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  1. I agree with some of your points, a fix would be to have a "primary" fuel slot where that fuel is used as a priority, still burns and makes charcoal. but also anything in the inventory will also burn too.
  2. on controller is Left bumper or R1 for ps4. its the "take all button" works with all inventories .
  3. Do you have the server rates and also is noclip on the server. recently play a different server that shut down that it was a god send, being able to put things where should be able to go is great !
  4. If you want to run the cave just for the artifact. take any small/medium dino. bary is a good choice. wear either a gas mask if you have them OR scuba head,chest and legs and then ghillie hands and feet. i leave a spare megatherium in the first part of the cave on neutral as a back up tank. just run back to him and let hime wreck everything. go through the first pathway, take some grenades as they cheap to craft to help clear out the swarms of dinos. finish them off with the bary. once you get to the first water part where the path splits left and right, look up instead to the r
  5. Better personal harvesting tool would be cool idea, similar to chain saw like you suggest. and glow in the dark/Aberation style dyes is cool idea
  6. i for one really like the update. and having 2x harvesting,breeding and mature rate its great. makes solo raising and hatching alot easier. just hatched and red and blue deino and got about 5 Wyverns on the go too. would like less orange colours and more of the purples but ill take it.
  7. its gonna be the pvp META skin too , hard to get head shot when you have no head. also can head peak easier now too
  8. this is my first Fear evolved event. really enjoy the other events. is there a sub thread for all things fear 3 instead of spamming here, i have so many questions ! do the event items auto decay like the xmas ones did
  9. if your on Xbox Official ,i have a Rex BP that you can use if you bring the mats
  10. ive heard of this but never found what you actually need to do. im going to try this tonight !
  11. like the idea for the clock work creatures similar to how the bone skins etc. Good idea for the transcendence , it would be awsome if we could put dino to "sleep" similar to how we get megatherium to sit. stop the endless wyvern wagging tails etc. might help with server lag too
  12. That building saver has lots of opportunity, could make it work like a custom blueprint. it creates a BP of whatever building you want.
  13. This in theory shouldnt be too difficult to make happen aswell. have 2 files for each mode. then like you say they can make server side adjustments to each .ini when needed
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