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  1. Yeah would be nice they would fix that server. Normaly playable with lag, but lately really really bad.!
  2. They where very rare on Ragnarok map where i play. did only see 3 skeleton dinos in around 90 miunts intense searching. But an friend from same map had much more luck finding them on Island server. I dont know if you can transfer the bones, but you should be able to transfer the Skins and Emotes after they have been made.
  3. you get the bones by killing the wild dinos that has the skeleton skin on them.
  4. I really was looking forward to this event. But more than normal laggy server, and crashing servers that erases every item you have collected for the ground for the last 2-3 hours plus erases all new emotes and skins you have made, and 100+ fire wyverns dominating the snowy mountains of Ragnarok. It all really makes it hard for me to enjoy playing this event.
  5. This was really a long waited patch, especially for Extinction map. I am actually looking forward to start up my game now. Thank you Wildcard, Good job.!
  6. Just been able to play more than 30 minuts without server is crashing would be nice. And im petty sure all the people on 646 want to get they Mek back which where deleted from server. i know i would, took me many hours to collect for a Mek. I would rather have waited for this DLC than what we got. I had really hoped for abit smoother start this time.
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