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  1. Could just be a render/lag issue with the dino spawn thing? Yep I added the boss thing to the OP happened to me when we killed the monkey boss getting killed upon trying to return to the normal island
  2. Found plenty on the 2 servers I play on mate maybe a dino wipe is needed?
  3. Admin commands http://www.idigitaltimes.com/ark-survival-evolved-v254-admin-commands-cheats-unlock-tek-tier-new-dinos-581500
  4. Yeah just noticed my main dinos weren't eating at all one was starving to death Also if you want you can update your first posts with updated links etc aswell? Seeing as you're right below the main post
  5. I'll update the first post later with the link and the issues etc
  6. No worries mate I dont mind updating the main post with other people's issues just so wildcard font have to crawl through posts etc and its easier to get straight to the issues
  7. 1.Babies die when hatched they dont eat even if you put food into their inventory. 2.Some player dedicated server settings are broke (suprise suprise) health regaining to be exact not sure about others. 3.When taming sometimes the dino refuse to eat food when put into their inventory and just starve to death or wake up. 4. 1,2 and 3 could all be linked together dinos aren't eating at all even with meat or feeding trays down. 5.Tek helmet not working/potential user error 6.Tek helmet broken in split screen /potential user error 7.Tek helmet and tek chestpiece broken /potential user error 8.Saddles disappearing when removed 9.A join issue (though I think this one was there before) 10.Baby dinos not eating 11.Dinos not eating 12. Randomly getting kicked from dedicated server then when I try to rejoin it freezes on PrimalGameDataBP and it will not let me join regardless how many times i close the game I have to restart my console every time. 13. When levelling up a dino the stat I'm levelling is lagged behind and either updates 10secs later or I have to close the dinos inventory and reopen it to see the effect of the stat I leveled up. 14. After defeating the monkey boss (hasn't happened with the other bosses yet) when you are being teleported back to the obelisk you die losing all your gear or anything on your body. 15. 3rd person can't be enabled on playe dedicated servers and you can't use it. 16.Black screen when logging into dedicated server Will post more as I find them. If anyone wants to add anything just post away. Some will be links and some will be just plain text. Will update the OP with issues when I find or are commented below. I will refresh this page every time a new patch comes out fyi.
  8. Free bump. Great server and there's care packages available upon joining!
  9. This bug has been posted numerous times for about 2 months now and still hasn't been fixed. Yet again Wildcard shove their long shaft into us player dedicated server owners.
  10. Throw a post in there mate. The more people comment the more attention it'll get. Disgusting how WC are treating dedicated servers.
  11. devs look here

    Throwing in my thread that has 5 pages worth of players venting their issues and has been up for 2 months I think with and has had NO response from devs.