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  1. Last year I was talking to the hosts and other players in the Twitch chat. I was popular and polite. So why am I banned from chat when I view your stream on Twitch now?
  2. Hahaha, sorry. I was thinking in feet as I was describing it to my wife at the same time. Thank you.
  3. Nope, I was wrong. It is a new map. Probably Earth, and the return of the Homo Deus. If you look down the chamber you see glimpses of scenery that correspond to the element type of images on the sides (poison, ice, fire, water). I look forward to see what it will be! BTW, they announced the discovery of a 3ft tall parrot that lived in New Zealand. Imagine that as a pet in Ark.
  4. Looks like some elemental thing. I been wanting something to make it more D&D-like. That is how I named and ran my servers.
  5. Will Switch get more maps? I bought it to play through all the maps when it is convenient to use a handheld
  6. We now know Stegosaurus had a more streamline boy like its relatives (look at Kentrosaurus). The back legs are not that much longer than the front legs, and it had a longer neck.
  7. Concept A - Only shoulder animals are tamable. Can even make it so they are the only animals on the island. This would make PvP interesting as you have small armies. Reduce the breeding and hatching time as some of them, like Compy, take almost 4 days to mature. Concept B - Boosted rates, either everything or just XP, but have it on Hardcore mode. This can work with either PvP or PvE. Concept C - My personal favorite as I am currently playing it on Single Player. Difficulty is 0.144 so maximum dino level is 30. Do what you want to balance the rest out, but I play with 5x tame, 40x maturation, and 0.025 imprinting so I can take care of stuff in one session as it does not run while I am offline. You can limit the dino level ups to 30 as well. This makes the game a very satisfying challenge. I played official for over a year, and it was no longer a challenge once you tamed a decent dino and had flak armor. All these Unofficial servers are super boosted and have higher level dinos. Super stats just make the game boring after a day, and higher level dinosaurs mean nothing if you can get high level gear quickly. If anyone is interested in my full list of changes (spent a month testing it) then feel free to PM me. I actually play this more than my Unofficial server. Concept D - Solo tribe, no alliances, PvE, hardcore. This is the ultimate bragging rights server. Have it on 2x or 3x experience so players do not become demoralized if they get jumped by a Raptor or Purlovia. You can even remove saddles for large dinosaurs and above to keep up the difficulty a bit. Concept E - NO FLIERS. This will force players to create their own caravans on the ground. This would be interesting for PvE and PvP. Dinosaurs like Gallimimus and Procoptodon will become relevant. Once players obtain flying dinosaurs, they do not even bother with the land ones unless it is necessary for something (like Ankylosaurus). Concept F - Very slow resource respawn rate. This will force players to consider how they harvest wisely, and show the effects of deforestation and other detrimental effects to the environment. Resources will become very valuable. I can see players focusing on fiber and leather goods with this, and underwater exploitation becoming a hot commodity as there will be less competition. Possibly have to be PvP so you do not get trolls and to "protect" your personal resource hubs.
  8. That is a fictional build of that dinosaur. The good fossils of it were destroyed in WWII. Only recently did we find its limbs, and it was very much a quadrupedal aquatic dinosaur. The first aquatic dinosaur, actually. If you want a claw swiping dino like that then look at Baryonyx, as that is how it fished.
  9. Holidayevent branch of our dedicated servers? I searched, nothing is there to enable it.
  10. I was more suggesting the shapes and patterns, not colors. The colors are limited to the game anyways, just the patterns, shapes, and obviously the textures like the newer creatures. My mistake. Thank you for the pictures then . The Quetzalcoatlus is outdated. We now know it had a thick neck.
