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  1. Havent found any new and easy schematic on the new kibble rework. So i have mixed one together with the help of ark.gamepedia.com homepage. Hope it will help other than me
  2. It is greed when its worst. Some new guy also pillared around 50% of the Highland on Ragnarok server, so all excisting bases cant build/expand. I Have reported him, and think a few in the area have aswell. If the Devs will act on it, time will tell.
  3. Rag196 also been hit by the tamelimit again, this time worse than ever. Looks like the main problem is that even with server tamelimit on, you can still unfreeze dinos from cryo´s. So we end up with some players overcapping the server. So basicly if you visit a server with tamelimit on, you can just download 100 cryoéd dinos from other server and overcap the new server with 100. Hope Wildcard will fix this fast.!
  4. This was really a long waited patch, especially for Extinction map. I am actually looking forward to start up my game now. Thank you Wildcard, Good job.!
  5. Just been able to play more than 30 minuts without server is crashing would be nice. And im petty sure all the people on 646 want to get they Mek back which where deleted from server. i know i would, took me many hours to collect for a Mek. I would rather have waited for this DLC than what we got. I had really hoped for abit smoother start this time.
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