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  1. Ask people on your server to craft things for you if you bring them the materials. Tek gen range is huge compared to having 3 normal gens around the base tek feeding trough is amazing compared to the other more slots and alot less spoiled food tek doors are nice to have so you dont have to remember to close doors.
  2. You know the Shasta was delayed because they needed more time for the special sub saddle its getting. the Gigantoraptor was closer to being ready AND it helps people out who do miss maewing.
  3. Wish their was way to change char body not just hair. same with player name
  4. I love the dino harvest mod you can get so for solo tribes can farm it so much easier. the games "features" / bugs is hard enough let alone the game itself
  5. The electric box is good idea, i have to have 2 gennys in my base one for crafting area and the other for hatching area in ASE i had all my electric on a grid with extra genny's to auto power on if needed.
  6. Better personal harvesting tool would be cool idea, similar to chain saw like you suggest. and glow in the dark/Aberation style dyes is cool idea
  7. i for one really like the update. and having 2x harvesting,breeding and mature rate its great. makes solo raising and hatching alot easier. just hatched and red and blue deino and got about 5 Wyverns on the go too. would like less orange colours and more of the purples but ill take it.
  8. its gonna be the pvp META skin too , hard to get head shot when you have no head. also can head peak easier now too
  9. this is my first Fear evolved event. really enjoy the other events. is there a sub thread for all things fear 3 instead of spamming here, i have so many questions ! do the event items auto decay like the xmas ones did
  10. like the idea for the clock work creatures similar to how the bone skins etc. Good idea for the transcendence , it would be awsome if we could put dino to "sleep" similar to how we get megatherium to sit. stop the endless wyvern wagging tails etc. might help with server lag too
  11. That building saver has lots of opportunity, could make it work like a custom blueprint. it creates a BP of whatever building you want.
  12. This in theory shouldnt be too difficult to make happen aswell. have 2 files for each mode. then like you say they can make server side adjustments to each .ini when needed
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