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  1. Yeah I have.
  2. We have lost a few dinos now to babies not eating and are dinos are disappearing. You guys over at WC seriously need to take a look at your QA team all these bugs got past then AGAIN. Wake up Wildcard
  3. 2 months and still spawns are broke. Spawns on the Center and the Island have various dino spawns that are out of balanced and out of control dire wolfs in snow Ankylos at Snow meets sand Dilos in the swamp by green ob on the Island and The Center. How many times does a big have to be reported to get fixed? Because this has been happening for nearly 2 months.
  4. Nothing new here these issues have been happening since the game launched and WC still shaft us dedicated server owner with no support.
  5. No there isn't they tried to implement it a few months ago and it went horribly wrong and then theres been no word about it since. Hence why I say that dedicated servers are being shafted with lack of support.
  6. Still waiting for an official response to this and the other piles of threads with the same issues with their dedicated servers which have been going on for months. Time to step up wildcard and grow a set a reply to your paying customers not only of the game but of another console to host a server.
  7. You'd expect some sort of response if all the letters say the same thing. Disgusting how they're treating their customers.
  8. I have noticed this actually. Will add to OP now.
  9. Updated the OP with more issues think I have all them. With anyone has any more please comment below
  10. Could just be a render/lag issue with the dino spawn thing? Yep I added the boss thing to the OP happened to me when we killed the monkey boss getting killed upon trying to return to the normal island
  11. Found plenty on the 2 servers I play on mate maybe a dino wipe is needed?
  12. No mate not at all work away