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  1. Maybe now is a good idea to get stocks and shares in the plaster and bandages industry Totally agree with you, it's like putting an extra floor onto a building with crappy foundations, gonna crumble
  2. jimlogan1701

    Why support ARK?

    So glad i picked up No Mans Sky, bye bye Ark. I may come back if the game gets some serious patchwork..........so probably not HAHAHAHAHA
  3. jimlogan1701

    Mods On Console?

    Whats the point in adding more stuff, when the game is already broken and you probably wouldnt enjoy the experience of it crashing to desktop........kinda like what it is still doing for a lot of people
  4. jimlogan1701


    Awwww dont cry Patrick, there's plenty more wonderful games out there that wont crash and are far more enjoyable because of that fact.........it's a shiny day, try something new
  5. jimlogan1701

    New to game...is crashing common?

    Unfortunately there is not much you can do, Ark on xboxone is a broken mess. Wildcard card and its serious lack of taking notice of the bug reporting forum seem to be an increasing concern for many console players. The base game needs to be fixed/patched to an acceptable level, putting DLC and extra content on a broken base only leads to more problems. I uninstalled mine, but (jokingly) keep an eye on the forum posts for a proper patch/fix.
  6. jimlogan1701

    lost all houses,beds,dinos.

    Happened to me a few weeks ago on Ragnarok, game crashed to desktop halfway through an exit save. When i reloaded and went back into Ragnarok my progress was gone but still had my engrams and the map still had all my previous exploration areas on it. One thing i did notice before the crash was that textures were taking a bit longer to load or were not loading in, was more noticeable around my base area.
  7. jimlogan1701


    Totally agree with you, i have since uninstalled Ark and left a crappy review on the microsoft store. Real shame as i have only had it for a few weeks and was enjoying it, then the crash to desktop problem started happening too frequently to be fun. I will keep checking the Ark forums to see if it ever gets patched into a more stable experience.
  8. jimlogan1701

    Ark Crash While Streaming.

    I did not want to post this in the bug reports as i just wanted peoples opinions. While playing Ark on The Island i am finding it hardly ever crashes, i also use the saveworld command after every major/important build or after a lengthy tame. But when i am using Twitch to stream from the xbox i am finding after about an hour the game crashes, i am thinking of switching to Mixer to see if it would make a difference and was wondering if anybody else is or has encountered the same problem. I welcome your constructive opinions (This post was moved from general discussion to bugs and reports, thanks for reading my post properly moderator.)
  9. jimlogan1701

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Still nothing, lol 😛
  10. jimlogan1701

    Consoles forgotten about

    If i was you, go find another game until this broken mess is fixed. I am thankful i only paid £10 for this instead of full price.
  11. "admincheat saveworld" i have had the same problem as you, i have since uninstalled Ark and gone back to different games.
  12. jimlogan1701

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    i did nothing as i have uninstalled the broken Ark on xboxone, i might reinstall when i see some seriously good patch notes.
  13. 1. Original Xbox One. 2. Neither, it crashes while playing. 3. Yes 4. No 5. Already done. 6. A few weeks ago it started. When it happens the game textures lose resolution and then the game just crashes to desktop. 7. No Hope you guys can get this problem sorted out. I have uninstalled Ark until it gets fixed.
  14. Well i managed to get around 15 minutes on xboxone playing single-player on the island map before another crash to desktop, so i have now uninstalled Ark. Wish i could get some proper game time without the constant crashes. Only upside for me is that i only paid £10 for Ark, feel sorry for all the other xbox players that paid full price for a seriously broken game.
  15. Glad i am not the only one that feels this way