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  1. That's how I usually try it. It doesn't pick up on any options to drop down, even when typing it exactly as it appeared in the forums. I got so sick of retyping the long version I shortened it to get the screenshot, but even typed exactly and copy/pasted, it does the same thing EDIT: Just for kicks and giggles I tried it again, and now it's working. I don't know why it wouldn't before, but now it seems to be working as expected. Thanks for your time guys!
  2. Hey guys. Wasn't sure where to put this, but I'm sure it's in the wrong spot, but I figured it would reach the most knowledgeable people to perhaps fix the problem here. Has anyone else had an issue with leaving feedback? The last couple people I've tried to leave feedback for, I filled in all the fields and then submitted, but then it clears out the topic and tells me it's missing a required field and won't let me leave the feedback. I've tried on 2 different browsers to leave positive feedback for people, but it keeps doing the same thing. =| Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it so I can leave feedback for people?
  3. Rock Drakes for their excellent mobility. They are also super fun which is a perk. Ravagers are another critter with pretty awesome mobility. Running them around on zip lines is a lot of fun as well. The chargelight pets, especially the featherlight. That they glow is awesome, and most of them are cute. The featherlight is absolutely beautiful and it's neat that they can fly.
  4. May as well kiss all the beaver spawns and many of the metal/obsidian spawns goodbye. Our center server has those pillared to protect them. We have a small valley pillared so our tribe and several others have somewhere to do meat runs because a lot of dino spawns keep getting ruined by nubs building thatch huts everywhere. It's not an excessive area. It suits our needs and makes it so we don't have to try and walk a giga from South jungle island around all the bases and structures to get to the opposite side of the map. There are a few issues with pillars on some servers more than others, but they do serve a valuable purpose on many servers. I hope this doesn't ruin the game for us.
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