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  1. Anyone know? Hard or medium unlocks
  2. Someone in my tribe lost his character max character level 100 that he's had for 1 year on Xbox. He's been waiting nearly a week now for response. I just hope they give him his character back at lvl 100 and not mess around like they have done with OP character. Once this game launches WC must focus more on their Customer services because its awful. No one should have to wait 2 weeks for a reply especially if you play Official, your baee could get wiped etc.
  3. Bumping this thread every day until this fixed. Make Mindwipes more expensive the more times you do it in 1 level. Simple. Bang. Easy. Not 1 per level. Imagine being stuck on Max level with the same stats for 1 year. Horrible. Please fix this devs. @Jat @Jeremy Stieglitz
  4. Prettt ignorant response tbh. The game is 2 weeks away from release and still runs like garbage and has critical bugs that should not be in the game this close to release. Aswell as that the guy said he's had the game for 2 years which means since launch. He's a investor of the game and deserves every right to complain about it, beta or alpha he paid for it and more than likely bought paid DLC for a Alpha game.
  5. If not then why the hell was the Dragon boss removed? Makes 0 sense unless there is plans to add more bosses. Now I'm stuck negotiating with people to allow my tribe on their Island server to build and do the bosses on there.
  6. The Spino needs some love

    Imo long overdue, needs a buff in a big way.
  7. What about during raids/defence of big bases etc? I get like 10fps and lower and its like moving in slow motion
  8. Have you ever been to a raid or a raid defence of a semi big base? Its unplayable. 10fps its awful.
  9. I have it on PC aswell. No need to play it on anything else it still runs like crap. On both I specifically said console because I mainly play on console.
  10. 2 weeks away from release and still this game runs bloody awful. Especially on console. Surely there's optimisations and massive performances patches to come in the next 2 weeks?
  11. Don't lock the speed or touch it. Make more turrets simple. You're just being plain lazy by asking them to nerf movement speed because you can't grind a few more turrets. I was in a 2 man tribe for about 2 weeks and with the right tames we grinded out over 200 turrets easily. No one with good armour and movement speed can just "run past" your turrets if you have more than 5 aiming at them. Even with good armour. Mix that with 3 plant Xs aswell. Unless you're a moron and have turrets placed wrong then you deserve to get raided. This thread is just people crying about how lazy they are to make enough turrets.
  12. Is there a event live atm?

    Hasn't came up on Xbox yet about it. Thanks anyway
  13. Is there a event live atm?

    Sorry can't find anything on Twitter or here. But I just got 3% for a Gigga imprint. Is there a event live now and what is it?
  14. Duping has ruined official pvp servers!

    Its not hard to find proof. A 20sec search into Youtube will show you server numbers and tribe names.