  11. I just want to give some scientific insight to some of these animals, in hopes it will inspire unique abilities as well as be educative: Allosaurus - nothing to change here. I know it is a new dino, but I wanted to say it was the wolf of the Jurassic, so having them be pack animals is perfect! Carnotaurus - was a sprinter that chased down smaller prey. may have had feathers on its useless, rear-pointing arms. This should be a fast medium-sized carnivore. Compsognathus - they ate small critters, so maybe they get a buff attack towards other shoulder-sized dinosaurs and insects? Dilophosaurus - sigh, you went with the mutant Jurassic Park version. This will forever cement the notion that Dilophosaurus was a small, poisonous, frilled dino. Skipping, it is just a game after all. Direwolf - the alpha thing is a complete myth. The originator of the alpha wolf concept retracted his statement, as he corrected himself in observing a pair of parents and their offspring, not a mixed pack of wolves. There is no such thing as an alpha wolf. Like the Dilophosaurus: it is a game, skipping. Dodo - they were known to group up and swarm an attacker in defense of one of their own. They had a powerful bite too. You could make their AI like the Grunts in Halo where they run away after some of them are killed. It was this defense mechanism they had that assisted in their extinction as sailors were able to harvest them easily. Iguanodon - oh my gosh...why is the four-legged stance infinite stamina but the two-legged stance is not? Walking on two legs is MUCH more energy efficient, and it makes sense that would be the running mode. I understand you did it this way as its combat mode would be two-legged. I know you wanted to have the two-stance thing going on, but just do not bother or make the four-legged stance the only way for it to gather resources and be berry exclusive. Hehe, very berry exclusive. Kentrosaurus - those spikes...are you sure you could not just knock the size down by oh I do not know...50%? Big spikes are cool, but that size is a bit ridiculous. But like I said the first time, it is a game and having exaggerations is fun. Lystrosaurus - it is the same size as the other dinosaurs in its category, can we please pick it up? Megalodon - starter water dino, but is on the bottom tier of utility. Since sharks are adept at sensing blood in the water, maybe it can see hurt victims in the distance or have some time of radar/tracker to assist in said sense? Oviraptor - as players have been asking: have it pick up the eggs as it wanders around and give it a weight reduction thing like Mammoths have with wood. This would be fantastic! Also, Oviraptor should be renamed Ovinutrix as the original fossil is actually of a parent protecting its clutch of eggs, not stealing from them. It would be great to rename it this in the game as it also accompanies the buff it provides...or make two variants of them: one buffs the egg production and the other harvests the eggs. Pachycephalosaurus - does anyone use this dino? I had a good time when I tamed one when I started playing...but it was useless. No good abilities, kinda slow, and poor weight. This would be a great early game dinosaur for knocking out other dinosaurs with its headbutt attack, which is most likely what it was used for. That or flirtation, definitely not competition between rivals as it does not work out (its like hitting two balls together). Parasaurolophus - needs a call out method for hazards. We know what it could have sounded like with its tubular crest, so you can put that sound in the game and set it to sentry mode. It will call out when an intruder is nearby. I did this for a Corythosaurus dossier which I keep trying to send to you guys for the digest but it seems it never gets through Phiomia - this ELEPHANT type creature was adept at digging for roots. The only reason to ride one is to place it somewhere, which is not needed since we can whistle or command. It would be fantastic to give it the ability to harvest rare flowers or mushrooms while riding it, as they would help out the early game greatly. I never had a reason to tame one of these poo-tanks. Pulmonoscorpius - like the Pachy, it would be awesome for it to have an attack that is meant to knockout targets. The Karkinos can grab enemies with its claws, so why is it that this guy cannot grab medium or small targets? Imagine grabbing on to a dino and stinging it! So much awesomeness! Raptor - they used the sickle claw to pin down smaller prey. Please stop having them attacking medium sized targets, at least while they are alone. Give them a pack before doing this to go alongside with the media representation of them like the Dilophosaurus. Rex - had a bite powerful enough to crunch bone. And we found bone in their feces. Maybe a bonus to harvesting corpses or some kind of debuff with its attack? Sarcosuchus - crocodiles grab and drown their prey. Maybe make it like a slower Megalosaurus that is also aquatic? This would be a really fun PvP tactic for PvPers. Stegosaurus - the thagomizer is why I love this animal. It is unique in the animal kingdom. It is also evident that it can break off and stick in the attacker, and the broken thagomizer spike will grow back! This is perfect for a slowing/pinning debuff with some bleed damage, as the Stegosaurus is so freaking slow! Its default sprint speed should be its walk speed, as it also has poor stamina. The bony plates were used for intimidation and flirtation. Enough dinosaurs provide insulation, so no need to go with the "veins on plates absorbing solar heat" thing. Triceratops - the frill is for show, I wish it was more colorful. They are a bit too slow and the stamina is just on the bad side.
  12. @gaiainruin The cave bear is meant to have a shortened face. That is what cave bears are known for, look up their skull. @Steveetrnal They are changing models, not colors. Changing up the colors would screw it up for a lot of players who breed dinosaurs. @Jatheish You guys are on the right track! These old models just look so blocky and featureless. The new models give personality and style to them (this is not the excitement talking). You are making them more scientifically accurate, but with a cool or sci-fi twist, which is how it should be for an Ark game. Love it! I look forward to a great looking Stego with a nice bleed/slow ability as their thagomizers are known to break off and stick in a victim.
  13. Ah finally! Cannot wait for someone to decode that picture. I am too lazy
  14. https://github.com/thommcgrath/Beacon This is an app. I supported the creator on Patreon as I was able to edit all my beacons very easily. I love it!
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