scratch for a third time, seems to happen after every big update. How hard can it be for Wildcard to implement some sort saving and loading system for console users ? I have been looking forward to what was revealed but now i'm kinda feeling like why bother, if i do get it i will wait until it's on sale for a real low price sometime in the future.
  4. Maybe now is a good idea to get stocks and shares in the plaster and bandages industry Totally agree with you, it's like putting an extra floor onto a building with crappy foundations, gonna crumble
  5. i did nothing as i have uninstalled the broken Ark on xboxone, i might reinstall when i see some seriously good patch notes.
  6. Well i managed to get around 15 minutes on xboxone playing single-player on the island map before another crash to desktop, so i have now uninstalled Ark. Wish i could get some proper game time without the constant crashes. Only upside for me is that i only paid £10 for Ark, feel sorry for all the other xbox players that paid full price for a seriously broken game.
  7. Well considering the 27 page long thread in the bug reporting section is being ignored (yes i posted it on there too), thought i would post it here. Maybe somebody at HQ will put down the coffee and donuts and go find the thread.....oh wait...heres a link. wow 656 replies, maybe theres a problem dontchya think ?????
  8. So no mention of the xboxone crash to desktop problem despite numerous posts and threads on the subject. I have been experiencing this problem for the past few weeks and now to top it all off my progress got deleted after a crash to desktop today. So until it gets fixed i'll be off wasting my time elsewhere, ironic really as i was looking forward to trying the other expansions - money i shall save for something that works properly. Apologies if i sound bitter, but can you blame me.
  9. I have been having the crash to desktop on Xbox one, i play single player and notice it more on The Center, not tried Ragnarok yet. At first i thought it was maybe because my Xbox was overheating but after checking the forums i am thankful that i was wrong and i am not the only one experiencing this problem. Seems to have started the past few weeks, and reading other posts on this thread i get the feeling it is some sort of memory leak. When mine is about to crash i notice that textures wont load in properly so i do the "admincheat saveworld" every 10 minutes. Happens more when i am at or near my base but i suspect it is because i have a lot of things there. Really hope Wildcard can sort this problem out as it is becoming a tranq dart pain the ass for a lot of players. Keep the peace folks and try not to rage too much I was on Twitch when it crashed earlier, if you skip to 18:00 minutes on this video you can see the texture loading problems, where the video ends is when it crashed to desktop, hope it helps.
  10. Played for about an hour due to 2 crashes to desktop on Xboxone. I am in the process of making the ruins that are almost at the center coordinates on The Center map into a base, found a nice pool west of there with around 10 beavers which was a nice find
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