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  1. Blueprints are extremely OP

    LOL this forum is getting more like Reddit everyday. 70/70 thread would queue again
  2. Tames getting stuck in rocks (Ragnarok)

    Just lost our 3rd Anky to this!!!! Metal farming is bad enough on this map with it being high and inside rocks and tames are now getting stuck. Please pass this on to the Ragnarok team. @Jat
  3. 2 of our Ankylos have now gotten stuck in rocks on Ragnarok. Not only are these metal rocks aids to hit but our tames are getting stuck now.
  4. Like to clarify that it's happening to me on Officials
  5. I only seem to be getting it on Griffins,Ptera and Arges atm (only flyers) this has been happening for over a month now but not as much as it has been happening since the full release update. This is very annoying as when I freeze the game doesn't freeze at all and i'm open to attacks from wild dinos etc all while my screen is frozen.
  6. 1x is awful. Especially taming. 2x should be made the new Official rate and 3x should be the Weekend evo or something.
  7. From the bloody horrible 1x rates on Official servers? 2x should be the new rate and do whatever you like for the new evo event.
  8. Launch Update

    I get that. That's not my point though this is the full game launch! This should have been plannes out and ready.
  9. Launch Update

    Clearly you didn't otherwise you wouldn't have a ton of your playerbase screaming at you for more servers.
  10. Launch Update

    You are some seriously special people like how did you not anticipate tons of people moving from mass duping servers to the new ones? You barely added any new servers all of them are maxed out. You should have just wiped legacy servers and released tons of new ones today instead you sugar coat it with "we'll wipe low populated servers every month" disgraceful game launch.
  11. No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    This is raptoring ridiculous. I have had 5 people I know within my tribe/alliance lode characters within the space of 4weeks touching 5weeks now with 0 RESPONSE. The raptoring most ridiculous thing about this is that 1 person is my tribe owner and my other friend is the owner of our alliance. They have been waiting 4weeks for a reply! This is bullpoop to the highest order and nothing but a spit in he face to your loyal investors of the game. If you're offering no CS then just wipe all the servers. Get over and bloody done with. What a spit in the face to your customers of 2 years. @Jat Wipe the servers or offer CS for all servers.
  12. Flyers rebalanced?

    Exactly what I'm thinking. That and ever since the Griffin was released every flyer has been obsolete bar the Quetz
  13. Flyers rebalanced?

    In the trailer the Arge flies extremely fast looks faster than the Ptera I don't know whether the Ptera is slowing down for the trailer purposes or what but the Arge now looks faster. Any word on it the flyer speed is being increased again?
  14. Dino stat cap

    When was this PC cap update?