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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Friendly bump. Island server is still pretty empty of structures, if anyone prefers building there.
  2. Of course it is. It is open to everyone
  3. Around 20 unique players on daily, with an average of 10ish on at once for multiple hours in the day. All mature and friendly players.
  4. Getting more and more new players. The veterans are more than happy to help them out
  5. The fashion show yesterday had some real interesting entries. It was a tough choice as I was the only judge this time. Good thing I did not have my wife guest judge as she would have picked the naked cowboy for the player armor category.
  6. We just had our first race. It was on Pachys. Most survived the traps and wild dinos. It was a neck and neck finish for 1st place! Quite exciting.
  7. Imprinting not giving right amount of %

    I believe it is just rounding. It may not actually be 3%, but something like 2.75% (random guess). I would not worry about it, i noticed this months ago but it always turned out fine if you hit every imprint.
  8. Ascended and lost items in ark data

    Ouch. That is the benefit of playing the rented servers as you get immediate admin support. I am not advertising my server, I am stating that mess-ups are easily fixed on them
  9. Ascended and lost items in ark data

    Ah, so maybe that is what happened to one of my players. He had dinos loaded up on the cloud and I took his tribe on a Rockwell kill. He messaged me later saying all his uploaded stuff was gone.
  10. DUNGEONS AND DINOSAURS Delve dungeons for loot, slay dinosaurs, feel epic Note: settings found on bottom. Owned and monitored by Forlorn Wolf (thats my GT, happy to answer Qs). To find the server, look for Dungeons and Dinosaurs in the Unofficial PC Sessions list on Ark. Maps are Ragnarok & Island PvE. Servers Dungeons and Dinosaurs: Sword Coast (Ragnarok map) Dungeons and Dinosaurs: Isle of Dread (Island map) Future maps include Underdark (Aberration) and Dark Sun (Scorched Earth) Welcome! Enjoy a server that is very similar to the official 2x weekend events. This is a casual PvE server that provides just enough challenge that you will not get burned or stressed out or even become bored (like on those 10x servers with infinite weight). Supply beacons have been modified so loot is much better. No more scuba flipper blueprints in deep sea drops! But if you want the better loot then you will have to delve in to the dungeons. Once the coding is fixed the bosses will drop above-ascendant loot! I host fun events for the server. Some have been recorded to Youtube, but all participants get something. Some events we ran so far are Terror Bird Drop, death arena, jousting, and even a fashion show! Winners receive awesome rewards, runner ups get some thing too. The winner of our first event, Terror Bird Drop, received a perfect 150 tamed Terror Bird, colored golden by admin commands, and given the full amount of experience points. Talk about a rare golden chocobo, haha. Stay up to date with the server in the Xbox club Dungeons and Dinosaurs. Over 400 members! Post and discuss stuff on facebook.com/DungeonsAndDinosaurs. This is a freemium server, so you can donate and get awesome rewards at patreon.com/DungeonsAndDinosaurs. I carefully consider each and every change to the server and for Patreon rewards. I made a server that I would want to play on, and everyone else loves it. The weekly events bring everyone together as well, and gives bored players something to work towards (such as breeding dinos for a race). I have been running the server since official release. The first two months were from a dedicated Xbox server. Check out this amazing and accurate comment: SETTINGS (if not listed, then it is on default) Flying inside caves Pick up wild dinos Show player on map Dinos damaged by spike walls Floating damage text Override structure platform prevention (turrets on platforms) Extra structure prevention volumes (no building in resource-rich areas) 4x taming 2x xp killing, passive, harvest. All else 1.25x Crop growth 5x, decay is 5x slower Fuel 2x (twice as long) Spoiling takes slightly longer Double decay time before your stuff can be destroyed Unbuilt structures decay faster (pillaring) No building near obelisks and resource rich areas Multiple Unicorns allowed, but still only one wild at a time Eggs are laid twice as often Player food and water drain is 0.8x Structures take no damage (build for style now) BREEDING Anyone baby imprint cuddle (you can hire a babysitter now) 3x raising 0.5x breeding 0.75x baby food need 100x egg hatch speed PLAYER STAT UP 1.5x health, weight, melee, speed DINO STAT UP 1.05x health, melee 2x weight ENGRAMS Pteranodon saddle level 15 Tranq arrow level 15 Fabricator level 40 GPS level 40 Industrial cooker level 40 Scuba flippers level 40 Scuba leggings level 40 Scuba mask level 40 Scuba tank level 40 Air conditioner level 50 Industrial forge level 50 Refrigerator level 50 Tranq dart level 50 Giganotosaurus saddle level 85 Quetz platform saddle level 87 Riot set at 90 Titanosaur dino and saddle removed. Patreon only. BEACONS White beacons are kind of starter types as they contain spyglass, GPS, water jar, etc. Every type of drop is edited, with the deep sea and cave drops containing the best loot.
  11. Only another week left before I switch out Aberration for Island. This way players have more end-game content and anyone can enjoy the map.
  12. Next weekend will have some exciting events! They will be posted on the club and Facebook page.
  13. Well, I flew across the country for a job interview. It is now cancelled due to the government shut down. Should have stayed home and ran an event for you all I will try and do 2 events for next weekend.