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  1. That's how I usually try it. It doesn't pick up on any options to drop down, even when typing it exactly as it appeared in the forums. I got so sick of retyping the long version I shortened it to get the screenshot, but even typed exactly and copy/pasted, it does the same thing EDIT: Just for kicks and giggles I tried it again, and now it's working. I don't know why it wouldn't before, but now it seems to be working as expected. Thanks for your time guys!
  2. Hey guys. Wasn't sure where to put this, but I'm sure it's in the wrong spot, but I figured it would reach the most knowledgeable people to perhaps fix the problem here. Has anyone else had an issue with leaving feedback? The last couple people I've tried to leave feedback for, I filled in all the fields and then submitted, but then it clears out the topic and tells me it's missing a required field and won't let me leave the feedback. I've tried on 2 different browsers to leave positive feedback for people, but it keeps doing the same thing. =| Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it so I can leave feedback for people?
  3. We may be running the alpha center bosses in the next day or two. If it works out that you tag along, you'd get alpha broodmother and megapithecus (sp) the gorilla. We don't charge. Feel free to add me on steam if you want to come, just send a message here for steam name.
  4. That sucks. I'm sorry someone stole all your stuff. I'd recommend posting in global chat on your server, the chance of the thief seeing it there is significantly higher than them seeing it here.
  5. http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/ can be a very helpful tool to use if you're unsure how much food you'll need for your babies, or how much time you are able to spend away from them. It's good for other stuff too, check it out. ? Jerky is an excellent back-up food if you have to be gone longer and you're worried about food spoiling. If you have access to it, salt is a great way to stretch the food without losing as much to spoilage. It's cheap and easy to make, and we find it to be really helpful especially on some of the larger carnivores like Rexes and Gigas. You can use it on anything, of course, but that's where we get the most use out of it, especially if raising multiple babies. Dodo kibble.. everything will eat it and it can be a lifesaver as a backup food method. It's easy to get in mass,, it is lightweight, it stacks in lots of 100, and it has a longer spoil time than any other food. When we are doing a raise, we'll usually put a stack or more of dodo kibble on the babies, especially once they hit 10% and eat from the trough. If for some reason the trough runs out of food or you have internet problems, or whatever else the issue or circumstances may be, having the dodo kibble to fall back on can make the difference between the babies starving to death or living.
  6. Hello all, my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. Anyhow, I've seen bases in game, in screenshots, and in videos which are beautifully built. Some of you are amazingly talented builders, artists, if you will. I am currently working on a base on Scorched. To date, most of the things I build always wind up boxy, or turning into towers. I always seem to run into some sort of annoying issue that takes me hours to figure out. Our main building on Center is so jacked up with snap points and uneven ground that I don't even know where I'd begin trying to renovate it without accidentally taking out half the tower. I want our build on Scorched to be different. -How do you all go about building your beautiful bases? -What steps do you take when planning it out? -How do you deal with uneven ground? -How do you make everything line up so building transitions are smooth and connected, not off by a smidge? Uneven ground is a fact of life with Ark, I know that. I also know that both foundations and pillars have their benefits. I've tried to do just foundations before and quickly learned that anything built that way would turn out on the smaller side and would quickly be outgrown or be close to useless to start with. I've also tried doing just pillars, but there are issues there at times, and aesthetically speaking, foundations look nicer and don't have the unsightly crawl space underneath. I know there are ways to hide these open areas beneath a building that is on pillars, however I'm not quite sure how to do it. I'll have to post some screenshots of the base of our Center tower.. many of you will get a laugh or cringe out of it, I'm sure. Does it take a lot of patience and finagling to get stuff to look nice, or is there a quick and easy way I'm missing out on? I know that more detailed structures will, of course, take more time and effort to build. I guess I'm just wondering if there are ways to build things to be functional and aesthetically pleasing without spending hours trying to make stuff fit together just so. I'd appreciate any feedback or tips you guys have on the subject. Please feel free to post screenshots of what you have so I can admire your work. If you do share your work, I'd also appreciate a short summary of how you got it to look that way. ? Thank you!
  7. Kyrissa

    SE starting Tips

    There is some great advice in this thread. Here's mine: High tier ghillie is amazing to have. It'll really help your survive-ability tremendously. Jerboas are an invaluable asset. They are a cheap, easy to tame forecaster. They are very squishy and die easily if you lose them, but they will save you from getting caught out somewhere dangerous in a sandstorm. Morellos (camel) are great to have for water until you get water access. You can lay pipes, then attach reservoirs to them and they will passively gain water for you. Look up waterless bases. There's a good video for how to do it on AB and the information translates to a waterless base on any server. Adobe is the best thing to build with. You can put it up on metal pillars if you want to get your base up off the ground. A giga is an insanely valuable asset as well. They can kill rock golems and harvest them. They make ground travel a lot safer because there are nasty things everywhere on the map. Flying is also a major perk. Wyverns are great to have.. they make getting more wyvern eggs a relative breeze compared to other methods. As previously stated by others, wild wyverns can and will visit your base, so put anything you really care about inside. You'll definitely want to defend against them because there's nothing to stop a wyvern or alpha wyvern from flying past your base. Gigas, rexes, turrets and plant species are all effective means of guarding your outside critters.
  8. Rock Drakes for their excellent mobility. They are also super fun which is a perk. Ravagers are another critter with pretty awesome mobility. Running them around on zip lines is a lot of fun as well. The chargelight pets, especially the featherlight. That they glow is awesome, and most of them are cute. The featherlight is absolutely beautiful and it's neat that they can fly.
  9. That's part of the color rotation as Aylana posted. I like seeing the color combos, especially on event dinos.
  10. May as well kiss all the beaver spawns and many of the metal/obsidian spawns goodbye. Our center server has those pillared to protect them. We have a small valley pillared so our tribe and several others have somewhere to do meat runs because a lot of dino spawns keep getting ruined by nubs building thatch huts everywhere. It's not an excessive area. It suits our needs and makes it so we don't have to try and walk a giga from South jungle island around all the bases and structures to get to the opposite side of the map. There are a few issues with pillars on some servers more than others, but they do serve a valuable purpose on many servers. I hope this doesn't ruin the game for us.
  11. I don't mind that. It adds a different aspect to getting around the map with gliding and pillar hopping (Center Map). If I want/need to fly, I have wyverns or other fliers for that.
  12. I have a thing for the shoulder pets. I love them. The baryonyx is probably my favorite water dino, and for flyers, it's a toss up.. Griffins are pretty neat, but I love the look of the wyverns and rock drakes. I recently got a rock drake, and the more I use it, the more I love it. The way it moves, it's speed at getting around.. I just love everything about them.
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