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  1. Imagine if this spun off in to a Lego toy line or something <3
  2. Last year I was talking to the hosts and other players in the Twitch chat. I was popular and polite. So why am I banned from chat when I view your stream on Twitch now?
  3. Hahaha, sorry. I was thinking in feet as I was describing it to my wife at the same time. Thank you.
  4. Nope, I was wrong. It is a new map. Probably Earth, and the return of the Homo Deus. If you look down the chamber you see glimpses of scenery that correspond to the element type of images on the sides (poison, ice, fire, water). I look forward to see what it will be! BTW, they announced the discovery of a 3ft tall parrot that lived in New Zealand. Imagine that as a pet in Ark.
  5. Looks like some elemental thing. I been wanting something to make it more D&D-like. That is how I named and ran my servers.
  6. Will Switch get more maps? I bought it to play through all the maps when it is convenient to use a handheld
  7. We now know Stegosaurus had a more streamline boy like its relatives (look at Kentrosaurus). The back legs are not that much longer than the front legs, and it had a longer neck.
  8. Concept A - Only shoulder animals are tamable. Can even make it so they are the only animals on the island. This would make PvP interesting as you have small armies. Reduce the breeding and hatching time as some of them, like Compy, take almost 4 days to mature. Concept B - Boosted rates, either everything or just XP, but have it on Hardcore mode. This can work with either PvP or PvE. Concept C - My personal favorite as I am currently playing it on Single Player. Difficulty is 0.144 so maximum dino level is 30. Do what you want to balance the rest out, but I play with 5x tame, 40x m
  9. That is a fictional build of that dinosaur. The good fossils of it were destroyed in WWII. Only recently did we find its limbs, and it was very much a quadrupedal aquatic dinosaur. The first aquatic dinosaur, actually. If you want a claw swiping dino like that then look at Baryonyx, as that is how it fished.
  10. Holidayevent branch of our dedicated servers? I searched, nothing is there to enable it.
  11. Ah finally! Cannot wait for someone to decode that picture. I am too lazy
  12. I know but one would presume that they just skip it entirely.
  13. Ouch, that is too bad. My server crashes at least twice a day now (Xbox). I am working again so it is difficult to keep it up for my players (100+ joined, 4-16 on at any given time of day). Some of whom been playing for the past 6 weeks it been up since official release as it is a Ragnarok map. I keep assuring them that I am going rental as soon as possible. I scouted around and found a company that I want to work with. I just sucks that now they will have to wait longer before I get a stable server and start recruiting again (I stopped to maintain server stability). But still, good to hear
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