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  1. Its possible to do every hard boss with just 5 people. But good weapons are key yes 180/250 dmg compound bows with 300/400 arrows with 5 people usually does the job. There's alot of videos showing methods on how to do the bosses and get it stuck etc
  2. Plenty of videos on YT explain how to do it with 1 Rex and 2 Turtles if you want. Nothing fishy about it.
  3. "To get Tek weapons you need to breed up an army of super dinos and defeat a boss" Lol mate I play official and no one in my tribe breeds dinos for the bosses. The only 1 dino you need is 1 Rex for the dragon. The rest need no dinos. Idc if its Tek vs Primitive or what the fact that someone can just spray holes into a base with ease and fly through it defeats the purpose of all these recent nerfs to make raiding harder. Its BS and needs fixed.
  4. I have tek tier on Officials I know how OP and stupid the Rex and rifles are. I can sit out of range at someone's base with 200+ turrets spray walls off and fly a ptera through it. Can you explain more about what you mean by the level 25/90 statement? Because I don't understand how this relates at all.
  5. Glad to see so many people agree. Hopefully WC can adress this.
  6. That's a bit stupid isn't it? Kind of defeats the purpose of all the nerfs WC have done to make raiding harder. If that's the case and "they deserve to do that" they may aswell allow Ptera bombs again with 300% speed
  7. Plenty of hate was thrown there way. Plenty of other gane developers get hate aswell. The guy highlighted key issues that have been happening in the game for over a year to no improvement whatsoever. Maybe he didn't construct his opinion the way YOU liked it to be. Nevertheless he gave his opinion and you decided to be a little forum warrior and give it a cocky response. Just like you have done with mine. Also I'll point out that you proved his point in one of his opinions. I'll let your tiny cocky brain figure that out. I'll not reply to any other of your replies as I wouldn't like to waste my time on a troll like yourself. So thanks, God bless & have a nice day.
  8. Christ what a typical ignorant response. The guy voices his opinion and all the Wild Card white knights appear. Lol get a grip.
  9. Tek tier is officially running the game for me. People can sit out of turret range and just spray holes into my base without the tek projectiles being shot at all. This needs nerfed big time make the range shorter so the Rex or Rifle has to be in turret range and people cant just stand back and spray with it and make holes so Pteras can fly through your base. Ridiculous how easy it is to do. Takes no skill whatsoever. Either make the range shorter or let turrets actually shoot the tek projectiles.
  10. This has been a bug for months now. Baby dinos not eating. How it hasn't been fixed is bloody ridiculous.
  11. That will allow me and few friends to build on their server and actually play the game. We have been on 2 servers and got wiped on both. On one of them the Alpha tribe said "they where worried about how quick we built up" so they killed all our dinos and wiped our base. Its not fun to constantly get wiped especially on officials where it takes so much time and energy to get set up. If anyone could allow me and a few friends to build on there server or have a friendly server then please comment down below or PM. Thanks
  12. Bump. Public forges are available on the Volcano when a Admin is online. Also if anyone would like to give their opinion about me taking ORP off on the weekends and leave it on during the week day?
  13. Host GT: survivethedark Fresh PVP server on the Island with high rates and ORP. Gather rate is boosted for players and turned down on dinos to prevent server lag with brontos and other dinos with high harvest rates. All rates are high and perfect for PVP quick and fast so you can get to PVPing as soon as possible. Player and dino stats are all default besides from weight, stamina and HP. Admin command logging is on. Also there will be a shop for scorched earth items and dinos available the currency to buy the items will be in metal ingots or Rex arms, Arge talons etc. Ask for prices when you get into the server. Only rules for the server is that you don't abuse the ORP mechanic and No glitching at all. If you would like to join the server please send a message and friend request to the server host "survivethedark" Any questions about the server please post down below and I will answer them.
  14. No. I just have a completely different opinion to yours.
  15. Would be a difficult shot but I might give it a go