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      PlayStation Connection Issues   01/23/18

      We're aware of a connection issue with some of our servers at the moment. It doesn't look like it's on our end (but we are investigating). It seems related to a PSN outage: https://status.playstation.com/en-gb/ https://status.playstation.com/en-us


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  1. Well, I flew across the country for a job interview. It is now cancelled due to the government shut down. Should have stayed home and ran an event for you all I will try and do 2 events for next weekend.
  2. Good job everyone letting me know what times you are available for the events on the club home page! Thank you
  3. Any ideas of new ways to advertise the server? I am doing more Facebook posts on Ark clubs.
  4. Avoid and fight Purlovias, my main scare!

    Why the heck are you walking around without dinosaurs?
  5. That is a fictional build of that dinosaur. The good fossils of it were destroyed in WWII. Only recently did we find its limbs, and it was very much a quadrupedal aquatic dinosaur. The first aquatic dinosaur, actually. If you want a claw swiping dino like that then look at Baryonyx, as that is how it fished.
  6. Just a casual death arena this weekend and no event next weekend (out of town). Keep up the advertising, I want 20 players per server at once daily instead of 20 split between them!
  7. Sounds good! Do not let the recently lower population on the servers scare you. They are split between the two maps, but still remains at around 20 players on at once daily. I also have some players taking a break. Send me a party invite on Xbox if you wish to inquire about the server.
  8. 30min respawn timer

    Check your settings on Nitrado. Specifically, the respawn timer setting.
  9. Jan 7th is the next event. Jousting. Rules and prizes are on Facebook and club.
  10. Unlock Specific Engrams For Server

    I said CANNOT spawn it overworld and learn it like that. And yes, not all bosses will work on certain maps. I did spawn the Broodmother on Ragnarok. When my players killed it they learned the tek boots somehow.
  11. Aberration fertile lake

    Is this a rented server? If so then the dino cap is probably level 120. The host will need to adjust the difficulty to 1.