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  1. Last year I was talking to the hosts and other players in the Twitch chat. I was popular and polite. So why am I banned from chat when I view your stream on Twitch now?
  2. Hahaha, sorry. I was thinking in feet as I was describing it to my wife at the same time. Thank you.
  3. Nope, I was wrong. It is a new map. Probably Earth, and the return of the Homo Deus. If you look down the chamber you see glimpses of scenery that correspond to the element type of images on the sides (poison, ice, fire, water). I look forward to see what it will be! BTW, they announced the discovery of a 3ft tall parrot that lived in New Zealand. Imagine that as a pet in Ark.
  4. Looks like some elemental thing. I been wanting something to make it more D&D-like. That is how I named and ran my servers.
  5. Not sure what my cohort has been up to since I have been away, but I believe we are up to FOUR maps
  6. Post-weekend bump. Few more had joined recently, and are looking for tribes.
  7. 3 maps, dedicated administration, nice players, and great stats for long-term playing!
  8. Server is still going strong. Up to 3 now, but possibly planning a 4th!
  9. Will Switch get more maps? I bought it to play through all the maps when it is convenient to use a handheld
  10. I know it been a while. That is because I rejoined the armed services. I have 2 weeks of leave coming up here and will have full access to maintaining the server here in March. No worries, it has been and still is in good hands. I plan on doing rewards for supporting players to celebrate the holiday season. 17 months strong and still active, but now with 3 servers!
  11. We have our one year anniversary coming up! Even though it technically may have passed (as I ran a dedicated xbox) and the rental started August 30th, I have to go away to boot camp (again) before then. The server will be in good hands until I return, but I have have many FUN events planned THIS SATURDAY! A new event will be a type of carnival game with AWESOME and UNIQUE rewards!!!
  12. We now know Stegosaurus had a more streamline boy like its relatives (look at Kentrosaurus). The back legs are not that much longer than the front legs, and it had a longer neck.
  13. Last weekend we had the island swapped to aberration due to popular demand. This will be a very uncommon practice. Those that had leveled up to 100 were taken to the Rockwell alpha fight
  14. Everything is listed on the original post or on Facebook/Patreon. No trolling, PG-13 game chat, and do not block pathways (example: building a huge wall between a cliff face and into the ocean, preventing travel).
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